Hayes, the opposite of a project, but still gave value


Jonny Hayes was the opposite of a ‘project’ when he signed as a 29-year-old for £1.3m from Aberdeen three years ago.  We paid a premium and knew we would never turn a profit on the player, but even as a squad player, he was value for money.

For the rest of his life he will answer questions about his length-of-the-pitch run and goal at Ibrox early this season.  For all the medals he collected in his three years at Celtic, that goal is a special memory.

At 32 he is young and good enough to perform at a level above most of our Premiership rivals, he will have no problem getting fixed up.

Best of luck, Jonny.

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  1. Good morning from a sunny North Staffordshire on this Pentecost Sunday.



    Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.


    Send forth your Spirit, and they shall be created.


    And You shall renew the face of the earth.


    Let us pray.


    O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  2. Good morning friends.



    Just watched the again personal tributes to dear Helen.



    Very emotional.



    Sometimes this place is so special.



    Thanks again to everyone involved.



    Rest in peace Helen and god bless Chris and all the family.




  3. BJMAC



    Good to see you and good to see you posting!



    I hope you are well!

  4. I just wanted to come on and say the hugest of thank yous to everyone involved in putting together the tribute Mass for Helen last night!



    Yesterday was the worst day I’ve had for some reason and the sense of loss, longing, emptiness and just desperately missing Helen was all consuming. However, joining with Helen’s immediate family to watch the service, although incredibly emotional, was absolutely beautiful.



    Helen’s parents and I only knew about the Mass and a few pictures so you can imagine our response when her brother appeared on screen to do the first reading when he was actually sitting beside me!!! Oh and the Peter Lawwell appears to do the second from an empty Parkhead! How am I supposed to go into meetings and argue with him after that?! Helen really was a Minx!



    So, thank you sincerely for everyone who watched, contributed or spared a moment’s thought.



    Frank and Norrie, you really are the finest of men, Celtic men, with the greenest and greatest of hearts. Thank you ma pals.

  5. Cant understand why some posters think we only need FF and a couple more . We are going for ten here . We were very unstable in both full back area’s, granted due to elhamed being out so long , I think this will ire some folk but our central defence was also suspect ,I am not a huge fan of ajar in central defence , just my opinion though . I also think we could do with a no nonsense enforcer to help our captain , he is being attacked by no users who wouldn’t have went anywhere near him before, Cant think of playing them without our captain , we have enough who dont relish playing them in the team at the moment , get some steel in the team lenny .

  6. Good morning CQN from another scorching day in the Garngad



    Wow – how emotional was that video.



    HT, I never had the pleasure of meeting you or your good lady but by the amount of good wishes, respect and love shown here and in that vid she seems like an angel. Sent by our Lord to touch so many hearts whilst walking amongst us. God Bless






    D. :)

  7. Hamilton Tim


    Your quality as a top human being is shining through more than ever. Keep on keeping on.




  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I’ve been a critic of the Club and the board for various things,when I thought it was justified, but their actions since Helen passed, have been wonderful, and shows they still have a human touch.I hope I’ve not stepped on anyone’s toes posting this.

  9. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    HAMILTONTIM on 31ST MAY 2020 10:07 AM



    I was deeply moved despite never knowing you or Helen. Words cannot truly express my sympathy for your grief but I have a huge admiration for your spirit at this time. Stay strong as I am sure you will.


    This wee song is my sole tribute to you both:







  10. ST TAMS on 30TH MAY 2020 7:47 PM





    Why do you say that about Hickey.



    I thought he was outstanding in SCF last season, aged 16





    Hope you don’t mind me putting in my tuppenceworth even though your comment was addressed to Ron 67.



    I tend to agree with Ron. I think Hickey got a lot of publicity because he was the youngest ever player to play in a Scottish Cup Final and there was nothing else remarkable about the Hearts team so he gave the press something to write about.



    If you remember Karamoko’s appearance against Hearts at Celtic Park, he skinned young Hickey. Hickey then suffered from cramp for the rest of the game. In the Cup Final he performed well but again suffered from cramp and had to do stretching exercises in front of the main stand. Last season he played in a game against Rangers and was absolutely atrocious. He was directly responsible for at least one and possibly two goals. The first one was caused when he found himself on the touch line, yards from the corner flag to the right of Hearts penalty area. There was nothing on for him so he could have put the ball out of play by booting as far up the pitch as possible. Instead, with his own penalty area hoaching with Huns, he opted to pass the ball to a team mate standing on his byeline. It was a poor pass and the team mate was dispossessed and Hearts found themselves a goal down. He also left an opponent unmarked at a corner kick and Hearts lost another goal.



