Hartson’s anti-analysis


You’ve got to love John Hartson, a subscriber to the ‘All we need is three new players’ belief structure.  This is a common sort of anti-analysis which crops up regularly in place of any actual thought.

There are three outfield areas of a team, defence, midfield and attack, and if you can only improve each area, you’ll have a better team.  Go figure.  Hartson told us we need “a central defender; a creative midfield player and a striker”.  It’s as though the reality hasn’t occurred that any team in the world wouldn’t improve with the addition of a better player in each area of the field.

Yes, we need a central defender, but we need a right back too.  We need a striker, but, I could argue two strikers would be handy.  I’ve no idea how Brendan Rodgers is planning to play tactically so we might need a midfielder.  Or two.

Pretty much every team in Europe will be having the same conversation right now.  John could usefully reflect that it’s not actual headcount we need, we have the numbers, it’s players able to improve the team we need.  That’s the magic ingredient everyone in the game hopes for.

Lincoln Red Imps captain, Roy Chipolina, is well within his rights to talk up their chances of knocking Celtic out of the Champions League.  They hold the lead and it will take three goals to settle nerves among the home support tomorrow.  It could be a tense occasion…….


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  1. Beamishismypint on

    Shopping in the English market seems to be proving very difficult. To be expected with the money washing around down there. If we could just find another Virgil!

  2. It must be difficult to remain relevant as a pundit, hammering Celtic seems to be enough in Scotland.



    The Bhoys have a wrong ti right tomorrow, do it with a bit of ruthlessness is what I’d like to witness, the Imps have had their (well deserved) day in the sun.

  3. “it will take three goals to settle nerves”


    I was saying to a pal this morning,that we will be 3 up and cruising then give away a stupid goal just to shred our nerves on the roller coaster that is Celtic :))))

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Not sure big John’s analysis is too far off the mark – although I’m not sure we need (another!) creative midfielder.


    A centre-back and defensive midfielder would be good. But I reckon we can get a better team out of the current players.

  5. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    As Gordon Strachan was fond of saying, we need to sign some ‘Men’.

  6. Genuinely… i sense over analysis of Johns anti-analysis.



    and what does the strap line say about “Not lazy journalism”



    C’mon, is this all we’ve got to right about… Jeezo

  7. weebobbycollins on

    Serious question…what would be the reaction if the huns were to win the title this season?

  8. BSR nothing wrong wit Lidl – Supermarket of the year – as Tesco, Asda and Waitrose are finding out. Btw Harrods sell some highly priced over rated rubbish – EPL? H H Hebcelt

  9. We need to be looking for players to improve the squad not desperately searching for players — any reasonable player we can find — to fill holes in the squad.



    If we have players available that are not to be trusted to win a CL qualifier then why are they in the squad and taking a wage?



    Have we been collecting players just to spend money?



    We need to get some structure into our whole squad system.



    Who is the RB / “commanding” CB / DM / CF in the U20’s / Development team at the moment?


    Why can’t they step up to fill in the gaps that might appear in the senior squad at the start of a new season?



    We are poorly run organisation / team at the moment.


    Hopefully BR has made the improvement of all football aspects of the club his main priority.

  10. weebobbycollins



    i saw the Motherwell game at the weekend. (for my sins)



    If the Warbmister continues to play his team with such gay abandon…. (please forgive the pun here)… then i safely predict they will get bent over and seriously rodgered, in terms of their goals against column.



    nothing to worry about here.

  11. Under Ronny’s watch there were far too many signings that simply didn’t make sense.



    Carlton Cole (pish)


    Kazim Richards (pish)


    Cifti (pish)


    GMS (pish)


    Allan (irrespective of the Allan fan club. I just didnt see him as a signing we needed)



    Scepovic (i beieve was worth a try, based on his Liga 2 scoring record alone)



    to name but a few

  12. Celtic supporting ex player says we need additions.


    He echoes what most fans are saying.


    And cqn ridicules.

  13. weebobbycollins on

    BSR…once gave his brother-in-law a Rolex watch bought on a beach somewhere…not sure if TRUE FACT…

  14. some paying fans will, with some justification, always demand new players in the summer transfer window. It’s just what football fans do, we pay our money and want our escapism. the trouble is (as you’ll see every day on here) expectations on what we are entitled to vary a lot, so the job to keep all fans happy while strengthening the team, all the while with an eye on the strategy of buying young to develop makes player recruitment a very difficult brief at Celtic



    It’s not helped by people like sutty and bbj who while not blessed with the highest iqs should still know better



    But then again we did just get beat by the imps

  15. FAN-A-TIC



    Paul is not ridiculing BBJ for saying we need additional players, if you read the article Paul goes further and says we need more than just 3 players, he is ridiculing the sheer “stating the bleeding obviousness” of his piece.

  16. We have not been good enough to qualify for |CL last 2 years/ and people on here think everything is OK? We never even won a game in EL. How do yuou expect us to get through next round if we don’t improve the players? I think it is already too latge to bring in players who have no pre-season. And we will get dumped in next round. Well done PL.

  17. BBC Scotland weather forecast for tomorrow night- “God’s on Celtic’s side”?



    What do they mean by that?

  18. Ruggyman


    Can’t agree the huns are nothing to worry about.


    The desire of a nation to see us put in our place is potent.


    Limited huns teams have one the league before aide by a complicit mssm and mib’s.


    On a level playing field there would be no need for concern but ours is a tilted landscape.


    Bobby Madden couldn’t even bring himself to award us a stonewall penalty against Wolfsberg.


    How do you think he will perform when points are there to be won or lost?


    Look at the Mowbery season.


    Brendan needs to get it right and to do so needs the boards support.


