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  1. Corkcelt,



    Agree on MJ, he has the ability to succeed. He needs to develope, physically, however. In 2 years time he could be a serious talent if he applies himself in correct manner.



    Hail Hail



  2. In Jobo Baldie style



    I will be supporting Dundee Utd & Sunderland today while hoping all four teams score …



    Sunderland for Lewis Morgan and Dundee Utd because I loved going to Tannadice terrific memories Tommy Burns Thursday and Boxing Day (night) when I first ever heard



    “Tell all the Huns you know, you’ll never sell Ricksen or Flo, no you’ll never sell Ricksen, you’ll never sell Ricksen no you’ll never sell Ricksen or Flo”



    They did sell them but it was still a laugh out loud moment and was sung for about 20mins solid



    Also when badger Billy McKinlay used to take corners he was told “turncoat” he wasn’t really a turncoat as he signed with united when he was about 14 … but he said it did make him laugh as he knew it was Celtic fans that knew him

  3. Fool Time Whistle on

    Someone asked if NFL is as good as BR.



    The stats suggest that they are neck and neck.



    Neil Lennon became manager first time round in an interim capacity after Tony Mowbray was sacked, eerily similar to the circumstances of him joining this season. That season, 2009/10, Celtic finished 2nd but won the next 3 titles under Neil – the first three of the current run of 8 in a row league titles.



    Neil didn’t win a treble in his first stint but as well as 3 league titles he won 2 Scottish Cups in just under 4 years, having had to sort out the mess left by Tony Mowbray.



    In terms of player signings, Neil sold McGeady, McManus & Boruc.


    He bought Forster, Hooper, Ledley, Izzaguire, Kayal, Mulgrew, Majstorovic.



    Neil played for Celtic while Brendan didn’t – not that significant really, except that Neil’s life was made a misery by dark forces because he was a Northern Ireland catholic playing for Celtic. Brendan had none of that “baggage” to contend with. We know that all of the personal death threats, bombs, assaults & threats to his family took it’s toll on Neil. His own admission of struggles with depression are inevitably linked to the PTSD that he developed over this period of time.



    Brendan was lucky in that he arrived as an unemployed and sacked football manager from a “better” highr profile & richer league. None of that mattered as he was largely welcomed becuse of the kudos in recruiting a well known name from that league. Essentially, Brendan had won no honours prior to joining Celtic. I discount play off wins from that list. Nevertheless, some fans including my own son were not so keen that eh become the Celtic manager. He tells me now that it was because he feared that he would leave us precisely as he did & that Celtic were just a convenience to raise his personal profile.



    Neil was not sacked by Bolton or by Hibs – despite spurious claims on here that he was.


    He was mutually consent at Bolton who were then & are still in deep financial trouble.


    His release from Hibs was the equivalent of a mutually agreed departure but with add-ons. Leanne Dempster & Neil didn’t get on & it appears that she exploited what she thought was an opprtunity to get rid of Neil. She was wrong in her judgement but got the backing of her board which meant that Hibs released their manager – stating that he neither resigned nor was sacked. His tenure at Hibs was a success – just ask any Hibs fan.



    My own reservations about Neil taking over concern his perceived reputation as an old school manager as cpmpared to BR’s more cerebral style. More significantly, the form of the team since he took over in February has been less than convincing and, using this as an indicator of future performance, I was not convinced that he had the backing of players & the board. If the board appoint him & the players appear to be very happy that he’s the manager – I am happy tp supprt him.



    He needs his own men around him though – on and off the field – and he deserves no less.




  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Former Celtic favourite Patrick Roberts was in the crowd as his former team secured the treble Treble at Hampden and refused to rule out a Parkhead return.



  5. eddieinkirkmichael on

    So by all accounts Lenny was assured that the job was his if he delivered the league. Did PL & DD offer the job on a temp basis with the inducement of the full time position to seal the deal? Or did Lenny refuse to come back unless he was given the job full time if he won the league?


    We’ll probably never know for sure but what if Lenny did insist on that clause? It sure as hell puts his coming to our aid in a totally different perspective. Would he have took the job without this clause is certainly worth a debate.



    I have yet to talk one Celtic fan I know who wanted Lenny as permanent boss, most are like me, stunned at the announcement and angry in the manner and timing of it.


    Is this really the height of our ambition. A club with 10’s of millions in the bank settling for mediocrity with a coach who is one dimensional and lacks the ability to change tactics or formations when things aren’t going our way. A coach who allows his first team squad to go away for an extended party the week we have to play our biggest rivals, albeit the game in terms of the league title was meaningless. Though the manner of the defeat has given them renewed belief when we had the opportunity to quash any hope they had. This episode still doesn’t sit well with me as Lenny appears to think that the alcohol culture prevalent in Scottish football isn’t an issue with performances and fitness levels in the modern game, when all the academic studies would suggest otherwise.


    My biggest disappointment during Lenny’s previous tenure was the yr Hamden was out of commission and both cup finals were held at Celtic Park, we had the opportunity to win every trophy at our home ground and Lenny failed miserably as he often does in cup competitions.



    Given our financial superiority we will be able to buy a better quality player than any of our domestic competitors, so I would assume quality will ensure we continue to dominate the league. Although in one off cup competitions I suspect we may not continue to have the success we have had over the last few yrs.



    An interesting summer awaits for us with knives already being sharpened.

  6. Poor simple ole me. Naively, I used to think that the thuggish behaviour meted out to our players was because the opposition knew they could get away with it. Watching St Mirren v Dun Und has changed my notions. Both team are kicking one another all over the park.



    What does this say about Scottish football and the mibs?



    The sooner the mibs clamp down on this the better (pie in the sky, I know) because the standard of Scottish football isn’t going to improve until they do.



    By the way, I think we should try and sign that young boy, Hickey of Hearts. I was impressed with him on the day we were presented with the League trophy. He has skill and plenty of heart. He kept going although he was totally exhausted with about 20 minutes to go.

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