    He has not made an early impression on me the way that KT did. I think he has fitness issues and is overhyped and overrated but if he signs for us I’ll get right behind him. As I say just my own tuppenceworth and observations.

  11. Stunning service and tributes for Helen.


    Thanks to all of you who helped out it together. And to paraphrase the final slide, thanks most of all to Helen for bringing us all together.



    HH jg

  12. I hate to see Celtic players leave – most of the time.



    If it was up to me, we’d have a squad of 637 or so.



    Jonny was always a squad player but I felt there was a player in Jozo – sadly, I can’t see him still playing by the time he’s 30 – when most CBs are at their peak.



    I think this is Celtic cutting down on outgoings which is prudent as we won’t have fans back in for a long time.

  13. James Forrest (Celtic Blog) writing about possible punishments for Hearts should Budge continue down that path.


    Whatever happened to the punishment which should have been applied to Sevco FC for their attempted coup?



    Oh, I almost forgot, that’s Sevco, the great untouchables.

  14. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    I haven’t posted for quite a while and, when I did, it was fitful. I am posting now because I could not let the tributes to Helen and to HT go by without comment. The character of those two people and the sensitivity of CQN posters show that this is a special site and that the team we support and the supporters themselves are like no other. The Holy Spirit kindles that fire.

  15. TOSB



    I fall somewhere in between your opinion and St. Tam’s.



    There was no exceptional performance by Hickey – he was merely young and no worse than most others around him, and I include the Celtic team, in playing what was a very dull day. His performance was praised as much to criticise James Forrest as to praise Hickey.



    I have also seen him exposed defensively and positionally by a Hearts defence which was inexplicably bad last season.



    However, he is young and he has learned a lot. He moves well on the pitch- reminds me a bit of Baxter I have to say and he manipulates the ball well. I worry that he is more long-legged than pacy and, as a wing back for Celtic, he will suffer as Greg Taylor has, to be an effective additional attacker.



    I haven’t seen enough of Luca Connell to see which player is the better bet for Celtic, and though it’s always hard to read the rankings for next season, it looks like Greg Taylor has the shirt till someone replaces him. The more effective attacker, Bolingoli, may have fallen out of favour and be for the off, and we have no-one who has proven themselves in the reserves yet.



    So, it’s either Hickey to compete with Connell for back-up LB or we buy someone out of the blue.



    I can’t help wondering if there is a ball playing midfielder in Hickey, rather than a defender.

  16. Norrie M



    I’ve just watched the Mass for Helen on You Tube and It moved me to tears. What a wonderful tribute to a lady who was obviously loved by the many people who knew her and who did so many good works during her life. The tributes by so many at the end were beautiful, heartfelt and well considered.



    RIP Helen

  17. The Off the Pitch report detailing Clubs dependency on match day income makes for sober reading.



    We’re ranked 2nd in Europe in terms of dependency on match day income. 45% of turnover generated directly by Celtic Park match days. It’s clear our board have some very choppy waters to negotiate in the months ahead.



    The number one spot for dependency on match day income goes to Sevco – 67% of their turnover comes from Ibrox match days. I’ll be amazed if they see out Christmas without an insolvency event.

  18. If the number of people out and about is a barometer for Coronavirus figures, then expect a very big rise in those figures very soon.



    The game you refer to when Karamoko came on. I’m sure that Hickey was injured and played on , as they had used all subs.


    He played JF very well in cup final.


    Personally I haven’t seen enough of him to make a judgement on him, but he is only 17

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If Biden can harness the anger of Americans, and channel it properly, we could be rid of this gangster Trump,but is he a strong enough personality?

  21. Its being “Reported” that many SPFL Clubs will not be able to afford the Testing Equipment for each match, if the games dont have fans and are played behind closed doors.


    The cost appears to be ranging between “£3,500 to £5,000” ?


    I am unsure if its the “Home Club who must foot the bill for themselves and the opposition ?



    Its also being “reported” that only TWO Clubs in the SPFL have so far bought a “Testing Machine”, which apparently cost around £35,000 each ?


    Ross County have purchased one…while Celtic have apparently purchased TWO Machines ?



    On a “Money Issue”…IF Sevco are one of those clubs who say they cant afford the cost of tests for match days and/or One Testing Machine….will they be made to explain where the so called £4 Million for Hagi came from ….While Pleading Poverty ?


