Hearts pick and choose when to be competitive


Hearts miserly return of 12 points from 17 games, a draw against Livingston their only point amid defeats to Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, Motherwell and Newco, tell the story as to why Craig Levein was sacked and our opponents tonight are joint-bottom of the league.

Still, there are reasons for concern.  Celtic were two points off the pace before Newco went to Tynecastle in October and were held.  Hearts also raised their game sufficiently to beat Hibs.  This is a team who did not take a point from two meetings with St Johnstone, but were able to be competitive when it mattered to them – against Hibs and Newco.  Tonight will matter just as much.

A win will see Celtic go five points clear, albeit having played a game more, but points in the bag is always preferable to the burden of more games on the roster.  This is also likely to be our only visit to Tynecastle this season, and maybe next, unless new manager Daniel Stendel can motivate his players to try a little harder against lesser sides.

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  1. To pass some time before kick off……


    I’ve been poring over some of this season’s stats this morning and thought I’d share my findings with you.


    We’ve played 34 games this season and only 1 player has been stripped, ready to play in every one of them – Craig Gordon (5 starts and 29 sitting on the bench). Both Forrest and Ajer are sitting on 33.


    Who has played the most full games? McGregor(29), Ajer(28), Brown(27)


    Who has started the most games? McGregor(32), Ajer(31), Brown(31)


    Who has the most appearances, including as a sub? – a 3-way tie on 32 with Ajer, Brown and McGregor


    Who has been subbed most? Forrest(15), Edouard(11), Johnston(9)


    Who has come on as a sub most often? Hayes(13), Ntcham(12), Bayo(10)


    We’ve had 3 red cards – Bayo, Christie and Frimpong


    Top goalscorers? Christie(16), Edouard(14), Forrest(11)


    Finally, to our own CQN POTY thing. This has now been running for2the last 23 games. As you know (hopefully) for each game the 5 players with the most votes earn POINTS – 5 for Man of the Match, 4 for next highest, etc. Looking at the total votes compared to the games played (including as a sub) only 4 players are averaging 2 points or more. The most recent addition to this club is Scott Robertson, 1 game played and 2 points secured. After that, in ascending order we have Ryan Christie (18 games, 36 points), Scott Brown (22 games, 49 points) and our most recent superhero, Jeremie OMD Frimpong with an outstanding 30 points from 10 appearances.


    Looking a bit more at Jeremie’s stats, in his 9 starts and 1 appearance as a sub he has been man of the match twice, and runner up 4 times. He really is THE most exciting prospect of the season so far.


    Right, anorak off and time for housework!!

  2. Jeremie averaging 3 points a game, so if he had same number played as Brooney he would have 66 or maybe 67 points. Astonishing.


    If he keeps this up but is still pipped for the Title it will be a travesty, think we will have to call a CQN EGM to persuade Jobo to amend the rules .

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Hertz fans think they’ll het hammered tonight, a 1:0 will do for me for the reasons P67 says above

  4. Art of War







    I love being out on ma bike







    But as you now probably know







    Bikes and ice don’t go








  5. Hearts will raise their game against us and must not be underestimated. Their fans will be loud and vocal and will cheer on their team particularly when they assault our players. I have seen more Red Hand flags than at Ibrox in the past.



    They seem to hate Neil Lennon more than anyone and he has been attacked and hit by coins on recent visits.



    We however, are not at our sharpest in front of goal and last 3 games have saw only 3 goals.



    This could be a tough game

  6. betting is a mug’s game.



    “Bet365 boss Denise Coates has received a £323m payday, confirming her position as the UK’s best paid executive.



    The co-founder of the online gambling firm was paid a £277m salary plus dividends as the popularity of online gambling continues to grow.



    The firm’s accounts show that in the year to end-March her salary rose from £220m on the previous period.



    But the rise comes as the industry faced mounting criticism, including over children gambling.”

  7. Horrible day in Tipperary. Wet, dark & windy, can’t even motivate myself to head up to local coffee shop for my usual morning cuppa & Blueberry Muffin plus read of Daily Independent.


    I thoroughly dislike Independent Newspapers & haven’t given them a cent for over 20 yrs because of their anti Republican Editorial Policy on the weekly Sunday Independent.


    Daily paper is OK and i will read that as long as I don’t have to pay for it,


    However today I can’t be arsed, so that’s why ye are reading boring tripe from me.


    Thank God Celtic are playing tonight, something to look forward to.


    Best Wishes to AOW & Big Jimmy who have real problems, hope ye both will be OK soon.



  8. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    Enough of that nonsense man! Give yerself a shake and go for that coffee and muffin!!



    It’s game day, GrumpyGitsCSC isn’t open today!!




  9. Big Jimmy


    Sorry to read about your ongoing health problems. Hope 3 points tonight will aid your recovery. In the meantime I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  10. My feelings when we take on the Hertz are much the same as those when we meet the Huns…………



    It’s the same 3 pts but it means more.



    Just do thum Celtic.




  11. Big Jimmy



    Sorry to hear you are back in hospital after you recent illness. Little bit more time towards your recovery.


    Hail Hail

  12. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good luck to the Celts tonight. Occasional radio on/radio off updates for me.



    Bauer and Taylor for this one and Paisley, hold Frimpong and Mbombo to destroy the Dons and Huns works for me. Any throw-ins over the halfway line at Tynecastle will be like corners the way Moritz launches them and when there’s no more room than a five a side court – time for Oz Tom. Christie back in. Sorted.

