Hearts first of 5 big games left


Fixtures between now and the end of the season fall into two categories: games between Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts, and the rest. Aberdeen and Celtic each have to play Hearts home and away, while the only remaining fixture between the top two will take place at Celtic Park.

Despite the last minute turn-around and Aberdeen’s collapse two weeks ago, we are still very much in a title race which a reversal tomorrow would illustrate. Aberdeen don’t play until Sunday, so, as with two weeks ago, they will have to sit on wait on Celtic’s result. Derek McInnes will have marked this game out weeks ago as one he needs Celtic to drop points in.

Celtic have a settled look about the side. The goalkeeper and defenders have settled into good form, while a fully fit Brown and Bitton anchor the midfield. With Leigh Griffiths up front it’s the three places behind the striker Ronny Deila has to make decisions for.

Kris Commons enjoys playing against Hearts and has not been exerted by international football, he should play. Unlike Tom Rogic, who will surely sit out after his trip to Australia. Your guess is as good as mine as to who will play on the flanks.

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    I should be in Crown Creighton on Duke St pre-match if you fancy a beer. Then off to catch my train,I hope!





    Very good,bud. You could also have the hunnish version-Death n Denial.

  3. Geordie Munro on

    A wee while back you wouldn’t imagine starting without KC.



    Now, I struggle to justify him starting.



    Mcgregor, Joe and (Gms or Roberts) are the 3 for me.



    Kriswillplaywellandscorenow csc

  4. Jeepers Paul, You should be ashamed of talking about Football. NegAnon will be enraged, Football is the new Squirrel don’t ye know.


    Can’t wait, 3 big games this week, 3 wins & nine points is the target, but as they say it’s just one game at a time so roll on tomorrow, I’m buzzing already.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “while the only remaining fixture between the top two will take place at Celtic Park.”




    Not sure I’d place too much money on that, Paul.


    Remember Rangers avoiding a second away game against Hearts in 08-09?

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Due to living up the East coast, I do enjoy these games against Hertz. So making a weekend of it hotel booked and into Glesga for a victory bevy post match :O)

  7. foghorn leghorn on




    why are you taking the p*ss out of me?



    what have i done to deserve it?



    im just a lurker and dont think i should be subjected to your taunts



    what am i talking about?



    well, those stupid adverts of course – especially the one that slides up from the bottom, then when i go to click the X to close it, it slides down and then slides up again causing me to click on the ad – which is what you want of course. but i also have to expand my browser just to get the the X in the first place – i dont want it to be full screen at work



    no doubt you will tell me just to switch off javascript – but surely the real answer is for you to tell your advertisers not to put adverts on the site that humiliate the user.



    it is your site after all



    unless you take great pleasure in our pain of course



    rant over

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    “The legendary John Greig had a Rangers EBT worth £40,000. You may remember that Greig brought the European Cup Winners Cup home from what was left of Barcelona in 1972.”



    Naughty , but somehow funny.


    Question. Why is John Greig depicted wearing a Mexican sombrero ?


    Something to do with Barcelona ?

  9. Geordie Munro –



    I agree with your 3. And hopefully the “fully fit Brown and Bitton” will perform a little bit better than they have of late. Can’t wait.



    ps the snow’s cleared ;-)

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Geordie Munro


    Agree with that three. Is GMS fit again? If not Roberts for me.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    That`s more like it.


    The fitba`s back and the trivia ba` is up on the slates.



  12. 4-3-3. Keeper and back four pick themselves.


    McGregor and Johansen either side of Brown in the middle.


    GMS and Commons either side of Griffiths up front.

  13. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Up in Glasgow for the weekend, going to the Benny Lynch exhibition in Gorbals library this afternoon. I’m told it’s in Crown Street now rather than South Portland Street?



    If so, might sneak a pint in the Blarney Stone afterwards.



    Oh and HT – I’ve got tickets OK for tomorrow. I’ll try to make it to CQN corner.

  14. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    Looking forward to tomorrow”s game – now our most important of the season.



    Would certainly include Commons, playing off Griffiths – be intersting to see if he goes with a back three – Boyata/Mulgrew/Svaitchenko – Brown/Bitton/McGregor – that would be my line-up – plenty in hand on the bench.



