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  1. Should we express an interest in Ryan Kent just to P off the Zombies? However it is being reported that Liverpool are looking for £10mill plus for him so I guess Der Hun have zero chance of getting him anyway if they are haggling with English lower league teams over 100k. Maybe that mysterious Chinese club may come back with a £20mill plus offer for El Donkey Merelos —- stop laughing.




    RIP Harry Hood

  2. Knightswoodbhoy on

    Greetings all hangover subsiding at last ? my views on Neil for manager were stated previously and I will not rename on them BUT Neil is the manager now and we must back him to the hilt, we are Celtic supporters (the job description is in the title),


    Ps thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Harry Hood.

  3. Watched the second goal on sport scene there – his awareness of the space and movement was brilliant. He’s some player.



    Sorry to see Lustig go but it’s the right time.



    Neil has the job. That’s the reality. No use morning about it now. A unified Celtic family is unbeatable so let’s unite behind him. The club custodians need to get behind him too – cold hard cash, new first team players and an extra face in the coaching staff would help too.



    Just enjoying the success for now. That was a tough game yesterday. The players have had to battle a lot this season. Whatever about some of them not being the standard we need there are none of them who haven’t battled their hearts out when needed the most. WE might not have been playing great football but we stood up to the hammer throwers and saw it out



    Hail hail

  4. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    We don’t need your Colin Stein, Eusebio or Alan Gilzean



    RIP Harry Hood

  5. Hardly a celtic fan I spoke to in the last number of weeks wanted Lennon. 99% wanted someone else.



    When I found after game it was total deflation ; nobody could believe it. As we met fellow Celtic fans on way back it was shock and disgust at Lennons appointment.



    Lawwell has just put this wee guy in the most difficult position he has ever been in all to obtain control. Must have got Dermot to agree with appointment when he had some wine down him.



    First bad result and it will be a Tsunami of Lennon out. Lennon will not last long. CL exit might be enough to pull the plug on this appointment.

  6. SFTB



    “I was just as happy about yesterday as it is possible to be, supporting Celtic . And I was pleasantly surprised to find this morning’s hangover less severe than I thought it might be.”



    Two great comments my good mhan and both apply to my goodself this fine, fine Sunday. Every so often I just stop what I’m doing, think of The Trinity again, and sigh pleasantly. Even Mrs Emeraldbee has started referring to me as smugface!



    What a great, great time to be a Tim. How anyone can’t appreciate such times of success I just can’t understand – there will be plenty of time in the (near?) future to offer contradictory viewpoints if that’s what fans want to do, but I for one don’t think today is the day for that.



    Oops, I feel a sigh and a smug face coming on. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

  7. Jo Moore infamously said at 9/11 “Today is a good day to bury bad news” That’s what we got yesterday, Pete knew it was the best time to announce, Kerrydale had a vote and Lenny got 2%. I fear a Celtic legend has been hung out to dry!


    For me a simple question was is Lenny as good as Rodgers? In my head that was a no, so we needed to move on. This shows a lack of ambition and I worry he will get nowhere near the budget required to take us forward but just enough to keep us ahead of the pack.

  8. RIP Harry Hood a great player with skilful feet. I was at Hampden in December 1973 when he put 3 past the huns in the League Cup semi-final. The weather was atrocious that night. Unfortunately, we went on to lose the final to Dundee, another game I attended and one of the many LC finals we would lose in our run of 14 finals in a row, winning the first 5 IAR. I was told at CP a couple of weeks ago that he was at death’s door he obviously held on until the Treble Treble.


    God Bless you Harry Hood.


    You can keep your Colin Stein, Eusebio and Alan Gilzean


    We’ve got someone twice as good Harry, Harry, Harry Hood. ???????????

  9. Robert Tressell and Emerald Bee



    Hearts young left back was 4 years in the Tic Academy. Was in the same class as Karamoko Dembele at St Ninian’s in Kirky I believe.

  10. Matt Stewart on

    Harry, as he himself tells the story, was first wanted by Celtic just before he went to Sunderland.



    Everything went fine and Harry sat down (no agents then) to finalise his contract with Robert Kelly.



    Harry looked at the contract and with Sunderland in the wings he had a good appreciation of what he could attract as a wage. However he knew that Celtic were pretty tight-fisted and wasn’t expecting us to offer him the same as Sunderland were dangling as bait.



    Everything was as expected until he turned the page to find that the salary was not only nowhere near Sunderland’s offer, but also LESS THAN CLYDE WERE CURRENTLY PAYING HIM.



    He pointed this out to Kelly who simply replied….”Harry, this is Celtic and surely playing for this club is worth far more than money”.



    End of negotiation and the rest as the say is history.



    Hail Hail




  11. Fool Time Whistle on

    THE ONLOOKER on 26TH MAY 2019 12:30 PM



    I’m sure that Newco’s Phat Controller is not the only person in Scottish football briefing the media in a dark room. but Mr James’s blog is one to avoid.



    Venomous, vitriolic & vindictive while pretending to be be informative & moral, while at the same time requiring suckers to fund his muck.



