Hayes, Burke and the exceptional Sinclair


Jonny Hayes and Oliver Burke are rightly receiving praise following the drubbing of St Johnstone yesterday, deservedly so.  I have a latent worry that Callum McGreogr will be moved to left back against Valencia on Thursday, as he was at Ibrox in December, but Jonny’s solid performance will hopefully see Brendan Rodgers maintain faith in him for our Europa League tie.

Burke is a handful to play against.  Still only 21, he has the speed and power to stretch a defence, which will occupy the thoughts of Valencia scouts as they plan for Thursday.    They will not want to leave space for him to exploit.

It says much the form of Scott Sinclair that his hat-trick was one of the less noteworthy aspects of the game.  10 goals in 9 games since Christmas is exceptional.  He has the experience and engine to find space.  Watch his run for the opening goal against St Johnstone.  When Oliver Burke crossed the ball, Scott was 20 yards from goal and not on any defender’s radar, but he made up 18 yards to get on the end of the cross.

All three players need confidence to be at their best.  If we want to come through a difficult February in good shape, helping them maintain their confidence will help.

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    Some of the comments are a strong indication of why the custodians treat the fans with contempt as merely cash cows.


    I think we have still to see the worst excesses yet as the tv companies and corrupt authorities will attempt various strategies to continue the cash flow.


    The Aaron Ramsey deal is positively obscene and highlights the writers point.


    As i posted last week my heart hopes for the return of the beautiful game but my head tells me it’s dead.

  2. Good morning CQN from a wet and windy Garngad



    I see all 1/4 finals have to be televised live.


    I bet we end up with a Sunday game and Sevco get Saturday slot.


    I would love to know how they decide these things.


    D. :)

  3. On reading back what is the average age of a cqner?


    Some been to games in 1956.. Wow.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  4. Saturday night : Gerrard rages about Allan Power challenge, we want consistency, let’s see what the compliance officer does.



    Monday morning: When the thick Huns realise the player if suspended will miss the Celtic game, it was an accident. ??

  5. I think that we’ll beat Valencia tomorrow night. Reason being Spanish football is garbage these days.



    Watched that Barcelona mob the other night, they had close to 700 passes during the game, and only one shot on target.






    Villareal team that played the zombie club was the worst Spanish side ever.



    5/2 for a Celtic win looks generous to me.



    HH. ?

  6. Auldheid,



    The 365 article is only echoing what many of us have being thinking for a long time.its applicable to all of football, not just the EPL.



    We are all sickened by the vast money ” given” to players and greedy agents. There is a detatchment that is increasingly hard to bridge.



    Football on TV has a place, but over exposure will also kill it as a live spectator sport.



    My thought process has not changed : We at Celtic must do everything to enhance the match day experience. Our first and last planning and decision making must be for the match attendees.



    Football without fans is nothing.




  7. morning bhoys from a dry but windy Cheshire,, feeling a bit more confident about Thursday, with our new recruits in the team,COYBIG,hh.

  8. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    David66: My first final was 1951,but since it was Celtic’s first since 1938(?) ,only means you were born between those two! and you’re an old codger,not a better Celtic supporter??

  9. Auldheid 12.40



    Thanks for that essay by football365



    Insightful and lays out clearly how it is harming their game(as well as the Scottish game as all subscribing in Scotland are making a supportive payment of English premiership football)


    Sky do not break down how much of their subscriptions come from Scotland, deemed commercially sensitive,so sky can claim they are supportive of our game while paying it’s Scottish league winners half what they pay one of their presenters for farting on your telly!during a game


    The sky money brings to mind a tale when the late Chelsea shareholder who died,(harding I think),was renovating the stand at the bridge,to hide the building work massive boards were erected painted with faces of fans and big speakers for crowd noises,it was the early days of sky’s 27 years of milking football fans and it was lamented then many grounds will have painted face boards as more sit in their ass at home due to games on.




  10. Auldheid, thanks for sharing that, we binned Sky a long time ago but it’s practically impossible to avoid them and the ramifications they’ve had on our game. Hard to see what alternatives we can hope for. I’d be happy with a Celtic Tv that does what it says on the tin / tim.







  11. 16 Roads,


    Valencia game is on Thursday J…! But I hope your sentiments prove to be the case. Hope you are well.



  12. Would gladly pay for Celtic TV to broadcast all our games live, and continue to attend all home games (other than FTSFA, at present). Binned Sky years ago, although I have to confess that I tap into my son’s Sky Go for our games when necessary. He did it for years off me, but I admit to a certain amount of guilt. HH

  13. My first cup final? Replay against Clyde 1954/55 lost 1-0. First game at Celtic Park against Ardrie. Eric Smith played (I think) 1st hero.”he eat RAW eggs” gave him energy.


    Brother took me to the game


    “Ach we’ll go to the stand” and lifts me over the turnstile


    “Ye’ll need to pay for the boy”


    “Don’t.know who he is, Jim, he’s just a boy”


    Gets a seat “how did you know his name was Jim” ye live and learn but always KTF

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The 1956 Hearts game was my first Scottish Cup final, but my first final was a Glasgow/Charity Cup final vPartick Thistle, circa 1950.



