Hartson late mea cupla


I’m sure Ronny Deila is delighted to have the backing of John Harton, now he doesn’t need it.  John’s attachment to the club is not in doubt, nor should a new manager want unquestioning support from anyone, but some clubs reach a point when they become unmanageable.  Influential voices collaborate with perma-upset media and fans to expose shoots of recovery to a winter frost.

The mea culpa, when it arrives, is often too late.

Save us from the click bait that is suggesting Craig Gordon is a ‘target’ for some or other English club.  Derk Boerrigter is interesting Real Madrid, honest, they’ve been watching him with the Development Squad.

I’ve been waiting for weeks on someone to ask the question: if a club accepts money on the condition that the lender has the right to appoint two directors, in the event the club removes those directors, do you reckon that would be a breach of the terms of the loan?

I’d be extremely worried if a well-intentioned, but nonetheless, baying mob chased away the last independent director of my club.  Many Germans celebrated the Armistice, thinking a conclusion to hostilities had been agreed.  Months later they learned the terms left them bereft of land, defensive capabilities, capital equipment, authority and self-respect.  What seemed like an end to the trauma only set in motion far greater horrors.

Our good friends at Magners have offered two premium seat tickets for tomorrow’s game at Celtic Park.  To win, email me the name of the team we’re playing at celticquicknews@gmail.com

Competition closes at 5pm tonight.  If you would like to help build a school kitchen for 909 hungry kids for Mary’s Meals in Malawi while entering the competition, you can donate £1 here.  Thank you.

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  1. Hun. Noun.



    A member of an ugly warlike horde who support controversial former scoddish foo’ball klub ranjurs.


    Before the debt-ridden klub were liquidated in 2012 their supporters rampaged round the stadia of Europe glorifying in the bigotry that their klub had become synonymous with. Defined by their actions their most loyal supporters maintain their traditions around the smaller clubs of scoddland to this day.


    They have never repaid their debts.




  2. bournesouprecipe on

    I see Ronny Deila’s celebrations are ‘controversial’ now that he’s not a ‘laughing stock’.

  3. Alfie Noakes on



    15:32 on


    3 March, 2015


    ALFIE NOAKES. 1426



    You seem to have the stats ready to hand,suspiciously so,IMO.





    I NEVER comment and/or give evidence/facts if I am not sure of my ground.



    If others disagree, that’s fine, that’s free speech – however to attempt to debate with the majority on here who merely name-call, shout abuse and quote discredited bigots and racists like Wings Over Scotland, is mind-numbing.



    I am not including you.



    We don’t ‘put’ young people into universities, as you say – it is an aspirational choice on their part and sometimes pressure from peers and parents.



    But looking at the numbers in emerging countries, can we really afford not to get the very best out of our young people.



    I agree with you on the vocational side – we should be making sure that those who are not in work and not wishing to go to universities, should have the opportunity to develop their personal skills in further education.



    The SNP, because they are always ‘hunting’ votes for their one and only policy, i.e. separation, will bribe anyone who might vote for them and completely ignore the greater good of the Scottish people.



    As I have said before – the SNP have NEVER proposed, or, implemented ONE programme solely aimed at the working and poorer in our society – not ONE.

  4. Mncelt



    So, the year is 2020, we’re heading towards 10 in a row, and Sevconians are admitting their other team died in 2012, and presumably pressuring the SFA and SMSM to admit it too.



    Apart from them still being around, I’m struggling to see the downside, mate!

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Feb 2014: King promises £30m#


    Nov 2014: King promises £16m#


    Dec 2014: King promises £8m#


    March 2015: King asks fans for money

  6. up_over_goal on




    Psychophants have no place in my company.



    I should think not. Who’d want to be flattered, then stabbed repeatedly?

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    Tiny Tim



    “Where would we be if we were all Yes Men.”



    Preparing for Independence, I suppose.



    Ernie will likely tell you that such a pass would indeed be a worse place than Sevco.

  8. Geordie Munro on




    “nor should a new manager want unquestioning support from anyone”



    Tiny Tim



    “I welcome criticism no matter where it comes from. If it’s fair”







    I’m not sure you disagree with Paul as much as you claim.

  9. mike in toronto on

    bada bing …. dont you be giving that nice Mr. King a hard time … he is a very honest, very rich man who has put millions into R***s, got nothing in return for it, and is now going to come back and put gazillions in again, save them, put timmy in his place, and all will be well in the world once again….



    and since they obviously have lots of money, he might just happen to have a lovely piece of property in South Africa that he might be willing to sell them ….

  10. up_over_goal on

    !!Bada Bing!!



    June 2015: Chris Graham deletes Twitter history, says he had misgivings about the Lying King from the start, swaps tinfoil hat for burning torch.

