Hartson late mea cupla


I’m sure Ronny Deila is delighted to have the backing of John Harton, now he doesn’t need it.  John’s attachment to the club is not in doubt, nor should a new manager want unquestioning support from anyone, but some clubs reach a point when they become unmanageable.  Influential voices collaborate with perma-upset media and fans to expose shoots of recovery to a winter frost.

The mea culpa, when it arrives, is often too late.

Save us from the click bait that is suggesting Craig Gordon is a ‘target’ for some or other English club.  Derk Boerrigter is interesting Real Madrid, honest, they’ve been watching him with the Development Squad.

I’ve been waiting for weeks on someone to ask the question: if a club accepts money on the condition that the lender has the right to appoint two directors, in the event the club removes those directors, do you reckon that would be a breach of the terms of the loan?

I’d be extremely worried if a well-intentioned, but nonetheless, baying mob chased away the last independent director of my club.  Many Germans celebrated the Armistice, thinking a conclusion to hostilities had been agreed.  Months later they learned the terms left them bereft of land, defensive capabilities, capital equipment, authority and self-respect.  What seemed like an end to the trauma only set in motion far greater horrors.

Our good friends at Magners have offered two premium seat tickets for tomorrow’s game at Celtic Park.  To win, email me the name of the team we’re playing at celticquicknews@gmail.com

Competition closes at 5pm tonight.  If you would like to help build a school kitchen for 909 hungry kids for Mary’s Meals in Malawi while entering the competition, you can donate £1 here.  Thank you.

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  1. Looks like celtic could be playing derry city as part of the duffy deal.. also to open the newly refurbished brandywell.



    Sometime in 2016 it seems.

  2. fanadpatriot on



    Lawrence Shankland,Glasgow boy signed by Aberdeen from Queens Park.

  3. Geordie Munro on

    “Richard Gough: Rangers team ‘probably worst ever'”






    Even that comment is complimentary.



    They are by far the worst rangers team in not only theirs, but their previous manifestations history.




  4. beatbhoy


    12:56 on


    3 March, 2015


    “Hey, Martin, any idea on how to overturn a 21 point deficit against a financially doped-up team in the League, and maybe throw in a couple of cups while you’re at it?



    Yes.Give me a team consisting of,Mjalby,Lambert,Burley,Petrov,Henrik,then let me spend £18 million on Sutton,Hartson,Lennon.That should give them a run for their money.


    To me MON was a God,but he had some team behind him.And the backing of the board.

  5. Bawsman


    13:05 on


    3 March, 2015



    I support most of what you say except for the higher education bit. I started at Glasgow in 91, no fees and a full grant. As far as I can see it’s been downhill for students since I finished (except under the SNP in Scotland).

  6. Bawsman


    13:05 on


    3 March, 2015



    Sorry that comes across as me doubting you. I was looking for more detail of what you meant.

  7. Geordie Munro


    13:46 on


    3 March, 2015


    “Richard Gough: Rangers team ‘probably worst ever’”






    Even that comment is complimentary.



    They are by far the worst rangers team in not only theirs, but their previous manifestations history.



    Dont forget in making this statement,Gough had an agenda behind it.More pelters for the board.

  8. mullet and co 2 on

    We need at least one centre half and a centre forward for next season.


    I can see Scepovic going back to Spain and I think we can get better than Gtiffiths and Guidetti.


    I don’t see a player that could play the centre forwards role in Scotland at the moment. There are plenty of talented players with Niall McGinn perhaps the best of them as a winger come forward. McGinn of St Mirren and perhaps Ryan Jack could be longer term midfield replacements for the likes of brown or Johansen should we look to cash in on the latter.


    So abroad for a centre half and a forward we go. I expect Ronny will be getting a centre forward on loan again and he will know 3 or 4 centre halfs already that he wants.

  9. Young Aberdeen lad is a Gorbals boy.I played with his Dad Lawrence Shankland senior at St Francis Guild.Remember rightly they lived in Queen LIzzie Square.



    He was contemplating working with his old man off shore when some good performances against Rangers brought him to the attention of other clubs.



    From a good family who are close friends with the Coyles(Oweny that is).

  10. nelsbhoy



    14:00 on 3 March, 2015





    Celtic fans are they ?



    Anyone on here at the devlopment game ? 3 goals is impressive.

  11. mike in toronto on




    12:40 on 3 March, 2015



    As one of those going OTT about our manager, I make no apology whatsoever. He has laid the necessary ground work for how a modern team has to play. No shame on NL or MON but their idea was essentially outdated. We may NOT be successful under RD but I think we are making enormous strides forward. If nothing else, our play is far more entertaining than anything that has been on display in the last 10 years.






    A good summary… but, I still reserve the right to scream and shout and jump about like a madman when we score …. and, when we lose a goal, to … eerr… scream and shout and jump about like a madman.



    RD for sainthood if we win the treble… and for the dole if we dont! Okay… maybe not the dole, but I will not be pleased.

  12. the glorious balance sheet on

    John Hartson, like the rest of us, is entitled to his opinion.



