Headcount and the left back slot


Headcount is still a thing in football.  When fit last season, Greg Taylor, was first choice left back.  During his several injured periods, Josip Juranovic moved across from the right to cover.  In the early weeks of Ange Postecoglou’s tenure, before the arrival of Josip, Adam Montgomery (then 18) was used.  You knew when illness was really affecting Celtic on the three occasions Boli Bolingoli made the squad.

Bolingoli will remain the choice only when there is absolutely no alternative, although he will hopefully depart this window.  Until this morning, that left Celtic with Greg and Adam.  The latter has now joined St Johnstone on loan.

If we follow the headcount rule, we can be confident that Argentinian left back, Alexandro Bernabei (21) came through his medical without issue and will be confirmed shortly.  I cannot see Adam Montgomery being allowed to leave otherwise.

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  1. Yeti @ 8.15



    The reason for the 18K crowds for the TFOD1.0 was JG as manager.


    He had nowhere near the managerial abilities of JW and soon had the team on the slide.


    Nothing to do with the club’s finances.

  2. MADMITCH on 28TH JUNE 2022 8:05 PM



    Yiu keep banging on about Fergus but circumstances were very different then. The new stadium was paid fir by share issues, he bought the shares so did I and I’m assuming you.



    You still wont say how much you think this’ll cost, how the money will be raised and how it’ll be paid back. The ground was built with money raised from issuing equity in the club, we don’t have that option this time round.



    “So if not now then when or do you think that it will last forever?”



    If not now when is among the worst reasons you could find for spending £100m and putting us in huge amounts of debt.



    I’d say the when should be possibly after we’re out of recession that’s coming and past the two major shocks the economy has suffered recently, and a bit more sure of the economic outlook after a referendum, but you don’t want to listen to reason.

  3. Yeti @ Wiki Central



    The seating in the TFOD1.0 main stand always had its larger than fair share of restricted view seats.


    The original roof was supported by columns at the front of the original seating deck.



    They were removed when the new roof beam was installed as the roof was self supporting — post and beam style.



    The supports for the club deck were placed further back and as you say generated new sighting issues for different seats.

  4. !!BADA BING!! on 28TH JUNE 2022 8:43 PM


    KDS saying Mikey Johnston to Norwich, £1.5 million?🙃



    is he not going to neils cypriot team ?



    now that he missed out on mcgeady.

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    At some point we’ll need to update the main stand, when who knows.



    Tbh I’d drive MJ to Norwich myself but it’s a long boring drive. Good luck to him if it’s true, bags of talent but it’s all about him

  6. Big Wavy,



    No idea where you get these “Vacancies” from in your first team pool.We don’t have a vacancy at CH.Jullien .


    We don’t have any vacancies in midfield.We have,Calmac,O Riley,Hatate,Turnbull,Ideguchi,,Mc Carthy.


    Considering Ange plays 3 in the middle,and looking for a holding midfielder,allegedly,where is the vacancy.


    Up front we have,Abaca,Forrest,Kyogo,Gio,Maeda,Jota,3 from 6,where is the vacancy.?

  7. I missed this while away, imagine your granda who your named after giving you an awrd, i am all quivering lipped







    Panos Kostopoulos






    Jun 22


    Celtic striker Giorgos Giakoumakis was awarded by his village’s cultural association for his sports career so far.



    The award was handed to him by his proud grandpa, Giorgos Giakoumakis, and this probably the cutest video you’ll see today.




  8. C40 @ 8.38



    I have put out a few ideas for how we would finance a new main stand quite a few times in the recent past — but here goes again..



    Bond finance — 20 year horizon — would supply the majority with a smaller amount coming from club funds.



    I would expect stadium revenue to increase by £10mill / possibly closer to £15mill once all the new seats and facilities were in operation so we should be able to generate a substantial surplus to invest in the team / build up a fighting fund / plan new developments.



    Current stadium revenue = £30mill or pretty close.


    Projected stadium revenue = £50mill or above by 2030.



    Rough cut numbers:



    Bonds = £80 / £100mill.


    Club funds = £20 / £25mill.


    A.N Other sources = TBC.



    Bonds would be a mix paying 3% base / 4% if we won the SPL / 5% if we did well in Europe.



    Repayments would be made by using 50% of any transfer profits we could generate assigned to the New Main Stand “fighting” fund.



    Plus naming rights / sponsorship / barrellage / front loaded season tickets.


    Government investment support would be good.

  9. Johnson for a fee is a result. Massive skill but fragile and no tactical sense



    Tactical sense is a major benefit we have in Forrest and Jota. Abada is learning

  10. main stand fighting fund funded by transfer surplus,



    mcgrory of arsenal just doesnt sound the same,



    hyper inflation , just ignore that as well,

  11. front loaded season books, sounds all a bit DM.CW/CG,



    whatever happened to them

  12. MADMITCH on 28TH JUNE 2022 8:58 PM



    You’re expecting an uptake of £80m of a 20 year bond in a Scottish football club with a 3% coupon? Do you know what rates Italian clubs are issuing 5 year bonds at these days?



    When you say club funds – what does that mean? £25m is a substantial amount of money to find, where will It, specifically come from?



    What are A N Other sources?



    How do you get to an extra 15m in revenue when you won’t put up the prices of the seats in the new stand? You’re not talking about attracting any more fans than we have now to make use of the improved facilities, you’re expecting people who already go to the game to spend 15m quid a year extra?



    I don’t understand the distinction between paying the coupon out of operating revenue or profit from player sales, it’s all the same money, dressing it up as a fighting fund doesn’t make any difference to it coming out of Ange’s wage and transfer budget.



    What are front-loaded season tickets? What does that mean



    Government investment support would be magic. A little unlikely you’d think though.

