Hearts resentment reservoir


If you do not have a knot in your stomach, you should.  Hearts managed to relegate themselves last season through inept performances against teams clearly below them in the food chain.  They upped their game against Hibs and (especially) Newco, posing questions that the Budgeocracy has yet to consider.  On Sunday, we face a team of usually-can’t-be-bothereds with a grudge.

In October, they started their Championship campaign by putting six goals past Dundee, whom they blame for siding with Peter Lawwell in the discussions that determined how last season’s league campaign would end.  Then they beat Hibs, who they can always be bothered to play, in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

The new stands at Tynecastle act as a reservoir of resentment and Celtic are top of their list.  Who else, other than their players, either managers, or the insightful new broom that was going to show football how it’s done in the business world, is there to blame for their relegation than Celtic.

And then there’s Eddie.  You and I didn’t really discuss this at the time.  A photo circulated showing the keeper took him out, but that was ‘fake news’ as it was not of the penalty incident in the 2019 final.  Hand on heart; I think we got away with one then.  A goal down in the second half, Odsonne Edouard took control; before you knew it, you were celebrating a Treble Treble.

I do not respect Heart of Midlothian FC whatsoever, but I respect any opponent who can so readily cultivate the unifying resentment that can produce results like the 4-0 that ended Celtic’s world record 69 domestic games unbeaten.  This is a proper team, better than most in the Premiership and more than capable of winning on Sunday.  If we are one inch less prepared than them, we will lose.

Before the Lille and Kilmarnock wins I saw a shroud of defeat ahead at Hampden.  We may have turned it around just in time, but for now, the stomach remains knotted.

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  1. David66,



    Sorry to hear of the passing of your Aunty Betty.



    May She Rest In Peace



    If you don’t mind me asking, what was her surname?



    My mum’s best friend was a Betty from Plains.



    Hail Hail

  2. That Celtic side that played Charles Patrick’s Cork Hibbees looks like:



    Haffey, McKay and Kennedy, Crerand, McNeill and Clark, Carroll, Kelly, Mochan, Divers and Auld.

  3. According to BSR’s vaccine calculator I should be getting a jag soon:O



    Based on your profile, there are between 0 and 503,378 people in front of you in the queue for a COVID vaccine across the UK.



    📅 Given a vaccination rate of 1,000,000 a week and an uptake of 70.6%, you should expect to receive your vaccine between 18/12/2020 and 22/12/2020



    Hail Hail

  4. Hello again all you young rebels.



    I’ve climbed the mountains, crossed the valleys and fields, today


    I’ll swim in the ocean and marvel at mother natures beauty.


    But can I find a handsome hun ?


    Good morning bhoys/ghirls, is there still ghirls post on here?


    Where’s Dena ? hope she’s well.


    Our big Celtic weekend starts now, car already packed and ready


    to roll.


    As usual our CSC Christmas dinner is sold out, what could beat a


    packed beer garden, lovely sunshine, and the company of singing,


    dancing, Celtic supporters ?


    I really am blessed.


    And….and.. the chance for the bhoys to do a QUADRUPLE TREBLE




    Better get the paracetamol out of the cupboard 8-)))))))


    H.H. Mick

  5. petec on 18th December 2020 7:41 pm



    What a player Lubo was.






    Have a good few Lubo t-shirts. None of him controlling the ball with his arse though sadly.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on 18th December 2020 10:49 pm



    The Huddle- PN must be due some new stuff.




    Disappeared, which is a shame.

  7. Ye cannae get Everythin’ ye want….. no matter how ye try.



    Neil just Stay strong.



    I’m hoping Dad sees us Win Lose or Draw this League.



    Celtic Celtic.

