Hearts, Thistle, deny fans disclosure


It must cause some cognitive dissonance for Hearts and Partick Thistle to use the excuse that as the Court of Session refused to hear their claim against the SPFL, they are not prepared to allow the subsequent arbitration panel’s judgement to be published.

In a joint statement, the clubs wrote: “Hearts and Partick Thistle always wanted this matter to be heard in open court in the interest of total transparency.  If the SPFL had not sought to have that court action sisted for arbitration then all hearings would have taken place in the public domain, including any necessary examination of witnesses, consideration of documentary evidence and full legal submissions.

“We do not believe sharing the judgement on its own would be appropriate.”

We are deep in Trump-populist territory here.  The SPFL insisted the rules were followed and the Court of Session agreed, neither the League nor the Court had any choice in the matter.

The clubs’ statement goes on: “The SPFL went so far as to tell the member clubs that if they even wanted sight of their Answers to the Court of Session petition, they needed to enter the court proceedings.”  They did not add that the SPFL were legally obliged to restrict distribution of Court submissions to petitioners.

The arbitration panel’s judgement is the only document produced; this is the only item that can be disclosed. All parties need to agree to disclosure, the SPFL, Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers all gave permission, while Hearts and Thistle – the losers, declined.

The rules state that is the end of the matter, no one from the winning side has any complaints about disclosure rules being enforced by the losers.  So why are Fran and Anna still digging themselves into a deeper hole?  “In the interests of total transparency”, they wanted the SPFL and Court of Session to conspire to break League rules and as that did not happen, they want zero transparency.

Is it any wonder Hearts finished well below Hamilton and Ross County, while Partick finished 10 points adrift of Arbroath with these two in charge?  A period of self-reflection might reveal these two were significantly culpable in their clubs demise, and are wholly responsible for whatever punishment is handed out for breaking the rules by going to the Court of Session.

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  1. The gap hasn’t closed because when they improved we raised the bar higher


    We dropped 10 points over 30 games. If the invincible season was the highest benchmark we were only just off that




    And that my good man is what we’ll do this season again.



    It’s been a good day for der hun in the pre-season cup. 2 strikers who have struck terror into the hearts of fearty Celts.



    I’ve never heard of either personally and await with interest how they bridge the Morelos goal count of 2019.

  2. INIQUITOUSIV @ 8.54



    Au contraire, – Wim Jansen signed a fair few players fast and for big bucks, when he had to, in order to halt thems financially fraudulent Ten in a row.



    Necessity motivates Sevco, who are firefighting with their inferior squad trying to have the depth that we had last year and now, you or I, have no idea how long they track their signings they don’t pick up the phone, and they hey presto they appear on a marble staircase.



    When Celtic signed our keeper Vasilis Barkas we bought him from a very different shop than John McLaughlin and paid £6M against the Sevco fee, which was ’nothing’. When we signed Mohamed El Younoussi as soon as the window opened, he was still valued at £16M by Southampton.



    The Deady bears spending ‘undisclosed’ amounts on readily available targets is for twitchy Celtic fans, in every window, that maintain we’ve regressed all the way to another nine in a row.



    It will always be like this, its about who you have signed and who you buy, not about Daily Dafty or its made up fees, and Super Rainjurz timetables.




  3. Big Wavy



    How many of these new gun signings would seriously Stand a chance of getting in our first team.



    I’m not spooked and you started it. I’ve been on this site since the outset and never once insulted any poster, even although I might disagree strongly with them. Using ad hominen invective to insult me gets my dander up, but I ameliorate my reaction so not to attract a red card from Paul.


    BURNLEY78. Seriously? There is a way of retrieving comments from 9 years ago?

  5. All of our goals on Sunday came from swift counter attacking moves ,with the opposition players not getting a touch of the ball.



    Gone is the slow ,ponderous side to side ,across the back ,slow build ups,that bored me to death during the Rat’s last 18 months.



    Lenny has got us playing the ball much quicker from front to back .



    Against better sides with more powerful players ,and faster full backs ,we may suffer.



    We are still very vulnerable when we don’t have the ball.


