Hearts first of 5 big games left


Fixtures between now and the end of the season fall into two categories: games between Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts, and the rest. Aberdeen and Celtic each have to play Hearts home and away, while the only remaining fixture between the top two will take place at Celtic Park.

Despite the last minute turn-around and Aberdeen’s collapse two weeks ago, we are still very much in a title race which a reversal tomorrow would illustrate. Aberdeen don’t play until Sunday, so, as with two weeks ago, they will have to sit on wait on Celtic’s result. Derek McInnes will have marked this game out weeks ago as one he needs Celtic to drop points in.

Celtic have a settled look about the side. The goalkeeper and defenders have settled into good form, while a fully fit Brown and Bitton anchor the midfield. With Leigh Griffiths up front it’s the three places behind the striker Ronny Deila has to make decisions for.

Kris Commons enjoys playing against Hearts and has not been exerted by international football, he should play. Unlike Tom Rogic, who will surely sit out after his trip to Australia. Your guess is as good as mine as to who will play on the flanks.

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  1. Matt Stewart on




    There are a couple of posters who I think can probably supply those.



    Hail Hail




  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So your that clown, so here we are how many years later and res12 is still going, it must be a bitter disappointment for you that it’s not failed eh GIRUY

  3. Matt



    There’s several other posters who’ll have already used up their supply! :-)

  4. Geordie Munro on




    Errrm. Not sure neebs. Pass :)



    Whatever it is its just not working.



    Here’s hoping for that all to change tomorrow.




  5. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    THEGREENMAN@3:32 Once again you deliberately miss the point, start name-calling and attempt to draw others in to bolster your mischief-making.



    I did NOT ‘have a go’ at those with put together the resolution – what I was saying is that those, like you, who are ‘hanging on to their coat tails’, who are turning the issue into something it eas never designed to be i.e. a blunt instrument to bludgeon those at Celtic over the head at every opportunity



    As far as ‘dealing with me’ – I need no one to deal with me, however if anyone has a different opinion, I am willing to listen and perhaps come back with a response.



    What I won’t and don’t do, is to sling a lot of insults and meaningless tripe at someone trying to make a valid point – if you are only able respond as you have been doing, then I suggest you ignore my posts, unless and until you have anything coherent to offer.

  6. Phyllis Deitrichson



    heh heh so ah did :-)))



    hope you had a great day mate




  7. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    A pint in davy byrne’s off grafton street reading ulysses – God bless guinness and joyce

  8. GM



    My own feelings are that he’s instructed to play in the wider role but doesn’t always adhere to that because he knows he’s more effective playing centrally.



    Easy this tactical lark :-)

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So Tierney is linked with a move away from Celtic. McGinn is linked with a move away from Hibs.


    But team of the season – super duper “Rangers” who had so many players outrageously not picked by Scotland (actually rather convenient really as they had a game that day) don’t seem to have ANYBODY linked with a move away……..?

  10. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Re The Resolute. MrPastry



    Generally, I am more interested in the post than the poster. That being so, I am not always sure who has said what. It seems to me, though, that MrPastry receives a baffling amount of criticism, often very ill mannered in expression, for simply offering views . As far as I can see, his points are valid, reasoned and politely expressed. Why the character assassination?




  11. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Mr Pastry



    Stop pontificating…fed up with your faux moral rectitude.


    Not playing around with you anymore.


    You have an agenda.


    To romanticise people who make millions from Celtic.


    We are all not slaves to the dollar.


    Get that into your head.


    We dont throw away our principles for money….Thats not what Celtic are about.


    You wont stifle genuine grievance, no matter how many times you post.


    Free yourself from this stultifying deference, it has no place on CQN.


    I dont care how rich any man is…i wouldnt be two minutes telling them where to go with their bigot money.


    People know me on the blog….who knows you?


    Who are you?

  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    People can make their own minds up.


    But imo Mr Pastry…if thats who he is, is playing a game.


    Ive had enough of the insufferable deference and toadying.


    Men are men….ive had enough of the glorification of the rich.




  13. Ivehadtochangemyname



    Nicer pint in Kehoes round the corner on S Anne’s St.



    Byrne’s got a slagging here last night for not allowing rebel song singing last weekend!

  14. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 1st April 2016 4:54 pm



    “Men are men….ive had enough of the glorification of the rich.” – but surely hero worshiping players is one of the major parts of being a football supporter.

  15. Matt Stewart on




    I wonder why he called me a member of a malignant cabal.



    I don’t mind by the way and he is entitled to his view…I’m just not sure that being a member of the Celtic Trust quite deserves that…..perhaps Satan’s Spawn, the pus from beelzebub’s boil or even the gabble of gruesome gargoyle’s gobshites, I could have dealt with…but I wept in anguish at the very mention of being part of a malignant cabal…I will hang my head in black burning shame.



