Hayes, Burke and the exceptional Sinclair


Jonny Hayes and Oliver Burke are rightly receiving praise following the drubbing of St Johnstone yesterday, deservedly so.  I have a latent worry that Callum McGreogr will be moved to left back against Valencia on Thursday, as he was at Ibrox in December, but Jonny’s solid performance will hopefully see Brendan Rodgers maintain faith in him for our Europa League tie.

Burke is a handful to play against.  Still only 21, he has the speed and power to stretch a defence, which will occupy the thoughts of Valencia scouts as they plan for Thursday.    They will not want to leave space for him to exploit.

It says much the form of Scott Sinclair that his hat-trick was one of the less noteworthy aspects of the game.  10 goals in 9 games since Christmas is exceptional.  He has the experience and engine to find space.  Watch his run for the opening goal against St Johnstone.  When Oliver Burke crossed the ball, Scott was 20 yards from goal and not on any defender’s radar, but he made up 18 yards to get on the end of the cross.

All three players need confidence to be at their best.  If we want to come through a difficult February in good shape, helping them maintain their confidence will help.

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  1. As a compromise ive said to the better half I’ll take her to a swanky new burger van before the game on Thurs Nite.


    Its got 4 Michelin tyres.




  2. HRVATSKI JIM@ 1.10 .



    Charlie Napier .



    My Dad (” if I haven’t given up the ghost ” ) will be 99 in April. He went to his first Celtic Game in 1934 . He loved Charlie Napier . Spoke of how miffed he was when Charlie Napier fell out with the Celtic Board and headed south for more cash . . Gallous magic feet and a sharp dresser . .Magic feet apart , just like my old man.!

  3. Some big decisions for Thursday off the back of a rampant Celtic performance..



    Bain surely to stay in goal…Jeremy at RB and a wee surprise from KT at left back ? If not give it to Jonny…


    Jozo and Boyata in middle, Brown and Callum and Ryan in the middle and a front 3 of Olly, Burke and Jamesey…



    Weah and Odsonne to be unleashed in 2nd half….



    run them ragged under the disco lights csc

  4. ” Only the shallow Know themselves ”


    Oscar Wilde



    ” We are never more true to ourselves than when we are inconsistent ”


    Oscar Wilde

  5. Tickets now available for season ticket holders Celtic v Rainjurz



    price………………………………………………………………. £49.00




  6. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.



  7. When Oscar was asked were they were Sevco or Rangers, he replied, No man is rich enough to buy back his past .

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I believe that Scott Bain and Ryan” he’s no John Mc.Ginn “Christie are the reason for Celtic’s increase in tempo and direction in recent games.



    The variation in the keeper’s passing from the back was a joy to watch and drew frequent applause from the crowd. No mean accolade.



    Ryan appears to be everywhere, supporting whoever is o the ball and moves it quickly. A gem.

  9. Young Bhoys 4-1 up at Cappielow against Morton, last few minutes. Bayo played about 60 minutes.



    Aitchison with two, Armstrong Oko-Flex also with a brace.

  10. Jeepers Robinbhoy, Bayo played for an hour against Morton Reserves and he didn’t score. Get Rid, Impostor, Wage Thief, foisted on Brendan by the treacherous Pedro. All part of his evil plan to help the Huns to win the League. God knows what Oscar would say about it.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    quadrophenian on 11th February 2019 12:57 pm




    And revisiting MMICK’s question – where do the WIzard and Griff figure in the way BR likes his bhoys to play?




    Yeah – good question.


    Horses for courses, I guess.


    Both got extended contracts recently so they must be part of the plans.


    Things will look clearer in the summer when the loans in have gone and the loans out come back.


    Will Bayo be the main striker? Edouard? Two up? Who knows.


    For now just get the league won, hopefully the cup too and maybe even a wee run in Europe with a bit of luck.

  12. Logged into tickets on celtic fc for sevco game. Telling me I’m not a season ticket holder! wtf por cierto



    Bain has been a huge difference maker with his distribution and he has also made some timely saves like on Saturday just before half time.


    Christie is a young guy who plays with energy and on Saturday his touch to Hayes while leaving opponent stranded on the Forrest goal was sublime.


    But if McGinn had signed would we have seen Christie in a Celtic jersey?


    Also we now have movement around him in forward positions increasing the chance of his style of play for being successful .

  14. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 1:24 PM



    Sounds like our two old men would have had a convivial conversation.



