Hayes, Burke and the exceptional Sinclair


Jonny Hayes and Oliver Burke are rightly receiving praise following the drubbing of St Johnstone yesterday, deservedly so.  I have a latent worry that Callum McGreogr will be moved to left back against Valencia on Thursday, as he was at Ibrox in December, but Jonny’s solid performance will hopefully see Brendan Rodgers maintain faith in him for our Europa League tie.

Burke is a handful to play against.  Still only 21, he has the speed and power to stretch a defence, which will occupy the thoughts of Valencia scouts as they plan for Thursday.    They will not want to leave space for him to exploit.

It says much the form of Scott Sinclair that his hat-trick was one of the less noteworthy aspects of the game.  10 goals in 9 games since Christmas is exceptional.  He has the experience and engine to find space.  Watch his run for the opening goal against St Johnstone.  When Oliver Burke crossed the ball, Scott was 20 yards from goal and not on any defender’s radar, but he made up 18 yards to get on the end of the cross.

All three players need confidence to be at their best.  If we want to come through a difficult February in good shape, helping them maintain their confidence will help.

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  1. What is the Stars on

    There is only one think worse than people talking about your bonus




    people not talking about your bonus



    Oscar Lawwell Wilde circa 1897



    a man ahead of his time



    I am a fan of winter and the cold.


    My family moan about my preference to keep a window open even in winter.


    When they visit from Scotland they bring thick socks and sweaters so they can watch the telly in my living room.

  3. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:47 AM



    ALBERT FINNEY R IP great actor .



    A man who told Betty Windsor to stick a CBE and a Knighthood up Her Royal Jacksie .. ” such snobbery is one of the things which keeps this country in the Middle Ages “



    *although the son of a bookie, which meant he probably had a decent upbringing, he said that you can’t forget your working class roots, its built intae you.

  4. 50 shades of green on

    That Oscar Wilde didnae half talk a load of tripe eh ?.



    Would have blended in in here after a defeat right enough.



    Think chairman Mao said that ?

  5. GFTB on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:52 AM



    Got a wee sneaky feeling around 9.18pm this evening it will be Aberdeen v Celtic that will come out of the hat



    *I have found through the years that’s there’s periodically a correlation between who we meet before and after a SC round, this year it’s the calvinists and sheep respectively.




    A crowd of 45,000 turned out in curiousity to see Celtic’s first ever European game in this Fairs Cup tie.



    *Bobby Craig’s debut I believe, he arrived at the Central Station around hauf four.

  7. FAN -A -TIC .



    Hah ! .



    I know a Norwegian couple who own a holiday house in Sciacca . They recently told me a tale re two Norwegian friends who used that house in late January . On their first day they sat on the terrace sunbathing in 20 degree heat and then discovered that they couldn’t sleep that night because the house was way too cold for them . Solution for two Norwegians way down south in the winter -following morning – buy fleece pyjamas and an electric blanket.

  8. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 11:23 AM



    Your lunchtime choons – One from me and one from Mrs S Of T . Took me 20 mins to dig out the Mrs S of T one



    *Ah Steve Ellis, a favourite with my teenage bride, twisted me told her the only reason he had short hair while the rest of the groups was long was he had a durty heid and had it shaved lol.



    At the time I had a similar hairstyle, it was called the mod crop and no I didnae have nits.




    I went to that Valencia game . I was really excited . Valencia were a huge disappointment . . Cynical , agricultural and masters at that lets disrupt the game thing .The naivety of youth . !!!!

  10. Fool Time Whistle on

    Morning all.



    Nice post Greenpinata. I was getting gee-ed up just reading those one liners about Thursday.



    For the LB berth & in the absence of KT & Izzy it’s hard to see past Jonny Hayes – for me anyway.



    His sub apprearance against Hibs & even at the start on Sunday – he seemed nervous.


    But he came onto a fine game & we could see his confidence grow with each passing minute.


    His great run leading to Forrest’s goal was as jpyous for him as the scorer.


    His only lapse on concentration was when Brown was off the field in the first half getting his ankle strapped.


    Jonny tried the old ball one side & him the other in our own third & lost possession, which led to a St Johnstone shot. Scott Bain saved well.



    The pace in the team now is fast (no pun intended) becoming one of our greatest assets.


    Forrest, Burke, Sinclair, Christie, McGregor, Weah – & Toljan’s no slouch.



    For me, the hard work by Burke was evident in the HIbs game but there were about 3 occasions when he had taken the ball to the byeline but had also outstripped all of his team mates. He either put in great balls into the box with no one able to get on the end of them or he was forced to hold onto the ball to wait for a colleague – by which time the threat was usually neutralized. Yesterday, it was different. Sinclair got 2 of his goals by getting on the end of Burke’s squaring it back, while Scott also had a decent chance to make it four from another such pass in the first half but was just half a yard short.



    Always great to see the evidence & benefits of coaching.




  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Fan-a-tic 2:03


    But if McGinn had signed would we have seen Christie in a Celtic jersey?




    Probably not. Also unlikely that we would have seen McGregor in the deeper role when Brown was out.


    Think this one might have worked out well for us.

