Hearts, Thistle, deny fans disclosure


It must cause some cognitive dissonance for Hearts and Partick Thistle to use the excuse that as the Court of Session refused to hear their claim against the SPFL, they are not prepared to allow the subsequent arbitration panel’s judgement to be published.

In a joint statement, the clubs wrote: “Hearts and Partick Thistle always wanted this matter to be heard in open court in the interest of total transparency.  If the SPFL had not sought to have that court action sisted for arbitration then all hearings would have taken place in the public domain, including any necessary examination of witnesses, consideration of documentary evidence and full legal submissions.

“We do not believe sharing the judgement on its own would be appropriate.”

We are deep in Trump-populist territory here.  The SPFL insisted the rules were followed and the Court of Session agreed, neither the League nor the Court had any choice in the matter.

The clubs’ statement goes on: “The SPFL went so far as to tell the member clubs that if they even wanted sight of their Answers to the Court of Session petition, they needed to enter the court proceedings.”  They did not add that the SPFL were legally obliged to restrict distribution of Court submissions to petitioners.

The arbitration panel’s judgement is the only document produced; this is the only item that can be disclosed. All parties need to agree to disclosure, the SPFL, Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers all gave permission, while Hearts and Thistle – the losers, declined.

The rules state that is the end of the matter, no one from the winning side has any complaints about disclosure rules being enforced by the losers.  So why are Fran and Anna still digging themselves into a deeper hole?  “In the interests of total transparency”, they wanted the SPFL and Court of Session to conspire to break League rules and as that did not happen, they want zero transparency.

Is it any wonder Hearts finished well below Hamilton and Ross County, while Partick finished 10 points adrift of Arbroath with these two in charge?  A period of self-reflection might reveal these two were significantly culpable in their clubs demise, and are wholly responsible for whatever punishment is handed out for breaking the rules by going to the Court of Session.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BLANTYRETIM – don’t know if you heard – my wife’s wee brother (Wull) passed away on Friday last. Funeral’s in st Joseph’s next Monday.






  2. DAVID17 on 4TH AUGUST 2020 6:27 PM



    SCOTLAND’S Euro entrants won’t need to self-isolate after away trips to countries on the Covid-19 banned list.


    Celtic supremo Peter Lawwell revealed the four clubs have been granted special status by Holyrood.


    And they could land one-off home ties — even if they are drawn away — if host clubs can’t meet strict Uefa coronavirus criteria.


    Celtic await next month’s Champions League qualifying draw, with Rangers, Motherwell and Aberdeen set for the Europa League. They could all face trips to nations not on Scotland’s “air bridge” list — which would mean heading into quarantine on their return.


    But First Minister Nicola Sturgeon granted the teams special status to avoid self-isolation if they are up to date on Covid-19 testing and charter their own plane.

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Talking about him on Saturday with wee Sannae, say Maureens post ..



    We finally got to inter wee Choo Choo’s ashes on Saturday , he passed away Easter Sunday but Fr Jack knows he didn’t really ( clown)



    He is in our prayers , I was at


    School with Matt

  4. During the First World War, Celtic dominated the league title victories in part due to Jimmy McColl’s numerous strikes. His goal tallies during this time gladdened the hearts of the support and kept the club on top.



    Season 1915-16 was his greatest period, scoring an incredible 36 goals in just 32 league games, a tally that marks him as high as the other great strikers Celtic have had in the club’s history. Sadly he is often overshadowed by Jimmy Quinn who preceded him and the later Jimmy McGrory, but he truly deserves more recognition. His career is sandwiched in between those two greats which has meant that some have seemed to unintentionally skim over his career instead of paying it the due respect & attention it deserves.








  5. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    FrankTerry on 4th August 2020 6:02PM


    CLINK\O/ 3X3 on 4TH AUGUST 2020 6:11 PM



    Admire your vigilance. Part-time from my perspective.



    Father Jack is The Exiled Tim, one of my very favourite CQN polemicists from a bygone age. I hope he remains safe, comfortable and happy in Spain.



    Eat less. Move more. Keep breathing.

  6. That’s them signed Hagi, McLaughlin, Brassey, Balogun, Roofe and Itten this window. They are definitely going for it. In other news, we are dicking around with Ajeti, Toney and Fletcher. The window slams shut on October 7. We better get a move on.

  7. For what it’s worth, I’d like to see Ntcham made team captain and Broony, Club Captain, and I would burst the bank to keep Odsonne, even for another 2 seasons. Makes sense to me.




  8. rangers not messing about in the transfer market. Like it or not , they do their business swiftly and decisively. They’ve added continuity in terms of Roofe (similar to Morelos) and Itten gives them height and strength.



    Celtic on the other hand are wheeling and dealing on top targets – usually to lose out once competition comes in.



    Was need areal power in center of defense, a physical left back and another striker!



    The league is not guaranteed but we can increase our chances by demonstrating our financial dominance and signing players who are proven and consistent at a high level.

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Think it was a cup tie , can imagine what he said about the copper

  10. TIMBHOY2 on 4TH AUGUST 2020 6:09 PM


    SQA Results one thing I have noticed,those from affluent areas seem to do well ,but pupils from deprived places don’t ,that needs to be looked at




    I knew the pupils and their schools know their results. But I haven’t see any comparative school by school figures. Generally results for more affluent areas like, say, Eastwood, are better than for deprived areas like Drumchapel. It’s called the attainment gap.