  13. JimBob, Thanks for the gee up but I think i’ll stay Grumpy for a bit longer, I’m not Grumpy that often so it’s a bit of a novelty.

  14. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    That’s very true, you’re a poster I enjoy reading so I’ll give you your grump but only for a short time mind!!

  15. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Watched the “highlights” from Tynecastle on Saturday, the pitch was heavy and sticky.



    The ball seemed to hold up a lot so firm passing is required tonight.



    @ ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH DECEMBER 2019 11:44 AM







    His actions re Israel? You do realise you are posting a comment on an article about Celtic extending the contract of an Israeli. Should Celtic not boycott signing Israeli players then, as Rod is held to the standard of boycotting Israel?







    So playing Sin City would have been OK if Celtic had had a South African on the books?



    Is that the level things have sunk to in defence of a racist arsehole?



    I mean seriously what is it with this love in with Rod Stewart?



    Is it his money? The couple of hits back in the 70s? The hairstyle (which incidentally is older than his wife)?



    I just don’t get it.



    At best the association is an embarrassment to the Club.

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    And where , pray tell , is the apartheid style screaming outrage about the racist murders recently committed in South Africa .



    Oh no, BBC. Don`t call it racist , xenophobic sounds more palatable.






    Failure to hold South Africa to the same standards as those of the apartheid regime is in itself , of course , racist .

  18. Big Jimmy,


    Had a pint with you in the Shipbank a few months ago, hope you get back to your old self soon,


    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops,



  19. Always a potential banana skin tonight………………..



    Heavy pitch and a lot of wind



    However, this is a must-win game




  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Not bad Pablo.



    There comes a point in any new manager’s tenure when he has presided over X training sessions and his squad are at the exact midpoint between their retention of the old manager’s methods and their appreciation of the new tactical approach.



    At this point, the squad’s ability to execute the new play book effectively is at its lowest.



    Their wee minds are all confused.



    “Gets worse before it gets better blah blah”



    This phenomenon is compounded when (hypothetically) the old manager was a dinosaur and the new guy is a progressive.



    Here’s hoping training session X took place yesterday.






    Hail hail

  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    On John Arne Riise’s complimentary words today about Kris Ajer, I like to watch the players returning to the pitch after half-time. Gives an insight into how they’re thinking and what the dressing room chat brought out.



    Broony, of course, always first out head down at a brisk run full of business. In recent times, right behind and matching stride for stride has been Kris Ajer. Becoming a big personality and one for the trenches.



    Here we go, to 9IAR! Still three to go.




    “At best the association is an embarrassment to the Club.”



    Whats the worst?

  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH DECEMBER 2019 1:09 PM



    Firstly, the situation in Israel and SA are not analogous; the situation in the middle east is a far more complicated beast than the system of apartheid in SA.



    Secondly, what year did that quote of Rod’s come from? I recall Bowie also made some pretty extreme remarks in his youth; it’s evident that his views changed with the fullness of time. I think the same can be said for Rod.



    I don’t think there is a love in with Rod, rather a push back at the moralising of the GB who have taken it upon themselves to set the parameters within which you must fall in order to support Celtic. Being a Tory supporter is a no go; how about Lib Dems, too central for the GB’s liking? What about No voters in the independence referendum, black balled as well?



    The GB’s ego knows no bounds. Their sense of entitlement and self-importance is nauseating. £100Ks of fines racked up with Uefa so they can waive Palestinians flags or set off fireworks. They are not the embodiment of Celtic. They create a fantastic atmosphere and have undertaken some laudable charity work; however, this does not give them carte blanche.

  24. Hearts did not lie down to the Hun.Fact is they near enough played them off the park.If anyone honestly thinks,that players from the smaller clubs will give up their bonus money,risk relegation and their livelihood,to “Lie down”to the Huns,sorry,not for me.Far too many times proved nonsense to have any credence.


    Now their fans.Different.Scum.But they still like to beat their big cousins.

  25. I also meant to mention that I had another heart attack a few days ago in hospital, just like in October. I had to phone Mr Lennon and tell him I wasn’t fit for the bench tonight !



    South of Tunis…Thanks for the Music video , the wee blonde bird in Alcazar would cheer up any man . Thx.


    The music was originally from 1979, and Sheila B Devotion, with a song called ” Spacer”. I prefer Alcazar.


    100 TROPHIES..You didn’t let me buy you one back !



    Thanks to all for the kind words and good wishes….ALL I ask …is that I live to see 10 in a Row.


    Go to it Celts…just dae it !



  26. Macjay . There is a huge difference between atrocities carried out by individuals or groups and atrocities carried out by agents of the State.


    The reality of life is terrible things are happening every day all over the world & sadly even the kindest hearts & minds are giving up & becoming immune to the suffering.


    It’s only when it hits our society that we wake up to the horror and that us the rationale behind the seemingly senseless attacks on Western targets,


    Hunger is an atrocity , Poverty is an atrocity & Greed is an atrocity, these atrocities kill many more than bombs or bullets,


    I don’t have the answer neither I suspect do you.


    In my opinion another atrocity being carried out on our grandchildren is the reluctance of Bastards like Trump to recognize & act on the dangers of Global warming.


    If I’m not mistaken I raised that issue about 18 months ago and you ridiculed it and posted links about experts debunking the entire notion of climate change.


    If my memory on that one is wrong I’ll apologise in advance but if I am correct I would ask you if recent weather events in Australia has tended to give you second thoughts on the subject.

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