  11. What are the implications if Ashley’s men get sacked regarding the terms of the loans .

  12. bournesouprecipe on

    “The Scottish Football Association have written to Rangers board member Dave King outlining their rule over directors involved in clubs who go into administration,”



    14 March 2012 18:10


    Press Association Sport

  13. Wow, 7.5k? That’ll teach him!



    Ashley and his lawyers must be ending themselves at the moment!

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    Ole Dave King narrowly avoids 82 years in jail, and receives reduced sentence of owning Sevco?

  15. Alfie Noakes on



    16:05 on


    3 March, 2015


    I’ve seen it all now. Alfie/Jim bemoaning those who toe the party line.





    Look, I dont “toe any party line” – but I have been a member of a Labour party for FORTY YEARS – the ONLY party EVER to do anything for the Working Class and the Poor in society.



    After EIGHTEEN YEARS in opposition, we, in our FIRST YEAR in government, legislated for the National minimum wage.



    From 1945 right up to 2010, in those years we were in power, we brought in thousands of pieces of social legislation, without which, no working class, or indeed, middle class, person or family, could live without today.

  16. As the hordes cheer home the posse lead by Mr King, now be a timely reminder of the last judge to comment upon Mr King. Over to you Mr Justice Pretorius, from less than 24 months ago


    ” I can come to no other conclusion but that contempt of court has been proved. The respondent did not advance any evidence to show that he was not wilful and mala fides. All the evidence show that the respondent is obstructing the court order wilfully and has no intention to comply with the order. Therefore I find the respondent in contempt of court.”

  17. Bournesouprecipe




    Remember when Henrik Larsson


    Stuck his tongue out when scoring goals for celtic


    Tut tut was their reply


    You are setting a bad example to the weans


    I’m glad one wean was watching


    Didn’t Liam Henderson do the same


    When scoring his first goal for celtic


    The evening we won the title at firhill

  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/31714162



    Rangers: Dave King claims victory in battle for boardroom



    Dave King claims he has recorded a “landslide victory” in his quest for regime change at Rangers.


    King, who called for a general meeting to replace the board with himself and two associates, claims director Derek Llambias has acknowledged his resolutions have been successful.


    “Mr Llambias put it best by advising me that I had achieved a ‘landslide’ victory,” read a statement from King.

  19. Regarding the musuem/ superstore ,being put on hold ,dosent suprise me,for being a billionnare dermot desmond hasnt put much into celtic. when was the stadium redeveloped .1998 i think.never had a facelift since,oh i forgot lawell wouldnt get his big bonus,if it was given a good going over, miserable shower,

  20. Bawsman.







    Nationalism is a bad thing, devisive, myopic, insular, greedy, self serving, apart from that it’s just wrong.



    Classic bullkack



    -Divisive- The rich got richer under the last marketed socialist government.


    – Tonys war



    -Myopic- credit bloating to £1,000,000,000,000 thats one trillion £,oh but it was a big currency dealer who took the money and ranaway.



    -insular- a hunlike (non)memory of the murder of 1,000,000(approx) human beings in Iraq



    -Greedy- ensuring bankers bonuses whilst highlighting how impotent a Labour govt are in front of the Capital markets.not to mention the biggest transfer of wealth from poor to rich when bailing out Banks



    -Selfserving- populist pishy wee policies that done nothing to redistribute wealth.Rememeber when that was a socialist aim? and you will say the min wage which to this day has problems with enforcement



    Yeh and the new/old form of social engineering called Labour is just wrong.


    It cant count


    It cant add up.


    It has never been able to


    Economics is about balancing infinite wants against scarce resources,by mismanaging the economy,Labour failed to do this



    If Labour apologized to the poor for their complete mismanagement of the UK economy they would get kudos,they wont as the marketeers do not think this a is a good thing


    They wont


    The hunlike nonmemory of Labours destructive side is apparent today as it was when it introduced monetarist policies in 1976 or the winter of discontent.



    Dont get me wrong Bawsman i am with you emotionally but the left needs truth and under the 2Eds(who incidentally are already aligned to gideons war on the poor) they will not get it.


    The Labour party to me sadly are policyless and chasing that ‘middle class vote'(whatever that is) in England.They do nothing to redistribute wealth(goin by their last govt).



    It is Sad.but that is the betrayal to the poor that is new/old Labour.


    Sad when faced with an elite bunch of skanks who had a clear page after Labour mismanagement and thats what irks me most.



    Socialism,what is it in a labour party context today…..apart from confused!




  21. bournesouprecipe on




    That’ll come just after the ” we have to live within our means speech “

  22. bournesouprecipe on




    I remember that, so petty, so hurt.



    It’s a wonder he didn’t ‘start a riot’

  23. mike in toronto on




    This was the part of the SA judgment that I really liked:



    “The court are unanimous in finding that he [King] is a mendacious witness whose evidence should not be accepted on any issue unless it is supported by documents and other objective evidence. It was remarkable that King showed no sign of embarrassment or any emotion when he conceded that he had lied to the (Sars) commissioner in a number of his income tax returns. In our assessment, he is a glib and shameless liar.”

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