Hart here to provide organisation


Those who want Celtic to stop with all the ‘ones for the future’ and concentrate more on players who are ready now, will be delighted at the prospect of Joe Hart (yes, I know, they will never be delighted).  At 34, Joe has the prospect of three years in Glasgow, helping to put Celtic back into domestic contention and into Champions League group stages.

He is 11 months older than Fraser Forster, whose decision to decline Celtic’s contract offer, after agreement was made with Southampton last year, precipitated so much trouble.  Neither keeper is at their peak, but Fraser was an incalculable loss, Joe Hart could go a long way to filling the gloves.

After securing star status with Manchester City and being first choice for England for seven years, Joe found himself loaned to Tornio and West Ham, before signing for then-Premier League Burnley, who required stopgap cover.  Last season was spent at Tottenham, largely on the bench, although he played 10 cup games.

A high profile fumble against Iceland at Euro 2016 was the Saka penalty of the day, ending England’s participation in the tournament, the incident lives longer in the memory than it would have in a different game.  He could have done better with the first of Leigh Griffiths free kicks that sailed past him at Hampden in 2017.  These and other circumstances combined to ensure he did not make the cut for the World Cup squad a year later.

I cannot tell you where Hart will perform on the spectrum between Fraser Forster at Hampden in 2019 and Vasilis Barkas throughout last season, it feels over optimistic to expect error-free miracles.  Nor is Joe a sweeper-keeper – an element of his game that hampered his ability to move to another top English club after Man City.

His abiding attribute is organisation.  Who does what, where and when, has been Celtic’s Achilles Heel in defence for a year, we can be sure this particular element will improve.  This, is the reason Joe is currently undergoing a medical.

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  1. Can’t believe we’re still trying to sign the guy Buta . All 5ft 7inch of him ,to put Into a defence that every team we play knows to pump high balls into our box . He will fit in well with Taylor . God we never learn , and where’s our very much needed midfield enforcer . You know I feel sorry for ange . The don’t know what kind of manager he is , what I do know is he s not going to get the backing from those people who are at the head of our club . Good d how they have belittled our club

  2. JH — Will get us more media coverage / visibility.


    Seemingly a big personality with a great publicist.



    Definitely not a perfect signing but we are not perfect / far from it.


    So best of luck big man — we are backs to the wall at the moment.


    If only we had a wall — PL sold the bricks and P67 said fresh air was good.

  3. squire danaher on

    JHB on 3RD AUGUST 2021 1:24 PM



    With all due respect you are confusing two wildly differing kinds of financial mismanagement.



    While they don’t see it as such, most observers with a brain cell interpret the Hun implosion as purely self inflicted through foul means. They deserved everything they got and more.



    Our current situation is equally self inflicted.



    There the comparison ends.

  4. scaniel



    From earlier. Yeh the Milner – Petrov – Klopp – O’Neill charity game would have been the perfect game for your six year old grandson back then. Great atmosphere, not too crowded, so room to move around, and players who really did make an effort to entertain. And as you say Artur still pretty much at the top of his game. Like Eddie Howe, last seen down at Bournemouth.

  5. JHB,



    At the rate we are going a restructuring may take more than the 3 years. There was a review carried out in December last year and I’m worried Dom is till at the review stage (in his words).



    I don’t want us to be churning through managers during this as it takes away energy from that much-needed arrival of modernising the club.



    With all due respect, couldn’t care less about the huns and lessons from them. I’d rather we looked at good examples from Europe like an Atalanta or others who squeeze every bit of value out of their finite resources.



    Our managed decline should bring with it some managed expectations this year and next but that one is in the gift of each supporter. I’ve managed down my expectations that a league title looks beyind us this year but live in hope that the huns implode finally.




  6. FRED COLON on 3RD AUGUST 2021 1:36 PM



    Ah – Jacques Tati – possibly the finest ever maker of movies



    Also this sketch was shamelessly ‘borrowed’ by another comedy giant in Mr Tommy Cooper – ‘jus like that’

  7. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD AUGUST 2021 1:48 PM


    McCarthy incoming



    Is that you just warning the treatment room to get ready? -)))

  8. Who’s identifying players? Who’s doing the scouting and background checks? Who is actually signing them?



    Who knows?

