Hearts first of 5 big games left


Fixtures between now and the end of the season fall into two categories: games between Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts, and the rest. Aberdeen and Celtic each have to play Hearts home and away, while the only remaining fixture between the top two will take place at Celtic Park.

Despite the last minute turn-around and Aberdeen’s collapse two weeks ago, we are still very much in a title race which a reversal tomorrow would illustrate. Aberdeen don’t play until Sunday, so, as with two weeks ago, they will have to sit on wait on Celtic’s result. Derek McInnes will have marked this game out weeks ago as one he needs Celtic to drop points in.

Celtic have a settled look about the side. The goalkeeper and defenders have settled into good form, while a fully fit Brown and Bitton anchor the midfield. With Leigh Griffiths up front it’s the three places behind the striker Ronny Deila has to make decisions for.

Kris Commons enjoys playing against Hearts and has not been exerted by international football, he should play. Unlike Tom Rogic, who will surely sit out after his trip to Australia. Your guess is as good as mine as to who will play on the flanks.

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  1. RC…



    Yep, mental, I’ll keep it short, ended up in a club, 200 hundred plus Celtic fans and a coloured male stripper came on, only to be smacked on the erchie with Celtic scarves.



    Slept in a toilet with supporters jostling to get a heat of a hand dryer, as it was freezing…I could say more:)



    Memories:) HH

  2. Glen Daly


    No offence to any Alfa Romeo owners.



    U can be happy that you are driving a Nir Bitton standard vehicle.



    Captain of his national team, no less

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Roy, great photos again . Thanks.



    The one with Frank McGarvey is the one from his first game against us since his return to St Mirren. The response to him from the Jungle that day , was memorable.



    It was also one of Davie Provan’s best games for us from what I remember.



    Hearts will do what Hearts do tomorrow, we need to be right up for it and the support will help the players if they get backed from the first to the final whistle.



    Madden is the ref tomorrow.

  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    Had a couple of Guinness and bowl of stew in O’Donoghues last Saturday afternoon. Very good service, food and drink in a packed bar.

  5. WHITEDOGHUNCH on 1ST APRIL 2016 8:33 PM


    Boerigter is a player…



    Yep, he’ll be on his playstation just now :)

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Hideous red strip being worn by a Celtic goalkeeper


    Shocking ☘☘⚽️⚽️

  7. What is the Stars on




    Yes O’Donoghues is another good shop


    Doheny and Nesbitts ( across the road from there) is decent also and The Palace Bar in the Temple Bar ( one of the few proper pubs left in that area)



    Pity I didnt get to see more of you of the weekend,we could have had a right good crawl.



    Next time hopefully

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    RC 8.37pm



    Amoruso in the background praying, his penance should be his conscience



    (another tax evader not avoider)

  9. Good evening, great weekend ahead, well it looks that way anyway.


    Roy Croppie, great images..well done and more power to your hard drive.


    All set for Paradise by the stormy light tomorrow? Got a feeling we will spank them, no doubt fuelled by a nice wee drop of Weston’s Organic Cider which is just hitting the spot right now.


    Cannot get over excited by all the Res 12 stuff, I know and hope for the best but always feel that the fix is in.


    Football is what matters now, all other stuff takes a back seat. If there is anything worse than an international break it is an international break for freindly matches….what a sack of shit.


    Celtic Park at lunch time and dinner spent watching El Clasico, God is great indeed..


    Hail! Hail!

  10. What is the Stars on




    Neither of them O’Reillys are half the singer their mother was

  11. What is the Stars on

    Roy Croppie should be banned



    Every time he comes on here with his happy photies,all the fightin stops



    Its not fair



    We need fightin and snarlin and blah blah

  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Glen Daly


    I’ll have a look, good to see you posting cous

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    Had good wee sing song in The Flowing Tide with some USA visitors. Barman joined in. :)

  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Blantyretim, Ally Hunter also wore a red goalie top occasionally rather than a green or gold one.

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Dallas Dallas


    I know, TOHG speechless for once in his life

  16. On a lighter note as the weekend is on us I was reminded of the story of Sid Gallagher, a Clydebank man who wrote his autobiography The War Baby which is free online. http://www.30612.mrsite.com/USERIMAGES/The%20War%20Baby%20E-pdf.pdf



    Working on various road construction projects in England in the 1960s Sid picks it up:


    “Anyway Poochy and another Clydebank character Pat McDade were keeping house for us when we were at work. This should have entailed them buying food and cooking it for us coming home, but mostly consisted of them buying wine instead of food and drinking it all day so that by the time we came home they were usually pretty pissed and there was little if anything in the way of dinner.



    Anyway one evening after dinner we were all watching a drama about Mary Queen of Scots, and as the Queen’s troubles with the English Queen were acted out ending in her being beheaded the mood of the two housekeepers, Poochy and Pat deteriorated. By this time steaming drunk, they cursed the English for all they had done to our Scots queen, and this outpouring of anti-English racism went outside the room as the two patriots started abusing passers-by and then throwing bottles at our neighbour’s windows and doors.



    When the police inevitably came we sat back and enjoyed scenes that were like something from the Keystone Cops as Poochy punched a policeman, then he and Pat ran through the front of the house and out the back door with the police in hot pursuit. Minutes later, having given the cops the slip, the pair came running through the back door and out the front again, followed in minutes by the police, who had called for reinforcements.



    We were by now howling with laughter as we watched this farce. The by now large police presence in the area eventually paid off, and the pair were run down and handcuffed. When the police took statements to find out what had caused this outburst of riotous conduct, Poochy the patriot said they did it because of what the English had done to our Queen of Scots.



    “But that was 500 years ago said the police sergeant”, “aye but we just found out about it tonight on the telly” said the bold Pooch. Poochy and Pat got three months apiece to read up on their history. ”



    Only the Bankies!

  17. BlantyreTim,



    Haven’t looked in for a while. Surprised to see the extent of criticism Bitton is getting. The bloke who sits behind me in 209 must be posting tonight!!



    I’ll wander over for a blether with TOHG at half time as usual (even though the supply of steak pies has mysteriously dried up recently)!

  18. What is the Stars



    Now that a finally met you ya cheeky wee…I luv ya even more. And good shout wae the Gravediggers.



    CCB singing Johnston’s Motor Car was a highlight despite the barmaid’s protests.




  19. What is the Stars on




    Yes the flowing tide,havent been there in a while


    There used to be a few unrepentant fenian bassas hanging around there


    The High Tide was around the corner and The Starry Plough across the road,


    They were all good pubs years ago,lefties and union guys out of liberty hall,


    The Plough closed years ago,


    all changed,changed utterly etc

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Blantyre, I was going to include that your dad was probably not that impressed with Ally and Peter wearing a red goalie top but thought I might be a bit presumptious.



    I hoping to listen this weekend to the podcast he did with Celtic Undetground.



    The articles on Celtic Quick News about some of our players who had their Celtic careers ended by injury have been a good read especially about two guys I’m glad played for us, Stevie Murray and Pat Stanton.

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Glen D


    James sits next to him as he has moved pre standing


    Get your order in early…

  22. What is the Stars on




    I was gone by then


    Its a good old pub,but like many they dont allow singing ( of any kind)


    Viva la CQN Brigada