    Hearts are quick through the middle – so we must look to hold them in midfield – hope we get the first goal in the first half – cannot afford to go ‘gung ho’ – this really is a game where the result is more important than the performance, although it would be nice to put one in HH

  15. Afternoon bhoys n ghirls



    I am doing four runs this year for Solving Kids Cancer and in memory of my wee pal Oscar Knox, ,y 1st run is now two weeks away and 8 weeks till my 1st EVER marathon (GULP)



    Great Edinburgh Run (10 miles) – 17th April


    Edinburgh Marathon – 29th May


    Glasgow Men’s 10k – 19th June


    Glasgow Half Marathon – 2nd October



    Hopefully raise a few quid again and also raise more awareness, please feel free to donate :-)












    Good luck,bud!



    I’ll sort my donation shortly,much easier than being wired up in a hospital after trying it myself!




  17. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    The Clumpany



    Really enjoy your blogs. You let them away with nothing. Please keep up the good work.



    Really looking forward to the game tomorrow and watching Celtic at home. Hopefully it will be a cracker with a big crowd. It’s going to be a challenge for me getting up and out of the house in time for the early kick-off following my beer and curry night in town tonight with some mates. Bad planning on my part :-((

  18. Geordie Munro agree with you re Kris Commons, he is now part of our past not our future. I’m sure he is still capable of the odd flash of brilliance but to often posted missing. Thanks for the memories Kris but all the best. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  19. Phyllis Deitrichson



    Hi mate, hope all is well and you enjoy your jaunt bout the Benny Lynch exhhibition and of course our game tomorrow.South portland st-did that no used to have dances in there?


    Anyways, I came across this which might interest you re an old ex celt and evertonian










  20. Corkcelt,


    Hopefully we wont hear a peep from the delightful Neganon today.That will mean,there will be discussions about tomorrows game,you know,guys in Hoops out on a field playing football.Something he seems to know nothing about.Well,I take it he knows nothing about it,because we never hear him comment on it.


    Cant wait for tomorrows game.Hopefully our biggest crowd in a while.


    Lots of love to Neganon today.It is your birthday Right ?

  21. Phyllis Dietrichson,


    Have a look out for my mate,Robert Miller,portrait of Benny.Fantastic.They are raffling it to donate money to a Hospice.

  22. —–




    macjay1 for Neil Lennonon 1st April 2016 8:40 am




    The Resolute Mr Pastry on 1st April 2016 8:29 am








    I just don`t get it.Probably just different generation.


    We have Celtic supporters who are harming Celtic.



    Probably because they have an agenda which is more important to them.



    I don`t.



    Celtic. Top to toe.




    C.E.O. to ballboy.


    Anyway Hertz tomoz.


    That`s what matters.



    Hail Hail







    My Dear,Dear Perspicacious Macjay….






    What with The Resolute Mr Pastry*….



    (Definitely NOT of the ‘FLAKEY VARIETY’)



    And B-I-G J-O-E Hopping aboard despite his SORE BIG TOE….




    We have the makings of a ‘BRAINS TRUST’…..



    On the BLOG today…







    When I’ve BURIED Lyin’ Ted Cruz at the Nominations….



    I’ll have My People look to see if there’s a mechanism….



    To get you three elected onto the BOARD….



    And The TWO IAINS can P*ss Off and open a KEBAB Shop in Larkhall….



    Anyways…Gotta GO..



    And Hop Aboard TrumpJet4….



    To address an Adoring Crowd of 200,000 in Wisconsin….



    Mair than yon Marxist Illuminati Pope got…



    When he came to learn Obummer…



    How to dae the Tango…!






    Diet Huns Ra-Morrow…



    Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!…I Predict a RIOT !



    5-0 ,Nae Bother agin the Folk wi’ the Funny Sauce…



    Friends,Timmites…and Little Sisters of the Poor..



    Dig up those Krugerands..



    And get doon tae PADDY POWER PDQ



    The Planets are ALIGNED…



    Accordin’ tae Wee Darlinda







    Ma Wee Ivanka….



    Ain’t She GORGEOUS…



    A Vision Of Pulchritude…!



    Wid put yon Helen of Troy…



    In the SHADE…!




    Right? Darned Right !




  23. Wakey Wakey time to wake up Res 12 boys.



    From the casual observer.



    AuldHeid, there seems to be a missionary zeal spirit regarding resolution 12. However, the best res 12 can deliver through footballing channels is that the SFA gets a slap on the wrist for incompetently issuing a euro license in 2011. Any guilt of deliberate corruption by the SFA would be more difficult to prove. Although we all believe that.



