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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    “I look forward to an equally exciting but more effective Celtic under Lenny.”


    Bawbag watch, so Lenny is expected to provide at least one invincible season and win the next 8 domestic trophys, no doubt improve the European reputation with the full backing of those who refused to support the guy he replace, aye good luck with that.


    In Lenny I trust but I expect nothing, just good honest endeavor without conditions except undefeated 10 in a row.

  2. 16 Roads – I’m with ya! I’m gutted at how BR left us. Nothing can take away his achievements but I hate how his actions have left a bitter taste in my mouth (I don’t want to feel this way about him and I don’t hate him).



    in the fullness of time, he will realize his foolishness and perhaps we will forgive his selfishness.



    Of note – Lennon and future Celtic managers will have a far bigger challenge domestically than BR had. lets not forget that either.

  3. The Celtic Family, will certainly sleep much better tonight, than it did last night, the biggest 3 points this season..

  4. Serious head on….the revisionists are having an easy field day re Brendan Rodgers…he brought us more than we could dream of…an historic…Invincible Treble, a Double Treble…7 domestic trophies in a row…and to the brink of an historic Rebel Treble Treble…and for that he has my admiration…but…and his legacy will always have a big but…;-))






    Hail Hail

  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I posted in another place that we were getting nothing from Sinclair, Burke and Forrest.


    Minutes later, they broke and scored.



    Undaunted as an amateur analyst, I opined at half time that if we held what we had and didn’t concede, Odsonne would bring it home.



    One out of three in that one.



    Interetingly, for me, Neil commented after the game, along with messing about at the back, that he wanted more out of his front players, who he rates very highly.



    Great battling result against a team who game plan, according to the studio pundits, was aggression!



    Considering theat four top attacking midfielders were absent. Nir playing his second game in13 months, KT only his second game in months and Ewan, only his second start.



    Hopefully we can keep some of those guys out of the Scotland call up. A farce that to date has us involved in 6 extra weeks football and travel for most of our squad.

  6. NFL as a temp stop-gap…yes…as a long term replacement….no, it would show a severe lack of Imagination and Ambition from the PLC…although that might be their level

  7. Am guessin POG’s alarm…was accidentally unplugged by the maid…under no instruction from his wife…;-))

  8. About to read back having been without internet all afternoon.


    I have just read this unique, insightful and skillful analysis from BRTH


    It’s a breathtaking reputation assassination.


    So no apologies for reposting with a standing ovation to the author.




    Good Evening.




    So Brendan Rodgers has gone to a club that he is prepared to give his life for and in so doing he advised the fans of Leicester City FC that (a) he was in no rush to leave Celtic but (b) he had taken the club as far as he couldin his opinion.




    As paul has said in his leader, the first part of his statement is empty rhetoric. However sub clause (a) is a straightforward lie while part (b) is absolutely correct.




    What is interesting is if you analyse these three statements in reverse order.




    There is no doubt that BR has taken Celtic as far as he can. A 100% record in domestic competition cannot be beaten. It may well be repeated but it will not be bettered and given that the League Cup is already in the Trophy Room all that lies ahead is a repetition of what has been achieved before. With an eight point lead in the league you would have to say that Celtic are strong favourites for the league again, and we are nearing the business end of the Scottish Cup with every reason to be positive about returning to Hampden and emerging victorious.




    However, a slip up in the league or a failure to retain the twice won cup would undoubtedly see a slipping of the Rodgers Halo in and around the East end of Glasgow.




    The fact that a treble treble has never been even thought of before, let alone achieved, should have been enough incentive for a real Celtic man to pull out all the stops to achieve this as such an achievement would have placed him among the Celtic Gods.




    If he had won the league but not the cup he would still have been a Celtic legend but his reputation elsehwere may not have been quite so intact.




    If there was a slip in both league and cup, then again he would still be regarded as having achieved something special at Celtic Park but the reputation would have been tarnished both in the east end and elsewhere — especially given his history of “slip ups” at Liverpool.