  8. About John Adair.The man behind The Derryveagh Evictions.






    Oh Nellie come away with me, beyond the leaf and fern


    The rural home I have for you, convenient to Lough Erne


    The lark has risen from her nest, and wild flowers scent the air


    While resting on this faithful breast, you’re free from John Adair



    Oh Willie do not speak to me, of peace or happy homes


    My parents have been dispossesed, this weary world to roam


    Sad dreary thoughs appease my mind. I’m almost in despair


    From happy homes we now must part, forced out by John Adair



    He brought the sheriff to our door, and quenched our fire so bright


    My aged grandsire is no more. He died that fateful night


    My mummy keens; her only son, a boy of beauty rare


    Just four months old, so meek and mild, all done by John Adair



    For fifty weary years our race has tilled this mountainside


    And smoothed Glenveagh’s once rugged paths and stemmed the Atlantic tide


    Full fifty homes are levelled now, and wild cries rend the air


    May fifty thousand curses fall on cruel John Adair



    This couple took one last lingering look, and parted no more to meet


    Young Willie lies beyond the sea, without a winding sheet;


    But Nellie’s duty made her stay, her aged parents to care


    With broken heart she pines away, her death on John Adair




  9. Happy Birthday to BIG JIMMY


    Hope you have a great day, and hopefully the boys winning the cup and Quadruple treble makes it a memorable weekend. Wish that in the coming year your health improves and you continue to ply us with your very entertaining stories. HH


    Hope wee Rocky stays well also.

  10. Apologies.from the same newsgroup who failed to smear the96,phone tap innocent murder victims phones.




    King: Murray and Whyte are guilty of killing Rangers




    8th March 2012, 12:00 am


    Updated: 5th April 2016, 3:48 pm




    RANGERS director Dave King last night blamed Sir David Murray and Craig Whyte


    for killing the 140-year-old club.



    Outraged tycoon King accused former owner Sir David of “deceiving” him into


    investing £20million into the Ibrox coffers — and plans to SUE





    And he slammed current Light Blues supremo Whyte for lying to him and the fans


    over his takeover deal last year.



    King has been studying the accounts as he tries to lead a consortium to save


    the crippled club — but he believes the financial mess at Rangers is so dire


    the reigning SPL champs WILL go to the wall.



    But the South African millionaire — who is Gers’ second biggest shareholder


    after Whyte — IS confident he and a team of rich businessman


    can help a new Rangers rise from the ashes.



    King said: “I do not believe that there is a reasonable prospect that the


    company can come out of administration. I believe that liquidation is





    He lays the blame for the sorry state Gers find themselves in firmly at the


    doors of Sir David and Whyte.



    And he has vowed to sue Sir David’s Murray Group firm to claw back the


    £20million he put into the club in 2001 under the steel tycoon’s watch,


    claiming Sir David duped him over Rangers’ financial situation.



    King, 55, said: “I have made a claim of £20million on the basis of


    non-disclosure by the then chairman, David Murray, of Rangers’ true


    financial position as far back as 2000.





    “Other shareholders may feel deceived like I do and wish to take similar





    He added that if he wins his action against Sir David he will plough the cash


    back into a newly-formed Rangers.



    King said: “I want to advise the fans and fellow shareholders that any benefit


    I receive from my claim will be fully reinvested into the restructured


    football club.



    “I am 100 per cent committed to Rangers and will do whatever I can to advance


    their interests.”



    King was equally bitter over Whyte’s handling of the club.



    Whyte, 41, secretly funded his takeover by mortgaging £24million of future


    season ticket sales.



    The troubled Light Blues chief initially denied the deal with firm Ticketus


    but later admitted he paid off a £16million Lloyds bank debt with the cash.


    King insists Whyte will be liable for that £24million — NOT


    Rangers — and blasted him for telling lies to get his hands on the club.



    He said: “My own visibility of the true state of affairs was being actively


    restricted and, as it turns out, falsified by Craig Whyte.



    “I met with Craig Whyte during a recent visit and he provided clarity on the


    funding position.



    “His true financial commitment was not by way of cash, as he had previously


    advised me, but rather guarantees that he and/or companies associated with


    him had given to Ticketus.



    “He confirmed to me that Ticketus has no recourse to the football club.


    Hopefully the administrators will be able to confirm this.



    “The upshot of Craig Whyte’s confession is that the fans were duped.


    Immediately upon the acquisition of the club by Craig Whyte — far from being


    debt-free as was trumpeted by the Murray Group and Craig Whyte at the time —


    the club was in a much worse economic position than before. It had no chance


    of survival.”



