Hartson late mea cupla


I’m sure Ronny Deila is delighted to have the backing of John Harton, now he doesn’t need it.  John’s attachment to the club is not in doubt, nor should a new manager want unquestioning support from anyone, but some clubs reach a point when they become unmanageable.  Influential voices collaborate with perma-upset media and fans to expose shoots of recovery to a winter frost.

The mea culpa, when it arrives, is often too late.

Save us from the click bait that is suggesting Craig Gordon is a ‘target’ for some or other English club.  Derk Boerrigter is interesting Real Madrid, honest, they’ve been watching him with the Development Squad.

I’ve been waiting for weeks on someone to ask the question: if a club accepts money on the condition that the lender has the right to appoint two directors, in the event the club removes those directors, do you reckon that would be a breach of the terms of the loan?

I’d be extremely worried if a well-intentioned, but nonetheless, baying mob chased away the last independent director of my club.  Many Germans celebrated the Armistice, thinking a conclusion to hostilities had been agreed.  Months later they learned the terms left them bereft of land, defensive capabilities, capital equipment, authority and self-respect.  What seemed like an end to the trauma only set in motion far greater horrors.

Our good friends at Magners have offered two premium seat tickets for tomorrow’s game at Celtic Park.  To win, email me the name of the team we’re playing at celticquicknews@gmail.com

Competition closes at 5pm tonight.  If you would like to help build a school kitchen for 909 hungry kids for Mary’s Meals in Malawi while entering the competition, you can donate £1 here.  Thank you.

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  1. Guys like hartson, Sutton, walker talk Celtic down because they earn money out of it, nobody pays for talking Celtic up just ask Tommy Boyd and Tosh McKinlay never a bad word said about the club never asked back

  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Quite agree. Those who gave little support to RD when he needed it, feel that everything is made OK if they just say: I was wrong.


    Maybe better if they said: I have learned not to be too hasty. This, obviously, also applies to those who are now going OTT in praise of RD. It is very good at the moment but still too early to hail the Messiah.




  3. Met John Hartson at a function recently, he is a Celtic man and a right pleasant one at that who gives a lot to good causes and takes time to take with everyone.

  4. lennon's passion on

    Mr 67


    Was getting told at the weekend that Celtic have put building the museum/superstore on hold. Any truth in this ?





    IIRC Tosh chucked it wi Clyde when he reported a story which turned out not to be true.



    Btw,it was a positive story in Celtic terms!



    Fell on his sword. As any honourable man would.



    Which reflects well on the rest of the eejits who don’t say anything positive about Celtic not care a jot when repeatedly proved mendacious or simply ill-informed.

  6. last time , promise – he’s getting it done this afternoon !



    Thank you to everyone who has donated.



    Folks. it must feel like you only ever see me when the begging bowl is out – well it is – but this time its different (aye right – Ed).



    My younger son , Caoilfhinn is taking part in a pilgrimage this July , where he and 27 other pupils from his school are taking 14 physically challenged children with them to Lourdes . Not just them , obviously – there will be staff as well but the children are responsible for the welfare of their ‘charge’ for the duration of the pilgrimage – it’s a lot of work for young people to commit to and I’m proud of him and his classmates .



    In order to raise funds , he’s taking part in a leg wax – I know – but kids , what they like ?



    If you can spare a pound or a euro , please go to






    and donate .



    thank you – i know you get asked for a lot , but every pound or euro will help .




  7. tomtheleedstim on

    I think the whole Hartson episode has been an interesting window into the way the media work up there.


    I can imagine people whispering into Hartson’s ear, telling him that the Celtic fans want rid of Deila, he’s no use etc. etc. and him simply regurgitating it for a living.


    It takes a cleverer type of ex-Celt, like WGS and Tommy Boyd, to see through the agenda. I presume this is why we don’t see them too often commentating on Celtic in the SMSM.

  8. I’ve no sympathy for Hartson.



    I added his name to a long list of ex Celtic soup takers a long time ago.



    He needs the good publicity at the moment.


    BAWSMAN earlier article



    My Dad is very active in the local Labour Party. He is on home territory. Comfort zone.



    Which is not to denigrate him in any way,of course. It is one of the many things which make me proud of him.



    I genuinely didnae think I would be in Swindon for fourteen months,never mind fourteen years,otherwise I may have considered your suggestion.



    (I’d have had to rejoin a party I left the day Blair took over though!)



    Swindon has two swing seats. I think we will win one and be tight on the other. I’ll do my bit best I can.



    Btw-last week I answered the door. A woman ‘canvassing on behalf of The Labour Party,do you mind I take some of your time,please?’



    Reply-”Aye,I do. Waste of time. (her face fell a bit) Find a Tory or two and persuade them. You’ve got my vote anyway!’

  10. lennon's passion on

    Won a signed Hartson print at a function at paradise recently. Got home drunk took the picture of living room wall and replaced it with BBJ. Woke up with the wife shouting.


    The man does a lot for charity. He’s definitely got Celtic at heart.

  11. As one of those going OTT about our manager, I make no apology whatsoever. He has laid the necessary ground work for how a modern team has to play. No shame on NL or MON but their idea was essentially outdated. We may NOT be successful under RD but I think we are making enormous strides forward. If nothing else, our play is far more entertaining than anything that has been on display in the last 10 years.

