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  1. HT.



    That’ll save midden booking their defender for being all over Edouard. You know the way CMcG was booked.

  2. Dark ages football from Hearts. Hoof ball, thuggish tactics and however Levein condones this I will never know.

  3. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Naismith is a dirty, rancid, scummy, hun bastard,he is out to


    do one of our players, he needs sorted, a win would be nice


    but I’ll happily settle for the wee prick going off on a stretcher.

  4. HT. That’ll save midden booking their defender for being all over Edouard. Like CMcG’s booking.




    His players are under instruction of that I have no doubt, Levein is one of the most over rated managers of all time and a bitter two faced b*ast*d to boot…

  6. Disgusting display from Madden and Hearts.


    A team of thugs aided and abetted by a cheat with a whistle.

  7. What is the Stars on

    Any other game against any other opposition Naismith could have had FOUR REDS

  8. Sorry for the double post. My laptop is wild.



    I’ve now remembered why I hate them.



    Scum on the park and in the stands.

  9. Shocking performance.




    By the officials and the commentaters.



    It’s open season on Scott brown and the pundits laughing aand smirking at the prolonged stamp on his groin. Then they deny that it’s even a foul as he leaves his mark on James Forrest’s ankle. And the chop on Odsonne Edouard was bad too.



    There is being physical and then there is beoing allowed to be brutal.



    Madden, by being lenient, is waiting for the first Celt to lose the rag and retaliate. Then we will see red.

  10. Clear as day , Levein has given instructions to Naismith to do Broony at any given opportunity.


    Lafferty, Naismith and McCoist have been a disgrace.



    Would love to, I mean really love to beat these bams today.


    Away support magnificent.




  11. Rodgers needs to speak out after this game. This is open season on our players and madhun is a disgrace.

  12. This is good practise for the cup final, Murderwell will use the same tactics as the Minis. Wee Naeballs should be off the park.

  13. Outrageous tactics by Hearts – clearly trying to injure out players and sadly and predictably Madden is letting them away with it.



    If we don’t speak out now, when the league is won, we never will.



    But how pitiful are Hearts – no effort in most games all year and then when we turn up Lafferty, Naismith, and Levein are busting a gut to get a result.

  14. Both of those scumbag challenges get worse each time you see them, at least Sutton and Stewart called for what they wear, we don’t expect anything like that from the two clowns with the mikes, smirking smart huns don’t have that in their locker and are happy to see others do what their own team can’t do..

  15. both half time pundits agreeing with everything being said on here, the wee huns are thugs.

  16. As shocking a display of incompetence from a referee and his linesman as you are ever likely to see. Every decision wrong. Their goal that was disallowed should have stood, Bain was poor, the goal they scored was a free kick to us in the centre circle, Dedryck offside for our goal and worse of the lot Naismith should have been sent off twice. As Sutton said, two cowardly challenges intended to injure players.

  17. cathedral view on

    BT have made a huge mistake by bringing Mcoist in as an anchor (not rhyming slang).



    Is it an attempt to appeal to rangers fans? During a Celtic game?



    They’re beginning to sound like a Sky sports commentary team.




  18. If I were McCoist’s producer I’d be raging. Is he afraid of calling out a foul on Brown because it’ll upset his Sevco mates?



    What does he think BT Sport are paying him for?

  19. Missed first half. Seen Naiskill’s tackle on Broony during HT highlights – absolute shocker.



    How is HamiltonTim?



    C’mon the HOOPS

  20. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Not read back, but my advice would be to let this game go. It means nothing. I have a genuine concern for our players safety. Hearts level of physicality, in the modern game, is unacceptable. We could easily lose a key player for the Cup Final, or worse, for the start of next season.



  21. I am now at the point in this game where I am not bothered about a result,get out of here without serious injury.Madden is allowing open season on our players.

  22. This is why Scottish Football will never prosper: we don’t play by the same rules as the rest of FIFA, and they are cheating bassas as well.


    Honestly cannot see why this is condoned, it’s like the prisoners v guards game or Slapshot without the ice.


    Wee Nasally and Laugherty will be toasted in every Hun pub up down the place for doing what the Orcs players were afraid to do. This is SFRA authorised assaults on our players.

  23. Unbelievably McCoist with his first half comments has managed to go further down on my previous estimations which were very low already.


    Can’t help himself, archetypal ‘hurting hun’