    Given a Judicial Review of LNS results in the confirmation of new club from 2012 with zero titles and the withdrawal of 15 titles from old RFC in liquidation, why are you not pursuing this approach for delivering sporting integrity in the game?



    Res 12 guys are like a captain on a ship focussing on minor sailing issues whilst the ship sinks. You are distracted from the clear and obvious highest priority, LNS findings.



    £15-20k sorts it all. Four courts have already stated the legal position. Wake up to this.

  24. Popping my head round the door after my Lenten flounce. Have I missed anything?



    Bundoranbhoy, Edinburgh was my first marathon too a few years back. (should be renamed ‘The somewhere near Edinburgh’ marathon). They get you out of town quickly and you finish in Musselburgh! Wee tip… keep an eye on the weather forecast. We had it warm and sunny (seriously!) and once you’re out of town and on to the coast road there is no shade. I wore a bumbag for gels etc and shoved a white baseball cap in there…. was a wise move.



    It will now of course be slashing,freezing and blowing a hoolie on the day.



    All the best with your runs.(Glasgow half is good). Will organise a wee donation.



    Oh, and mon the hoops tomorrow against the minis. ( our closest rivals next season methinks).




  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The Donald on 1st April 2016 1:37 pm



    A compliment.


    Well thank you,sir.


    Thoroughly enjoyed your homily to the sadly departed Maggie .


    We seldom agreed , but I always enjoyed his pawky sense of humour.


    Describing your homily to him as witty is an understatement.


    Deserved a much bigger and more appreciative audience.


    Keep it on back order for reprints.



    HAIL HAIL fellow.


    Well met.



    Three points tomorrow is a must.

  26. hen1rik on 1st April 2016 1:52 pm



    Do we put too much weight on LNS, is that in fact a squirrel. I say this because it’s LNS opinion which only has any weight due to him being a law lord. It’s not as far as I can tell a formal legal opinion, as it’s not being made on a point of law.



    On that basis I’m not sure you could actually get a judicial review.



    A club would probably have to sue the SFA for this to be properly tested in court.

  27. Good afternoon Turkeybhoy and Corkcelt.



    I hope you are both well.



    Regarding tomorrow’s football I see no reason for optimism given recent terrible performances. It seems that our minds tend to forget how awful we were in Kilmarnock.



    But sometimes Celtic do play well (though it is becoming rarer). It also seems that we have forgotten that the reason we are in a title race is because of our disaster so called strategy. We simply shouldn’t be in this position.



    Anyway a question to you both.



    Why is it okay for Celtic to be so active and vocal to prevent any notion of supporter influence on clubs but not at the same time be unwilling to,be active to take forward serious charges of cheating to UEFA?



    And a secondary question if I may. What does that tell you about what the Celtic board think both about supporters and about their priorities?

  28. From a Hearts fan on TSFM.




    Everyone on this site has football experiences, views, stories and opinions. Everyone also wants things to be better in the future too. These are bonds that make us who we are and this forum what it is.


    I’ll share a few experiences with you now.



    I will never forget an impromptu and inspirational 60 minute Q. and A. masterclass by Davie MacParland to a group of relative youngsters at Hampden in 1975 after Scottish Unis had played a friendly with his team.



    It was “over the moon Brian” time for me on finding a £5 note in my shoe. This was after I played my first game (unexpectedly) as an S form in the Highland League when my club’s Aberdeen-based players had been held up by a road incident.



    So happy and corrupted was I that I never questioned the widespread practice of giving money to amateur players thereafter so I’m part of the problem.



    I also sat next to a young Jim Leyton who came to Butchart to watch himself on a match video after he had let in two goals when we dumped Deveronvale (where he was on loan) out of the Aberdeenshire Cup. It was the very early days of video and Jim had never seen himself on a tv before.



    Every person in the SFM community will have equally diverse and interesting experiences and I’m going to share one more with you now in a little more detail.



    In the mid 90s I was given an amazing insight into how Scottish football really worked. In many ways it hasn’t changed much since.



    Back then I was part of a small group brought in to help find funding for the upgrade of Tynecastle with the urgent need to construct three new stands. At the time it was a massive requirement for a very financially challenged organisation and at a push there were potentially just about enough pots of monies available from several sources to trigger the investment from the Football Trust and squeak over the line.