    King said he has been left with the heartbreaking reality that Rangers will


    not come out of administration and will cease to exist.



    The nightmare scenario means the club would have to reform under a different


    name and re-apply to join the SPL. King, who has been on the board since


    2000, has been trying to find a way to save Rangers for weeks.



    He has met with manager Ally McCoist as the club toils under administration


    and fights a battle with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs over a disputed


    £49million tax bill.



    King — who is himself involved in a £250million tax fight with officials in


    South Africa — is hoping to work with a team of rich businessmen including


    Paul Murray, 46, and motoring magnate Douglas Park to revive Gers’ fortunes.



    He said: “It grieves me to state that it seems inevitable that the footballing


    institution will survive but the company won’t. This will entail many


    hurdles, that will be overcome, including ‘Rangers (2012) Ltd’ having to


    reapply for membership of the SFA.



    “It is a sad point to have reached, but if managed sensibly, it can result in


    Rangers returning to their former glory as a football club in the shortest


    time possible.



    “We must remember that our footballing friends across the city came very close


    to the point that we now find ourselves in.



    “Scottish football needs a strong Rangers and Celtic — but perhaps in a


    slightly humbler form.”



    Last night Sir David hit back at King’s claims — and said the allegations were


    “incredulous”. Sir David — who sat on the board for 11 years with King —


    also said he would defend any action which is brought against him.



    A spokesman for the Murray Group said: “We note with some interest, and much


    incredulity, Dave King’s press statement. It is difficult to understand his


    motives, given he has been a director of Rangers Football Club since 2000.



    “Throughout his directorship, Dave King has attended and participated in


    regular board meetings, including those approving the annual audited


    accounts, received board papers quarterly, had full access to the executive


    management of the club, and been privy to the same detailed financial and


    commercial information as every other board member. In the event that he


    actually lodges a claim, we would vigorously defend it. Murray Group fully


    intends to make further detailed press comment on the wider circumstances at


    Rangers Football Club once it considers this will not detract from or


    interfere with the difficult and delicate work of the administration.



    “It is deeply regrettable and hugely saddening for all the emp-loyees and


    supporters that the club finds itself in its present situation.”



    Meanwhile a spokesman for Whyte said “there is absolutely no necessity for


    Rangers Football Club to go into liquidation”.



    He said: “I believe we will come out of administration by way of a Creditors


    Voluntary Agreement.”







    Eeeee-aaaaawwwww haha


    Howd that turn oot?



    Granted Dave ye were just a dodgy bassa then,not even a 49 times convicted criminal



  11. Scottish Cup final weekend



    My favourite weekend in my football calendar … my first final was as a wee daft 10yr old in 1980… oblivious to the riots on the park (couldn’t see much for the dust :-) attended the game with 3 gers fans, me & another guid Tim …



    A December final is a bit crazy but we live in crazy times ….



    Hope ma man Turnbull starts, won’t be unhappy if Soro keeps his starting place … but will be delighted if our captain leads the team out … don’t listen to the “noise” that this should be a formality … it’s a cup final and Hearts probably have the 3rd biggest wage bill in the land with both them & the 2nd largest wage bill paying wages they canny afford ….



    Covid & 2020 has been shoite for many of us but ma wee yin mentioned to me the other day “dad, this is the first final we will watch live together” …. am usually oot … so I am now looking forward to this Scottish Cup final more than any other



    100% behind Neil & the Bhoys 🍀



    Happy birthday to Big Jimmy & Sean Thornton’s daughter … hope tomorrow the Cellic make it a champion weekend for you two & the rest of us

  12. How imperfectly so?









    Club Statement


    By James Stout


    2 hours ago


    Share via






    Scottish FA Disciplinary Tribunal



    Following our Scottish Cup 2nd Preliminary Round tie with Hill of Beath Hawthorn on Saturday 12 December, The Club was made aware that one of the opposition players was potentially ineligible and should have been serving a suspension. The Club raised this matter with the Scottish FA on Monday morning and asked them to investigate.



