Hayes, the opposite of a project, but still gave value


Jonny Hayes was the opposite of a ‘project’ when he signed as a 29-year-old for £1.3m from Aberdeen three years ago.  We paid a premium and knew we would never turn a profit on the player, but even as a squad player, he was value for money.

For the rest of his life he will answer questions about his length-of-the-pitch run and goal at Ibrox early this season.  For all the medals he collected in his three years at Celtic, that goal is a special memory.

At 32 he is young and good enough to perform at a level above most of our Premiership rivals, he will have no problem getting fixed up.

Best of luck, Jonny.

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  1. Sorry to see Johnny go – he was a great squad player, always gave 100%. Wish him the best of luck at his new club.

  2. Personally felt that other than the goal against sevco, that his contribution in 3 years was very minimal.

  3. greengray1967 on



    Prof Jason Leitch on the Off the Ball this afternoon telling people not to count their chickens regarding any form of football starting up again on 1st August. So for those of us, Big G, who thought the SPFL acted prematurely in calling the leagues think again.





    He also pointed out that meeting relatives doesn’t mean you can rip the arse out of it and have a 6+ hour BBQ. He pointed out the last thing we need is to move too quickly into the next phase and end up in lockdown again almost immediately.





    Takes a good dental professional to tell it as it is. 😉




    All good common sense in my opinion. The worst thing we can do is be complacent. Its still a long long road and until a vaccine is distributed widely and worldwide, we are nowhere near life as we knew it

  4. What’s the new AMP button at the top for Paul67 ?


    Click on it and it takes you to a much ‘cleaner’ version of the blog – only problem is that it doesn’t display any of the comments – is it a workaround for the log-in problems ?


    We deserve batter(ed) 😉👍🏻

  5. Whit AMP button Bateen Bhoy? I don’t see no stinking AMP button ( on mobile)?



    Hope you are well oop North. 😆😆




  6. It doesn’t work with Javascript turned on……endless adverts of bananas, large chested wimmin, and other bizarre products. 😂

  7. I’m on DuckDuckGo, so never had any these problems. Maybe I’ll give it a go 😉😉

  8. Sorry to see Johnny Hayes go but we need to freshen up the squad either from the Development squad or new signings.



    I see young Hickey is being linked with a return. I hope Fraser Forster is also signed.



    I don’t want to lose our better players but it looks like Ajer wants to go.



    Bauer will go back and Arzani and maybe Elyounoussi. We still have plenty players. We have 30 listed plus 6 on loan. Hayes , Kouassi, Arzani, Bauer leaves us 32 players. There are 26 further reserve squad players



    We really don’t many players

  9. Friesdorfer, It’s on my Aye Aye pad.😉


    If you scroll to the top of the page it’s on the top left, on the same info bar where it say’s Welcome Bateen Bhoy ( if it say’s that on yours, I might start worrying.)


    All good here in the Granite City, sun beating down, BBQ primed and oldest loon heading over with the kerry-oot


    Hope all is good by the Silvery Tay 👍

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  11. Nae worries Bateen,I’m not an Apple mhan, never have been ( only one in household with Samsung…)!



    Silvery Tay fholks just fine, wee bit blowy today but sure and all, can live with that. Sun still out anyhow.




  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Someone should take Budgie aside and point out she’s making a complete fool of herself.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jozo not worth a new deal for about 15 games a season, thanks for that tackle.

  14. Thanks to Jozo and Jonny for all you’ve done for Celtic


    By: Paul Cuddihy on 30 May, 2020 16:11



    CELTIC Football Club today offered sincere best wishes to Jozo Simunovic and Jonny Hayes as it was announced they will be leaving the club.


    The club has decided.not to take a further year-long option in relation to Jozo’s contract, and Jonny’s Celtic contract finishes at the end of this month.


    Means now only contracts expiring before 2022 are Craig Gordon this year and Kundai Benyu , Connor Hazard and Scott Brown next year.


    Clearing the decks methinks …

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Feel really sorry for Jozo. Ravaged by injury.



    That tackle on Kenny Miller will never be forgotten.

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Oh, and the goal he scored in the 69th minute wearing the number 5 shirt following Billy McNeil’s passing.

  17. I see young Hickey is being linked with a return.


    wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole , worse than boil boli

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Not happy with them letting big Jozo go, also Ajer thinking of going, so who partners big Julien, surely not Frimpong? Boli Boli? Taylor? Benkovic must come into this I think – otherwise – what happens if big Julien gets injured? Personally, with 10 in a row next up, I think we should strengthen before we weaken, much easier on the nerves:-) – assuming we are going to strengthen…

  19. It doesn’t work with Javascript turned on……endless adverts of bananas, large chested wimmin, and other bizarre products. 😂





    That’s ACGR,S Facebook page. 👍😂

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Stop stating the obvious..



    It’s more fun to wet your pants.

  21. Scotland versus Brazil 1998 on BBC Scotland 7.15pm. More than a few of our SPL title winners in both the team and the squad, plus John Collins who did play for us and Kevin Gallagher who is related to us. Good game….

  22. Celtic have to be sensible about the squad and coronavirus will be on their mind. Most clubs will look to cut the wage bill. unless the player is a first team starter or a promising kid they are likely to struggle to get their contract renewed at their respective clubs.



    Cant see any of our out of contract players getting new deals. We will try to keep foster if Southampton are willing to do a reasonable deal, but all the others will be away.



    Reckon we will listen to offers for boli, Ajer, ntcham and rogic. We will try of get eduard on another contract but if not he will be sold.



    Hopefully that also means we will only be signing players we expect to come straight into the first team and promising kids with the potential to make a breakthrough. Also means we will likely look to beef up out first team by going to the academy kids too. That is also a good thing as far as I am concerned.




  23. prestonpans bhoys on




    Only recruit we need is big FF we are mikes betterthan the rest,covid saved slippy g’s job

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