    So far there is little evidence of such.


    Maybe Brendan is taking his time getting the right targets?


    But history not on our side.

  19. I am all for the romantic nature of football. The Underdog beating the favourite. A win for the wee guy. As Celtic fans we love our football to be romantic. See tomorrow? Nah, I want to destroy the Imps. A kind of romance that says petrol station flowers and out of date chocolates while texting her sister.

  20. See Peter Lawwell is back to being the devil incarnate again.



    This place has the same effect on me, at times, as white and black pudding in a fry up. Great at first but keeps repeating on me all day.

  21. Jimmynotpaul on

    Thanks for kind comments.


    BMCUW. Loved your use of perspectified. :-)).




    This tie reminds be of the Partisan Tirana game where we lost 1.0 away, when most people thought we would coast it. Thankfully we won home leg 4.1 after losing an early goal. So I’m feeling like you, we will lose a goal along the way and nerves will be shredded but we will qualify.

  22. OWEN


    I never said he is ridiculing BBJ for what he said.


    I said cqn ridiculed the story.


    Expectation management.

  23. Crawley town have signed Andre Blackman


    (Once of this parish) on a one year contract .

  24. clogher celt on

    Ronny Deila (Jun 2014 – May 2016)



    35 Kristoffer Ajer, undisclosed from IK Start, Feb 2016 [BBC]


    13 Colin Kazim-Richards, free from Feyenoord, Feb 2016 [BBC]


    27 Patrick Roberts, (loan) from Manchester City, Jan 2016 [BBC]


    28 Erik Sviatchenko, £1.5m from Midtjylland, Jan 2016 [BBC]


    24 Carlton Cole, unattached, Oct 2015 [BBC]


    05 Jozo Simunovic, £3m from Dinamo Zagreb, Aug 2015 [BBC]


    17 Ryan Christie, £500,000 from Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Aug 2015 [BBC]


    02 Tyler Blackett, (loan) from Manchester United, Aug 2015 [BBC]


    19 Scott Allan, £275,000 plus Liam Henderson(loan) from Hibernian, Aug 2015 [BBC]


    07 Nadir Cifti, £1.5m from Dundee United, Jul 2015 [BBC]


    26 Logan Bailly, £250,000 from OH Leuven, Jul 2015 [BBC]


    22 Saidy Janko, undisclosed from Manchester United, Jul 2015 [BBC]


    20 Dedryck Boyata, £1.5m from Manchester City, Jun 2015 [BBC]


    29 Michael Duffy, undisclosed from Derry City, Feb 2015 [BBC]


    14 Stuart Armstrong, £1.75m from Dundee United, Feb 2015 [BBC]


    16 Gary Mackay-Steven, £250,000 from Dundee United, Feb 2015 [BBC]


    09 John Guidetti, (loan) from Manchester City, Sep 2014 [BBC]


    12 Stefan Scepovic, £2.3m from Sporting Gijon, Sep 2014 [BBC]


    32 Mubarak Wakaso, (loan) from Rubin Kazan, Aug 2014 [BBC]


    22 Jason Denayer, (loan) from Manchester City, Aug 2014 [BBC]


    27 Aleksander Tonev, (loan) from Aston Villa, Aug 2014 [BBC]


    16 Jo Inge Berget, (loan) from Cardiff City, Jul 2014 [BBC]


    26 Craig Gordon, free, Jul 2014 [BBC]



    Above are the players signed during RD’s time. I make it £12.825m on players signed. With around £26.5m on transfers out of the club, if you include Scepovic’s apparent fee of £1m.



    Of the £12.8m…£5.3 was spent on Scepovic and Jozo, apparently. There is a lot resting on Jozo, imo.



    There are undisclosed fees to be added to the transfers too and of course loan fees.


    If my counting is correct 36 players left (a couple came back, Henderson, Cifti. I discounted Christie.) during the two seasons and hopefully undisclosed fees and loan fees will have been recouped.



    Not happy reading. I think I understand what BR means now when he says he wants a ‘smaller group.’



    The purchases obviously don’t include Boerrigter, Pukki and Balde who were signed during NFL’s time (£7.5m).



    Courtesy of Celtic-Wiki.




  25. CultsBhoy - sees right through Lawwell and the Board on

    Today’s leader will play well with Lawwell – in fact he couldn’t have put it better himself re Hartson.



    Thing is it is BLINDINGLY OBVIOUSLY even to Mastermind John Hartson yet seems to evade the understanding of our Board. Buy cheap pay dear.



    We’ve bought cheap and now we are paying dearly. FFS we needed to score 3 to be comfortable of overturning a bunch of semi pros from Gibralter. That is all the proof Hartson needs to back up his statement of the blindingly obvious. Yet P67 chooses to belittle him. Go on Paul67 – give us a critique of Lawwell. I’m not alone in being interested in that leader….

  26. Jus a very quick visit


    Good afternoon CQN


    Tiny Tim, I’ve been arguing that point for longer than 3 years :-) believe me


    TBB, different analargy or slab on JP, wrong in my mind, wish I was doing his performance reviews, he would be long gone.


    His remit would be get better players than current, how often has this been achieved – take a look at current pool of players



    Hail Hail

  27. bournesouprecipe on 19th July 2016 12:46 pm






    We need to stop buying in Lidl’s and go to Harrods



    You buy cheap you buy twice CSC





    What rubbish, have you never read Which? magazine? Lidl and Aldi are the best thing since German sliced bread. We should replace John Park with Which? magazine.



    That way we will get the best sitting midfielder that can vaccum up possession in the middle of the park. The best defender for head[phoning] the ball clear. The best striker that stays fridge/freezer cool in the box.



    And the best energy deal for PL’s driveway :p

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