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  1. Lenny – “we some time bring pressure on ourselves by over playing”


    Hopefully the end of fecking about at the back football when you don’t need to football

  2. How important was that win ? Delighted for the players & our new management team



    A morale boosting victory which should rally the club on our quest for the 8



    Well done the Bhoys in a very awkward game plus what has been a bizarre few days

  3. Brendan Rodgers parting shot had left the supporters but thankfully not the club a psychological goal down.



    Celtic’s quality couldn’t be harnessed by Hearts regardless of how physical they were, everyone played well for Celtic and it was no surprise when Eddy popped up to sidefoot Broony’s chipped cross home, once again in time added on for stoppages.



    Nir Bitton was immaculate at the back but again the legacy playing too many passes via the keeper lingers and cost Celtic dearly despite Bain’s superiority over Craig Gordon on the deck, I’d imagine Neil Lennon will address the number of passes and pressure it brings on the Celtic side.



    Superb away wins at Rugby Park and Tynecastle have built on the January transfer window success, when Celtic moved up a gear for the run in and trumped the biggest attractions in Scottish football. Oliver Burke’s pace was awesome and Jeremy Toljan leg’s did Mikael Lustig’s running. James Forrest had yet another man of the match contender Brown set up the winner and ran the midfiled ably assisted by Euan Henderson who sent Scott Sinclair away, to set up Jamesie for the opener.



    The away support were magnificent throughout NFL and Peter Lawwell’s celebrations were a sight for sore eyes and hoopy days are here again.



    M.O.M James Forrest

  4. Delicious ball from Captian Marvel into the box, lovely run from Dedryk to draw soapy Souttar(strange spelling) away…as French Eddy strokes it home in the 93rd minute for an emotional and deserved win for the Champions Elect Celtic…



    In the papers it’ll be…Stuttering Celtic Scrape a win…G.I.R.U.Y. hurtin huns ;-))



    Hail Hail

  5. Lenny spot on with his post match comments. The silly passes along the back invite pressure and cost silly goals. Time and place to retain the ball, otherwise clear the danger.

  6. I shouldn’t but



    I can’t imagine Leicester fans celebrating a 93rd minute goal like that.



    Lenny looking at a more direct approach

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Ironically , the way the game went tonight, though painful to watch , turned out to be a marvellous bonding exercise for the new Lenny regime .



    Triumph through adversity.



    The joy of those on the bench at the end of the game , was matched by the euphoria in the stands and in living rooms throughout the world .






    Brendan Rodgers.


    WHO ?

  8. A great win. Apart from the obvious 3 points, this win was soooooo important for a number of reasons.



    How delighted did Peter Lawwell look ?



    HH. We are quickly back on track and the journey continues.

  9. Invincible season now on Sky – don’t know if I can watch it as it starts with Rodgers talking about his emotional connection to Celtic – — Oh Aye Brendan – how is that working out for you?

  10. The 99% of our support, that haven’t played the game at a professional, devoid of the wisdom the 1% of us can impart, will eventually realise the benefit of Rodgers leaving at this point of the season. Taking the emotional claptrap of a “we love you” farewell they’ll realise the importance of Lenny taking over now, seeing out the season in a double fashion, and making sure the Champs League qualifiers are properly prepared for,


    Can you give me an example of a relationship deed, playing it out longer than necessary paid dividends?


    Clean cut and professional. players not being left long to think too much. “get oot there and earn yer crust, get the job done and remember this much …..you all want to follow Brendan to the land of milk and honey, bread and butter comes first”

  11. 3 points tonight was all that mattered.



    For our team it lifts them immediately. The manner of it lifts them all the higher.



    For the sevconians team and support yet another glimpse of hope that they are going to catch us as a result of our internal issues opens and slams shut. It must just pile on the hurt.



    Key midfielders not available. Tough venue. Managerial crisis. It was all there. The scene was set.



    Boom. Boom. Boom. Here we go

  12. As I predicted. Playing around at the back would eventually cost us a goal. And as I predicted everyone jumping on it in the same way as zonal marking got it.



    And yet, that philosophy is why we are able to break teams down who pack the defence. And brought 7 trophies in a row.



    But one goal and we should abandon it. Eh, no.