  9. It shouldn’t be forgotten that was strong opposition amongst the Celtic support to signing Craig Gordon.



    Turned out to be an inspired decision. Hopefully Joe’s will be too.




  10. Rolling_Stone on

    @JACKIEMAC on 3RD AUGUST 2021 1:39 PM



    When did the English ‘invent’ genocide?

  11. Those worried about Hart will have a field day regarding McCarthy!!!!……how many games in the last 4 seasons ??!!….can’t see him doing it sadly

  12. why would a celtic supporter used the word “famine” to describe not winning some trophies.

  13. Paul67 et al



    Well if I followed Nicola Sturgeon’s statement permission will still be needed for events involving more than 5000, from local authorities I think though might have picked that up wrong. Unlikely then, though not impossible that we are going to see a full house at Celtic Park any time soon. Will need to see if Celtic ask for an increase beyond that at the Dundee game at the weekend. No need though to ask for permission for a riot in George Square, goes without said.


    And breath oot. ERNIE from earlier my wife sys you are a superstar. Kitchen door now closing properly.





    So VINNIE D is married to my sister and is a dab hand at changing light bulbs and turning screws ,kettles on n aff. He reads on here every day but never posts.



    Just putting it out there.

  15. Not that I’m against the signing of Joe Hart.


    I think it shows that nothing has changed. Wait until we are out of CL then get a keeper in.


    Our recruitment is reactive rather than proactive.



    As Ralston has played well for a couple of games, I’m sure that we’ll not need another right back in.

  16. Vinnie,


    I was shocked to read had more than 50 appearances for Palace last two seasons.


    Big Roy was very impressed with him.


    For me,undecided.

  17. Joe Hart to Celtic? could be an inspirational move for Joe to a Club like Celtic. Obviously he will have little to do in the SPFL except of course bring some badly needed organisational skills at set pieces and I believe he is a good shot stopper. In Europe however he will be kept busy and on his toes.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 3rd August 2021 1:48 pm




    McCarthy incoming




    Must be over 60 now, although he could probably still head a ball clear better than some of the current lot.

  19. McCarthy is a fairly typical DD / PL type signing. A bit of bling but a player at the end of his career. Someone who they think is good for PR/Marketing.


    All I can hope for is that his experience will help Soro and Turnbull to grow into better players and provide some much needed leadership.

  20. so we can do pretty much anything, with anybody, in freedom day apart from go to the office, or attend football matches at full capacity.

  21. favourite uncle



    And there was me thinking Ernie L. was unhinged!


    Or maybe with a screw loose


    Just shows how wrong you can be




  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Glass2- VG,I actually touted Mick for manager, cue a lot of gnashing of teeth on here,I still stand by it…

  23. glendalystonsils on




    A fit McCarthy would add the bite we need . Here’s hoping .

  24. We know Joe Hart is past his best and will have a mistake or two in him. However, our dressing room is desperately short of personalities and leaders which is exactly what Hart will bring. No need to “adapt” to life in the UK and he’ll be barking orders and communicating with our back four, which is what we need.



    As for McCarthy, had Sevco signed him and got solid performances out of him we’d be saying he’s the type of experienced, seasoned pro we need.



    My only concern about Hart is that we know he isn’t much cop playing out of the back which is the system Ange prefers. Would this suggest it isn’t an Ange signing or he’s tweaking with his style of play?

  25. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Hart and McCarthy (if he stays fit) will markedly improve the team. I just hope Ange is supportive as Kieran Devlin suggesting he’s been told who he’s getting. English Premier experience and finally McCarthy arrives after all these years. We need some muscle in the midfield.



    This is progress. Get us a right and left back, get shot of Eddy and bring in another striker now.

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    No announcement yet on Joe Hart.



    So he may not sign.



    If he does I’ll be satisfied.



    Will he be a success? Who knows



    Will we have a goalkeeper with the best pedigree in the country? Yes



    Greenpinata makes a very pertinent point about Craig Gordon.



    Respectfully, he may have underplayed it.



    There were HOWLS of disapproval at his signing.



    FF was brill !



    Cheap option !



    Flopped in England !



    Dodgy knee !



    Was on the scrap heap !



    …guy became a legend after a shaky start.



    So who can tell how these things will pan out.




    If Joe Hart signs for 3 years on reduced wages rather than a 1-year loan?



    Tells me something about his commitment.