Hearts first of 5 big games left


Fixtures between now and the end of the season fall into two categories: games between Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts, and the rest. Aberdeen and Celtic each have to play Hearts home and away, while the only remaining fixture between the top two will take place at Celtic Park.

Despite the last minute turn-around and Aberdeen’s collapse two weeks ago, we are still very much in a title race which a reversal tomorrow would illustrate. Aberdeen don’t play until Sunday, so, as with two weeks ago, they will have to sit on wait on Celtic’s result. Derek McInnes will have marked this game out weeks ago as one he needs Celtic to drop points in.

Celtic have a settled look about the side. The goalkeeper and defenders have settled into good form, while a fully fit Brown and Bitton anchor the midfield. With Leigh Griffiths up front it’s the three places behind the striker Ronny Deila has to make decisions for.

Kris Commons enjoys playing against Hearts and has not been exerted by international football, he should play. Unlike Tom Rogic, who will surely sit out after his trip to Australia. Your guess is as good as mine as to who will play on the flanks.

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  1. Thank the heavens above the talk can get back to football.



    The last couple of weeks were, shall we say, bereft of light conversation.



    Let’s hump the hertz and take another step closer to five in a row.



    I hope sore legs are being rested and refreshed.

  2. Henri 1.52



    I’ve responded on Twitter to leave Res12 aside for a break but suffice to say the Res12ers are away ahead of the game on LNS.



    You fail to understand the role of locus and who is responsible for what.



    Missed the seriousness of LNS?



    Don’t make me laugh.

  3. Neg honestly nothing is as black & white as you paint it.


    I often agree with many of the points you make but the fact that you never ever ever highlight anything remotely positive means I cannot take you seriously.


    I am not much good to you for a blether coz I got so seriously pissed off with all the hassle on blog last night I intend as much as possible just to focus on the fitbaw for the present.


    Re the fitbaw, I totally agree we have not being playing well and were awful against Killie. I don’t know where lads get their optimism to predict 5 nils etc because at this stage every game is a struggle and you can never be sure of the points.


    There is a kind of macabre pleasure in following Celtic through this dodgy period where you are in a state of total anxiety until the final whistle. I thought of all posters this would be really down your street.


    Enjoy the angst, we could all be in happy street next year and you might be redundant blogwise.

  4. Matt Stewart on

    Phyllis D



    Up in Glasgow for the weekend, going to the Benny Lynch exhibition in Gorbals library this afternoon. I’m told it’s in Crown Street now rather than South Portland Street? If so, might sneak a pint in the Blarney Stone afterwards. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/hearts-first-of-5-big-games-left/#sthash.LjunoKY6.dpuf






    Wouldn’t bother wae the Blarney Stone, it shut in 1991.



    It’s the Brazen or Sharkeys for you.



    Oh …Library is on Crown Street, opposite Co-op.



    Hail Hail




  5. I see the Res.12 team are still taking pelters.



    If the detractors put more time into doing something constructive instead of sitting criticizing on their erchies in an armchair, we might get somewhere.



    How punters can throw their toys oot the pram over something that others are working on- on their behalf and on their own time is beyond belief.

  6. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    HEN1RIK@1:52 – Agree in principle with your analysis on Res 12 – however what we must remember is, that in the upcoming Fraudco trials, it is quite conceivable that Craig Whyte will sing like a bird.



    Perhaps one of his verses will address the period in which the events covered by Res 12 occurred , I’d be very surprised if it didn’t – after all the perceived wisdom is that victory over Malmo in July/early August, would have provided Whyte with CL group-stage money to pay off the outstanding tax demand.



    His testimony may also uncover whether – a) he wilfully mislead the SFA about the tax demand – b) that the SFA genrerally ‘botched’ things and did not want to look incompetent by telling UEFA, at a late stage, that they were withdrawing the Euro licence – c) that there was collusion between Rangers and the SFA to ‘bury’ the tax demand in order that a licence could be issued.



    All this may explain the reason Stuart Reagan replied “nothing” when asked by John Clark at a seminar in Edinburgh “what are you going to do about it”



    There is no doubt that explanations will be sought from the SFA and the SPFL during the Fraudco trials, as to their relationships and involvment with Rangers,Whyte, Green and Sevco.



    Taking all this into consideration, is it really any wonder that the Celtic board are keeping their powder dry at present?



    On September 3 last year, the Crown Office warned that contempt of court charges would be brought against anyone publishing material that could be prejudicial to any of the impending court cases – possibly another reason why Celtic’s hands are tied on the Resolution 12 issue.



    It all looks so easy and straightforward to those on here, who denigrate the CEO and the board – they have deliberately equipped themselves with blinkers and constantly stick their fingers in their ears, when anyone tries to bring some reasoned argument to the table.



    If it was not Res 12, they would find something else to ‘bleat’ about – because their only interest is to denigrate the board, Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond – why? Well the only reason that I have been able to glean is that they dislike ‘businessmen’ and have a genuine hatred for those who receive generous remuneration for the job they do – funnily enough that hatred does not apparently extend to players on £5k/10k/15k/20k/25k per week.

  7. whitedoghunch on



    excuse my french -water closet


    been in here a while maybe terminology has changed



    Hail Hail

  8. Auldheid,



    If you are out there, a surprise question for you not about the Res.



    Did I read that you had been in Malaga? I have holidayed there twice in the last three years and would like to rent an appartment for a month to six weeks in Malaga. Any suggestions?



    Last month I stayed in Room Mate Larios on Larios Avenue, before that it was the AC Mariott opposed the gardens. I can’t afford a month in these places so an appartment within easy reach by bus of the centre would be grand. We love the place.