  12. Disagree on Hartson



    IMO he always speaks highly of Celtic when I have seen him on the tele



    Maybe he genuinely didnt think Ronny was up to the job

  13. West end of east end – I think its fine to give credit but its also fine to do so reluctantly give some of the poor track record that celtic have. However if its gets better then I will become less reluctant. In the end I only want Celtic to do what I believe is the right thing…..



    I dont think we should be too critical of BBJ. He is only trying to call it as he sees it and isnt afraid of saying he was wrong.

  14. I’ve backed Ronny from the start, as those of you who read my posts will know.



    My only concern, also posted on here, was, would he get the players HE wanted in the last window and would they make a difference.



    I know we haven’t won anything yet, but give it a couple of weeks!

  15. What Hartson says re Ronny was no different than a section of Celtic support, many of them on here.

  16. sunnysouthDerry on

    pre christmas time everyone including myself had doubts about RD reign so, hartson and sutton will obviously change their opinions now were on a decent run.I remember under wim jansen we had a slow start under his tenure before improving as the season progressed.HH

  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I think John Hartson has more positive things to say about Celtic than negative, although on the Ronny front both he and Chris Sutton have both made extremely poor comments.



    They were wrong, but so were many people on here – and some of them were fairly vindictive with their opinions.



    Hey-ho – life’s too short. We all make mistakes … but that’s not excusing the trolls.

  18. Just signed for my League Cup Final ticket – COYBIG !!



    Will be celebrating 50 years since my first Celtic Cup Final – Ceasar’s majestic header against Dunfermline securing the 1965 Scottish Cup 3-2 at a packed Hampdump.



    Must admit my experience as a kid of a crowd of 108,800 was a wee bit scary, but well worth it. The wooden sleepers, the liquid filled cans rolling down the gravel terracing, being carried in the crush out of the ground with my feet off the ground….



    Ah the good old days.

  19. Big Joe


    Been following the development games on twitter


    Michael Duffy has played in most of them since he came, seems to be settling in and playing ok though not shining ,though as I say only twitter reports

  20. Bawsman


    12:12 on


    3 March, 2015




    12:01 on


    3 March, 2015








    Bawsman – here here !

  21. “Hey, Martin, any idea on how to overturn a 21 point deficit against a financially doped-up team in the League, and maybe throw in a couple of cups while you’re at it?



    Maybe restore our reputation in Europe within a year or two as well?”



    “Well, yes, actually, I do, but it might be a bit out-dated in some supporters’ eyes.”



    “Never bother then”.



    All this MO’N revisionism gets right on my thruppenies.



    Never forget the ’90s.

  22. There is a big difference between an ex-player going on TV or radio and negatively commenting on Celtic, repeatedly, and fans commenting on a forum such as this, (with our devil dugs and kestrel lager).



    Many of the comments both on here and made by BBJ and Sutton often ignored the fact the this was a new manager, in a new country, with a new style of play. It shouldn’t have been beyond a professional football players intelligence to acknowledge these facts and be a bit more let’s wait and see. If it is beyond their wit then maybe they shouldn’t be commenting in the first place. The role of the ex-player on MSM is that of an expert after all.



    We on here on the other hand can rant and rave and take any position we want, as on the whole it is the kestrel lager talking. :-)



    Hail Hail

  23. Bawsman – in addition



    12:49 on


    3 March, 2015




    11:53 on


    3 March, 2015


    BMCUWP @ 10:57,





    Conviction politics and politicians are sadly things of a bygone age.



    In the past before the EU, Globalisation and the IT revolution, we could, more or less, control our own destiny in this country.



    We were a leading light in the world in terms of trade and commerce, and could ‘call the shots’ and ‘punch above our weight’



    We had to pool some of our influence (voluntarily) when we joined and participated in the now EU, and therefore decision-making on a vast number of areas that affect our daily life, was not solely in our hands.



    Now full on globalisation and the ability of companies to transfer money ‘at the click of a mouse’ means that the hold we have over our own destiny has been further dissipated.



    The communist/socialist model has been tried and has failed, particularly in the USSR – people in the world, yes even in the Arab/Muslim nations, now see through the internet, the ‘pleasures’ of the western/capitalist way of life, and crave for it, just as strongly as their masters who would have them still living in biblical times, oppose it.



    In Britain, the Labour party, for all its faults, has won all the major socialist battles since the Second World War, in areas such as, Health, Welfare, Social Security, Education and Workers’ Rights.



    The challenge going forward is to secure a bigger ‘slice of the revenue cake’ for all these areas, within a capitalist society.



    Of course there are abuses of the system, bankers being the latest addition to the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’ – however capitalism is here to stay, like it or not – three quarters of the world’s population are yet to participate, and are desperate to do so.



    Geographically we are an island, however economically we are ’joined at the hip’ to the rest of the world – there is no’ bottomless pit’ of money – everything has to be paid for and we have to borrow on the international money-markets to do so – we pay less for the privilege than most due to our standing in the world.



    Finally, for anyone who needs convincing on the realities of globalisation, just take a look at the goings on in Greece recently. Syriza, the left wing populist party, were swept to power promising an end to austerity and threatening a tough stance against their creditors and the EU. Their manifesto was tantamount to a dereliction of their duty to pay back those they owed and a false promise to the people of Greece that everything would be ‘alright on the night’ – where have we heard that before? – YESNP ‘thick’ white paper !



    Their retreat, faced with being in power and having to take responsible and tough decisions, has been spectacular – the leaders of Syriza were CONVICTION politicians – they were unable to have the courage of their convictions when faced with reality and the prospect of total bankruptcy of their country.

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