    League failure may only have been a small risk — but it was a risk all the same.




    So, having come this far what is the ambitious stock phrase manager to do?




    The answer is to take no risks with your personal standing at all and so you run. Run as fast as you can while your stock away from Celtic Park is as high as it is going to be. Run and stop for no one. Not for the players you have coached and certainly improved, not for the fans who have chanted your name and applauded almost every move, not for the board who backed you to start with but rightly had concerns about certain aspects of your transfer vision, and certainly not for the owners and shareholders who backed you with cash and for whom you have undoubtedly been very good in financial terms. So good, that had you announced you were leaving after a three year stint they would not have stood in your way especially if you continued to deliver success and allowed them to plan for the future,




    But no, having reached the conclusion that he had taken the club as far as he himself was prepared to envision and risk Brendan Rodgers ran.




    Whatsmore, unlike others, I believe Brendan Rodgers not only ran but he actually fought his way out of the Celtic Park door to a club that is an absolutely perfect fit for him.




    With no disrespect to Leicester it is a club which presents little risk for Rodgers, delivers a cracking pay day and puts him in the market for a bigger and ricjer job as long as he doesn’t get found out tactically. The decision to go there in particular is as cold and calculated as can be and if I were advising BR and had his apparent singular mindest in mind I would have encouraged him to go.




    Why? Because of the following:




    1. It is a club with an owner and a fanbase who do not realistically expect to win a league despite the miracle performed by the tinker man a couple of years ago. Therefore success is being better than other also rans. That is not the standard at Celtic albeit in a lesser league.




    2. Success in a cup means a good cup run which might mean a semi final or final or even an outside chance of winning at Wembley on the day on a knock out one off basis. Such ambition does not spell success at Celtic.




    3. Most inportantly, European Football for Leicester is a goal in intself, no matter what the level, and in reality there is little chance that he will be exposed year in year out in Europe as he was at Celtic Park. And yes it is in Europe where Brendan Rodgers was exposed as a manager who either could not or would not change his tactics to achieve success or even leave his team in with a puncher’s chance of success against richer and better equipped opponents.




    Another year of deploying the same tactics in Europe and falling short would result in the Rodgers European level reputation being further tarnished.




    In Salzburg I was told that, under Brendan, Celtic were viewed abroad as an automatic 3 points at home and a good chance of at least one point at Celtic Park. That has never been the case under previous managers who made Celtic Park a fortress.




    Further, any examination of tactics will show that in European games we allowed opponents to face the ball and our goal for almost 90 minutes in every game. Whether they pressed or not, whether they counter attacked or not, we allowed better Europeans to face forward and never turned them.




    Jock Stein used to talk about making an opposing team turn by either running at them and past them a la Jimmy Johnstone and Bobby Lennox or by passing through them (if you could) or by passing over them and behind them (so taking out their midfieldand forcing them to turn) with your fast forward men running forward and on to the ball. If the opposing team has been turned and have their back to your goal then they cannot score against you from that position. If you are running forward and heading towards their goal you are looking to score while they are not and cannot.




    Even Jack Charlton, as manager of The Republic of Ireland, and with many players who were less skillful than those of the opposing team, turned the opposition constantly by at times playing the ball into “The channels” and allowing his players to battle in the opposition half.




    But that was not the Brendan way and it was never going to be his way despite his tactics resulting in regular defeats some of which were heavy and which came to be expected within European Football.




    By leaving now, Brendan allows the myth to continue that such defeats are just a symptom of where Celtic is in the European pecking order as opposed to allowing room for the notion that such results are more to do with Rodgers and his coaching abilities as opposed to the potential that lies within the club to win in European Ties provided the right tactics are applied.




    At the end of the day Brendan Rodgers is a quitter. He is someone who looks to build his own legend and his reputation which he will not risk for whichever club employs him and whatever players play under him.




    There is no doubt that he is a very good coach and that he has the ability to make young players play better and to establish themselves in top class football.




