Hearts, Thistle, deny fans disclosure


It must cause some cognitive dissonance for Hearts and Partick Thistle to use the excuse that as the Court of Session refused to hear their claim against the SPFL, they are not prepared to allow the subsequent arbitration panel’s judgement to be published.

In a joint statement, the clubs wrote: “Hearts and Partick Thistle always wanted this matter to be heard in open court in the interest of total transparency.  If the SPFL had not sought to have that court action sisted for arbitration then all hearings would have taken place in the public domain, including any necessary examination of witnesses, consideration of documentary evidence and full legal submissions.

“We do not believe sharing the judgement on its own would be appropriate.”

We are deep in Trump-populist territory here.  The SPFL insisted the rules were followed and the Court of Session agreed, neither the League nor the Court had any choice in the matter.

The clubs’ statement goes on: “The SPFL went so far as to tell the member clubs that if they even wanted sight of their Answers to the Court of Session petition, they needed to enter the court proceedings.”  They did not add that the SPFL were legally obliged to restrict distribution of Court submissions to petitioners.

The arbitration panel’s judgement is the only document produced; this is the only item that can be disclosed. All parties need to agree to disclosure, the SPFL, Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers all gave permission, while Hearts and Thistle – the losers, declined.

The rules state that is the end of the matter, no one from the winning side has any complaints about disclosure rules being enforced by the losers.  So why are Fran and Anna still digging themselves into a deeper hole?  “In the interests of total transparency”, they wanted the SPFL and Court of Session to conspire to break League rules and as that did not happen, they want zero transparency.

Is it any wonder Hearts finished well below Hamilton and Ross County, while Partick finished 10 points adrift of Arbroath with these two in charge?  A period of self-reflection might reveal these two were significantly culpable in their clubs demise, and are wholly responsible for whatever punishment is handed out for breaking the rules by going to the Court of Session.

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  1. Gene and GM……….






    I’m fairly relaxed about the hun ( team) threat – totally unrelaxed abooot hun refs and hun meeja mischief.



    Re the monies – they must be paying him summat – given their, liquidated, horrible finances – where are they getting the money?



    Is the ST monies coming in from the mouth-breathers enough?

  2. The Huns?



    They live from hand to mouth, vulnerable to a massive episode at any time (the first one died as a result of a huge tax bill…) killing them.



    They structure payments for signings with as little up front as possible. They structure outgoings with as much up front.



    They fool 45k gullibles to buy ST money and stick it all on red in August every year.



    They get sugar daddies to fund shortfalls and they get the SFA to turn a blind eye to financial scrutiny.



    They do all this to win sweet FA.



    At some point the above catches up with them and kerboom….Hun v 3.0 gets reanimated.

  3. Just got 2 training tops delivered, fantastic quality. Pity Neil never got one, I thought that the hoodie that he was wearing on Sunday, looked as if it came from a Turkish market. It never even had a crest on it

  4. SCANIEL on 4TH AUGUST 2020 4:41 PM



    It’s great she got a credit on such a big budget film. I’ve worked a bit in that industry and know how hard it can be.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Bankie, they got a lot of dross off their books during lockdown. Probably freed up some wages.



    Moreloss will be sold and they’ll sign Dykes.



    Net/net they’ll have downsized (not that you’ll read that anywhere in theSMSM).

  6. FRANKTERRY at 4:57


    …. and Aiden McGeady’s cousin worked on it too, same department, but they spelled her name right!


    Tough industry- all on lockdown now.




    Tontine Tim – love all your history of the old country. I was born and raised in Dumbarton. Don’t think people know half the history of Sunny D/the Rantan/the Vale/ Balloch. I fair enjoyed your post!



    *They don’t unfortunately although I believe they are becoming more aware of it now, couple of local historians on various Vale sites are highlighting historical areas with facts. There’s also a feeling that Camelot was actually up the Carman Hill, believe it or not.



    My dad also worked in the VOL Industrial Estate (Polaroid). He cycled the Renton Rd every day for 25 years as we didn’t have a car.



    *My da worked in Polaroid tae, prior tae that Burroughs; I have fond memories of being woken in the morning as he was leaving for work telling me to meet him at the Estate Bridge that night as we were going up tae a game.