    The most critical pot was mobilising the fans.



    My role was to find a way of getting them to come aboard working with some fine lifetime Hearts fans like the late Alex Kitson so it would all look like a Hearts Community rather than a Mercer initiative.



    The then, colourful Hearts majority owner was under constant pressure on other fronts at the time.



    The team was not really performing with relatively new manager Jim Jeffries trying to get best out of predecessor Tommy Mclean’s mixed bag of old pros and kids. Making things worse was a growing, highly critical and very vocal consortium of local business people trying to get Mercer out (and themselves in).



    I guess you could say in today’s parlance that they were RHM and civil war was very much happening down Gorgie way.



    Anyway I can’t now recall all the detail and apologies if my memories have fused a little but a key AGM type meeting for Hearts shareholders at Ingliston was coming up and there was an agenda that looked like it might hurt “The Chairman” as Wallace liked to be called.



    Never any flies on him though, he had seen the danger signs and was ready in his own way.



    He turned up with his trusted few and simply yet quite brilliantly hijacked the negative agenda and ignored the real issues. He didn’t have a solution for them and couldn’t implement the changes that were in reality needed but quite simply he kicked all the trouble into the long grass.



    He did this because he fundamentally understood that most shareholders in the room were just ordinary football fans and wanted nothing more than to be able to talk about football the game, Hearts their club, who they were due to play next and who would be playing.



    It was that simple.



    Mercer’s message to all that night was “Yes things have been tough but our best possible future is with me”.



    He rammed this home by confidently telling the assembled body that Hearts were on the up because we had a new manager who needed time and then blew everyone away by announcing he just signed three amazing new players for them, Giles Rousset, Bruno Pasquale and Hans Eskilsson. After the applause and mayhem died down he had won.



    Bruno and Rousset were newsworthy in any Scottish football context one being a French International and the other an ex Juventus tough guy with a EUFA and a couple of Coppa Italia winners medals.



    Oh and Eskilsson had amazing hair.



    Mercer’s simple bit of insight, showmanship, brinksmanship, call it what you like, led to the survival of his regime.



    In a parallel maybe to what the SFA did after their meeting with Craig at the Hotel Du Vin in Glasgow, Mercer had enough time to be ready for the trouble he knew was coming and used his power to ignore the real issues and the detail and move on with a big gamble.



    Looking back Wallace got a lot right .



    He understood what the majority of ordinary football fans wanted. He’d also learnt that good press was needed and came from feeding the football writers enough tasty exclusives so they’d look after him in a symbiotic relationship, the kind of relationship that remains much the same today.



    Even back then in the days when there were less full-colour pages pre-allocated to certain teams to fill and more able journalists to fill them, the sports pages were about game reports and gossip rather than insight.



    The packs of hacks all craved being handed tasty semi-exclusive stories.



    It was and ever is thus and in those days the Daily Record was a wee gem with circulation nearer 700K than the 200K-ish today and amazingly all its costs were covered by it’s advertising revenue alone. The proud boast of Endell Laird was the purchase price was pure profit.



    With hindsight Wallace may only have postponed the inevitable campaign by the RHM rebels that night at Ingliston. History tells us that the Robinson/Deans rebellion eventually forced their chance. They did have to dig much deeper financially than they ever wanted when their time eventually came, and soon fell out too, but that’s another story.



    Wallace’s long grass was just never going to be deep enough to hide the issues he wanted to ignore but to his credit on his watch the stadium was upgraded and the first Scottish Cup since 1956 was paraded to the fans.



    Mr. Mercer was an operator who like others before and since could see personal and business value in owning a club.



    He cultivated friendly football writers.



    He learned that the SFA could be difficult to deal with but much less so when you placed people on their various management boards. That was key to the inner power sanctums and brought you at best influence and at worst early warnings.



    He may have been autocratic but knew you needed powerful friends at other clubs too and was always close with David Murray in particular.



    So what has this little piece of retrospection and a handful of Finloch football stories got to do with a blog on SFM?



    Last week I met Big Pink for the first time over a few coffees.



    It was like meeting an old friend in the pub because of all the stuff we’ve lived through and shared over the last 5 or so years.



    We talked about stuff and traded stories and opinions on life, football and about SFM what it does and what we are.



    We got on to the subject of it’s future and with my business background he asked me to consider a piece for the blog about where the SFM, our fledgling business might go from here.