    As far as the average age of CQNers goes, I reckon I take it down a few notches, as I’ll only be 75 next month.

  15. DAVID66 on 12TH FEBRUARY 2019 6:18 AM


    Good morning CQN from a wet and windy Garngad



    Good morning to you







    I see all 1/4 finals have to be televised live.



    Friday night /Saturday lunchtime/sunday midday/Monday night ?


    Which one suits us sir ?





    I bet we end up with a Sunday game and Sevco get Saturday slot.



    They ain’t through ??





    I would love to know how they decide these things.



    Easy…most inconvenient for tims …


    Then its cancel the trains.. essential line work …


    Roadworks planned…????




    D. :)

  16. Good morning everyone, today James Forrest has outdone himself, speaking about the Sunderland documentary.He has just made me realise that I should be happy in my ignorance, it’s a must read. I am now away to download the programme Sunderland till I die, it seems like essential viewing over the weekend.

  17. Fess19, My first job after leaving school, I was taking a delivery in and the driver said to me ‘Jimmy’ . I asked my boss ‘how did he know my name?’

  18. Good Morning CQN


    Bit of a cheek from me seen as my last post was about a year ago ;o)



    Looking for a bit of help if possible.


    I’m off on holiday to Fuerteventura a week tomorrow & will be there for the Valencia & Motherwell games.


    Staying in Jandia area & had a look at Celtic Bars website, however no bars listed anywhere near.



    Any of you guys know of any bars in Jandia area that may be showing the games ?








  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    That Glasgow Cup final was the day that I declared myself a Celtic supporter.


    Being a Maryhill lad, Firhill was our nearest stadium.


    My father would allow my brother and me to go out and watch the reserves, I was therefore a Partick Thistle Reserves supporter.



    For the GCF, mum, dad, brother and me trooped off to Hampden.


    I clearly remember approaching the ground from the Mount Florida side and approached the rosette sellers.



    My brother got his Celtic one and my father asked me which one did I want.



    After a moment’s pause, I said, “the Celtic one”…….and that, dear reader, was that.

  20. First Cup Final.



    Hampden In The Sun.1957.



    Walked there and back (with my Dad)from Garscube Rd.Walk home was longer than the walk to the game.We had to take a detour due to there being a Big Barney near the Plaza Ballroom.I went to a Primary School hoaching with Deady Bears.The Monday Morning after was great !

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    My excitement about the game and my confidence about how we will fare are both increasing as we move towards kickoff time on Thursday (it was ever thus, football, unlike life, offers endless new opportunities to get things right).


    However, that confidence is tempered by my recent viewing of Valencia’s home game against Villarreal. They won 3-0, and there was a twenty minute period in the second half, where they were simply irresistible. They passed, controlled, and passed again with great speed and accuracy. The odd time that they lost possession they mobbed the player on the ball, and closed down his options. This closing down was so intense, that their opponents were under constant siege.


    They are a good team, with great pace and intensity. They work hard and know where the goal is.


    My hope for Thursday is that we do not concede, and that (imo) will offer us our best chance of success over the tie. A team playing the second leg of a European tie at home, with no away goals from the first leg, is always under pressure. 0-0 would be a great result on Thursday, because we are playing a team that are way better than anything we face in Scotland.





  22. 1969 LC Final,was my first final, wee Bertie scored in the first minute, a lot of guys missed it….

  23. !!BADA BING!!



    I remeber the St Johnstone manger saying pre game that his wee, tricky winger would destroy Big Tam Gemmell.



    Big Jock left him out of the team!



    If my poor memory is correct!

  24. Phil-




    GK John Fallon


    FB Jim Craig


    FB Davie Hay


    RH Bobby Murdoch


    CH Billy McNeill


    LH Jim Brogan


    RW Tommy Callaghan


    IF Harry Hood


    CF John Hughes


    IF Stevie Chalmers Substituted off 45′


    LW Bertie Auld




    RW Jimmy Johnstone Substituted in 45′




    Jock Stein




    It was Eddie Connachan in 1961 for Dunfermline. Dennis Connaghan later played for us.

  26. Thanks Bourne… appreciated.



    That’s the opposite of the island from where I’m staying..


    Looking for somewhere in Jandia area which is south of the island



    Hopefully somebody on here been there before & has a bit of local knowledge ;o)








  27. !!BADA BING!! on 12TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:18 AM


    1969 LC Final,was my first final, wee Bertie scored in the first minute, a lot of guys missed it….



    PHILBHOY on 12TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:21 AM


    !!BADA BING!!



    I remember the St Johnstone manger saying pre game that his wee, tricky winger would destroy Big Tam Gemmell.


    Big Jock left him out of the team!






    My first cup final as well….



    Big Tam was left out for booting Helmut Haller up the arse in the midweek West Germany v Scotland game!

  28. TTT



    1956 Scottish Cup Final was my Mum’s one and only appearance at a SCF – she was never allowed back!