  13. BillyBhoy1967 on

    I disagree that there’s no demand for a new Main Stand. I bet every one of us on here knows 5-10 Celtic fans who don’t attend. Many would attend the odd game which at present you can’t do due to the necessity of owning a ST. I reckon with the ability to wake up on a Saturday and decide to see Celtic it would put thousands on the gate each week. This would have a positive knock on effect in the superstore and the catering stalls. Not so good news on your odds of winning the Paradise Windfall mind you!



    I’m no expert on all the financials but I reckon the club could rake in a few million with a share issue. There’s far more ST holders that don’t currently have shares than do. Me for one. I’d have given Fergus £100 for one share back in 94. I simply couldn’t afford giving him £620 for 10. I’ll never really forgive him for that stunt.



    I’m pretty sure the stand would pay for itself in time. I think the only drawback is how to migrate from the old to the new with the current ST base. The Main Stand holds circa 8000 so it would be a struggle to rehouse them while the stand was demolished and rebuilt.

  14. Go tell the Spartim on

    Deborah James rest in peace



    A very sad example of the inequity of life at times but a shining example of the absolute kindness and strength and goodness some people on this earth possess.

  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    He’s since deleted the tweet


    I’m not fussed either way as he seems to have been in a sulk for a while, that may or may not be true. I can only presume we have a replacement lined up, that may or may not be true either

  16. BB1967 the ability to wake up on a Saturday morning and decide that you were going to the game would take thousands off the ST purchase

  17. St Tams…



    If we replace him with Itakura then we’ll allow ourselves a big chance to move on….



    Here’s hoping




  18. MJ leaving — big disappointment / fail on our part.


    Hugely talented player with huge potential who never parked into proper life for us.



    NL played a huge part in this failure.


    Thank heavens it wasn’t a 20 yr old JJ that he was swearing at.



    Hope he does well wherever he goes and I hope we have a sell on clause.

  19. StT @ 10.07



    CJ is a goner and has been for the past 18 months.


    Just a case that his head has moved quicker than his player registration.

  20. Drambowiecelt on

    Catchin Up…Re. the Macca gig. I understand guys picking holes in his vocal performance..


    In your mind you want to hear the sound that’s logged in yer brainbox.The jukebox of your youth…


    It prob still sounds the same to Macca in his heid…I liked his set, and took it for what it was worth.


    A couple of Sat nights ago i played the Waterside pub in Sunny Largs…My first gig in 5 years …


    I’m 70 this coming new years eve, The singer 72 .guitarists 60 plus etc etc…We rattled thru 34 numbers..


    Plus a 3 song queen medley..Feckin hard goin by the way !!! But the reaction to the classic rock numbers from the patrons made it all worth while .When i go see a band i don’t want to hear the perfect CD version


    i just want to rock…..So to all oldie goldies..Be it Karaoke.Jammin or.singalong wae the Bhoys.??keep it up


    yer a long time silent when yer gone……

  21. C40 @ 9.44



    New Main Stand is an expanded Main Stand.


    We are turning business away at the moment.



    Retail bond offer — what is the going rate today?


    My thoughts are that a retail offer at 3% plus potential bonuses would fly.


    If not we try 4% and then 5%.



    Mix of 10 / 15 / 20 year bonds.


    Nice certificate that you can frame.


    AP signs it if you pony up £10K?


    PL signs it and hands it over personally if you don’t.


    Padded seat with your name on it if you can stretch to £50K / £100K?


    Lots of ways to skin that particular cat.


    Pension possibilities?



    Club funds = currently reserves or short term debt if need be.


    Interesting to see where we are with the balance sheet / cash position in the 2021/22 accounts.


    We have been hoarding cash in the recent past — now wouldn’t it be better if we actually tried to use it positively rather than make us more attractive to a potential buyer?



    Coupon on Italian debt — not really a fair comparison.



    Extra revenue = Sweat the asset to the max.


    Tourist income from a proper museum and a club tour / rooftop viewing platform.


    Non matchday hires — weddings / hospitality / conferences.


    Make it an architectural statement and Bollywood will come knocking.



    Matchday income — better range of season ticket and hospitality offerings.


    7K extra season tickets + more hospitality opportunities is £7mill in revenue itself


    Then you have tourist seats / bigger range of hospitality / better retail offering.


    More lounges / more sit down meals — increase the general matchday spend.


    Attic seats for CL games / high days and holidays / TFOD2.1 games = 6 or 8 games per season.



    £50mill stadium revenue by 2030 is an achievable target.


    We have a poor stadium offering and the EPL are moving ahead of us at pace.



    The tourist angle at L/pool is something we should aim for.


    We should allow ourselves to be second class to the EPL regarding stadium matters.



    The coupon would be paid out of the extra revenue.


    The bonds will need to be redeemed or rolled over.



    Bond repayment = Hypothecation / transfer profits = focus.



    Using 50% of any transfer surplus / profit would be used to build up a fighting fund to repay the bondholders as the bonds mature. It would provide a focus on the need to work the squad and make sure that a 2005 stagnation does not happen again.



    Another avenue would be a share of the CL / EuL TV money.



    The better run the club is — the more appetite there will be for club bonds.



    A.N. Other sources — clubs everywhere are becoming more resourceful in their attempts to raise funds. We need to learn from their efforts and join them. Sponsorship / naming rights / advertising / Donations / product tie ins.



    SG @ Holyrood offer investment incentives for economic regeneration / job creation.


    We need to convince them that we are regenerating the East End economy.


    Shake the tree and see what falls down.



    Front loaded season tickets = Pay a sum up front and get a discount over a number of years.


    Variation on the debenture angle — which is something we should look at no matter the catastrophe that befell the TFOD1.0 faithful.

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