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  1. South Of Tunis on




    Player ! .



    Has the serious honour of playing in the only football match Mrs S of T ever attended .



    A Boxing Day game – Chelsea v Fulham .Going to the game with me and her visiting for Christmas father enabled her to avoid going to the Boxing Day sales with her mother and mad Auntie ..



    Bonetti / Wilkins / Bobby Moore / Rodney Marsh / Alan Mullery , George Best and David Hay . Huge crowd by Chelsea standards . Chelsea won 2-0 . Mrs S of T wasn’t interested . Spent the game watching the crowd . Asked by her mother – How was It ? — ” some lovely arses “

  2. PETEC on 8TH MAY 2018 3:21 AM


    Attenborough is a Eugenic dude, Crazy eh.







    A National Treasure huh.




    Not for me.





    Not for me in the slightest.




    Once upon a time there was a strong body of support for eugenics in the UK. Another ‘national treasure’, Winston Churchill had tendencies leaning that way also.

  3. Davidopoulos on

    The hand of God



    You would be amazed at the number of fans who have never heard of resolution 12 or even the LNS enquiry or simply do not care.





    You are absolutely right, although I would say “depressed” rather than “amazed”.



    The outcomes this summer on the Sevco UEFA licence (that’s this years licence) plus the Compliance Officer’s report are the two straws that may well break this particular camel’s back.



    I’ll take the hump…

  4. With Edouard seemingly out for the rest of the season, Griffiths not ready to return to training until Thursday and the need to wrap Dembele in cotton wool for the next week, will Jack Aitchison get a starting chance on Wednesday night? Would like to see him and Mikey Johnston get a run out in last couple of games.

  5. From the BBC’s business correspondent Douglas Fraser last night on Twitter:



    “Anyone care to explain how this works: convert debt to equity, raise money by issuing new shares, at the same time that youre required, under protest, to offer to buy out shareholders, using money you cant get out of South Africa?”

  6. SoT,



    Some company you have kept. You must be multi-gifted.



    I have always thought that the Quality Street Gang could have won the Big Cup, if we had been able to keep them together. Imo, there were 3 world class players, George Connolly, Danny McGrain and Kenny Dalglish and the rest were top drawer, like Davie Hay.

  7. The Hand of God,



    CQN is a mere fraction of the Celtic Support.



    The Celtic Support is growing Big Time.



    So many face hardships.



    Celtic is Hope.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    King stopping just short of asking for the SFA’s help to Stop the Tims, taking ‘loans’ which won’t get paid back, to keep the lights on, and are still allowed to bring in new players? Would this be allowed in any other league?

  9. !!BADA BING!!



    I thought that was exactly what he did ask for:))



    Pweeese pwwwwwwweeeese just one league and the whole “pack” of cards will cwumble, that’ll be house of cards Dave you thick thick sticky bun..

  10. fieldofdrams on

    Haven’t had the chance to read back yet as I’ve been having a wee read at one of their blogs, and it seems the gullibillies are plumbing new depths of credulity this morning, viz:



    “We’re running at a deficit out of choice, not because we don’t have enough income.”



    Okay…I’ll just have a wee lie down.