    “An angry man venting his spleen” – we get enough of that on here without having to pay for it in real money.




  12. When Leicester City took a fancy to Brendan Rodgers he jumped on the first train out of town heading for the smaller club down Mexico way. When I heard Neill lennon was ushered into Celtic at short notice I was glad we were getting a guy who knows how thw club ticks and he filled in admirably for BR and now has guided the club to a fantastic treble treble.



    Glad that he has finally been given the managerial post permanently despite the extraordinary league of gentrlemen that had been mooted for the post. It’s encouraging to hear many distinguished football men who know a helluva lot more about the game than me reckon the Neill was the man for the job.



    A great day for Celtic and the Irish with Neill Lennon’s appointment and Jonny Hayes being my man of the match and I have to add Leinster winning the Pro14 with Johnny Sexton treading the same path as Jinky Johnstone of yore.

  13. Matt Stewart on




    …….”An angry man venting his spleen….”





    Thanks to the word detective for this…..



    The spleen’s job is to act as a sort of filter for the blood, but in medieval times, when each bodily organ was thought to be the home of one emotion or another, the spleen was regarded as the seat of melancholy (a mood we now know to reside in the wallet). There was apparently a brief period later on when the spleen was suspected, improbably, of supplying humor and good cheer, but by the late 16th century it was decided that the spleen was the source of rage and ill-temper. Thus “spleen” has for several centuries been a metaphor for “anger,” “resentment” and general crankiness.



    “Vent” comes ultimately from the Latin “ventus,” meaning “wind,” and as a verb means “to emit or discharge from a confined space,” as a fan “vents” cooking fumes from a kitchen. The “vent” in “vent one’s spleen” is a metaphorical use of the verb that arose in the 17th century meaning “to relieve or unburden one’s heart or soul,” a sense we still use today (“Don’t mind me, I’m just venting”).






    Hail Hail




  14. onenightinlisbon on

    When you hear guys like McCoist and Charlie Adam and the whole corps of press who all hate us calling for Neil to get the job you do wonder why?

  15. Afternoon All,



    Sad news about Harry Hood. May he RIP.



    Yesterday was our modern day Lisbon. Historical day and, as others have said, never to be repeated. Phenomenal achievement.



    Re Neil Lennon, it’s an appointment that gives the clearest signal from the board that our net spend this Summer will be virtually zero. If we spend decent money then its because we’ll have sold a KT/Calmac/Forrest.


    Its a massive down scaling of ambition. Forget about CL qualification. Never in a million years will that squad qualify for CL. I think EL group stage will be a struggle. Consider the quality in the squad 2 seasons ago compared to now. The squad 2 seasons ago is 3 goals a superior team.



    9 IAR is far from guaranteed.



    Here’s the thing the Huns have no money but that has never stopped them before. They’ll spend money they don’t have. Gerrard will go to their board and tell them the appointment NL signifies complacency etc. Neil Lennon getting the gig is an easy sell for Gerrard to the Hun Board. He’ll ask for money they don’t have and he’ll get it to.




    That said, Neil Lennon will get my fullest support. I love the guy. He is a Celtic legend given all he has had to endure and how he stepped up when needed. Him clinching 10 IAR would be, in an ideal world, the most appropriate guy for a number of reasons not least the Huns would be beyond gutted.


    I won’t however be blinded by what the board have done. They have pulled a fast 1 with the timing of the announcement and the appointment itself, and have disrespected the fans in not investing in the best available. Circa 45 million in the bank and we are significantly downsizing while the rancid mob could well outspend us this Summer when they have zero money.






  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Lustig was outstanding again yesterday, must keep him,he’s only 31,great in the dressing room, training ground, and with the young players can’t discard his experience and influence IMO.

  17. The Onlooker on

    Fool Time Whistle



    I get it second hand from a friend so at least I’m not funding him.


    As an idealist I hate that someone inside our club is feeding stories to such sites – Johnjames went full on “Hold the Front Page” with his ” scoop”.


    So the options are


    (a) JJ was given real inside information


    (b) JJ made it up


    (c) JJ was given inaccurate information as a smokescreen


    (d) JJ was given information in good faith by spmeone who had been misinformed.



    There are other options …however if it was real inside information I would be interested to know why we changed our mind.



    I will get behind our manager and hope the board do the same.

  18. TIM MALONE WILL TELL on 26TH MAY 2019 1:09 PM


    We don’t need your Colin Stein, Eusebio or Alan Gilzean



    Used to love singing that walking up and down Cumbernauld road to and from school with pals – and of course it’s chorus of Harry Harry Hood. RiP good Celt.






    RIP Harry Hood

  19. Regarding NFL,


    Neil will get my support as the new Celtic manager but I certainly don’t want to watch the turgid, uninspiring displays of football, lacking any meaningful tactics, that we have recently endured next season.


    Yesterday Broony grabbed the team by the scruff of the neck after we lost the goal and drove them on to the Cup win. It was nothing to do with tactics just the sheer determination of our captain and Celtic legend Scott Brown.


