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    ?? The only Bhoy whose return may be even more welcomed than Lenny’s!!



    Great to see you.



    HH jg

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    If only hoopslegend Georgios Samaras could be tempted out of retirement to apply the coup de grace to the ole rebel treble treble.

  3. Bumped into Marspapa this morning. Our mutual smiles lit the place up.


    This is how it feels to be Celtic. Magical

  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    if you haven’t already got a tattoo and an ole high viz jacket we can give you one; even the blokes.



    We’re embracin’ the ole rainbow.

  5. 24 hrs is an Eternity in football !


    Yesterday universal Sevco back slapping at work in the streets and the media .Hun Hysteria and the usual anoncements of a New Newco Dawn.


    This morning WELL !!!!!!


    Back to RAGE N ANGER after a wee Chant of


    “ This is what it means to be Celtic


    Champions Again as you know




    10 in a Row “


    Ach Well feelin Grand this morning


    Hail Hail n Keep the faith Bhoys ?

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Leadhills this mornin’, Lesmahagow after lunch.



    So a wee tour of places beginnin’ with Le-.



    Not Leicester, obviously.

  7. So, as I understand it, Rangers have taken out further lending secured against their outlets, PA system , Wi-Fi system, screens and some property. Weren’t these assets themselves acquired using funds raised through soft loans from directors, and Close Bros. loans? That can’t be healthy. SFA/SPFL, this is a huge red flag which again is being ignored. Grow a pair please and investigate the financial fitness of this basket case please.

  8. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    SPIKEYSAULDMAN at 8.07. I noted that myself, and that would be the problem with strict liability; some incidents highlighted and some conveniently ignored.



    Guess who would be on the wrong end of such decisions?

  9. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    It was good to hear Lennie talking after the game – messing about at the back, no shots on goal, things we gotta improve. It will sound very odd after BR’s achievements but I think Lennie is just right to bring us to the next level.

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Morning.



    There was unbridled joy on the face of Neil Lennon when each of the Celtic goals were scored last night, but while the Celtic manager had every right to smile, jump, leap and run with a grin on his face, all credit must go to the players on the park ……… and for the first goal at least to Brendan Rodgers.



    I have already made my views in Rodgers’ departure clear but the counter attacking passing move for our first goal was straight out the Rodgers coaching manual and he should take every credit for the style and execution of the move.



    The forward pass from young Ewan Henderson was a thing of beauty.



    The goal conceded, however, also stems from the Brendan Rodgers coaching manual however. I appreciate the idea and the benefits of retaining possession and playing out from the back, but in the caldron of Tynecastle against ten men and one nil up – there is just no need for such risks. The sensible thing for Scott Bain to be doing under those circumstances is to put his laces through the ball and clear his lines.



    This is especially so when up front he has speed merchants like Burke and Sinclair to aim for. Who knows what can happen when the majority of a ten man team are forward and you play the ball up to a speedy forward. A defender can easily misplace a pass under pressure, or even slip in possession, and let your speedy men in with devastating consequences!



    The third goal showed the benefit of a good cross into the box from deep and the benefit of having a £10 Million striker in there — and lets not forget the contribution to that goal made by Dedryk Boyatta who went up front to “rummel them up” and cause confusion and threat.



    I read this morning that upon his return to Lennoxtown Neil Lennon found all sorts of analysis and practices which he had never even thought about. All were introduced by the now departed Rodgers and it is clear that BR brought with him fantastic coaching and management methods which he has now left behind.



    John Kennedy and others will have learned hugely under Rodgers, and Lennon and Celtic must similarly appreciate and retain all the benefits that came with and during the Rodgers regime. There is a science and a philosophy there which has brought unparalleled domestic success and a style of football which has been a joy to watch.



    However, a few years ago, I read an interesting article which scientifically analysed Celtic’s record at home in European ties and reached the conclusion – the scientifically proven conclusion — that Celtic enjoyed the greatest home advantage in Europe and that the home leg was like having an extra man or a goal of start.