    He has come out today and said that he was wrong to think Ronny Deila wasn’t up to the Celtic job. How many other pundits have the cojones to admit when they’re wrong?



    Sycophantic unquestioning “everything is wonderful” propaganda punditry from numbnut ex-players looking to cash in from the club played a large part in the demise of Rangers. Think Derek Johnstone, Mark Hateley, Brillopad-heid Craig Paterson etc



    How could their fans possibly organise and question things when a procession of media lackeys, on-message former players, and others who just didn’t want to make any waves, all assured them that everything was great, that Whytey was a billionaire, that Challs had the best interests of the club at heart, that McCoist was Guardiolaesque etc



    Don’t forget fat Derek and Hateley, were on the RFC payroll whilst being paid by the record, radio Clyde, BBC etc to spew out their fawning garbage.



    That kind of Pravda propaganda is not what I want for Celtic. I much prefer the honesty of John Hartson.



    He might be wrong sometimes, he might be right, but I far prefer constructive criticism and questioning to forelock tugging, silence and media manipulation. Go to Ibrox if that’s your thing.

  13. Geordie Munro on

    “I far prefer constructive criticism”






    I think we all do.



    But at times I struggle to find anything constructive in what they (Sutton more than hartson) say.

  14. Nelsbhoy





    Hopefully the grandchildren will be celtic fans.



    Im sure celtic scouts be told to keep an eye on the lad.

  15. I see king has told ashleys men to get outa dodge before friday….wonder how mike will take that….





    Usually I ignore you but GER57 had phoned me to ask if I would c&p his post.



    Glad you did it for me,I think I’m in the bad books after my ‘living wage’ post earlier.



    Very interesting that you post on here telling us that Labour is the only party to vote for,the SNP are a bunch of charlatans with no interest in the working man or woman in Scotland,etc.



    Then state that Socialism is dead.



    Well,bugger me backwards,my dreams have all been fantasies and I’m gonna vote Tory. Might as well be on the side of the winners,eh?



    Why do you,o learned one,think that socialism is dead? Maybe because people who had the guts to stand for it were sidelined,ridiculed,ignored?



    You clearly think you are the future of The Labour Party.



    And you are probably correct in that,sadly b

  17. Growing up I was A Labour diehard.I honestly remember sitting crying when they lost to Ted Heath.I was a real activist.Loved them,what they had done,and what they then stood for.


    Listening to some on here,I am amazed that they are comparing this shower of money grabbing,self centred career politicians to those who went before.


    Alfie waxes lyrical about the “Good old days”.Thats what they are.This mob at the moment disgust me.Tories,ditto.


    One man could have restored my faith in the Party,the late great John Smith,was sadly taken,and replaced by,well,I wont even go there.Still breaks my heart to this day,to see what they have done to the Party.


    My political rant finished.

  18. Turkeybhoy



    Some great players who had managed to limit Rangers(1872-2012) to just the 21 point league winning margin the season before Martin came in.



    We also got £6million for Viduka, so Martin actually spent 12 million really on the 3 players you mention, while they did 12 million of other people’s money on one, Flo.



    So from miles behind in terms of big money signings the cheats already had, he turned -21 into + 36 in one season, and the rest.



    A God, as you say.

  19. Didnt hartson also slam are support after the so called dundee riots.



    Always liked big john and even more so after reading his book.. iv no doubt he loves celtic and the support but having spent so much time in glasgow he should know better.



    Least he has admitted he got ronnie wrong.

  20. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    See how the Bears are rejoicing about the probable return of the King…



    Have they forgot he was on the board when the original gers died? And that he won’t even be able to put in as much cash into the tribute act?



    But then…. They hailed Whyte, they hailed Green.



    Hail hail!!

  21. Alfie Noakes



    You don’t get it, do you? NO company can make a profit without their workers. If the workers don’t work they cannot exist. So, we need leaders who push this message not apologists like you who prostrate themselves a la Oliver Twist and beg for some more.


    Also, they need consumers. We should boycott those companies who don’t pay the living wage. Thank God, Celtic are now paying it, even if they won’t sign up to it.


    It was an international boycott which brought down apartheid.


    You seem to be advocating a race to the bottom in terms of wages and conditions so that the West can compete for jobs with Asia etc. The public will back direct action if they think it’s reasonable in the circumstances. That’s where leadership comes in. You certainly don’t have what it takes. Neither does anyone in the Labour Party that I can see. Who would follow Ed Miliband into battle?


    Food banks, benefit cuts, austerity across the board. Jump on, folks! New Labour. Gies peace.


    Anyway,on a happier note…



    Congratulations to Mrs WEEFRATHETIM on finally hitting 21.



    Candles lit,cake ready. Have a belter,D.



    Hope you have a grand time emptying yer man’s wallet!

  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON


    14:19 on 3 March, 2015



    He’s not put any money into the club, he bought shares from another shareholder. It’s the shareholder that get’s the money not the club.



    And as for the only myth he lost £20m with the old club, aye right………………..

