In an online article discussing UEFA Financial Fair Play (FPP) this evening STV have named RIFC – the new Rangers – a new club!

See HERE for the full article:

The main part of the article is mediocre (and not particularly well constructed); however, the last paragraph is very telling:

When Rangers went into liquidation in 2012, their assets and memberships to play football were transferred to a new company.

This automatically triggered a three-year period where the Rangers newco could not participate in European competition. This applied to the 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons.

There is no barrier to Rangers applying for a UEFA Club Licence under article 12, which states any membership with a national association must have lasted “for at least three consecutive years”.’

UnknownThey actually state that post liquidation a new company was formed and the existing club transferred assets and licences to a new company.

This blows apart the continuity myth that The Rangers* and the SMSM have been peddling since 2012.  They are clearly stating that the new club could not apply for or participate in European competition because they DID NOT HAVE a membership with the national association for 3 consecutive years.

Irrespective of where Sevco go from here in trying to procure a UEFA licence for next season, the message is clear: this new club will be applying for their first ever UEFA licence.

Now all they have to do is defuse the Resolution bombshell dropped last week; find somewhere in the region of £14.5M from the current shareholders; and finish in the top 3 of the SPFL Premiership.  At the end of the season, if this all falls into line it will be the greatest escape since Steve McQueen disappeared over the horizon on his Triumph TT Special 650!

Watch this space!


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