    The Club received an email late this afternoon from The Scottish FA to inform us that a Disciplinary Tribunal met this afternoon and has censured Hill of Beath Hawthorn and issued a £2,000 fine, which is suspended until the end of the 2020/21 season.



    The Club finds this outcome baffling and inconsistent with The Scottish FA’s own rules for the competition and previous sanctions where a club has been found to have fielded an ineligible player.



    As far as The Club can ascertain, regardless of circumstances, the Judicial Panel Protocol is clear that there is a mandatory ejection from The Scottish Cup for fielding an ineligible player (Rule 303, associated with Scottish Cup Rule 12).



    To further compound our sense of injustice, the tribunal has reinstated the players suspension, resulting in the player missing the next round of The Scottish Cup.



    Our supporters can be rest assured that The Club are raising this matter directly with The Scottish FA as a matter of urgency and will provide an update as and when they see fit to respond. The Club has however, been told that we have no right of appeal.



  13. Neil Lennon & McCartney on



    thank you for replying


    TT has identified the Celtic team


    what a man he is



  14. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    kTONTINE TIM on 18TH DECEMBER 2020 9:55 PM


    That Celtic side that played Charles Patrick’s Cork Hibbees looks like:




    Haffey, McKay and Kennedy, Crerand, McNeill and Clark, Carroll, Kelly, Mochan, Divers and Auld.



    thank you for that


    You are some man!



  15. Neil Lennon & Scott Brown have been easy targets in the last season or two .. Cluj, Ferencvaros, legs gone.. etc



    Since the year 2000 … I wonder if there is/are any two more successful Celtic players than these two ….



    Mistakes … both have made a few, but in the last two decades these two bhoys have gave us soooo many good times … roll on Sunday … one day we will lose a cup final (not lost one in a while) .. but hopefully not this December final 🍀

  16. Since the year 2000 … I wonder if there is/are any two more successful Celtic players than these two over a couple of decades



    Oor Neil & Oor Scott ….



    They must have accumulated a fair amount of medals between them since the turn of the century …



    No too bad for a dinosaur & a player whose legs went seasons ago … in fact think Lennys legs went when he was still collecting winners medals …



    And for the record (not the Daily), any team, in any country, “enjoy” their nearest rivals not winning … only on CQN could this ever be “frowned” upon


    by the usual suspects :-)



    Canny get up for a cup final ???



    You should try following some teams who rarely are given that chance, the opportunity that we get nearly every season, and lately every blinking cup final since 2016

  17. PAPAJOE55 on 19TH DECEMBER 2020 1:03 AM




    Cheers Bhoys for the Birthday wishes.



    May I also wish a very Happy Birthday to ” Lynsdey”…Daughter of SEAN THORNTON on this day.



  18. Good morning all from a cold and dark Garngad



    Coffee time.



    Big Jimmy – Happy Birthday to ya, happy birthday.🥂🍻🎂🍻



    Chill today ma man, get your horses on and sit back and watch them romp home.



    Tomorrow is Scottish cup final day which again I hope you can enjoy your day.



    Hail Hail Amigo



    D :)

  19. I expect a VERY quiet Birthday Today as the Pubs are closed but I have The Rocky Bhoy for company. I think I will have to settle for a day of watching the Horse Racing. My Bets are on….and also my Fitba bets.


    I have a gut feeling that there will be a few goals in the Cup Final Tomorrow….but as long as Celtic score ONE more than that Hertz mob, I will have a GREAT Birthday weekend…albeit a very DRY One LOL ?



    Given my Life Style over many long years of Drinking, Smoking and Wummin, I am surprised that Ive reached the age of “65”…



    Therefore I will concede that I am now just an Aging Lothario….although I would rather be a Drunk Aging Lothario, given the opportunity…


    Get the Feckin PUBS OPEN !





  20. On the read back……………



    Some crackin’ contributions…………..



    I’ve said before the stories as told by TT, and the pics ahared by Stivs…… and a few others , if collated into a book would be a fantastic oral history of the life and times of the Club and the Support.



    Keep it lit Bhoys!



    big Game this weekend………..but I must run and brave the 7 degrees water temps in my wee bit of emerald heaven.



    Brrrrrrrrrrrr CSC

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