  9. Matt Stewart on




    Whatever you do, DON’T PULL THAT BLIDDY CHAIN!



    Hail Hail




  10. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Starting to think about tomorrows game has brought back the joy of Kilmarnock,. God I was on a high for about 3 days, must have watched the goal about 200 times.


    Let’s hope we don’t leave it so late against Hearts, don’t think my heart could cope. TBH though I’ll take 1-0 every week from now to end of the season.




    Just on so probably you will already be at the Benny Lynch exhibition.



    A wee bloke that retired from the work a few years back was interviewed on the news about it, reckon he’s helping the organisers.



    Anyway, his name is Brian (a wee bluenose but good bloke) tell him PJ was asking for him and if he looks blank…just say a Tim from your old workplace :)

  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Mr Pastry



    After all the work the bhoys have put in on Res 12…im sure they will be delighted to see a fawning cretin like you critique their work.


    You are a plank of wid.


    Funny sort of Celtic supporter you are…if you are a Celtic supporter.


    Away ye go into the nearest phone box….and transform into another one of your feeble identities…like maybe Alfie Noakes?


    Told you before….I know what you are all about.


    Hopefully one of the Res 12 bhoys will be along to deal with you shortly.

  13. HT hope I’m wrong but I think Kris’s boat has sailed, as i wrote earlier I now think he is part of our past not our future. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  14. Hebcelt



    He’s not long back after a long lay off and habitually it takes him some time to get back up to speed.



    For me he’s still our most creative/productive player but only if he’s going to get a game in the middle of the park.

  15. BMCUW, Matt, Geordie, Clogher



    from lunchtime, last article :- sorry I missed the replies/jokes – gym ans boring meetings took me away.



    Matt, very sharp! Am intending to get home by 12 to just have the certainty of the taxi!


    Geordie, i have used the stay up all night trick before – not pretty!


    Clogher, I really hope we do get 3 points, I am scarily confident for this one


    BMCUWP, I’ll try to make the Crown (usually do Drovers) but my auld bhoy might not fancy walking to the game from there(too many orcs). I used to live on Armadale right beside it back in 87/88. Never missed a home game but never took the risk of drinking locally!



    hail hail

  16. Matt Stewart on

    Like Chariot’s with tails on fire


    A human bullet, or razor wire


    Kris Commons cuts a darned fine dash


    Like Superman as fast as Flash!



    Usain bolt kens when he’s beat


    Scalded by our hero’s heat


    The starter’s gun and off he goes


    He’s here, he’s there..but no one knows.



    Ye cannae catch a willo’wisp


    The track behind burnt tae a crisp


    The red ash melted in his wake


    The man who had then ate his cake!!



    Although I love the bloke for not only what he contributed on the field but also living the ethos, I decided to stop there because it was going to get ridiculous.



    Sobriety has so much to answer for.



    Hail Hail




  17. Rebus67



    I love Malaga as well but stay on the Costa.



    There is a good train and bus service between.



    Embramike and I did a bit of exploring of both.



    Best bet e mail audheid046@gmail.com and I’ll talk to you about options.

  18. Matt



    I’d marry him.



    It’s purely coincidental that Lisa would need to part of the package!

  19. Matt Stewart on




    With that thought I may return to the bottle. :)



    Hail Hail




  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Got to say I was expecting to see waddle and quake

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Wouldn’t have Commons or Bitton in the starting line up.

  22. Matt Stewart on




    If HT marries him, it would be a meeting of the waddles and quakes!! :)



    Hail hail







    Kill ultra,



    “Please provide details of your support and then I’ll believe you,



    When I believe you, I will remove your name from the list of supporters, how’s that, you can’t say fairer than that surely.”



    Canamalar. Please don’t cry foul about breaches of confidentiality. You asked for this! These are copies of the last two email exchanges between you and I after the AGM 2013 and the news that Resolution 12 had not been debated.



    (You know my name, but here, I have replaced our first names with names used on blog.)



    Written on 19.11.13



    Hi Canamalar.



    Thanks for the lengthy reply. I do appreciate the fact that you took the time to answer the various points I raised.


    To say that I am disappointed in what you’ve written would be a major understatement. And, please, don’t even try to bring me into your confidence when you write:



    I have already told you too much…


    Please keep this info under your hat…


    … this information is shared in the strictest confidence please treat it as such…


    Don’t tell a soul as it could give the board an excuse to pull out of the process.



    Meetings behind-closed-doors, decisions without proper prior consultation, juicy scraps of ‘confidential’ material for those like me who are outside the loop. Give me a break!!



    Have no fear Canamalar, your secrets are safe with me. For starters, I would have to swallow such nonsensical fodder before I could regurgitate it.






    Kill Ultra




    And Canamalar’s reply 19.11.2013



    “Well done Kill Ultra good to see your on board, like I said on CQN it will be the results that matter, nothing else any that is the only thing driving this.”




  24. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Thanks for the comments/advice about the Gorbals everyone. I was a bit disappointed by the Benny Lynch exhibit, not because of the quality but only the quantity – it was in a small corner of the library.



    Turkeybhoy – that portrait is an absolute brammer. I was staring at it and both my boys said “that’s exactly the type of thing you’d bid for in an auction”. I’ll google it and put in a bid.



    An Tearmann – do you realise you called me an “ex-Celt”?



    Went to the Brazen (Granite City) for a pint afterwards. It was a lot different from 35 years ago, very cosmopolitan with a load of Germans in there.

  25. Geordie Munro on




    Kris plays central more often than some seem to remember.



    He’s certainly never deployed as a wide man.



    Watch him tomorrow, if he plays. He barely makes it out the width of the 18 yard box.



    Not a dig BTW. Just an observation :)




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