  12. Fool Time Whistle on

    Heard recently



    “It’s not lying, it’s just an opportunity for someone to draw the wrong conclusions.”



    Actually said by Ben Kingsley in the fatntastically titled move



    “Backstabbing for Beginners”



    Great title for the SFA/Referees/Compliance Officers I thought.




  13. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 3:21 PM



    TONTINE TIM I went to that Valencia game . I was really excited . Valencia were a huge disappointment . . Cynical , agricultural and masters at that lets disrupt the game thing .The naivety of youth . !!!!



    *Aye me tae, if my memory serves me well it was about 6 weeks after the Real Madrid Blue and White Trophy game and we were so excited at seeing another “continental” team, for some reason we were in the old hun end and my main memory is my da seethin at the missed penalty, no with Luggy at missing it but at “that boy being allowed tae take it”.



    Anyway aff oot now, going down tae babysit a 17 moth old wee loddie, well not so wee he’s part Croatian and has their height. Probably be back on the morra as I’ll be cream crackered when I get home lol.




    Ah -memories of the Nit Nurse at Primary School. .Stand in a line and have your hair checked. . Worse memories of the Friday night scrub in a tin bath being cleaned by a woman(my mother ) armed with a wire brush and various lotions n potions . That done we moved onto internal cleaning -big spoonful of something horrible with added sulphur .If my luck was in she’d do the job while singing Papa Loves Mambo.. . Wouldn’t be allowed now.

  15. Fool Time Whistle on




    Phat Phingers-R-Us



    “Fantastically titled movie”



    It’s free on Amazon Prime. About the UN scandal around the infamous “Oil for Food” prgramme in Iraq.




  16. I like what I see with Ollie Burke very much but cannot for the life of me understand how he doesn’t get a game for West Brom, just don’t get it. Maybe he “gets” Celtic and if that is the case and he is surplus to requirement at WBA then I say, break the bank for him.


    Probably won’y happen





  17. CELTIC reportedly had a £8.8million bid knocked back for Atlanta’s Timothy Castagne last month.



    The Belgian right-back was on Brendan Rodgers’ wanted list as he hunted for a long-term replacement for Mikael Lustig.



    From The Hun…

  18. Sinclair : 10 goals in 9 games



    Yet, according to Spew Keevins, Ryan Kent is the one unplayable winger in the Scottish Premiership.



    Ahh, what a baffoon




    It’s a shame that Bob Grant has gone . He’d have been perfect for the Teresa May part in the Brexit movie . . Having pipped Stephen Lewis to the role.

  20. KingLubo



    It could be as simple as Darren Moore the WBA Manager being a sh*te coach.



    We play the ball on the deck a lot, which suites Burke.


    I haven’t watched too of WBA, but get the impression they can be direct. Long ball stuff

  21. Bada “12:23


    Just as I am not keen on the rather Hun-Like ten-in-a-row chant, I love it when Huns overpraise other Huns.



    Melbourne Mick “12.34


    Yes, I am one who has wondered where Big Tom will fit in. Horses for courses, I suspect.



    TTT “1:43


    Your `No mean accolade` comment resonates with me. Our support can be great but it can also be too demanding and undermine the confidence of those who need it most..





    Your clothes horse comment made me laugh. Thanks for that as I am under the weather at the moment.



    Just me now.


    I was worried that Ryan Christie`s short lay off had lead to a loss of his wonderful form. I am now confident that, if it had ever left, it has returned.




  22. …ans seeing as we have had so many excellent quotes today, what about this comment from our Manger which give some insight to the kind of guy we have got:



    “I always think if you speak to someone in their second language, you speak to their head. If you speak in their first, you speak to their heart. I’ve always tried to let players see that.”



    From a Press Conference re the Valencia game.




  23. Incidentally, John Higgins beat Graeme Dott 4-0 in Round 1 of The Welsh Open.


    Cheerio for now.




  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    FAN-A-TIC on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:53 PM
















    Pedro knew Christie was going to break through and he quite correctly refused to pay the McGinn ransom









    God Bless Peter









    As Oscar Wilde might have said







    Finally i get why Big Pete gets BIG bonuses!





    He is a visionary.





    At last, Fan, an epiphany.


    WITS work has not been in vain.

  25. 50 shades of green on

    HOT SMOKED on 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 4:27 PM


    Incidentally, John Higgins beat Graeme Dott 4-0 in Round 1 of The Welsh Open.






    Jj, Thats one of those little things that just make you smile, cheers.




  26. 50 shades of green on



    A few yrs ago Dott won a trophy and paraded it at the Victorian lavvy, pretty sure that was the last piece of silverware they seen..



    Comes fae Larkhaw anaw ?



    Kent did well at ibrox against Lustig who had played to many straight games.


    When Ralston came on he never kicked a ball.


    Another in a long line of overhyped hun diddies.


    ,Beerman ,Goss,Ojaria,Pena Hyndman in recent times.


    Remember when they knocked back 6 million for the superb Barry McKay?


    We were being told after 2 games that Barman was better than KT.


    Kent like the above will be in the category of Where Are They Now? in a few years.