    We let teams good play without making enough tackles .



    But Sunday was a joy to watch when we had the ball.







  6. Tiny Tim.



    Great to see on and in positive mode. I hope you and yours are in good form despite these challenging times. Maybe grab a socially distanced meet up sometime soon in ‘The Kingdom’.

  7. Keep it quiet but I watched the last couple of overs from the cricket match & actually enjoyed it.

  8. Bearin’ in mind I know hee-haw about fitba’……….



    …….here’s whee I get a little edgy –


    the huns “buy” decentish journeymen who can get them through standard SPL opposition, ability-wise just better than most around thum…us apart.


    That strategy keeps thum within striking distance of us for long enough so that when we have to meet each other the honest mistake mob can queer the pitch to some effect.



    Anyhoo, just the way I sees it.




  9. I see a lot of posters saying Sevco have downsized, but what about us? Going for 10IAR and in the last year we have let go of the following senior, and presumably, highly paid players:



    Dedryck Boyata, Mikael Lustig, Kieran Tierney, Scott Sinclair, Jozo Šimunović and Craig Gordon.



    We have also rid ourselves of (amongst numerous youth players): Marvin Compper, Dorus de Vries, Emilio Izaguirre, Cristian Gamboa, Scott Allan, Youssouf Mulumbu, Eboue Kouassi, Lewis Morgan and Jonny Hayes. We have also rid ourselves of various loanees.



    Who have we signed that realistically is on top money. I would argue only Jullien, Barkas (reported £18k) and Moi on loan. The other signings are unlikely to be on big money.



    The you consider the difference in cost between BR and his team to Lenny and Gavin Strachan (JK having already been at Celtic) and you have to ask the question, which team is downsizing? And I still see posters advocating further cuts to the squad.

  10. Burnley78



    I would welcome that.



    I have great faith in Lenny tactically.



    I just hope the scouts don’t let him down .



    I hope we can put any interest in Eddie to bed for 12 months.



    This is the biggest season of my Celtic supporting life ,since we stopped the 10.



    We are not likely to ever have this opportunity again in our lifetimes.



    We stand on the cusp of an immortal achievement.



    No stone should be left unturned to achieve the 10.



    I’ll send you a wee text later this week and we can arrange a socially distanced beverage.




  11. Gene



    I agree.



    But the ponderous side to side passing across the back ,allowing our opponents the opportunity to get back behind the ball ,is no longer a regular feature of our play .



    That’s down to Lenny.




  12. In the Fife town of Buckhaven ,there are few Catholic families.



    A “weel kint “ Catholic family in the toun is the McAllisters.



    Auld Tam McAllister gets laid to rest tomorrow.


    He was in every sense a Gentle man.



    May you rest in peace Mr McAllister.



    You raised two good son’s and a good daughter .


    You live on through them and theirs.




  13. Tiny Tim



    Sorry for the loss of your friend.



    I look forward to your message and a meet up.

  14. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Good Evening Tiny Tim



    I agree, This is indeed a pivotal year as was 1998. Hope, we make it! Tommy Boyd is going to get equally as famous, as the Captain that stopped the 10 if we do it :-)



    Hope all is good in the Tiny Tim family?







  15. will be investing to see how Peterborough’s valuation of Ivan Toney plays out now that Brentford failed to reach EPL , our £5 million alleged bid might be enough.

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I’ll add him to my prayers at mass tomorrow buddy

  17. anybuddy, think,



    with a proper context, the 2nd rangers signings,


    are not as good as the Celtic currants,



    hey ho,



    here we go.



    10 in a row

  18. @ GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 4TH AUGUST 2020 10:38 PM



    Nothing of value to add to the debate then?



    Sevco have improved the squad from last year, we have stood still.

  19. I think it’s too early for Itten and Roofe to be ‘written oof’ 😉



    The thing is, with Defoe injured and it looking like Morelos will be away sooner rather than later, they have literally NO strikers, so they had to bring a couple in ASAP.



    I know one thing for sure they aren’t anywhere near the quality of Edouard and Griffiths so lets hope we keep the former and the latter gets himself fit