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  1. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Delighted. Those b*****ds could smell blood in the water tonight.


    That is a HUGE win.


    Well done Lenny, John and the players for giving us what we needed, in the toughest of times, at a vile ground.




  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Couldn`t roar.



    Thought the stewards were going to give offside .

  3. The guy who chased down Boyata in the lead up to the pen, was he not offside? And Ajer not get the ball? Understand why the pen was given though.



    Boyata up front that allowed Eddie to come behind Broonie’s most excellent chip, whoever initiated that tactic, take a bow.

  4. For me, Bain has been making far too many risky passes.


    We got away with it tonight. Massive 3 points

  5. Hello again all you HAPPY young rebels.



    And thank you Celtic and that wonderful support, what a show of unity


    from everyone, and it was beautiful watching all our backroom staff and


    reserves hugging and jumping about mad.


    On we go to eight in a row.


    Wee question before i go and pour a hauf.


    When did all those red white and blue shell suits come back into fashion


    in Bunny Scudland, strange there were so many in that place when their


    team play in maroon.


    H.H Mick

  6. STARRY PLOUGH-ha ha mate,Alfie wid probably slap me? and no for the first time ?


    Brilliant finish tonight makes it better than us 2 up?


    It must be killing them tonight ?

  7. BRTH


    Welcome back young man?


    Too true – when we are up it should be hose down the throat, heel on the neck, not sticking in a Caroenters album?

  8. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    I believe tonight’s match will prove pivotal for the rest of the season. Hopefully after witnessing that fiasco at the Hertz goal, the first thing Lenny will do is cut out that fannying about at the back which has blighted our play for too long.



    Absolutely criminal against 10 men.



    We need to FFS get a grip and get the Rodgers pish out of our system.

  9. That was emotional.Watching Lenny with those boys at the end brought tears to my eyes.Watched on a foreign stream with no commentary which i enjoyed…Could clearly hear Lenny at the end ..went straight up to AJar who tried to apologise…Lenny screamed in his ear “dont worry about it”….and put his arms round him.


    Celtic I love you.Celtic I love you

  10. And that, friends, is why football can be so exciting.



    One question, did Lenny cup his ears to the Hearts fans at the end?




    The Sky studio absolutely sick is cheering me up no end:))



    I think now every game you have to give French Eddie your personal blessing:))




  12. Embdy know where I can buy some nails…for my fingers ;-))



    Jeezo…Sly Sports now talking about Ronny and BR…tonight is about NFL and how Champions can and do win games late on…

  13. A difficult few days for us as fans and it’s the same for players with the upheaval going on. A performance not of great football but of great spirit and endeavour. Bain should have passed out to Toljean rather than across goal. In the past 3 days Robinson and Levein have summed up all that is wrong with Scottish Football – a game devoid of any moral code and full of guys who think a game plan is to boot lumps out of the opposition. Hail Hail.

  14. the long wait is over on

    Massive result.



    That was arguably our most important goal since Toms winner in the Sc final v Aberdeen.

  15. Lenny will take longer than the players to settle. Hopefully our support do all they can to show their support for him vociferously. Someone has to pull Bain aside and remind him Rodgers aint calling the shots anymore. No more death passes.


    Ave Ave

  16. Yesss



    Massive huge giganormous win.



    We’re shortly entering a period where we just have one game a week, hopefully give us a chance to get more players back.



    I just can’t understand some Celtic supporters who can’t see how good Eddie is. The best player we have.



    Remember this is a young boy in only his second season in football playing for a team who has to win every week, only natural he’ll be a little inconsistent at Times but his quality shines like a beacon to this Tim. HH

  17. Well done Celtic in the end! Terrible goal to give away, Bain hugely at fault.



    Edouard once again comes up with the goods!



    Nervous end to a game we should have seen out easily.



    In Lenny we trust! ?

  18. Fool Time Whistle on

    Although against 10 men this win will give the players & new Management Team such confidence.



    Never give up till the ref blows FT.



    Great cross from Broonie & equally good run & shot from Eddie.



    Headache situation here after a roar to end roars – need some BP meds Nurse.



    Read someone else (can’t remember who sorry) say justv cos they’re down to 10 men don’t play around at the back. It was clear that their 2nd half strategy was park the bus & look for set pieces. Feel sorry for both Bain & Ajer despite that but I saw NFL grab Ajer, stare him in the eye & say “Don’t worry about it son.”



    The players emotions at FT were as good as the fans – special moments.



    Special thanks to Bognorbhoy for setting up these live threads.




  19. STARRY PLOUGH-wit you waffling on about ?


    Nobody has noticed my dislike of that complete and utter waste of space ?


    his name is Eddie ?


    Still no sure ????????

  20. A brilliant 3 pts tonight, well done NL your staff and players, mistakes can happen but they went to the wire for you, that will give everyone a lift and gut those at Ibrox and glued to score updates, they will feel they lost.


    I hope everyone sleeps well after a difficult few days.

  21. I don’t do scapegoats but I will make the observation that Kris Ajer goes to ground too readily.



    Scott Bain’s pass was poor and unnecessary and put Kris right in the middle of trouble. Going to ground gives himself one chance to sort it. If he makes a clean connection he wins the battle but he barely touched the ball and skidded on to bring the Hearts man down, If he stayed on his feet, he can time when to tackle or he can jockey their player away from danger – he has several options, he can wait for help from players funnelling back.



    Later on Toljan is sheilding Ikpeazu to allow Kris to clear the ball but Kris again goes to ground to boot this out for a shy. If Ikpeazu had bundled through the smaller Toljan, he too could have engineered it to trip over a prone Ajer and claim a pen.



    Kris is coming on leaps and bounds. He is still very young. He needs to improve on this though

  22. Before the split we have two home games against our “nearest “ rivals and two away to the bottom two.


    Win those four Lenny.


    Then they cannot arrange a fixture after the split v Sevco that is title winner. First game, we are 11 clear, a draw or a win secures the 8 at the Bigotdome.


    Otherwise any favourable result in the first post split game ensures that a


    Visit to the Bigotdome will be a victory parade.




  23. Totally gutted Brendan left totally delighted Neil Lennon got the nod, am not going to write down bad words about Brendan who in the past 30 months gave me and many others great Celtic times … tonight I was as nervous as I have ever been in the lead up to much bigger games than Hearts v Celtic at any time…. over the moon with the result and at the end on my skygo I saw Lenny grab Toljan at Edouards goal and the two of them celebrating like old pals but at the end seeing Neil celebrate with Kieran and then Captain fantastic joining on there is your real Celtic whether born into it or grow into it ….. Celtic is full of all the emotions in the world and it’s not just about winning …. (but winning is magic)



    Love it ??

  24. I haven`t seen the game but I feel too many are being harsh on our penchant for passing the ball at the back rather than punting it up the field. Calmac and Christie missing meant that outballs were probably more difficult to play but one of the things, IMO obviously, that makes us better than other teams in Scotland is that we are good enough to play that passing from the back game. I know it can be nerve wracking at times but that might be because of our great desire ( need?) to win rather than because it is the wrong tactic. I also believe the support is becoming more comfortable with it at Celtic Park but perhaps not in games like tonight`s appears to have been.


    Overall, though,a great and very important result.