    I maybe agreed too hastily because I have found it challenging to gather and spell out my thoughts.



    So this is very much a starting couple of steps to bring in the SFM minds and set up future discussions following this blog and when we meet in Perth in April.



    My starting point was to first consider what we are today.



    It’s a personal view but to me SFM is a valued medium I come to most days. It’s for when I want to find out or to discuss what is happening.



    It is populated with a bunch of people with different backgrounds, skills and insights, is always polite and often very funny.



    I’d actually like to see more headline blogs because I enjoy them but our biggest value will always be analysis discussion and good humour.



    SFM is fundamentally different to the MSM back pages that still offer us all a mono diet of whatever day-to-day gossip they have been spoon-fed by the Level 9’s of this world or made up and maybe embellished with a random phone call for a quote.



    Yes their world is declining and will inevitably see fundamental restructure and change but that change has in reality nothing to do with how they cover and will continue to cover Scottish football.



    I’d even posit (to use a wee word I’ve learned from the excellent JJ site I visit sometimes) that the red tops currently see their style of football coverage as a way of slowing their inevitable declines because it delivers the difficult to reach male audience their advertisers crave access to.



    As a spectator I’d say the MSM in Scotland mostly seem to suffer from a polarised demographic focus/ bias too but that can never excuse their revisionism or the Spiers and Haggerty episodes we’ve just witnessed.



    There is one benefit though. One you maybe hadn’t thought about from all the dreadful MSM football reportage.



    The stuff they collectively generate enables all of us to have daily conversations with friends and strangers without actually saying anything about anything.



    It gives us our daily top-up for the international language of football minutiae we all converse in every day.



    I’ve been able to speak it fluently since I was in my teens. You know the kind of thing – the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the comings and goings and the toings and froings.



    The good news, the bad news the made-up news – its all part of being involved with a team or indeed just being a football fan and it’s all conversation for the males of our species.



    There are plenty of places I can and do get access to that kind of stuff but SFM isn’t and never has been a source.



    I quickly found out that most of my pals don’t want to talk about side letters in the pub on a Friday, or the need for asterisked titles because they are more interested in tomorrow’s match and who will be out of contract at the end of the season.



    Without being disrespectful in any way I think they are cut from the same wood as the majority of Mr. Mercer’s Hearts shareholders and if I’m honest part of me is too.



    That has given our administrators and clubs too easy a ride.



    Beyond the gossip it is fair to say in the last 40 or 50 years football has changed beyond all recognition.



    It has become a source of power and money and as we know proverbially and in real life power can corrupt and money can be the root of all-evil.



    The stuff happening at FIFA now can be no surprise to any fair-minded fan and I’d be inclined to think that there have been finagled decisions at the top for longer than the current stewardship of Mr. Blatter.



    Way longer.



    Football-land is a dirty world. A world where all the transparency is for show and real stuff has always been controlled and rewarding for those in the right places.



    Closer to home football in Scotland is no different. Power and money have been the origins of our own North of the Border soap opera saga.



    Its sometimes been very funny, often been entertaining too but is ultimately tragic and a sad indictment on our country.



    Being Scotland nothing is ever as simple as it should be.



    We started from a unique kind of place where for over a century we have had to live with an unhealthy, quasi-tribal, two-club duopolistic domination of all things football including the fans, the trophies, the money, the media attention and the administrators controlling our game.



    The stark reality of 2016 is our biggest club/economy now finds its real ambitions thwarted, potentially forever, by its location in our restrictive league structure. It has nowhere currently to go and annoyingly the biggest league in the world is just over the border and part of the same country in political terms.



    This is a destabilising influence on our game that won’t go away until change allows the next evolution.



    Our second biggest economy as we now know had to cheat a little to keep up, post Fergus, and is now making its way back to the top end but with some truly nuclear baggage that I guess we still really only know the half of. Nothing will be simple in its return to what we’re told everyday is its rightful place. It too is a latent destabilising influence awaiting like a grumbling volcano.



    What depresses me is the fact that the much-vaunted return of our dysfunctional duopoly is not a formula to recreate the European success we all took for granted for so long. Those days will never return.



    The decline of the Scottish giant that was and is Rangers has dominated our thoughts because it encapsulates so much more than what is wrong with our game.



