Hearts, Thistle, deny fans disclosure


It must cause some cognitive dissonance for Hearts and Partick Thistle to use the excuse that as the Court of Session refused to hear their claim against the SPFL, they are not prepared to allow the subsequent arbitration panel’s judgement to be published.

In a joint statement, the clubs wrote: “Hearts and Partick Thistle always wanted this matter to be heard in open court in the interest of total transparency.  If the SPFL had not sought to have that court action sisted for arbitration then all hearings would have taken place in the public domain, including any necessary examination of witnesses, consideration of documentary evidence and full legal submissions.

“We do not believe sharing the judgement on its own would be appropriate.”

We are deep in Trump-populist territory here.  The SPFL insisted the rules were followed and the Court of Session agreed, neither the League nor the Court had any choice in the matter.

The clubs’ statement goes on: “The SPFL went so far as to tell the member clubs that if they even wanted sight of their Answers to the Court of Session petition, they needed to enter the court proceedings.”  They did not add that the SPFL were legally obliged to restrict distribution of Court submissions to petitioners.

The arbitration panel’s judgement is the only document produced; this is the only item that can be disclosed. All parties need to agree to disclosure, the SPFL, Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers all gave permission, while Hearts and Thistle – the losers, declined.

The rules state that is the end of the matter, no one from the winning side has any complaints about disclosure rules being enforced by the losers.  So why are Fran and Anna still digging themselves into a deeper hole?  “In the interests of total transparency”, they wanted the SPFL and Court of Session to conspire to break League rules and as that did not happen, they want zero transparency.

Is it any wonder Hearts finished well below Hamilton and Ross County, while Partick finished 10 points adrift of Arbroath with these two in charge?  A period of self-reflection might reveal these two were significantly culpable in their clubs demise, and are wholly responsible for whatever punishment is handed out for breaking the rules by going to the Court of Session.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    I would consider myself to be more of a mineshafter than happy clapper however I am not at all concerned about Sevco signing these guys. Remember we were tld Joey Barton et al were going to stop us winning 7, 8, 9 and so on? They are looking in a totally different market place to us. Worried if they had got the likes of Moi….

  2. Roofe’s a sicknote….



    19/20 Calf Injury Jan 12, 2020 Jul 3, 2020 173 days


    19/20 Ankle Injury Jul 18, 2019 Sep 13, 2019 57 days


    18/19 Calf Injury Sep 10, 2018 Oct 15, 2018 35 days



    Many a true word is said in jest. You have encapsulated how the MSM will characterize it, but you cannot deny they act faster than we do, so there is an element of truth in it. Barisic was the man of the match against them in 2 EL games. 4 days after the second game, he was at The Bigotdome. That is efficient.


    CAMUSBHOY – Odsonne is a superb player. Did you know he would be first name on the team sheet before we signed him? I didn’t, and more of the same would be great. I’m just not that excited about a 35 year old Fletcher.



    You can go have carnal intercourse with yourself. I have a right to express an opinion on here without derogatory, insulting comments from such as yourself.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Oh my, the opposition sign five players on free transfers and folk wet their pants.



    Moreloss is a proven goal scorer. These guys are punts signed for ‘undisclosed’ fees.



    St Galen signed Kamberi and got rid of the guy the Huns have just picked up.



    Get a grip FFS.

  6. glendalystonsils on

    Roofe? I hope he’s no contaminated wi’ asbestos like the rest of their roofs.




    Catch yourself on fella. You seem so spooked by the sooper dooper Huns signing you’re lashing out at folk.



    I think you’re for the watching.

  8. Personally, I’m looking at the past 6 transfer windows (summer 2017 to date). We’re heading into transfer window 7.



    Does anyone seriously suggest we have strengthened by more than the huns? That the gap is wider?



    Whether by complacency, negligence or bad luck, I believe the gap has closed. We are still ahead at the moment.



    Given the massive gulf between the sides in 2017, and our huge financial advantage, it is ridiculous that they defeated us last season.



    I really hope the complacency on here is not being mirrored within the walls of CP.



    Everyone has a part to play this season. I believe the fans have already done theirs.

  9. Hun gap closing …….



    2018 + 12 points


    2019 + 11 points


    2020 + 13 points




  10. Iniquitousiv



    Can you point me to a positive post you have ever put on Re Celtic during our 9 years of domestic dominance ?



    Just asking in the off chance celtic has made you happy at any stage in our unparalleled domination of domestic trophies.

  11. Gene



    What a quiz question that will be



    When did 3 Irishmen score centuries in a one day match between Ireland and England. No Englishmen scores a hundred yet Ireland fail to win.

  12. Big Wavy.



    I think you are slightly more to the point than me re the recent hunterloper !

  13. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    FrankTerry on 4thAugust 2020 8:24PM



    No worries, SFTB will send you the current CQN Whatsapp password. It’s only me and AKBW1888 who don’t have it on this outlet.

  14. I have never been surer we will win the title. Gerrard remaining in post is a blessing. They are seriously fragile below the surface, one or two bad moments will create hysteria and negativity previously unseen, Their support are deluded but toxic and their players don’t have the bottle or mentality to stand up to it. Gerrard is wet behind the ears. There is no evidence to suggest he can deliver a title under intense pressure. Their roofe will cave in. Our players have a huge mentality, they will not throw this away.

  15. I think the signings they have made are of a decent profile. Short-term maybe.



    Can’t lose sleep over it. We must trust the process.



    We have a very strong starting 11. 4 or 5 behind that we can trust.



    Hopefully a couple of additions on top of that.



    Let them claim victory off this. Suck it all in.



    The close season trophy is always going to be theirs.

  16. BIG WAVY on 4TH AUGUST 2020 9:26 PM


    Hun gap closing …….



    2018 + 12 points



    2019 + 11 points



    2020 + 13 points









    The gap hasn’t closed because when they improved we raised the bar higher



    We dropped 10 points over 30 games. If the invincible season was the highest benchmark we were only just off that

  17. TM 29



    Def agree. We have raised it.



    None of their recent additions would start in our team.