Hearts pick and choose when to be competitive


Hearts miserly return of 12 points from 17 games, a draw against Livingston their only point amid defeats to Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, Motherwell and Newco, tell the story as to why Craig Levein was sacked and our opponents tonight are joint-bottom of the league.

Still, there are reasons for concern.  Celtic were two points off the pace before Newco went to Tynecastle in October and were held.  Hearts also raised their game sufficiently to beat Hibs.  This is a team who did not take a point from two meetings with St Johnstone, but were able to be competitive when it mattered to them – against Hibs and Newco.  Tonight will matter just as much.

A win will see Celtic go five points clear, albeit having played a game more, but points in the bag is always preferable to the burden of more games on the roster.  This is also likely to be our only visit to Tynecastle this season, and maybe next, unless new manager Daniel Stendel can motivate his players to try a little harder against lesser sides.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    An agnostic is one who believes it impossible to know anything about God or about the creation of the universe and refrains from commitment to any religious doctrine. An atheist is one who denies the existence of a deity or of divine beings.



    Climate agnostic.



    A metaphor.



    Would you like to wiki that too ?

  2. please ignore – trying something….




  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SYDNEYTIM on 18TH DECEMBER 2019 4:12 PM



    Hey , Sydney .


    Sorry , mate. Been dealing with trivia.



    You`re back in Weegie town , then.


    Was a regular attender in the Dolphin 4 years ago before the closure.


    They gave me one of their bunnets.


    Loved the punters.



    The worst I would say about J.F. is that he blows hot and cold . Sometimes in the same game. If his first attempt to beat a full back fails , I feel he tends to back off a while.


    I suspect that Lennie recognises this and subs him after 60.


    Having said that , no denying his major contribution this season.


    How many goals ?

  4. Big Jimmy – Get Well Soon



    Man walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm.



    His wife is lying in bed reading



    Man says, “This is the pig I have sex with when you’ve got a headache.”



    Wife replies, “I think you’ll find , that is a sheep.”



    Man replies, “I think you’ll find I was talking to the sheep.”

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ROCK TREE BHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2019 5:00 PM



    Two crackers in a row.



    Christmas is coming .

  6. When I was a teenager and into my 20s, I was a Labour supporter and voter.


    As I aged and my family responsibilities increased my views gradually changed.


    I would define myself as a Catholic conservative voter with my faith being the more important of the two, especially on abortion and freedom of conscience.


    Likewise it looks like Trump has a similar viewpoint as mine and thankfully for once, the Church.


    How he came to it I don’t know or care.


    His actions on cutting funding and separating Planned Parenthood funding speaks for itself.


    And as I said, his success on the economy is a bonus.



    BTW. I said earlier I was using Duck GOGo as my browser. It was a lame joke from a child of the 60s.


    It is of course Duck Duck Go

  7. Scrolling back I think I have had a post deleted , presumably for calling Trump a Bastard. I don’t like having Posts deleted, think it’s time to take a break. I’ll miss the chat on the Live Updates thread but hope it’s a happy thread. God Bless The Glasgow Celtic.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CORKCELT on 18TH DECEMBER 2019 5:18 PM



    If what you say is right then that would indeed be disappointing.



    If what you say is correct , then perhaps it was the use of the word rather than whom you were describing.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CORKCELT on 18TH DECEMBER 2019 5:18 PM



    It wasn`t this one , was it ? ?


    CORKCELT on 18TH DECEMBER 2019 1:55 PM

  10. Corkcelt,



    Just about everybody on here has had a post deleted at some point. Don’t take it personally.



    Diversity is the blogs strength. You are a good valued poster and an asset to the blog.



    Please reconsider. ( Especially when we are about to gub the mini huns tonight and Jobo needs your three picks )



    Cheers and HH. COYBIG.

  11. This blog gets more and more like Conservative Quick News on a daily basis, some of the right wing propaganda is astonishing, anyone who challenges the bullcrap with facts are ignored, typical, it’s they who can’t handle the truth, why people acknowledge it is beyond me, it only fuels the right wing fire.

  12. Macjay, For once you are correct, apologies to the Blog, my post was not deleted. I look forward to contributing to the Live Updates thread.


    Macjay, I don’t know why you would have gone to the trouble of scrolling back to find the post but thank you .

  13. Good evening CQN



    Big Jimmy you keep fighting sir. You will indeed see 10IAR God bless.



    Right come on the leather belts



    D. :)

  14. Oh and a wee nap for me before ma mates come in for game.😂😂😂



    I know I’m a wimp.






    D. :)

  15. As always when we play at Tynecastle, it’s the small size of the playing surface that can cause us problems.


    Playing the quick long ball or quick break has been successful for us in the past to avoid congestion in the middle of the pitch. Hope the line up takes this into consideration.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Conservative Quick News.



    I won`t initiate political discourse .


    But will certainly feel free to respond to those who do .

  17. Just having a tea time browse and reading the posts on trump, capitalism, climate change etc



    Just like the old days on here! Keep ‘Er lit lads..



    Keep expecting philvis to make an appearance but I heard he is living in a hippy commune and handcrafting hemp sandals for a living. Times change. (But I’m still an unrepentant commie!)

  18. Macjay – I disagree with your politics but folks should welcome the debate. I certainly do.



    I’ll keep it simple though – yer wrong!



    On the fitba – tough night ahead. Level heads needed among the support whatever the outcome. It’s a game we should be winning but it’s not always that simple. Has to be earned.

  19. Father Jack


    Please don’t hesitate to add your conforming or contradictory points.


    A healthy debate done with respect is preferable to sarcastic carping from the peanut gallery.


    The last time I visited a country where dissent was not allowed, I was able to watch border guards check exiting grain lorries with long poles and dogs.


    As a foreigner I was able to shop electronics in stores where local citizens couldn’t visit.


    Eat in a hotel where locals weren’t allowed.


    Endure real propaganda about Stalin and Honecker improving the lot of the people.

  20. A new world record today I see. Congratulations to Corkcelt who flounced at 5.18 and withdrew his flounce 20 minutes later. The Blog is better for it ;-)

  21. Having pissed some people off, no doubt, I am doing a cowardly exit.


    Incurred the wrath of the board or insure the wrath of the wife who has been left to paint the bathroom?


    Easy choice.


    No one on CQN will make me dinner later.



  22. Spelling grammar was atrocious on last post.


    Too hurried to silence the haranguing from upstairs.


    She’s getting strident now.

  23. Sydney Tim



    Hope you have a great time back in Bonnie (freezing cold & rain) Scotland



    James Forrest since July’19 – 18th December



    16 league apps – 7 goals


    3 league cup – 1 goal


    7 Europa – 3 goals


    5 CL qualifiers – 2 goals



    31 appearances and 13 goals so far



    Invisible CSC



    Enjoy the game tonight wherever you are watching, a massive 3pts to be acquired tonight … any win will do

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