    My posts may lack his elan and erudition but I can’t ever remember impugning anyone.



    There we go.



    Hail hail




  16. Looking forward to the Hearts game.



    It will give us an indication of where the Scottish game is at the moment.



    Me I’d go with Rogic… he’s travelled around alot this last week for sure. But form is… well form, and Rogic’s on it.



    Smart player anawe and has a bit of physicality about him. Just what’s needed.



    Hail Hail

  17. What is the Stars on




    Was it Davy Byrnes that Mahe was on about



    They don’t allow singing of any kind.

  18. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    When i say glorification of the rich…i refer to the board.


    I do not worship anybody or anything…..loved ones excepted.


    This constant drive to admire wealthy people on the board….who do you think would be behind that?


    There are more plants on this site, than in the Botanic Gardens.


    Like i said…Men are merely Men….nothing more.


    The aggrandisement of Billionaires, Millionaires, and Lords….Thats what the PLC has become.


    Divorced from reality.




  19. ——



    Jungle Jim Hot Smokedon 1st April 2016 4:47 pm




    Re The Resolute. MrPastry




    Generally, I am more interested in the post than the poster. That being so, I am not always sure who has said what.



    It seems to me, though, that MrPastry receives a baffling amount of criticism, often very ill mannered in expression, for simply offering views . As far as I can see, his points are valid, reasoned and politely expressed. Why the character assassination?











    Wee Ivanka….



    Send that man a COCONUT….!!




    In fact….Send over a whole plane-load..



    Any he disnae want…..



    Well, We can drap them oan Hamiltontim’s Bijou Garrett….



    Fae 30,000ft…….



    That’ll Teach Him….No?



    Oh……The Humanity !






    As My Dear Scotch Momma…..



    Was fond of saying.




  20. .



    April Fool Friday Avro Quiz from page one..Update..



    There are 37 Posters Tied for the Lead at the Moment so its getting to the Exciting Stage..



    for other Posters who want to Enter..The Leading Points Score to beat is 0 Pts..




  21. Matt Stewart on

    Just had a wee read of the Hugh Gallagher article on John Kennedy. Memories of that night in Barcelona burst like an asteroid shower again. On my return Sportsound was unimaginatively remarking on the fact that Celtic had approached the game purely to survive.



    Those commenting hadn’t been in the Nou Camp that night. They hadn’t seen one of the most lauded (at the time teams in football history) being held at bay by heroics that would have defied the three hundred. (OK I exaggerate to emphasise the point :) ) from a sticking plastered team of freshmen, walking wounded and MEN who didn’t wear the colours….they had the hoops tattooed on their souls.



    I wrote this …and to be fair to Richard Gordon, he read it out.



    What a night.





    From: Matt Stewart


    To: sportsound@bbc.co.uk



    Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2004 3:51 PM



    Subject: The difference between Celtic’s ‘defensive’ performance and those teams who deliberately set out to stifle the attacks of Celtic when they visit Celtic park



    The difference between Celtic’s ‘defensive’ performance and those teams who deliberately set out to stifle the attacks of Celtic when they visit Celtic park is as wide as the miles between the Jock Stein Stand and the Copland Road end.



    Simply put Celtic wanted to attack but was on the night out gunned offensively.



    The reasons that Celtic was unsuccessful in this are straightforward:



    1. Henrik had one of his least effective nights in a Celtic shirt displaying a degree of profligacy in not retaining possession even when not under any real pressure, and allowing Barca to regularly win the ball back. As an aside I am sure that you will agree with me in questioning the wisdom of Wim Jansen in wasting £650,000 on this honest but limited journeyman (only joking!!)



    2. Chris was in no way match fit



    3. Thommo was not only necessarily playing out of position wide on the left of the back four (once Jackie went off), but also appeared slightly off fully fit.



    4. Barca are a brilliant team



    Any Team coming to Celtic park, with the notable exceptions of Dundee, Motherwell, and Rangers, does not want to attack; in fact they are afraid to do that.



    The other major difference is of course that defensively minded teams (with the minor exception of Bayern Munich) usually still expect to and almost invariably do get humped.



    David Marshall and John Kennedy rightly received plaudits for their performances, but all over the field individuals performed with skill, patience, and resilience.



    Our £50,000 signing from Hibs forced Barca’s £20,000,000 ‘best player in the world’ to go and try to find an easier shift. Didier then pocketed the man purchased for £20,000,000 from Arsenal. Ronaldinho having moved then got no change and in fact was out-fought by the £350,000 man Pearo. Liam Miller (cost £0 and out for the last three months) cleared up anything that came loose.



    As for Stan P, this man is 24 and simply gets better and better. He is also about the only thing in the world that I can think of that I would thank John Barnes for.