    Just before we left the country Mrs TT got a call fae Polaroid asking her tae come in for an interview, she had tae turn them down as we had past the point of no return for emigration, a couple of months earlier and who knows. I had a stoatin job at the time so periodically it comes up as a “what if”, however as my Scottish granny used tae say “what’s for you won’t go by you”.



    Act of War. I loved your wee video. I cycled that path along the Leven every day one summer during Uni when I worked at Balloch Castle. Every visitor would come into the ‘castle’ asking if there was a tour or a cafe. Always thought the council missed the boat with both. Not sure if the castle is still open these days for visitors?



    *The current Balloch Castle and surrounding Park was originally built as an estate for a Glasgow businessman who was a partner in Glasgow’s oldest bank, the Ship Bank.



    It passed through several hands before being purchased in 1915 by the Corporation of the City of Glasgow to provide publicly accessible open space.



    Although still owned by Glasgow City Council, the park and house have been leased to Dumbarton District Council, and its successor Dunbartonshire Council, since 1975. It was registered as a Country Park in 1980



    Periodically when the lol went to the Corpy for a site to congregate and picnic after their walk they were sent down tae Balloch much tae the consternation of the locals, the last time was 1976.



    Once it became a Country Park they were hunted. So for once the local Council were blameless.



    *Melbourne Mick and Jinkyredstar, one of my greatest disappointments is missing that concert, IMHO the Bonnie Banks should be the national anthem, and no the current dirge, it’s a Jacobite song.



    My da was retired at the time and spent his days down Balloch, he said for that week prior the local “businessmen” were up the park concealing their wares.

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Others saying grain factory hence the wierd cloud and burning

  9. RUGGYGMAN on 4TH AUGUST 2020 4:06 PM said…..


    Anyone, and I mean anyone who thought Brown ranked as one of our top 3 players on Sunday, I would strongly recommend they follow a different sport. Maybe a sport that they will find easier to understand.


    Darts maybe… Swimming ?


    I don’t know, but clearly they have miniscule understanding of football



    What a lovely thing to say, thank you so much for taking the time. Makes it all worthwhile.

  10. The Rich Edinburgh Huns ,who ever they are ,supposed to be the ones that are keeping the lights and transfers on,as for James McCarthy I really never rated him,we have enough midfielders ,we all know what is needed Winger a left back and a Centre Half

  11. FATHER JACK on 4TH AUGUST 2020 5:28 PM



    Wow! Thanks for posting that link! I had no idea that was really going on! And I took the time to look at some of their other stuff too. Unbelievable! The Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax!



    The real heroes are the people who phoned up the actors who were pretending to be the parents of the children that died and gave them abuse!



    Note: I am being sarcastic. You’re a moron. Piss off back to FF.

  12. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    When you’re doing a radge


    Coz your taps got nae badge


    That’s Castore…

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on



    UEFA will hold the UCL and UEL qualifying draws taking into consideration known travel restrictions between countries, e.g. border closures and quarantine requirements. It is the responsibility of the clubs to inform UEFA of these restrictions.



    If COVID-19 restrictions affect a visiting club, the home club must propose a suitable alternative venue which may be in a neutral country. If the home club fails to propose such a venue, the visiting club may be awarded a 3-0 victory.



    If COVID-19 restrictions of a visiting club’s own national/local authority prevent them from traveling, the home club must propose a suitable venue which the away club is able to access (or UEFA appoints). If either club refuses, the other may be awarded a 3-0 victory



    Now this is a big one. If, after the deadline to provide info for the draw at UEFA, a country places restrictions which make the tie impossible, it is forfeited. So, Tottenham drawn at home to team from Romania. UK then bans travel from Romania. Spurs would forfeit the tie.



    In the same scenario, if the governments of both the UK and Romania banned travel between the countries after the draw deadline, both are held ‘responsible’ and UEFA can disqualify BOTH clubs from the Champions League / Europa League.



    Now onto UEFA’s COVID-19 testing protocol. If players or coaches test positive, match WILL still go ahead as long as min 13 players registered on the A list (must include one goalkeeper) are available. If fewer than 13, tie may be rescheduled or additional players registered.



