Hearts first of 5 big games left


Fixtures between now and the end of the season fall into two categories: games between Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts, and the rest. Aberdeen and Celtic each have to play Hearts home and away, while the only remaining fixture between the top two will take place at Celtic Park.

Despite the last minute turn-around and Aberdeen’s collapse two weeks ago, we are still very much in a title race which a reversal tomorrow would illustrate. Aberdeen don’t play until Sunday, so, as with two weeks ago, they will have to sit on wait on Celtic’s result. Derek McInnes will have marked this game out weeks ago as one he needs Celtic to drop points in.

Celtic have a settled look about the side. The goalkeeper and defenders have settled into good form, while a fully fit Brown and Bitton anchor the midfield. With Leigh Griffiths up front it’s the three places behind the striker Ronny Deila has to make decisions for.

Kris Commons enjoys playing against Hearts and has not been exerted by international football, he should play. Unlike Tom Rogic, who will surely sit out after his trip to Australia. Your guess is as good as mine as to who will play on the flanks.

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  1. jamesgang on 1st April 2016 6:26 pm






    If we can get out of this bigoted, rigged cesspit that is Scoddish Fitba, and be part of some forward-thinking euro set-up as has been mooted and is gathering strength, then we’ll neve rhave to think about selling on our prospects again; we’ll be a very attractive proposition for the planet’s finest players.

  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    PHILBHOY on 1ST APRIL 2016 6:06 PM


    “Roberts must be picked.”


    Oh, no he mustn`t !


    I posted the same selection, a few days ago, as Corkcelt and BMCUW have posted today. I find it interesting that, with so many players at our disposal, so many of us seem to like, more or less, the same team. GMS in particular seems to have gained favour whilst Forrest has lost popularity. Like I say, interesting.




  3. Nye Bevans’ rebel soldier



    Did they?



    And without going into detail did not Celtic once do the same…



    Think about it.

  4. leftclicktic on

    Thats me sorted ,roll on tomorrow morning,


    I still get the buzz and still look forward to meeting up with fellow Tims.


    Till tomorrow all


    Meeting time.



    Kill ultra,



    “Just as well res12 wasn’t run to suit your preferences then eh.



    Both Auldheid and BRTH have been invaluable in getting res12 to where we are and contrary to your naysaying and accusations res12 is very much a potent force, and it’s just getting to the tickley bit.”





    Canamalar. Invaluable to who ? The Board? They certainly helped the PLC out of a bind.



    And you still haven’t answered me on the coincidence of the latter-day recruit, BRTH’s, ignorance of the fact that fellow Glasgow lawyer, Michael Nicholson had been in situ at Celtic Park for the entire eight months previously.



    I may have other emails from you that should add to the narrative, including your own attitude towards the resolutioners.



    In the interests of accountability could you say if money was/is being gathered, or donated singly by non-anonymous donors to help ‘progress ‘Res 12’. Surely the shareholders who signed up are entitled to know where its coming from.



    Lack of accountability, transparency, obfuscation, prevarication, all the offences that we had accused others of. How sadly ironic!

  6. And don’t forget the living wage I would want for my children from any employer.



    Including Celtic and Hearts apart.



    Let’s focus on our club’s failings.



    Let’s focus on our club’s failings.



    Let’s focus on our club’s failings.



    Unless we too have different social rules and different generic sufferings.



    And nobody suffered like us and we sold the soul of the pains of our fathers for but the queens pound.



    And now, today, money, and the need for it, is compost on the graves of those who really cared.



    You might as well pour acid in the coffin and be done with our teachings and our bloods love of love.

  7. Kitalba



    I don’t care about Hearts, in fact I loathe them, so won’t be drawing any comparisons between us and them.



    Celtic Plc shame the memory of Walfrid and our founding ethos, all by themselves, regardless of what others do.

  8. Nye Bevans’ rebel soldier



    I have no idea what age you are but if you lived through the 60’s and 70’s vis-à-vis Celtic then you are either obtuse or an ostrich.

  9. The official Celtic website has an item about ticket allocation for the semi final but again doesn`t mention who our opponents are. Is there a policy here?

  10. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    We ain’t perfect, we never have been.



    Have we strayed from what our founding father’s


    ethos……well yes.



    But Hearts ffs.

  11. Hamiltontim:



    Hearts pay the living wage… we don’t.



    Your personal hatred of Hearts is your hatred.



    Despicable word hate.



    I;m taking the liberty of translating loathe to hate.

  12. Is the consensus bury our ethos for coin.



    Have we become Glasgow Chelsea?



    Just asking like.



    Just trying to keep my feet on the ground and my heart beating blood not prostitution.

  13. Kitalba



    You’ve missed the main point of my post. It was the second paragraph.

  14. Thunder Road on

    Got to say i think some of you bhoys are being harsh on Bitton.


    The guy has weak points in his game but he also has a bit of class.


    Sure, he hasn’t been playing as well as he can recently, but quite a few of our players have been doing the same and over the season and i think we have really only had consistency from Griffiths and perhaps Tierney since he burst into the team.