  13. This is how it feels to be Celtic.



    Yaaaaaaaaas. Lurking Huns GIRFUY



    They should have been down to 9 men, yet again the crooked cabal of refereeing fraternity, nearly had a say in one of our games. The pony tailed Herts walloper should have been off.



    Anyway onto the Hibernians and the SC



    D. :)

  14. Oglach on 27th February 2019 10:18 pm





    Should be congratulated and remembered for the professional job he done especially the means of his departure. Cold and quick, man up and move on. None of the Walter Smith crap.

  15. Super Sutton – I tend to agree. When we go long it often comes straight back at us or gives lesser teams a chance to make a game scrappy.



    However, there is also a case that we need to get th ball forward more quickly at times.



    It’s often neglected that we have the best defensive record in Scotland but while I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water I’d like to see us be better at playing it out on the deck and in some venues, such as tonight’s, we need to mix it up. Which we actually did.



    If Bain hadn’t hit it so hard we’d not even be talking about it though.

  16. Scott Brown was very complimentary to Brendan Rodgers in his post-match comments.



    He sounded sincere.



    But, whether he was or not, saying so might help us put to bed the negative emotions of either pining after him or resenting his going.



    He has gone- we have a new manager- all talk of the recent past has to quickly stop- we have too many important games to consider.



    We live in exciting times- Onwards to Easter Road




    Fantastic clip.



    Best bit is Levein’s face or maybe the fourth official who looks shell shocked.



    Braw, either way.

  18. Great night- Great result. BR May be gone but we have BRTH back! I’ll take that any day. If you missed his earlier post, it’s repeated on page 1.


    Also think that Lenny will play Big Kris in his natural position. The Bhoy is wasted at CH. His ocassional lapses wouldn’t be so noticeable there and I reckon he could thrive in Broony’s role if Scott ever runs out of steam.


    All together now: We’re Celtic Supporters, Faithful Through And Through………

  19. Fool Time Whistle on

    Apparently, on NBC Sports in the States in 30 minutes is a show callled Men in Blazers.



    They’ll be celebrating the return of an ex Liverpool manager to the Premier League – so we’re told in a breathless promo ad.



    Neither of them are Leicester City supporters.



    No me neither.



    The king is dead, long live the king.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Given the circumstances , we did the one thing that mattered tonight in claiming 3 points. Interesting to hear Lenny post-match say he will tweak things . Particularly the pissing about at the back and the pointless circulating the ball up front with no end product . Broony’s fine chip for Eddy’s goal making the point for him.



    I look forward to an equally exciting but more effective Celtic under Lenny.

  21. Guys needlessly playing along the back when opposition players are in close attendance nearly cost us 2 goals tonight. Boyata played a ball straight to Naysmith in a goal scoring position who fortunately missed. One day it will cost us an important domestic game unless we sort it out.

  22. The Fourth officials face was a feckin picture of sheer dred at our winner as was Mr Charisma Levein.?????????????



    ????????? – – – Back Loading. ?



    D. :)

  23. “I look forward to an equally exciting but more effective Celtic under Lenny.” Glenaldystonsils


    Missing you already Brendan springs to mind.

  24. Very close to 6 wins from 14 away games. Good to hear Lenny after match highlighting the tippy tapa pish along the back line will be ditched.



    Massive win. Thank eff.

  25. glendalystonsils on

    HENRY JOY on 27TH FEBRUARY 2019 10:38 PM



    Just like any life event which causes you anger or upset , time will make it fade.

  26. Playing a square ball across the back was something I’d learned by the age of nine which coincidentally is the age group Brenan Rodgers made his mark. Funny ol game.

  27. Totally agree SFTB, Time to park the past and live in the new present.


    Tonight’s win was huge, it feels like we just won the Championship.


    Obviously we can’t keep relying on injury time winners because in the first place they won’t keep coming and secondly it’s bad for my heart.


    We can play possession football from the back without the kamikaze passes we saw today. There are times when you must blooter the ball up the field. I think Lenny will sort that one out.



    It wasn’t a top class performance tonight but it was a top class win and I’m thrilled to bits.


    I also think we have no worries about the attitude of the squad , it’s one for all and all for one with that group of buddies and tonight will bond Lenny with that group better than if we won 5 nil.