    So could you and I but only after you make multiple apologies for mentioning “how hot is is down south” whilst we in Glasgow are freezing!

  15. CELTIC: De Vries, Duffy (Aitchison 27), Church, Welsh, Compper, Hill, Caffrey (Savoury 74), McInroy (Kennedy 74), Bayo (Mazis 62), Allan, Oko-Flex.


    Subs: Willison



    Compper in 90 minute game shocker…




    Do it in the winter and then you can make me jealous with your tales re the wonders of a condensing boiler and a central heating system worthy of the name . The Sicilian winter is a strange beastie -it can be 15 outdoors yet feel cold and damp indoors . Houses built to cope with months of serious heat simply can’t cope with the winter air ( they suck it in like a sponge ). . . Marble floors are a treat in the summer but they are a trial when you have to walk on them at 4.30 am as you head for the nightly middle of the night micturition . Grrrrr.

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    FAN-A-TIC on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:03 PM



    “But if McGinn had signed would we have seen Christie in a Celtic jersey?”





    I don’t believe we would and that’s a scary thought.

  18. What is the Stars on




    Pedro knew Christie was going to break through and he quite correctly refused to pay the McGinn ransom



    God Bless Peter



    As Oscar Wilde might have said

  19. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:19 PM



    We have the same in our house in Croatia. Built for summer heat but hard work to warm up in winter although we now have full air-conditioning which has made an enormous difference.



    Still, nothing like the heat of the old wood-burner after it has properly heated the place up.

  20. My friends in Celtic,



    After our stunning victory yesterday continuiing our unbeaten run, we now look forward to the acid test.



    A magnificent occasion awaits the sell out crowd. A sell out that was not cheap and at the worst financial time of the year for most of us. Why ?



    We want to see our team play and match the best.


    We love glamour occasions and contrasting styles.


    We love to see more technical, intricate and subtle opponents.


    Parkhead has a unique atmosphere that only European nights can replicate.


    A chance to showcase our stadium under the lights in all its splendor. And of course to showcase our fans to the world.


    When the team responds to our fans and the 12th man takes effect, the sense of anticipation, excitement and indeed anticipation is unique to Scottish football.


    Lastly but not least : A welcome change of scenery. It gives our fans a chance to see something different, even if it’s only to see ” honest mistakes ” in refeering.



    It’s also why we attract players who use us as a stepping stone. Players who are normally outwith the draw of Scottish football.


    It is also financially lucrative and keeps us ahead of the pack.


    It is also a great chance to showcase our city and facilities and enjoy the true camaraderie that football should be about.



    Make no mistake, this game is crucial for so many reasons.



    HH .COYBIG. The quadruple awaits. Baku here we come.

  21. By accounts Armstong Oko-Flex was a stand out for the Reserves today, hearing good things about the bhoy & our Ladies them won 4 nil yesterday so all in all a good couple of days.

  22. Poe Cierto



    Special season ticket holders only for the SEVCO game.



    I assume you sit in an area of the Lisbon Lions stand previously reserved for Huns?



    If so I’m sure you’ll get the tickets arranged after a small discussion with the ticket office.




    I use air conditioning in the summer -it does zilch in the winter ( burning money apart ) I spend a fortune on wood ( the only thing that works ) . Mrs S of T removes layers of clothing when she leaves the house in the winter and puts them back on when she returns to the house . . My sister was here a few Christmas times back — – it was 25 on Christmas day and she wore a fleece onesie and a hat indoors .

  24. Corkie 1.12pm



    When I use the quote, I will defo give Oscar the credit. Btw , see what you’ve started T , loving the rest of the quotes. Oscar Wilde CSC .


    Hope all is well. HH

  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on










    Pedro knew Christie was going to break through and he quite correctly refused to pay the McGinn ransom







    God Bless Peter







    As Oscar Wilde might have said





    As we discussed last night, that was always the plan.



    On other News.



    Laundry day was cancelled in our household, as the clothes horse has equine flu.



    Huns bleeding their own support with £27 replay tickets, they are raging which is nice?


    Do you not mean normal?

  27. WHAT IS THE STARS on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:24 PM






    Pedro knew Christie was going to break through and he quite correctly refused to pay the McGinn ransom




    God Bless Peter




    As Oscar Wilde might have said



    Finally i get why Big Pete gets BIG bonuses!


    He is a visionary.