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  1. Ah well,going by some of the bampots on already,will be giving this place a wide berth until midweek game.

  2. I don’t think we played well. It’s pretty much what we’ve seen for months now.



    We’re easy to set up against.



    We’ve a glass jaw.



    We can’t defend set pieces.



    We lack fitness.



    Ange, you will not escape scrutiny forever. I’ve seen nothing different tonight from a Neil Lennon side.

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    The green shoots of progress are there to see, we just need the players in to perform. Starfelt will be an outstanding addition. We will come good, I have no doubts about that if Ange is given time and the budget to do his job.

  4. We played well enough to win but we cannot go on being weak in the air.



    Without a clean sheet habit – we will have to score 2 to win games and we don’t look clinical enough for that



    Pleased with our effort today but it will take any coach a long time to sort this softness.



    Oh! and feck off Huns

  5. Who thought it was a good idea to play a midfielder who’s not good enough to play midfield, at centre half and have a centre half on the bench.

  6. We played well. I hope we keep playing in Anges style. We’ll come good. 2 or 3 wins and confidence will go sky high


    We are good no doubt

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    ST TAMS on 31ST JULY 2021 9:56 PM



    Madden played his part big time tonight, no getting away from that.

  8. Blaming the ref? That really is clutching at straws.



    We have no cutting edge. Craig Gordon showing his worth.



    Just like the Wed CL game – opposition with 35% of possession get 100% of the points.

  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It would be far from the finished article, but a decent left back would transform that team.



    Everyone is prioritising the wrong side.

  10. vinniethedog on

    What can we say about that……totally dominated and still lost……perfectly good goal to go 2-1 up……little decisions…mean a huge amount …….but I must say ….I’m sick to the teeth of signing small lightweight players!!!!!…this is the fucking spl……strength height strength height …a couple of centre half’s who actually win headers from dangerous situations….please please please

  11. IniquitousIV on

    Well, there’s yer dinner. 6 games in a row without a win. 3 points and 4 goals behind already. Lose to the Czechs and we may make the Europa Petrovac Cup.



    If there was anything positive to come out of yet another debacle, Furuhashi took up intelligent open positions twice in his first few minutes, although we contrived to not see him either time. He scored a ton of goals caused by the vision of Iniesta. But we don’t have an Iniesta.



    Mackay watched this fiasco. He better get moving or the Sevco lead will be unassailable by October.

  12. Is Sky Sports when it comes to Scottish Football actually Rangers TV?



    I seen the end of the newco game today and how Aribo never even got booked when lashing out with 2 hands was totally baffling.



    Contentious decisions going Celtics way tonight were not replayed – this is scandalous and those that are allowing History to repeat itself should be thoroughly ashamed and just to make sure the Cheats get the CL money too. Disgusted with these PLCs.

  13. MIB — Played a blinder.


    Played it straight until Hertz needed a help.


    Then the fouls started to give them attacking free kicks.



    If the boardroom really have given up on this season then we are toast.


    Surely TFOD2.1 don’t need the 22/23 CL money to survive this season.



    Also SKY are worse than ever.


    AW is lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut.


    No news there then but this time he is digging a tunnel.

  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    At around 70 minutes in Denmark Celtic went completely flat and there was no way back. Tonight on 70 mins Biton was down suffering from cramp and from that moment on, again we went flat. Fitness levels are appalling. Who is responsible for that? Is it Lennon? Is it the lack of sports science?



    God help us.

  15. That shows you how easy it is to cheat ,never a foul,but give a free kicks that position is always a danger .


    It’s not only the plain in sight decisions that are the obvious cheating .


    This is going to be worse than last season

  16. The sleekits can have thur bent fun, but wan o’ theirs had his red hand in that………….



    It’s not news that we need an overhaul but Big Ange has just started and scoddland’s finest has helped hinder Celtic. Again.

  17. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Immediate impression


    New players:


    Starfelt looks good enough


    Japanese lad looks weak


    Abada OK but nothing more



    OE an absolute waste of a jersey


    The rest (McGregor apart) very average



    We tiered again in last 20 mins


    We keep giving away free kicks


    And the goalkeeper went for a walk for their goal



    Last 2 games 2 players we gave away have contributed to our downfall



    AP trying to play passing football – i saw a lot of what NL dished up just with a bit more passion



    its a sad state of affairs












  18. Our defence was basically asked to defend on 2 occasions and were incapable of doing so.


    There is no getting away from that.

  19. ROBERTTRESSELL on 31ST JULY 2021 9:56 PM


    If you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs…….



    You need a new head?

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM


    Totally agree. I would like to see a pitch map of where Taylor was because he was never at left back

  21. The only sensible thing to do at times like this us leave this virtual place to the interlopers and perpetual moaners.



    The club had better get the finger out with new players. Pronto.



    The team was, perhaps understandably after extra time during the week, dead on its feet again by 75 minutes. However, that is not acceptable. Fitness is a key priority and I see an onld sports science colleague of Anges has been released by Yokohama- coincidence?



    Keep a record of the good goal we were denied, Hallidays unpunished assault on Cal Mac and the various other bad decisions tonight. I suspect we will see the re-emergence of the YouTube ‘honest mistakes’ channel.

  22. Same old story Soro apart, our midfield is chocolate sand dancers ….Calum’s passing was woeful, Turnbull so far has been a £4m waste of money …Edouard? Well it’s all been said before .….Taylor honest trier but poor poor player….Jamsie …oh dear ….pass it back to where it came from …

  23. PHILBHOY on 31ST JULY 2021 9:50 PM





    Fuck off



    Who the hell do you think you might be to speak to me


    in such a disrespectful and undereducated way?


    I have taken part on this blog for many years, although


    I must say, that due to the lack of basic ethics, I have not posted


    in the last year or to.


    People like you are a reason for that.


    So please shut up your responses to me.

  24. TBF … @ 9.59



    Agree regarding GT — he is shocking for half the game.


    Not bad actually destructive — he takes good moves and loses the ball.


    10 times every half.



    Also GK needed.


    JH — please get him in quick.


    SB is a youth keeper with a razor.


    No guts and no belief.

  25. glendalystonsils on

    Our entire defence outjumped and undone by a guy who is just recovered from his second achilles rupture .


    An effective football team is one which can keep goals out at their own end and score goals at the other , thereby winning games . We can do neither .


    Midway through the second half the stats on the screen said;


    possession ,Hearts 20% ,Celtic 80%


    Passes , Hearts 17 , Celtic 121


    Goals , Hearts 1 , Celtic 1 .


    There’s yer dinner .

  26. We lost the league last season because we were poor.



    We’ve lost tonight because we were poor…when it counted.



    Possession is fck all without end product.


    If you can’t defend set pieces then prepare to bleed points, all season, just as last season.



    Nothing has changed from what I can see.

  27. onenightinlisbon on

    GERRYBHOY on 31ST JULY 2021 10:04 PM



    We are all entitled to our opinions, fire away!

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