    I have no doubt that in the summer he will look north in an attempt to bolster his new club, although he may find that some at Leicester simply view players within the SPFL as inferior beings who they need not bother with given the money they have available to them in the transfer market.




    When it comes to inferior beings, whether of the football variety or otherwise, Brendan Rodgers may just be in a league of his own.




    Meanwhile, Celtic will always be Celtic – prepared to play our best, try our best and give of our best both off and on the park no matter who the opposition might be.




    I have every confidence that now that Brendan has chosen to move on as fast as Usain Bolt, we can move on, enhance our squad and be successful both at home and in the European theatre.




    It is in CELTIC we trust!









  9. Wow…amazing that Hamiton took at least 2 dozen fans away to Aberdeen…there’s Scottish fitbaw for you

  10. NFL comments about mucking about at the back and not getting the ball forward quickly enough are getting a great amount of support.



    I think Brendan Rodgers was too rigid, making the keepers play short almost every time. If you do it every time the opposition can push up and cause us problems. Craig Gordon is not comfortable, he is a keeper because he can’t play football, making him play in such a way was painful to watch. Bain is very comfortable on the ball , but if you make it a mantra you invite the opponent to neutralise the tactic.



    Tonight however I think Bains distribution was a lot more balanced . Some short passes to centre backs , some long to Ollie, some crisp passes to the full backs 30/40 yards.


    In a tight pitch we worked it well…(.until the lapse cost us the penalty)



    If the keeper mixes it up , you will get better outcomes. If opposition go to centre circle , play short and work way up field. If they push up on our defense , play it long. It’s not rocket science.



    In American Football teams establish the run which then allows the play action pass.


    Keep the opponent wrong footed.


    More of the same please.



    The Onlooker

  11. ‘GG



    Amazingly good biased character assassinations from a trained lawyer…would expect nothing less…but hav a feeling that we’re being fed shite…the truth is probs never going to be known…but expect that from our PLC

  12. ‘GG on 28th February 2019 1:00 am




    What a load of semantic pish.


    BR’s set up the new manager perfectly whilst he goes on to further his career Thank you Brendan and let’s enjoy the gift of 7 out of 7 domestic trophies and in prime position to do 9 out of 9..


    Administering the coup de grace on der Huns squirming throat with Neil Francis Lennon at the helm will be a joy to be hold bestowed by angels of Heaven.



    Ave Ave

  13. Fool Time Whistle on




    Your absence from the live updates was noted.



    Hope your wified to perfection now.




  14. ‘GG’s probs wishing his wifi was still broke ;-)) Am glad you wurnae stuck behind yer couch…many a ‘Tic fan has been found dead behind theirs….FACT….;-))




  15. I went out and bought a new wireless router and come back to find WiFi was back on.


    Should I return the new one or keep it on the bench in case the old one has another conniption before another game on the run in?


    It’s a 30 day return policy.

  16. Chris Sutton





    Big win for Rangers 4-0 and at 93 minutes gone at Tynecastle it looked like a good night… but on 94 minutes the sick buckets must have been out at Ibrox..

  17. Based on info on another site we are 2 points better off than we were at this stage last season.


    28 games played, GD 50, points 66 this season.


    Last season after 28 games GD 38, points 64.


    That after a very dodgy start to the season.

  18. Goooooooood Moooooooorning CQN from a delirious Garngad



    Welcome home NFL, Welcome home.?



    We move on now to Saturday. Move on we should, no time to reflect on deserters.



    Hibernian brings a different task, they fecked about with NFL, and Petrie is a dog.?



    1 game at a time. COYBIG?






    D. :)

  19. Cigar and whisk(e)y result.Great to come away with all three points.Good start to a new era!!


    For it’s a grand old team……………..

  20. Tremendous result last night.



    Some of our passing was lax at best but I’ll take the 3 points any day.



    Time to rub some noses in work in the proverbial…

  21. More about the result last night.


    We can worry about performances over the coming weeks.



    Saturday is about a result as well, a good performance would be nice, but after the last few days, we need to just get through this week. Then we have a week to the sheep game.



