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Those who want Celtic to stop with all the ‘ones for the future’ and concentrate more on players who are ready now, will be delighted at the prospect of Joe Hart (yes, I know, they will never be delighted).  At 34, Joe has the prospect of three years in Glasgow, helping to put Celtic back into domestic contention and into Champions League group stages.

He is 11 months older than Fraser Forster, whose decision to decline Celtic’s contract offer, after agreement was made with Southampton last year, precipitated so much trouble.  Neither keeper is at their peak, but Fraser was an incalculable loss, Joe Hart could go a long way to filling the gloves.

After securing star status with Manchester City and being first choice for England for seven years, Joe found himself loaned to Tornio and West Ham, before signing for then-Premier League Burnley, who required stopgap cover.  Last season was spent at Tottenham, largely on the bench, although he played 10 cup games.

A high profile fumble against Iceland at Euro 2016 was the Saka penalty of the day, ending England’s participation in the tournament, the incident lives longer in the memory than it would have in a different game.  He could have done better with the first of Leigh Griffiths free kicks that sailed past him at Hampden in 2017.  These and other circumstances combined to ensure he did not make the cut for the World Cup squad a year later.

I cannot tell you where Hart will perform on the spectrum between Fraser Forster at Hampden in 2019 and Vasilis Barkas throughout last season, it feels over optimistic to expect error-free miracles.  Nor is Joe a sweeper-keeper – an element of his game that hampered his ability to move to another top English club after Man City.

His abiding attribute is organisation.  Who does what, where and when, has been Celtic’s Achilles Heel in defence for a year, we can be sure this particular element will improve.  This, is the reason Joe is currently undergoing a medical.

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  1. I know it has been announcd on the official Celtic site but I refuse to believe that we have signed Joe Hart and James McCarthy and possibly Liam Scales.



    I have been informed reliably on here that we were done with “signings” and were committed to handing Sevco their 110th title in a row.



    And, you know what, I am still willing to bet that there will be more to come, if any of the “signings are over” crowd were willing to take the bet

  2. Glen D – I hear ye…………..



    I had a hope that the apparent lack of suitors might cause him to reassess his next move.



    Mibbes too late.

  3. On Ryan I’ve been fairly critical last season he just seemed to over commit (selling himself) in the tackle and just ran about aimlessly.



    I don’t think he is robust enough for the EPL , so foreign shores perhaps…. He is playing better this year , so on balance if he fits into Anges way then sure we should be keeping Ryan , a good lhad although I was a bit scared against the Hammers as we got moved to behind the goal.

  4. I said the other day and still believe that this season is more important than the bragging rights of tiar.


    Auto entry to the CL is what matters, serious money for doing the day job, if we reinvest the money who the eff knows, the world is a changin so is football, it’s getting smaller by the day, we hang in there and who knows what’s gonna transpire. maybe’s the great moustachioed one will get better than an invite to the PL, I have a feeling that he is gonna be one happy chappie, I really do believe it or not.

  5. Garngad to Croy on

    Welcome Joe and James, hopefully get us back to the basics like making us hard to beat !

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on




    Christie can go along with Edouard, Bolongoli and Barkas.

  7. Hopefully a right back, left back, centre back and centre forward follow now.



    Then maybe another winger, I would still take Paddy Robert’s if available



    D :)

  8. I would assume we will be cutting our losses and moving Barkas on this window.



    Furuhashi can play left side or up front so we do have some options either side now and at no10.



    For me, we don’t score as many as we should due to our own defence. Hard to be creative when everytime we lose the ball it is potentially a goal on the break or a free kick that leads to one.



    Get solid and we start scoring for fun




  9. Garngad to Croy on




    ‘I would assume we will be cutting our losses and moving Barkas on this window.’



    He might not want to move as I imagine he will be on a few quid with us but it would probably be best for everyone if he moves on.

  10. SQUIRE DANAHER on 3RD AUGUST 2021 1:44 PM



    I, and I hope every fair-minded person will clearly see that Rangers committed financial suicide in a morass of subterfuge & blatant cheating.

  11. TET



    As you say McCarthy has been fitish the last couple of seasons(didn’t know that) so…..he will do me just fine.



    The lad is coming home, family will be happy.

  12. We will have trouble moving players on



    Barkas – His performances will not attract any offers. His name is muck



    Christie- is in the last 6 months of his contract .He can sign for someone else under a Bosman and leave for no fee in January. He wont sign a new deal.



    Eduoard- He is a non trier and will see out his contract and leave on a Bosman. He will be happy sitting on his arse in the stand for the rest of the season. Maybe even get released like his pal N’tcham. He should not play for us again. He has wilfully damaged his transfer fee by lack of application. He is our record signing as well.



    Griffiths- a list of issues means no one will be interested. Trouble



    Rogic- Not fit



    Bitton – Poor form doesn’t attract other clubs.

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    Barkas may want to move as I doubt he will ever have the confidence of either the manager or the supporters.



    With regards to his name being muck, it may be here in Scotland but possibly not so abroad, you don’t become and international goalkeeper with constant poor performances.



    I would imagine a return to his homeland would be mutually beneficial….

  14. Welcome James McCarthy to Celtic. He is still only thirty years of age and vastly experienced at International and EPL club level. Out for a long period some years back with a bad leg break when he was playing well so still plenty of football left in the lad. Also talk of one of Shamrock Rovers star players, at 6ft 4ins capable of playing in assorted defensive positions and on the radar of some EPL clubs, who could be Celtic bound.

  15. TH


    For sure his family will be delighted, along with many 000s of Celtic fans, I hope he is used wisely, if he can be kept injury free the game in Scotland will be a breeze for him IMO, he has the class and quality when fit, I would imagine there is some sort of pay for play clause in his contract.

  16. jackiemac



    bout a thousand years of ‘othering’


    england and the start of racism


    Dr joe ohlemeyer.


    Othering- the defaming of one race as they (try and) subdue another.


    she done 6 more lectures covering its rise.


    edmund spencer/gerald of wales





    give it a listen.the historical amnesia of the ol union is as much there as it is today.






    hope your lass is over worst 👍




  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    Didn’t know the huns were playing, so watched 8 minutes. Seen more fouls against them than in a full SPL game😵

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    I think you’ll find from the really boring stats analysis is the OE is definitely not, not trying, he may be a shadow of his former self, that much is evident.



    I think in our current predicament until we have more bodies in, RB, LB and Itakura (now his Olympics is finished would be a start ) we need all the players we have, whether they armrest good enough isn’t really up for debate

  19. Haven’t been overly impressed by the hun in terms of their play. They are however a noticeably tall side and will undoubtedly target us at set pieces in a few weeks.

  20. The best we’ve seen of Eddie is playing just off Dembele or Griff.



    I’ll be the first to admit that his form is poor but he will never be a lone striker, holding up the ball, backing into and bullying centre-backs, winning headers and flick-ons….it’s not his game. I don’t know why Lennon and now Ange thinks it might be.



    Also, there’s no reason for us to play one up front against SPFL fodder. Get Eddie and Ajeti together until Eddie goes. It’s the only way we’ll get anything out of him.

  21. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD AUGUST 2021 6:30 PM


    Thursday’s game is live on BBC Scotland




    Where do you see that? It’s not showing in the schedule.