    That benefit was neither a myth or a mystery and for whatever reason, Fortress Parkhead, was an undeniable and repeatedly proven fact. Yet despite the sensational domestic form under BR, and the abilities of the Dembele’s and Roberts on the field, that fortress feeling never arrived in European ties under his watch.



    I believe that the reason for that is explainable in that Brendan Rodgers never played for Celtic and despite being an excellent manager on the sidelines, he has never known what is was like to pull on the shirt, wear the boots and face the best in the world under the parkhead lights.



    When asked to explain the European home advantage none other than Henrik Larsson said that on such nights you run faster and longer than you thought you could, you jump higher then you thought you could, and just generally play better than you thought you could — all because the crowd sucks you in and breathes that extra ounce of life into you.



    Brendan Rodgers never felt that as a player, could not analyse it as a sports scientist and so could not explain it or rely upon it as a manger of men and tactics.



    In contrast, Neil Lennon knows what that “Thunder” feels like.



    In such circumstances the ability of a Celtic player to latch on to a surprise long ball or a whipped in cross can, and has, produced results. Wanyama’s header at the back post and the seldom, if ever, repeated composure from Tony Watt on the biggest of all stages are just two such examples.



    I can cite numerous other examples.



    The point here is this: Brendan Rodgers brought lovely football and some brilliant coaching innovation to Celtic and that should neither be forgotten or discarded. However, against, quite frankly, better and richer (in terms of cash and quality and depth of assets) opponents, Celtic should play to their own scientifically proven strengths and not take on opponents at their own game or in predictable possession football.



    That means not playing opponents at continual possession football where other teams can press and press without the ball and, more importantly, sometimes taking out their midfield, rummeling them up and making them turn towards their own goal and letting “The Thunder” do its work along with the expert coaching and analysis.



    I know that may sound like a utopian wish list but I beleieve that it is achievable.



    If Celtic have now entered the sphere of buying players of genuine £9-10 million quality from time to time (and I include big Moussa, Wanyama, Van Djik, French Eddy etc to develop further) then we have the opportunity to not only teach them to play with all the enhancements and analysis that Brendan brought, but also to get them to believe and embrace those features which have served Celtic so well in times past against European opponents who had every reason to expect a win on paper but who left sadly disappointed.



    Brendan Roadgers did a lot of very good things for, and while at, Celtic Park.



    The job now is to identify and keep those good things and perhaps better marry them to the strengths and attributes of the present manager, the players and the club itself.



    It is in CELTIC we trust.







  11. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    The Onlooker – totally agree – it wasn’t that passing from the back is bad – on the contrary – it was that only passing from the back and not mixing it up gave poor opposition a shot in the arm. In Bain, we have a keep er who can chip beyond=d the oppos first pressing.

  12. Wonderful, joyous night.





    A great learning lesson for Lenny , never play Ajer on left. He has no left foot and as you say he goes to ground too easily. You could see he was not comfortablr all night and with Kieran just coming back( needs 5 games to get up to speed). John Kennedy??


    He has great potential on the right side.





  13. Just wondered that whilst at Celtic in the last couple of years, Rodgers brought out


    an autobiography which having read the book, it had numerous mentions of his love


    of Celtic from an early age through to the start of his career playing football then


    onto management.



    Was that all just a big lie to help with the royalties he was receiving from the book

  14. BRTH@1045


    Very very good analysis , and spot on. Take the strengths of both and discard the weaknesses. Love it, well said.


    Great post





  15. BRTH


    Brendan leaves and you and Lenny return.


    A great two for one bargain. ?


    BR is up there with our greatest Celtic managers for achievement. Think he has sullied his place in our history a tad though.



  16. PB


    On days like today, I wish I still lived among the many Hertz fans in Leith that used to be ma neebors. 85 86 they were gallus. Love Street clamped them. ?