    D. :)

  22. Can you imagine the headlines we’d be waking up to this morning if Broony & French Eddy hadn’t combined to such beautiful effect?



    “Lennon’s Celtic blow it against 10 men Hearts”



    Stevie G – “it’s in our hands now – win both games against them and we are level”




  23. morning bhoys from a very mild and calm Cheshire,,wish I was as calm last night,, but somehow knew lenny would do it for us hh,

  24. I’m wearing a smile that you’d have to surgically remove.



    Two lovely goals. The first gets better and better with each viewing.



    HH jg

  25. Absolute Euphoria when that goal went in last night.



    Yesterday I asked that we only put on a show, we didn’t really do that… but a last minute winner, up there, against that mob, in that game…. that was better than gubbing them off the park and winning 4-0???⚽️??????



    I thought the ref was sleekit last night too… foul to them for our player getting battered, no foul when wee Hendo was brought down on the edge of their box… and he set the tone for the inevitable meaty challenge… no option with the sending off and the penalty was soft but I’d have been shouting for that for us to be fair… like I say though… he was sleekit.



    Hearts played well too… played to their strengths… the sending off didn’t really give us an advantage with their set out, especially after they got the equaliser.



    But we kept going, despite, understandably given the circumstances, not being at our best.



    And we get the last minute winner….



    It’s what champions do ??



    Mon the Hoops

  26. jabba on bbc the other week going on about fair and balanced reporting


    i.e. dont highlight any of our wrongdoings on sportscene


    last night the wee tcheuchtar brings up the song book at tynecastle but not ibrox (both games on tv and played on same night)


    bbc will be back at ibrox soon enough

  27. Reflecting on last night and I am struck by jow rare a goal our 2nd is.



    Not, in the fact that it was last minute; this group does have fight.



    But more in the fact that we threw a cross into a crowded box and still found one of ours in space. I am striggling to recall a similar goal in recent times.



    Either we had stopped throwing in deep crosses or the opposition had gobbled them all up but I was shocked to see Eddy on his lonesome.



    Not as shocked as craig Levein, mind.



    I am off to Lesmahagow this morn. I’ll be the only one smiling I’d guess.

  28. prestonpans bhoys on

    Guys from SFM have pointed out a new floating charge:



    27 Feb 2019 MR01 Registration of charge SC4251590014



    Sum not disclosed but Close covering catering,PA System,screens,wifi, Edmiton House and of course the car park.



    No mention from the media, well except a £5.2 M profit………..

  29. “”Jock Stein used to talk about making an opposing team turn by either running at them and past them a la Jimmy Johnstone and Bobby Lennox or by passing through them (if you could) or by passing over them and behind them (so taking out their midfieldand forcing them to turn) with your fast forward men running forward and on to the ball. If the opposing team has been turned and have their back to your goal then they cannot score against you from that position. If you are running forward and heading towards their goal you are looking to score while they are not and cannot.





    Even Jack Charlton, as manager of The Republic of Ireland, and with many players who were less skillful than those of the opposing team, turned the opposition constantly by at times playing the ball into “The channels” and allowing his players to battle in the opposition half. “”



    The above is exactly, IMO, the philosophy that needs to be instilled into the team now…..The previous managers approach and negative so called possession football at costs should be ditched forthwith… last nights shambles at their goal was the result of his tactics. While yes we have won everything for the last 2.years and congratulations and credit are due, frankly the football has been on the main boring…. the Wingers job is to turn defences and create…get to the byline and cross or cut back…James Forrest CAN be deadly at this but more often than not he will return the ball to where it has come from…back…Scott Sinclair does not now appear to want to or be willing to go past his man….



    Lenny please play Burke in the wide position, with Edouard leading the line, move the ball quickly and cut out the back to the goalie football….Trusting you will ☘️ Hail Hail ☘️

  30. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Well, if ole SFTB is still in the ‘Gow this afternoon there will be two of us smiling.