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  1. Gordon, Lustig, Ajer, Simunovic, Forrest,Brown, Ntcham, Hayes, Rogic,McGregor,Edouard



    Bain, Tierney, Hendry, Sinclair, Griffiths, Christie, Johnston

  2. Team for today


    CELTIC (3-4-2-1) Gordon, Lustig, Ajer, Simunovic; Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, Hayes; Rogic, McGregor; Edouard.


    Subs: Bain, Hendry, Tierney, Sinclair, Christie, Johnston, Griffiths




    Rewind/post from last article.





    Wrong again.



    At least Kieran is being kept in cotton wool.



    I’m hoping for a performance from Jonny Hayes and shows he can get back to the form he was getting to before he got that bad injury.



    Jonny a MOTM would be just spiffing.

  4. MADMITCH on 10TH AUGUST 2018 10:13 PM


    Total speculation on my part.







    My view from 289 miles away is that AV offered £15K pw after tax.





    We offered similar but that included appearance money and some bonuses.







    That generated the question to BR about being guaranteed a starting place in the team.





    He could not be given that guarantee so our deal was worth less than theirs.







    Was that not the trap that Bobo Balde fell into? Big wages dependent on appearances.



    And the reason he became persona non grata and exiled from the first team squad?

  5. Good morning Bhoys from a pleasent central Éire. I’m really looking forward to today’s game against the Jambos – in Brendan we trust. Best of luck to the 11 that take the field.



  6. Maybe the rest of JJ article has the same level of veracity as the team selection



    time will tell

  7. That’s no the team bhoys, it was a mistake on twitter.



    Team is:-


    Gordon, Lustig, Simunovic, Hendry, Tierney; Brown, Kouassi; Hayes, McGregor; Sinclair; Griffiths.


    Subs: Bain, Rogic, Ntcham, Ajer, Forrest, Johnston, Edouard




  8. Oh Well!



    John James got the team right.



    That must mean that Brendan is leaving.



    Stands to reason does it not?



    Just like that story about Rangers stealing water from a Catholic church stood up, right?



    Mon the Celtic- time for a good win.



    The idea that BR or PL want Celtic to lose in order to further their own seperate ambitions, is not one I am buying.

  9. Twitter and website showing different teams. Even the social media team are a shambles at the moment


    IF JJ was correct with the team does that mean everything else he wrote was true.



    so it looks like the car park will be busy.



    if PL goes under a cloud how many supporters will also go.???



    if BR goes under a cloud how many supporters will also go.???

  11. Interesting comments made by Boyata’s agent. He is claiming that Celtic have refused to entertain any offers for his client despite being given reassurances from Celtic that they would allow him to talk to other clubs should he wish to move. This is a bit much coming from a guy who has, allegedly, steadfastly refused to discuss a contract extension with Celtic.



    Meanwhile planet Sevco are convinced that their cunning plan is coming to fruition. They just knew that those pesky Tims never ever strengthen from a position of dominance and that their parsimonious PLC would eventually force Celtic’s arguably best manager since Mr Stein to walk out of Celtic park. Hoping of course that if he does so there will be an inundation of transfer requests from our top players. (Which I am almost certain will happen)



    As a Tim I find the whole thing so depressing even if only 10% of the negative stuff being printed is true we could well be in deep pooh. On Top of this CQN / P67 have even resorted to having wee digs at Brendan. Will BR become the New MON – another hugely successful manager CQN doesn’t seem to like because he spent some money? Ach never mind if worse case happens I’ll have no difficulty getting a seat in the almost empty upper tiers after having spent a comfortable night at a much reduced rate at the shiny new Celtic Park hotel. No problems for parking the car for me!









    ‘The idea that BR or PL want Celtic to lose in order to further their own seperate ambitions, is not one I am buying.’






    I don’t think anyone is trying to sell that idea.



    I think what is being suggested is that on the one hand BR feels he has to rest players because the squad isn’t strong enough and by doing so is making a point to the Board.



    And on the other PL feels that prudence is the order of the day because otherwise Celtic will inevitably go bust, just like the huns did. Not that Celtic have ever said that the huns went bust. Or ever challenged, or ever will challenge, the same club lie.



    That doesn’t mean PL wants Celtic to lose.

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Good early afternoon from a roasting hot Irish Fiddler in Tenerife….



    Dipped in and out the blog last few weeks have heehaw to add apart from



    Mon the Hoops

  14. STARRY PLOUGH on 11TH AUGUST 2018 11:57 AM


    John James is a hun right???






    I suspect he’s some kind of ex journalist black ops, false flag PR type of chap, possibly acting for the Piranha brothers. So any football allegiances would be irrelevant.

  15. Apart from a couple of comments in the media, there are no facts but somehow these stories have managed to pull down the whole show we have built over the past two years.



    Get a grip everyone and stop being lead around by the nose.



    Hail Hail and enjoy the show.



    2-0 Hoops.




  16. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Best o luck to the CQN couponeers this jinx isn’t on yet and not looking likely so if it stoats you know who the jinx is :-)



    Two victories between now & Tuesday will do me

  17. Any win today will be magic.


    C’Mon the Hoooooooooooooooooooops.


    Leave the other stuff to the side for two hours.

  18. Come on the Celtc players, rise above all this and go and break those Hearts……


    Right across Scotland

  19. saltires en sevilla on

    Team can beat Hertz



    Better quality all over the pitch.




    Will be a battle; par for that course.



    3 points is all that matters today!

  20. The Hands ( when you find the Live Updates Thread )



    You said he was a disaster – plenty of managers change without being a disaster, Neil Lennon


    just as another example?



    If you can’t see your doing ‘the devils work’ of taking sides ( whatever side), inside the Celtic support, your’e burying your head in the SMSM anti Celtic agenda.



    There are only two sides as far as I’m concerned as a mere supporter, they are Celtic and Anti-Celtic.

  21. ernie



    We have always rested and rotated players when we were in our Euro campaign. We have never asked the same 11 to keep going twice a week up to December.



    BR is bein gpositive with the Hendry/Simunovic pairing as that is the selection that will play in Greece so they need game time.



    Broony rarely gets dropped so Ntcham drops out. James Forrest has had a good injury-free spell but we shuld not be asking him to go twice every week. Griffiths for Edouard just means Griff is hte more expendable in case Demebele does not make it. Everyone else is available from the bench should we hit trouble.



    Just check out selections from previous Augusts and Septembers and show me when there was continuity of selection for this 2 games per week period. We have a good squad and we will use it wisely.



    BR is NOT risking losing this game to send a message. He is performing sensible squad rotation because the midweek game is much more important.

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