    This is now my 74th Day of self isolation and 74 days without alcohol….I may fall apart very soon !







  22. ST TAMS on 31ST MAY 2020 1:46 PM





    The game you refer to when Karamoko came on. I’m sure that Hickey was injured and played on , as they had used all subs.



    He played JF very well in cup final.



    Personally I haven’t seen enough of him to make a judgement on him, but he is only 17




    If we sign him I hope I’m proved wrong. I just don’t fancy what I’ve seen of him. He is only young and still has plenty of time to learn and develop. I wouldn’t consider paying anything like the £3m that Hearts were supposedly looking for him last season.

  23. !!bada bing!!



    Nixon got elected in 1968, re-elected in 1972 losing only one state, Massachusettes voted for McGovern.


    Riots, protests, the failure of civil rights, Bobby assassinated, Martin too, and growing opposition to the Vietnam war, but it was the democrats who lost out.

  24. Bada



    The restrictions placed upon voter registration under trump have increased apace. Thus making it still more difficult to get the oppressed involved in any future elections.



    And America has always had a deep tide of nationalism coursing through its veins in my experience. Trump has tapped into that and accentuated it. Much like what’s happened in Brexit Britain.



    Sadly, the AmeriKKKan huns – of whom there are so many – are well-armed, ill-educated and emboldened as never before.



    It looks like Larkhall turned into a nation state. Which kinda fits, given that most rednecks have Scottish Presbyterian blood coursing through their veins.



    HH jg

  25. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’m a bit disappointed there’s no contract news for Stephen Welsh today, looks to me he’s out the door tomorrow. Pity.



    Not a giant at a flat six feet tall but should we miss out on Fraser and sell Kris Ajer on top of bumping Jozo, His removal will add another reason for Jullien’s nickname next season to be Gulliver.

  26. It’s great when different ideas merge and come together to form a great idea!



    As some of you may know, in the Calton we have been recording the Requiem Masses for those who have died in the Parishes of St Mary’s and St Alphonsus during the pandemic. This has enabled family and friends who have been unable to publicly gather and celebrate the life of those loved ones who have died. There have been around 20, all but 2 of them due to COVID-19. The feedback has been tremendous and has clearly helped people grieve and remember loved ones in such tragic circumstances. However, they were not permanent memorials and not the same as being able to visit a Church and pray for those who have died and we wanted to do something to remedy that.



    We were also aware of the esteem in which Helen Dunese-Stewart was held in our parishes for the work she did with An Gorta Mor and Call it Out as well as being someone who was known and loved within the Celtic Family and CQN and were discussing how we could remember her and the idea of a Month’s Mind Mass was developed.



    It was also suggested a while back that we should use a large statue we have of Our Lady and put it on display, possibly creating a grotto in or around the Church.



    Alongside these 3 embryonic ideas we were discussing the An Gorta Mor project and how it would change the garden outside the Church and would require us to do something at the other side of the frontage. It was then that the idea of a permanent memorial for all who had died during this pandemic without their family and friends marking it publicly and it was logical to tie it in with our Patron, St Mary, our Blessed Mother. It was also a way to remember Helen. So we decided to build Our Lady’s Prayer Garden outside St Mary’s Church – a quite place to sit in prayer and reflect.



    I spoke to Chris earlier in the week and passed the idea by him to see if it was OK to use the Month’s Mind mass for Helen as a starting point. As you would expect, he was delighted to be asked and fully supports the idea so we quickly put this together and had one of our parishioners and his wife draw up some artists impressions; we spoke to a stonemason and a gardener we know to get some idea of the costs. As both are regular visitors to St Mary’s they were able to give us some ball-park figures and at a basic level we will need £12,000 to put this together. We have some other funding avenues we will explore but we also set up a JustGiving crowdfunding page to help us along the way.



    If you want to contribute, you can do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/stmarys-prayer-garden



    Please pass this on to family and friends if you have a mind to; every little donation will help and we have raised £620 in less than 24 hours.




  27. ST TAMS on 30TH MAY 2020 7:47 PM





    Why do you say that about Hickey.



    I thought he was outstanding in SCF last season, aged 16



    I agree with originalsadies bhoy report on hickey , he will find his own level and that is the championship with jam tarts , worse left back than boli boli

  28. Letting Johnny and jozo go makes sense.


    If we replace them with better players.

  29. IniquitousIV on

    Having 10 positive Covid results from 8 English Championship sides, and 7 from the 4 EFL League Two teams in the playoff positions, yet none from 22 Premier League teams should raise a few eyebrows.

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