  24. I know listening to SSB shouldn’t annoy me but a couple of weeks ago I was raging with Keevins. A few callers were saying how guys like Sutton and Hartson and McAvennie couldn’t wait to put the boot into Ronny Deila and maybe SSB should get someone like Tom Boyd to provide a bit of balance as he always speaks highly of Celtic. Keevins answer was along the lines of “Tom Boyd is employed by Celtic so he’s hardly going to be critical of them”


    I thought BFDJ has been employed by Rangers for years and they don’t have a problem with his one sided guff. Same with Mark Hately spewing his bile for the DR even though he was employed by the Huns.


    Hypocrites the lot of them.

  25. Alfie Noakes on



    13:52 on


    3 March, 2015




    13:05 on


    3 March, 2015



    I support most of what you say except for the higher education bit. I started at Glasgow in 91, no fees and a full grant. As far as I can see it’s been downhill for students since I finished (except under the SNP in Scotland).






    In 1991 around 15% of kids went to university – it is now 40% plus, with aspirations towards 50/60%



    This step-change was the result of the Blair mantra of Education – Education – Education during the years after 1997.



    The numbers going to university have doubled in industrialised countries since the mid-1990s



    In Finland, 80% of young women are now going to university. It’s currently the highest proportion of graduates in the world.



    The blue-skies conversations about a “graduate economy” have already arrived in parts of the European continent. In Iceland, 78% are getting degrees, in the Slovak Republic it’s 77%.



    We must continue to educate our young people to the best of our ability – however with so many demands on the public purse, is it right, or, fair to others who do not go to university, to fund it all from taxation?



    The system we have whereby there is no repayment until after you are in a decent paying job, and even then at a rate that is affordable, seems the best solution to me.



    No one is asked to ‘pay upfront’ for an education – therefore there is no bar on anyone from a poorer background.



    If higher education was completely free, where would we cut to support it – we already know – in Scotland the numbers of further education places has been slashed by nearly a quarter of a million, as colleges are ‘welded’ together to save money – local government is being starved of money and the ability to raise their own due to the freezing of the council tax.



    Money doesn’t ‘grow on trees’ – choices have to be made in the interests of ALL the people – not just those whose votes you want.

  26. The Glorious Balance Sheet,



    That kind of Pravda propaganda is not what I want for Celtic. I much prefer the honesty of John Hartson.



    He might be wrong sometimes, he might be right, but I far prefer constructive criticism and questioning to forelock tugging, silence and media manipulation. Go to Ibrox if that’s your thing.



    Thats the whole point.It was not “Constructive crticism”.It was stupid,hasty,and very insulting to RD,with no constructive points to it.”Has”nt a clue”was the term used.

  27. stpatricksbhoy on



    12:52 on


    3 March, 2015


    Big Joe


    Been following the development games on twitter


    Michael Duffy has played in most of them since he came, seems to be settling in and playing ok though not shining ,though as I say only twitter reports



    Bhoys I was at the development game yesterday Michael did not show anything that was promising,mind you most of the team were poor.F. Kelleher at the back could be a reasonable prospect hard to tell as all the other defenders were poor,no left back in sight .Boerrigter was awful hooked at half time along with McGregor and Fisher.

  28. Just a thought, I’m wondering that the hands up of John Hartson saying he got it wrong, would be anything like the CQNs hands up that Alfoe Noaks is not a HUN poll would turn out? Jist sayin like, cough cough.

  29. bournesouprecipe on

    ‘The two appointees of Mr Ashley (Derek Llambias and Barry leach) have ‘stubbornly’ refused to resign”






    *popcorn eating emoticon*

  30. oneofthe70percent on

    Love big john celtic great RD a nobody who has struggled in a one horse league , still hope for a proper manager, not one who just pumps air in front of the easily led fan,s

  31. the glorious balance sheet on

    Geordie Munro 1415-



    This is true which is why you won’t find me mounting any defence of Sutton, Walker, Provan, Nicholas etc anytime soon.



    In Sutton’s case I think he is just generally a pessimistic miserable guy who probably moans about everything in life.



    The other 3 just love to be controversial for the sake of it and to keep their cushy wee number at Sky by keeping the Zombie viewing public happy with their snidey digs at Celtic.



    Hartson cannot be compared to that lot and i think that is why his comments touched a raw nerve at the time; they couldn’t be written off as trouble making from the usual media stooges.



    We need the likes of Hartson to tell it honestly like it is. Healthy debate is good and keeps the club on its toes.



    The existence of some obvious agenda driven rubbish from the usual quarters is no justification to call for all former players never to question or criticise.

  32. excathedra44 on

    If you have wealth off the Radar, does that mean you don’t appear on the latest Forbes 2015 WW Billionaire list,of which there are 1800+.



    I did recognise,Mike Ashley,Denis O’Brien,and Dermot Desmond as people associated with Scottish Football.!!

  33. beatbhoy,



    No arguments from me on the Blessed Martin,but that team now would be challenging the best in Europe,and even £12 million,is a figure we can only dream about now.His reign was one of the great times to be a Tim.

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