    Gordon, Brown, Lustig, Johansen, Commons, Armstrong, etc have all been poor in quite long spells. A quite game here n there is one thing but good games here n there is another.


    They ain’t bad players though and id say they can all do a lot better. Bitton is one of them but he has also been at the heart of some of our best performances in the last few seasons so must have something?


    Problem seems to be too few of them are having a good enough game at the same time, whether that is down to some unhappiness behind the scenes or Ronny not having them sufficiently motivated or not, who knows?

  15. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Need tae leave the fray,it’s raining and my


    offspring are made of sugar and need lifted


    and layed.



    If you can get up tae CP the morra.

  16. Jimcon



    Dunno, but good to see some respect for the Insolvency Act 1986, Prohibited Names.






    Pay up then!

  17. HT:



    You drew the distinction, As did I.



    It is not what you say you’ll do,,, it is what you did.



    Modern Hearts did. Whether you hate them or not.



    And I did understand your point unlike some who lord over the Celtic Support.

  18. Kitalba



    The Celtic support are still a significant force for good, you only need to look around to see the deeds being done, that, in my opinion, will even still, be making Walfrid smile.



    Off out now.



    Hail Hail

  19. BT…



    Broonie might be lagging at the moment but he has to play tomorrow.






    With you on Bitton, a sand dancer of late that has read to much into the plaudits from earlier good performances… he needs to step up to the mark and no prima donna p**h.

  20. Thunder Road on

    Anyway……id take a crap performance from them all tomorrow as long as we can notch up another 3 points.


    Winning……good wee habit to get yourself into and it can bring a bit of confidence along with it, not only to the players…..but to us lot as well!

  21. Hamiltontim:



    I think you are being a wee bit selectively naïve, though I apologise in advance if I am the wrong one; am I right from what you’ve written in believing you don’t believe we too have our blind and callous demographic haters?



    For the sake of HATE and hate alone?

  22. Junglejim hotsmoked



    U talk of GMS gaining popularity and James Forrest losing popularity.



    It’s not popularity. U forget one important factor….. Form.



    GMS through end of Feb. And in to March strung 2 or 3 good performances together. Similarly McGregor.



    It’s called “Form” mate

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Kill ultra,


    Here’s the thing, I don’t care about BRTH previous work relationships, I go on what has been achieved. I really couldn’t give a funkeys muck about the opinion of someone who refuses to accept anything your told, you’ve made that very clear.


    As for publishing anything you think might enlighten people, go right ahead it’s well known on here I don’t have much time for greetin faced wee lassies.


    As for financial support, the main reason for not requesting funds publicly is because it was a cert arseholes like you would do exactly what your now trying to do.

  24. Thunder road


    I don’t think i have been harsh on Biton at all.


    I can see no discernible reason for him being in the side this season.


    Every tackle is a miss or foul on opponent.


    He slows the game down.


    His passing is of the sideways or backwards variety.


    Positional sense is poor.


    Rarely moves into positive areas,pass and stand still is his style.


    Has an innate ability to get wrong side of opponent that constantly leaves defense exposed.


    In a supposed up tempo style he is detrimental so cannot understand the coach selecting him.

  25. Are Hearts to be despised for paying the living wage to their employees?…. or are they to be lauded for living the Celtic ethos that Celtic don’t no longer, no more, not even try to,…live?



    YET we still officially boast our ethos in pursuit of our holy queens pound.



    We are either money grabbing bastards or we are Celtic.

  26. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and kill ultra, we are obviously getting close to a result eh


    Else why would a self confessed non entity like you now be trying your utmost to derail it eh

  27. Thunder road



    Fair point re Bitton.


    Fans are fickle and have short memories.


    Only reason Bitton got linked to Epl, was direct reference to his hood performances in a hoops jersey.


    However since Johnny Hayes screamer against us at pittodrie, where Bitton should have dealt with the situation, he has put himself in to focus as a weak defensive midfielder.



    Only he can rectify this. He needs to play sharper, and he needs to impose himself more physically.


    The sand dancing needs to be curbed. He reminds me of the clothes shop Zara…. style over substance.


    I’m afraid we need substance at this current stage

  28. BT…



    I might add I was agreeing with you, not that it read that way :)



    Anyways, on a different note… I feel sorry for the people in Wales working for TATA steel, they have been hung out to dry by the tories, just like Ravenscraig , you can’t compete with subsidised labour and plants pumping out work at a loss from China and India for a period… Only for them to hang you out to dry in later years.

  29. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The welsh plant was upgraded with all the latest plant and machinery paid for by us the tax payer, it was always going to be shipped out to another country where he labour is cheaper and the safety enforcement is zero. And the torys knew it.

  30. Ruggygman






    The sand dancing needs to be curbed. He reminds me of the clothes shop Zara…. style over substance.






    And unlike most of us on here he’s actually skinny enough to fit into Zara clothes!!!



    HH jamesgang

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