    If a club has fewer than 13 players on the A list (including one goalkeeper) available, and it is not possible to reschedule the match within stipulated deadlines (UEFA has published these), the team will forfeit the tie. A referee who tests positive will be replaced.



    If, for any reason, the qualifying phase and/or play-offs of the Champions League and Europa League cannot be completed, the UEFA Executive Committee will decide on the principles for determining the clubs qualified for the group stage.

  14. SQA Results one thing I have noticed,those from affluent areas seem to do well ,but pupils from deprived places don’t ,that needs to be looked at

  15. BBC shortbread open tonights show with….’huge credit to especially Aberdeen for the way in which they dealt with covid-19 situation with regards the weekend matches we covered’.


    To be fair Tom English jumped in and said it was excellent organisation at Celtic too.



    Now on to how Rangers have just signed an incredible player and another one to come with a 9 million total spend to really throw down the gauntlet to celtic in the title charge.!!!



    And after that I could tell you no more as i have switched off……only on by mistake as i quit listening to this nonsense station for good last season.

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    SQA have a few appeals to look at I’d imagine



    Does anyone know who benefits from hampden being sold ?






    Dunno but i heard the SFA head accountant couldn’t understand why the stadium has a £25k per month electricity bill when there are no games being played. I believe the answer he was given was, what do you expect… the only thing that hasn’t been turned on is the floodlights! I’ve also been told that every penny is now a prisoner with regards to stadium upkeep.

  18. Not football related but I really do despair at times with RTÉ, on the Six One news there on a piece about the late John Hume they interviewed Gregory Campbell uber bigot! Why speak with him about John Hume? He castigated John Hume for his human rights work (an end to gerrymandering, housing and education for all) also for speaking with Sinn Féin which led to the GFA. Not once did John Hume believe or say that Protestants were racially inferior unlike Campbell who said that about Catholics, aaahhg!


    Rant over!

  19. Adi, The SFA bought it off Queen’s Park for 5 million. That is the only transaction I am aware of.

  20. !!BADA BING!!


    In the U.S. 21 Major League Baseball games involving 9 teams have already been postponed due to Covid-19. The Miami Marlins had 18 players test positive and the St. Louis Cardinals had 7. Staff members of both teams were also infected. Some are now questioning if the MLB shortened season can even be completed.



    Given the above, it would be a major surprise if the CL and EL, were not adversely affected by the virus over the next few weeks. Imagine awarding a finalist a 3-0 victory because the opposition had insufficient players!

  21. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH AUGUST 2020 6:07 PM


    These new UEFA regulations should make Sunday (1st round) and Monday (2nd round) Champions League qualifying draws interesting.


    Wonder how ‘travel restrictions’ and ‘Virus protocols’ will affect the pre-draw “technical procedures” ?

  22. EMBRAMIKE on 4TH AUGUST 2020 6:25 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH AUGUST 2020 6:07 PM



    These new UEFA regulations should make Sunday (1st round) and Monday (2nd round) Champions League qualifying draws interesting.



    Wonder how ‘travel restrictions’ and ‘Virus protocols’ will affect the pre-draw “technical procedures” ?






    Sports teams have exemptions from quarantine in England. Is it the same in Scotland?




    RTE have a long track record of attacking John Hume and anything that down the years put under threat the corrupt, cronyism of the 26 counties. They coined the phrase pan-nationalist front back in the day (taken up by loyalist paramilitaries afterwards) so I suspect it was very deliberate to roll out Flegory, the bigot’s bigot.



    Comes from a place of fear but still bloody annoying.




  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    PAPAJOE55 on 4TH AUGUST 2020 3:14 PM


    I’ll have another go at making somebody smile.



    I need to re-home a dog, it’s a small terrier and tends to bark a lot. If your interested let me know and I’ll jump over my neighbours fence and get it for you.😀





    I actually did that when I was younger. Next door had a beautiful wee dog – miniature collie. like a wee version of Lassie. Treated it terribly – kicked it (physically, volleyed) it out the door regularly, left to live in a tiny garden, never picked up it’s droppings, wee thing was covered in excerement and often freezing. Me and two mates jumped their fence one night, stuffed it into a bag and got it re-housed.



    Felt good.