    You’ll need to up your game next season Lenny by about 200% and get rid of all the non-performers. Also before you put pen to paper ditch the old pals act with PL and insist on serious player funding. Failure to do so will indicate complicity in fleecing the fans and lack of ambition.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 26TH MAY 2019 2:02 PM



    Yep . I’m with you on that one. Despite what the hurting hun Sportscene presenter said last night , Lustig DID intend putting through Eddy with that header for the winner and yes Jonathon , it WAS a penalty for the first goal

  21. Bada Bing



    Have to disagree big fella. I don’t think anybody had a ‘good’ game yesterday and Lustig is both the guy we created a defensive strategy around at Ibrox (Mikey in front of him) and who Neil targetted (as admitted by McGinn) when Hibs boss. As a RB he can’t handle nippy wingers.



    I fear Neil will try and keep him and he’ll have a bunch of people he believes are the go-to men to have in the team instead of someone who can build a new one for us. Another part of the learning curve Neil needs to demonstrate.



    I’d like to see us fill the position with a promising 20-something who mitigates the above. Gamboa, Toljan and Ralston proved we have a poor track record in this area.

  22. !!BADA BING!! on 26TH MAY 2019 2:02 PM


    Lustig was outstanding again yesterday, must keep him,he’s only 31,great in the dressing room, training ground, and with the young players can’t discard his experience and influence IMO.




    Bada, agreed. The guy needs a wee holiday. People forget he played through a World Cup last year as well.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    Agree with the comments about Hearts 16 year old full back….a good prospect. That said , James Forrest was a pale shadow of what he can be and didn’t put him under a lot of pressure . Perhaps not fully fit.

  24. Fool Time Whistle on




    Thanks for an inspiring post – a Sunday morning special.



    From the TV/radio, I remember Harry Hood at Clyde – his name always cropped up with goals scored or created. Clever player who understood what it was about and actually saw the bigger picture.


    To hear that he was a good, genuine man too comes as no surprise to me.


    I know that Charlie Gallagher is also a good, decent & genuine man.



    How much of a player’s character is evident in how they play the game?



    The psychologists could do a thesis on that I suspect.



    Anyway, thanks for giving us a moment of relfection too.



    Every time I hear that old chant of “Gerrintaethum, Gerrintaethum” I think of players like Harry, Henke, Jimmy, Charlie etc who always wanted to pick the ball clean out from an opposing player rather than just block tackle with all the risk in the latter of the ball richeting back into your own half.



    These players invariably tackled higher up the pitch & wanted the ball so that they could do something with it once they won it. Being further away from their own goal they judged the higher risk of losing out as acceptable in return for the greater potential reward of finding themselves beyond their opponent with the ball.


    Less skilfull mortals – in football terms – who applied the same instant cost benefit analysis nearer their own goal line applied a zero risk standard & so their tackles were uncompromising & of the man and ball variety.



    Each type of player brought something to the feast & thank goodness men like Jock Stein understood the need for a blend of players – worker bees & honey bees – in order to win games.



    Currently reading the 50th Anniversary Book on the Lisbon Lions by Paul Cuddihy.


    In it Charlie Gallagher speaks of how his wife would say to him “you’ve played football for Celtic for years and you’re just known for two corner kicks – the 1965 Final corner for Billy’s header to score AND the last minute corner for the same man to head the winner against Vojvodina in the European Cup quarter final 2nd leg at Celtic Park.”


    But what two kicks to be remembered for…




  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Pog- Big Wavy-I think if he chucked international football, it would help him.

  26. glendalystonsils on

    I remember reading a report of a game when Celtic were playing a pre season game in America. The writer , obviously an American with little idea about fitba terms , described how ‘Hal Hood boomed one high in the cage’ . My brother and I fell about laughing and always referred to Harry as ‘Hal’ after that.

  27. P Aka Laird………..A lot of shadow boxing by both sides in the first half and Celtic got a kick up the ass when Hearts scored giving us a great second half.


    Scott Brown really did drive the Hoops on, he was immense. Let’s hope Neill is given funds to bring another player in the Broony mould, he needs help.

  28. Yesterday turned into a war. History was at stake, Brown & Lustig led by example. Jonny & Kris Ajer were others who wore his heart on his sleeve and played like his life depended on it. When ghuys battle like that for the cause, I can forgive any inadequacies they might have, the only guy who played yesterday that I’m not sure I want around next year is Scott Sinclair. Statistics will probably say I’m wrong but waiting for the real Sincy to turn up, I might as well be waiting for Godot.


    p.s. It might be 2 years away but I think Mikey Johnston is a star in the making.

  29. CorkCelt



    I think thiose with quality like Scott Sinclair need confidence and boosting. We judge them by the fact they need to do the clever stuff in the last 3rd against packed defences. Scotty has suffered as a result of Rodger’s initial disinterest and then departure but his class is permanent. Needs someone to help him find that. I think Neil will punt / relegate him in favour of less talented but harder grafters such as Hayes. I think brawn over brain will start to show – on the upside we’ll get 2 strikers up front. On the downside we’ll lose the inventive play and substitute it with shooting wildly at range and running down the wings to cross.

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