    It is a huge business and establishment fall from grace. A shocking story that has become an elephant in the room to our politicians, our media and many of our fellow fans and is still playing out to deafening silence in some quarters.



    In the manic run up to the decline of David Murray’s club we benefitted from insights from the seminal RTC and were bombarded with mass denials from almost everywhere else.



    We witnessed the £1 sale to Craig Whyte, the subsequent McCoist European failure, the eventual slide into messy liquidation with tax issues etc.



    Our administrators failed us all the way through because they had a different agenda.



    Our MSM didn’t want to know partly because it involved more than regurgitating press releases and partly because it was real news for real reporters and not back pages gossip.



    Their editors failed us there too, big time.



    Now the revisionism and invention of the post-liquidation ephemeral club and company scenarios has been creative to say the least.



    I remember Mr. Traynor’s initial headline and smile how he and others are now wading in a contradictory swamp of their own making. It’s all confusion when it needn’t be.



    I only know the kind of stuff that really happened because of this site and its RTC predecessor.



    Four or five years on and I think these guys (SFA, SPFL) acted like Wallace Mercer did at Ingliston and ran roughshod over process to “win”.



    These well paid admin staff were never off-piste though and our clubs share complicity for their actions to varying degrees.



    If I was Regan’s or Doncaster’s devil’s advocate I could just about comprehend that they acted because they feared for their TV revenues. The prospect of being without half of their duopoly ace card and the blue fans scared them and they were mandated by the clubs to maintain the status quo.



    I don’t mean all the clubs but if we look at the key committee structures we’ll easily see who were in that inner sanctum at the time. They collectively decided to throw their rulebook out the window and there is no grass long enough to bury their collective actions because truth always outs.



    Cast yourself back a few years not long before the St Valentine’s day 2012 news when the push was all for a 10 club league.



    I remember Stewart Milne aggressively trying to sell us all a 10-club league because of the TV revenue it delivered (to the few).



    At that time there seemed to be a collective “TV Gold Fever” prevailing in the cabal of top club chairmen that makes the real decisions and tells our administrators what to do.


    Luckily they failed.



    They nearly failed again too in 2012 with their tawdry 5 way agreement and we all owe a debt of gratitude to the late Turnbull Hutton whose personal integrity, bloody-mindedness and leadership meant a significant change to the premeditated 5 way plan that our top clubs had all signed off.



    Since then we’ve all suffered from Armageddon and long may it stay.



    SFM has been at the forefront of the last five years. A place where fans from all the clubs come together to question, analyse, give insight, balance, consciousness on all aspects of the meandering road that has been this story so far.



    It’s all recorded on our archives somewhere too. We’ve noted and discussed the following and more –



    Two different signatures from the same club on the 5-way agreement


    Two different and concurrent memberships of the SFA


    Players TUPE-ing for free and no lawyers getting rich in trying to get them back


    Pre-season games being cancelled because of registration and insurance issues


    The Brechin game coming too soon for the paperwork


    The entry-round in The Ramsdens Cup for the old club or is it the new club?


    Record crowds, an even more aggressive songbook


    Ian Black getting a surprise call-up and a bit of a game to legitimise The New Rangers with their first cap


    Millions raised from a gullible city and desperate fans but still several last gasp saves needed to avoid new financial stramashes


    A charity that pays for holidays in America


    Quasi-legal stuff with dodgy parameters for questionable enquiries like Nimmo Smith


    Bryson and his logic that Spartans could and should have used to stay in the cup


    A “Hopelessly Conflicted Chairman” re-elected and a new one who has fitted in seamlessly


    Real legal stuff like HMRC appeals, and phrases like side-letters


    Charlotte Fakes and maybe even Fake Charlotte Fakes


    Fit and proper persons running our clubs


    Recorded conversations


    Onerous contracts


    Metaphysical concepts of what football clubs in our courts with big bucks being spent on our behalf by our administrators


    There is and has been a whole lot more and more to come on the schedules too.



    How much of this would I have found on our MSM?



    Very little – so thanks to those who go the extra mile for us including John Clark, EasyJambo and others at the courts, Phil who will never go away, James Doleman and others too including JJ – all playing blinders where the hacks don’t dare.



    Finally fast-forward to today.



    Most Scottish fans probably know a little about the stuff I’ve touched upon and we’ve debated in depth. Not enough though.



    But we have Darryl Broadfoot who is the SFA so we can all sleep rest assured each night.





