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  1. Many thousands of Celtic fans singing Neil’s name at the end of the game. Some bloggers unhappy. Ah well, can’t please everybody.

  2. Neil has seen out the treble and steadied the ship.



    Neil has also overseen a marked downturn in performance and entertainment levels since he came in.



    I don’t see major recruiting taken place this summer.



    I was hoping for a big name appointment tomorrow to really set us up for the summer.



    Very disappointed.

  3. Macjay ,Enjoy the day or should I say night . I am aware that Lenny full time would not have been everybody’s choice and I certainly wouldn’t want to coat trail anyone about the appointment. However he is Celtic to the core, No doubt he has limitations but he was entitled to seek the job and now that he has been appointed, it’s time to rally around him. What is needed is for the Board to loosen the purse strings & support him.

  4. When and where is tonights procession? I take it Celtic are on the open top bus?

  5. Enjoy the day Celtic family! We will deal with whatever the msm and the refs send our way.


    We are bigger and. better than they can ever be.


    Hail! Hail!

  6. Not all supporters treasure Lenny’s style of management but I can tell you this, if I was in charge when De Broonie turned up wi a red bit and a yellow bit he would have been looking a steel toe tipped bit……


    to be continued next season

  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Incredible. Amazing. Stupendous. What an achievement.



    Thank you Celtic. Thank you Lenny. Thank you all the players. Especially French Eddy for today, but all the stalwarts. Broony, Mika, KT, CalMac, Jamesy… so it goes on.



    We were pish today. Don’t care. Lovely we did it against the purple huns too.



    Enjoy your night.

  8. Lawwell should have at least waited till Monday to make that announcement.


    This will split the Celtic fans like Brexit has spilt the nation.


    For me, it is the wrong move and the cheap option – and I LOVE wee Lenny.



    Lawwell has to go. And probably Desmond too.


    We as a club can do much better than this.



    Only 13 in a row (55) will justify this Coronation.

  9. God bless Celtic and all who sail in her!



    The rest of you can go and do one.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Well done Celtic ? History makers



    Hope every Celtic fan enjoys their night as best they can



    Celtic PLC a constant disappointment

  11. overseasbhoy on

    Nightmare appointment – bye bye 10. Brutal football to continue. Zero ambition.

  12. Lawwell has announced it today to dim down expectations of a big appointment and to help quell criticism in the midst of historic celebrations.



    The decision is wrong and the announcement is Sevco like in its cynicism and opportunism.

  13. Just keep sayin’ to the missus……..” Wuv done it!!!”



    …she says rather dryly in reply – “Yuv done nothing all day!”







  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Well done Celtic. Not competent to bring in an isolated individual as manager.



    2017 Invincible Treble – history makers


    2018 Treble Treble – history makers


    2019 Triple Treble – history makers


    2020 DodecaTreble – history in the making



    What do you mean I can’t just invent a word about my football team? I’m a Celt. What the hell do I care about your rules?



    Plato will be proud

  15. James






    That was the sound of my first treble dowm the hatch.on my way to town.come in and have a beer.timin of a treble treble was impeccable (givin the britherr the lead come in,have a beer.step back from the keyboard.?


    Enjoy tonight.be bout Gallowgate.


    Hail hail

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Everyone know Lenny will.not be using Celtic as a stepping stone, like us all it’s the people jacks, welcome home Neil Lennon

  17. Hail Hail the Celts are here………………………..but some tims are no happy!



    I wonder why?

  18. Apologies CorkCelt. You’re right.



    So angry at our rubbish lack of ambition. Rubbish football with a dinosaur in charge.



    I’m gutted.



    Good night.

  19. cracking interview with neil now on radio shortbread.



    “i will probably accpet the job, its very emotional for me, probably one of the best days of my life, winning a treble treble on the 25th may, they are some team, its the holy grail, the board are class people, true to their word, i trust them, all upfront and honest, peter all ready some players are in process”

  20. I support Celtic, her players, her board, her tea ladies, her laundry people, her fans and her fucking manager!



    I must be a bad mhan.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Fool Time Whistle on

    Whoever got appointed as manager would cause ructions.



    Realistically, for anyone other than NFL to be offered the job would have meant thme being appointed 3/4 weeks ago to allow him to get things lined up for the CL qualies for next season.



    Unemployed or frustrated but employed continentals would constitute a gamble – at this stage in the CLQ process.



    Team have been less than convincing since February but the stats show that we won the cup & the league since then. NFL’s choice of backroom staff is crucial now that he has the permanent gig. He and his current staff were thrown together by circumstances, and, while they have done ok, it often looks (from performances) like they were thrown together.



    As for the alleged cynicism directed at the board for this announcement…


    If they have offered it to him then when were they supposed to announce it?


    Did NFL know (yes).


    Did some others know (yes)


    Did the players know (some of them certainly did)



    Speculation about who would be the new permanent manager would only continue until the announcement was made. Precisely when we need to be getting on with prepartions for next season.



    Some are obviously disappointed because of who has been offered the gig rather than the timing of the announcement.


    Some suggest the lid of the cookie jar remains firmly closed, but we all know we need a clearout and some quality signings to take us to the next level up – wherever that is.



    We all hope that the board see this too.




  22. bluegrass celt on

    Well the happy clappers won the battle. Thought this site was more diverse but looks like I was on a hiding to nothing all along with the majority.


    Good luck to you all. Hope you don’t reap what you sow



    HH ??

  23. Congratulations Celtic, history makers.


    Always been a big Edouard fan, cool as cucumber, wide awake, before the ball had even got to Lustig.



    My first emotion is relief with Lenny getting the job, Davie Moyes style of football has no place at our great club.



    Ok board you’ve appointed a great Celtic man, not my choice, get the money out the bank and on the park to back the man, because your words are he is great at targeting the right players so no excuses, youve backed yourself into a corner.




    Neil Lennon is not my choice as Celtic manager.



    Should I stop supporting them?



    Or spit the dummy?



    Asking for a friend.

  25. the parade will be like that scene in mrs bronn with all the old wifes coming out of mass at andrews, mary and als and joining in the singing and dancing.



    a counter protest will be held at brigeton cross.

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    Lennon got the job as he will do what Peter and Dermot tell him to do. Of course I must be ahun for not being over the moon with our disgraceful lack of ambition..

  27. Celtic Champs Elect on

    I am so happy that a true Celtic man has been awarded the job of managing the green and white machine just think if this is playing badly what we going to be like when a true Valerie man in Neil Francis Lennon put his special n on the team it will probably be like frankie knuckles versus the rest NO FKN COMPARISON



    Treble treble Rebel treble off to see the Fureys at Motherwell Civic. Up the ra

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