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  1. Fool Time Whistle on

    Hearts Brandon forearm smashes Toljan & is red carded.






    Haring was on a yellow when he assaulted Bain at the corner.



    Should had 3 yellows by now – is that possible?

  2. Well on top after half an hour of the usual from leveins rugby players and hammer throwers



    We’re up for the fight

  3. Good half.



    Hearts tactics are horrendous. They should be down to 9 men.



    They’ve tried the rough stuff, though our class has come through.



    Keep the head and we win this.



    No silly challenges, no phannying around at the back.

  4. How bad is Davie Provan , almost unblemished first half in getting things wrong.



    What a ball from young Hendo to set up Sinclair for first goal

  5. The difference between the minis’ bookings and Broony’s?



    Broony was facing the guy he kicked.



    None of those cheap, plastic hard men ever do face the person they kick…always from the side or behind.




  6. HT 1-0 to Celtic, well played. Just got a grip on the game in last 10 mins. Broony and Henderson controlling midfield, and Forrest, Burke and Sinclair stretching them with pace. Keep it up Bhoys.

  7. I LOVE CELTIC – That first half had Neil Lennon passion all over it!! Need to be careful with the Yellows (esp brown). Ayer is an absolute battler and leader.



    Like the big center for hearts – he’s a handful.



    Get into them second half – I see Weah and Eduard goals

  8. weel happy with the Celtic…..



    smiley there is only wan Neil Lennon thing






    in Brown we have a braw braw Captain

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Struggled for a while to cope with Hearts physical approach spearheaded by their tank of a CF which has seemed to unsettle our CB’s . Kris being ragdolled and one bombscare moment from Dedryk. Since we scored that peach of a breakaway though , there only looks like being one winner . Brother McLean might fancy a 10v10 in the second half so we’ll need to be careful.

  10. Well there’s a wonderful turn up!



    We were under the cosh for 30 minutes. Hearts were direct and aggressive and looking for a set play goal or a Celt sent off.



    Instead one wonderful pass from a subdued Hendo and we go on top and they get a soft-ish red card.



    This was heading for a squeaky bum game- now we should be able to do some damage.

  11. Fool Time Whistle on

    Naismith is doing what he did last time we were at this hovel.



    Laying into every player in green but claiming innocence.


    Then diving if a Celt brushes past him and howling at the ref as he falls over.



    Loathsome, Louche & Naismith

  12. Watching it again at half time the forearm smash we’ll worth a red. Get in tae them Celtic in the second half.



    Terrific counter attack goal.



    Mon the Hoops! ?

  13. glendalystonsils on

    I noticed Naismith didn’t stand over Broony screaming at him after he fouled him . Sleekit wee turd knows better.