    I think you, Timbhoy, have highlighted something which may be disturbing: has the SQA awarded grades or subtracted from teachers’ estimates based on the school’s past performance? In other words, has the final grade been influenced not by actual pupil attainment but by the attainment of pupils who have long since left that school?

  11. Every year it’s the same bloody thing.



    Huns go all in with a new team for Stevie Gee.


    Celtic fans quickly lose their nerve and demand action now!


    Celtic focus on quality that takes time to land.


    Celtic win everything.



    See you all in 21/22 folks :)

  12. STEBHOY on 4TH AUGUST 2020 7:43 PM


    rangers not messing about in the transfer market. Like it or not , they do their business swiftly and decisively.




    So, you suggest that Celtic should shop downmarket – as Sevco have done. Well, it’s certainly been a big success for them.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ho ho.



    How many players signed by Gerrard in total?



    Must be pushing 30 ?



    Basically those chumps are continuing with the same incoherent squad management approach (I won’t deign to call it a strategy) that has delivered bugger all.



    More of the same please.

  14. Again, I’ll suggest that since we humped the huns 5-1 in april 2017, they have gradually improved.



    We have regressed.



    This was before the signings of the last 24 hours.



    I believe if everyone at Celtic wants it, we’ll win the league this season. If we continue to regress, we wont. Seems simple to me



    No excuses about how signing players is uniquely difficult for Celtic, please

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Here it is.



    Poorest pupils Higher pass rate reduced by 15.2% between teacher estimate and statistical moderation.



    Richest pupils rate reduced by just 6.9%.

  16. BIG WAVY


    Agree with part of that ( the winning everything part ). Problem is, the Zombies are getting closer, much closer, and we are sitting on our laurels. Remember we used to gub them 5-1, 5-0 and 4-0?


    I’m betting Hagi, Balogun, Roofe and Itten will start most games for them. Hagi and Itten are full internationals and damn good players. The Zombie hordes get some excitement from signings like these. In the meantime, we continue to look at players who in all likelihood will not step into the first team immediately, and we go “Meh.”



    STEBBHOY is correct in how efficient they are in signing players. Defoe gets injured and Morelos looks overweight. Within 2 weeks, they have 2 forwards signed. How long have we been dicking around with Ajeti and Toney? Ajeti says he needs time and goes on holiday to Sardinia. Well, I know what my response would have been, assuming I would have been at all interested in someone who can’t get a game for a piss poor West Ham team.



    The season has started. We have a Champions League qualifier coming up. We are an away draw and a Lincoln Red Imps performance away from no Europe at all. I would feel a whole lot more comfortable if we had cover at left back, center back and center forward with players who could walk straight into the team, and I am not talking about players at the level of Bolongoli, Hendry, Bayo, Soro, Kouassi et al. When was the last time we signed someone we could be excited about? Probably Moussa.




    I wasn’t aware that Father Jack was the Exiled Tim so I apologise for accusing him of being a hun.



    However, if you have the time read this:






    The site that he linked to supports the people who have tortured the parents of the children that were killed. I can’t think of anything worse than while you’re grieving the loss of a child having some idiot accusing you of being a fraud – that your child wasn’t really killed and you are part of some deep state conspiracy.

  18. bigrailroadblues on

    I would be shocked if the new hun super strikers could score 20 goals between them.

  19. fairhill bhoy on

    Maybe the Huns are signing the new superstars because nobody really wanted them,eh.🤔


    Our targets are further up the chain and that means they will have more options.


    Really thought that would have been obvious



    Ajeti, Toney and Fletcher further up the chain than Itten and Roofe? Can’t see that myself. Itten and Ajeti are countrymen. One is a full international, one is not. The Zombies signed the full international. Roofe played for Leeds and Anderlecht, Toney plays for Peterborough.

  21. Gene, Thought you would be giving us cricket updates. I’m not a fan but a mate texted me that Ireland are in with a right chance of winning.

  22. Iniquitousiv the 2 strikers one was bought for millions by an EPL club one was not, Genk couldn’t wait to get rid of Hagi, replaced him with Kouassi. I take It Edouard didn’t excite as a signing?

  23. I think what Celtic Football Club particularly Neil Lennon is not to say a word regarding transfers,we have Hammond who oversees the recruitment of new players getting signed for Celtic,Neil Lennon proved to himself a couple of weeks ago telling the media about Neil Griffith’s being overweight,big mistake telling them and not for the first time either he has mentioned about our players ,so my message to him is to employ someone who knows how to handle the media ,he should stick to coaching that’s HIS JOB.

  24. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    They are signing players where they have huge holes in their squad – they have no front-men at all (I’m assuming the Columbian eejit is away).



    Our need isn’t quite as acute at the moment – we have a very good squad. A couple of obvious areas for strengthening are left back and centre back – other than that we are good.



    Our bigger issue is avoiding weakening ourselves by selling some of our best players – Edouard and / or Christie for instance. If we do that – and we don’t need to because they are in contract – then we are creating a problem for ourselves.









    You’ve framed your whole narrative as everything Rangers great, everything Celtic bad. He’s moulding another team together unless you’ve not noticed, meaning every one of these bets they have placed play off. These guys must be the goals early season Morelos last year was. Absolutely no guarantees.



    We have winners galore, goals galore, stability and we’ll add to the squad with quality. Stop wetting your pants fgs.

  26. BGFC



    Sorry to hear of your loss.



    Prayers said for your good lady and you!



    May Wull rest in peace.

  27. Corkcelt


    Just back in from my son’s so have only just caught up with it.


    Ireland 213 for 1 need 106 off 88 balls – should be favourite