    Going forward we must address how we communicate as a medium to spread the word.



    Ask yourself – Is what we do more important than knowing Rangers signed Dean Windass’s son from Accrington Stanley on a free because he’s going to play for England one day and stuff like that?



    I’d say it is different although both have a place.



    Our challenge is to create more impact with ours.



    In finishing I have one serious starting proposal to make as a community but first a thank you.



    Thank you to all the blog writers and posters because we have collectively created a site where real stuff can be dissected and discussed politely and in a non-partisan way.



    Well done to the mods in particular and to our community In general





    My simple proposal as our first step forward is to start a Wikipedia style library of the facts and keep it on our site.



    Dates, happenings, people and all the stuff that will not allow any of it to stay buried forever in the long grass. The kind of detail that is in Auldheid’s amazing and resolute Resolution 12.



    Chapter and verse whys and wherefores with dates and names.





    This will achieve three things.



    It will create bedrock for us as a trusted media channel whatever we decide to become.


    It will put stuff factually into the public domain forever.


    It will contradict any highly paid revisionists trying to change what really happened for their own agendas into the future.

  29. NegAnon2 on 1st April 2016 2:23 pm



    We have a 70% win rate. What’s your minimum acceptable win rate for Celtic?

  30. So Casual Observer is another to jump on the bandwagon of slagging the Res 12 boys, amazing how many can only find fault via their keyboards, should have done this, should have done that, etc, etc.


    Hindsight is the foresight of the gobshite, lest they forget.


    While Res 12 was getting off the ground they were doing sfa, so instead of slagging those who at least have tried, why don’t they get off their keyboards and actually do something.

  31. .



    April Fool Friday Avro Quiz..Which of these are April Fools and Which are True..?



    A Flight to Euro Final with Me for the Winner..If France are in the Final and Tony Mowbary can get Coventry Scoring again..;-)



    1. Transparent wood could soon replace glass in some windows. Swedish researchers have engineered the non-shattering material by stripping out the component that makes wood brown and replacing it with acrylic. The wood could let in light while still maintaining privacy for residents.



    2. A fashion designer has released a £185 T-shirt modelled on the courier DHL’s employee uniform. French firm Vetements has a reputation for selling expensive “normcore” hoodies and tracksuits. The garment has been much mocked on social media, but has already been modelled by the DHL Express chief executive, as well as actor Jaden Smith’s model girlfriend Sarah Snyder.



    3. Whoopi Goldberg plans to launch her own line of medical marijuana products to combat period pains. For legal reasons, it will only be sold in California and the range includes sipping chocolate and bath soak. “I don’t want this to be a joke to people. It’s not a joke to women,” she said.



    4. South Wales Police have come up with a novel way of entering buildings – by using a chainsaw. They used the technique in preference to the usual battering ram during a drugs raid in Cardiff.



    5. Skimmed milk can be described as an “imitation milk product”, a Florida judge has ruled – unless vitamins are added – in a long-running dispute. “I refuse to lie to my customers, so I have stopped selling skim milk until I am allowed to tell the truth again,” says one disgruntled seller.



    6. There’s a trend for denim-coloured hair. Denim has long been a fashion staple but now some people are combining blue, purple and grey colour to leave their hair looking vaguely like jeans.



    7. The CIA has been left red-faced after forgetting they had left “explosive training material” on a school bus in Virginia. Detectives had hidden it in the engine compartment as part of a training exercise for explosives-detecting dogs. It was found by a surprised technician from Briar Woods High School during routine maintenance.



    8. Tinie Tempah intends to buy a farm and loves the BBC’s rural and environmental affairs programme Countryfile. Speaking on the Jonathan Ross Show, the 27-year-old rapper also revealed his plans to settle down in the near future. “Three more years of a lot of fun and then probably settle down, have a family, live on a farm, get some animals,” he said.



    9. A bounty is being offered to everybody who kills a rat in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. From Tuesday, residents will be paid 300 rupees (£2) for every rodent apprehended in the worst-affected part of the city. That bonus is reduced to just 25 rupees in the rest of the city.



    10. A politician from Missouri is so fed up with her colleagues saying “physical” when they mean “fiscal” that she’s filed a resolution demanding that they mend their ways. “There are a lot of reasons to be depressed about the Missouri Legislature, and this just kind of piles on,” State Rep Tracy McCreery says.



    Summa of PurpleRainCSC

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