    Watching the game from high up in Block 548, Celtic’s 4-4-2 formation was clearly being marshalled (no pun intended) by Neil Lennon urging patient possession but directing the ball forward into space whenever possible. He encouraged when needed, applauded when deserved, criticised when appropriate, and gave verbal roastings when necessary. Neil Lennon was the single biggest reason that Celtic kept the planned shape thus allowing players to be confident that they could commit and tackle in the knowledge that the cover was there should the ball break unfavourably.



    He had a majestic game.



    Whatever else you may want to say about Martin O’Neill, you must recognise that he is a winner and he builds teams that are similarly winners. He picked, prepared, and motivated a team that believed it was at least and probably more than Barca’s equals. He worked out how to contain them when they attacked. He probably, as with all of us watching did not expect that our attacking options would not function as well as normal.



    That’s life, and that’s football, and as one returning supporter stated at the airport as we waited for nearly 2 hours to get through security, the real difference was that we were trying to win a football contest, not making an advert for Nike.



    A magnificent performance for the champions-elect of a country of a mere 5 million, against arguably the best team in La Liga (on current form).



    Oh and what a support!






    Matt Stewart




    What a bleeding night…it still tingles….oh for just one more like that.



    Hail Hail




  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 1st April 2016 5:06 pm



    I should have put a :) at the end.

  23. Paul



    If Kris has the same attitude as he had when we played Kilmarnock then he shouldn’t be in the squad.

  24. WITS



    I assumed it was Byrne’s due to the Ulysses comment. I meant to post to Mahe that pubs round there are looking for the ‘young cool’ set (like in most city centres) and it wouldn’t have been personal or about the actual songs, just all about the image. Kehoe’s is still a better pub IMHO :-) Better than the crappy Ely gaff I’m off to in 15 mins. Free beer though!

  25. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    So should i:)


    Annoys me though, when they try to turn Chancers into Saints.


    No doubt we will be seeing some of our custodians at the Palace soon, to pick up some gongs.


    Or how about politics and the House of Lords.


    Or am i being too cynical:)




  26. up_over_goal on

    Feels good to have a game to think about at last, especially one with a bit of an edge to it.



    I agree with Paul67 that Commons should play. You never know with Ronny, though, and it almost feels as if he resented having to get Kris Commons to bail him out of trouble last season when things weren’t going well with the Stromsgodset blueprint.



    Against Kilmarnock, he inexplicably took off Commons, who’d been having a good enough game (certainly compared to a number of others), and replaced him with Roberts, who had a pretty shabby 45 mins.



    We also know that he will take any excuse (i.e. a decent performance in a meaningless international friendly) to hand Johansen back his starting spot, so watch this space.



    Where I disagree with Paul is the idea that Brown and Bitton are ‘fully fit’ if by that you mean ‘good to go’. Brown has been making heavy weather of his return to match fitness, an Bitton’s last few games have been pretty poor. I’d feel more comfortable with Mulgrew partnering Brown, but 1) that would mean Boyata at CB and 2) it’s not going to happen (barring injury, of course).



    Another player who I’d like to see start this game is Izaguirre. He always plays well v Hearts at Celtic Park. I know this is a minority view, but I think it’s shame his Celtic career has been sacrificed to bring through Tierney, who I don’t see as that good a player.

  27. What is the Stars on




    I like Kehoes but Grogans in Sth William Street is very good.



    Matt Stewart



    Do you think Ronny could organise a team that well …. I know I shouldn’t have asked that

  28. up_over_goal on 1st April 2016 5:19 pm



    You’re in a tiny minority on KT vs EI. Now I like EI a lot but KT at 18 has been performing at least as well as EI does when he’s playing well.



    I can’t recall a time when we’ve had 2 proper LBs either of which I’d be happy to see on the pitch.

  29. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Up over.


    It’s amazin the difference in what we see, I thought commons found the cloak of invisibility and when he did show he couldn’t control the ball or complete a pass.


    And that you missed all that, I’m no surprised you can’t see how good young Tierney is.

  30. The keeper, back 4 & Griff pick themselves. On recent displays Brooney deserves dropping but he won’t be dropped, so that’s 7 of the 11 accounted for.


    I would go for Rogic in midfield but for all the travelling, so I’d go, Bitton & Joseph Hanson, McGregor & GMS if fit. If GMS not fit Kris Commons


    My Team, Gordon, Lustig, Eric,Muldini, KT, Brown, Bitton, Joe Hanson, McGregor, Griffiths, GMS or Kris.


    Joe Hanson to be MOM,

  31. KT is a genuine defender, old school type. I would have no fear if Izzy was playing, I love the wee man but there is no doubt in my mind that on recent form KT has the edge.

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