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  1. Madden didn’t chalk-off the goal, the linesman flagged – it was marginal but VAR would have said offside.



    We deserved a draw, nothing more. How much longer can we operate with a striker who looks as if he’s playing in a ‘bounce’ game? A flick here, a touch there, absolutely no work-rate and who loses ever challenge he encounters….poor poor fare!!

  2. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 31ST JULY 2021 10:05 PM


    GERRYBHOY on 31ST JULY 2021 10:04 PM



    We are all entitled to our opinions, fire away!




  3. No doubt for me that the midfield are not creating space by making runs or have the capability to split open a defence with a pass, turnbull is like a ballet dancer he needs told to create chances, mcgregor the same , we rely on slow fullbacks to overlap if this is the ange style we are going to struggle because we have no one in the middle to score, still can’t defend high balls and the amount of free kicks against was ridiculous to allow high balls, really don’t know what to say about madden that hasn’t been said and Gordon seemed to enjoy the win just too much not to be bearing a grudge, big changes needed we are weak and small,too small

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    Ajeti is not the answer but at least he would put in a shift.



    Eddie looks like he’s worried he will pick up an injury and scupper his dream move to a bottom of the table relegation bound Premiership side.

  5. ERNIE LYNCH on 31ST JULY 2021 10:06 PM


    Must say Hearts TV was very good.




    I was going to say that. Very fair and for most of the game complimentary to Celtic…..very impressed!!!

  6. Gordon played very well. Just take a look at the “keepers” who have “replaced” him.


    A total laugh.

  7. I’m dreading Thursday. It’s last season all over again. Celtic match days have long ceased to be enjoyable. We’re absolute shite.

  8. Rolling_Stone on

    Don’t worry bhoys, Paul67 said in his last article that we have a foolproof plan to get back on top…wait until Sevco go bust. Thank god we have such astute men running our club. I blame Brendan Rodgers or Eddie Howe’s agent.

  9. inchture bhoy aka neil lennon on

    As a club we need to call out the decisions that cost us the game. Good goal disallowed. Their winner came from a free kick that wasn’t. Halliday not booked for foul on Mcgregor. As well as the countless times the game was stopped to give them a foul when we are in a good position to and the lack of decisions we got especially ones where we would have had an opportunity to score similar to their winner. Rogic bei g pulled back was only 1 such instance.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    Sky’s coverage is a disgrace.



    Crocker spoke constantly about last season, Walker not much better. Rangers TV more or less..

  11. 7 @ 10.10



    AW is a reptile.


    His comment was close when the Celtic player was well on-side.



    Not surprised at their reluctance to show the goal.


    It is what they do when covering the SPL.

  12. Please stop talkin about refs.


    Yes, they are poor but we as a team are so very much worse.


    No excuses.

  13. I think we were fortunate that Hertz messed up several corners by taking them short, or low, or too close to Bain. If they had delivered them with any finesse, we were in big trouble. Who will mark Goldson, Helander and company in a few weeks?

  14. DESSYBHOY on 31ST JULY 2021 10:08 PM


    Gordon seemed to enjoy the win just too much not to be bearing a grudge.




    If I was Craig Gordon and had wanted to stay at Celtic, then I would be celebrating too. He was good for another couple of years…and he deserved to be offered them.

  15. glendalystonsils on

    I think Ange needs to adopt the attitude with the board of ‘it’s them or me ‘.



    He urgently needs ; RB , LB , GK , CB , DM , CF , LW . (Hope that’s not too Mad Mitchy).



    Jamesie (thinks he’s playing 5’s) , Eddy , Turnbull , all desperately disappointing .


    Can’t lay much blame at Ange’s door but I did think bringing Rogic on with 4 minutes added time to play was straight from the NL school of substitutions .

  16. Anybody that thinks Welsh would have defended that last set piece better than Bitton is living in cloud cuckoo land…….anyone that thinks julien would not have defended that set piece better is also living in cloud cuckoo land……or knows absolutely nothing about football!!!

  17. Newly promoted team never looked like losing. Thankfully they screw up when it matters. Celtic had multos possession, never looked like winning. Madden did what he does. Ends.

  18. I’m encouraged.



    Our movement off the ball is much better than the last couple of seasons…..and that’s the reastthe players are tiring quicker. As the season progresses and the fitness levels go up we WILL reap the benefits. 2 or 3 additions, a couple of wins and watch us go

  19. I’m genuinely shocked at how poorly were prepared for this season given how our last season ended last January. Our board need chased. We had 6 months and have served up this.

  20. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 31ST JULY 2021 10:12 PM


    ‘Sky’s coverage is a disgrace.’







    Yet people still pay for it.

  21. Rolling_Stone on 31st July 2021 10:11 pm



    Don’t worry bhoys, Paul67 said in his last article that we have a foolproof plan to get back on top…wait until Sevco go bust. Thank god we have such astute men running our club. I blame Brendan Rodgers or Eddie Howe’s agent.




    To be fair us being utter shite doesn’t stop sevco going bust

  22. fairhill bhoy on

    Our manager needs to make changes sooner.


    BR was always around the 65/70 min .


    Which is great when yir winning.


    I started off feeling good

  23. Am a bawhair away from being done with Scottish fitbaw…I used to think you older posters were, with the passage of time, exagerating wen it came to cheating refs. Last year opened my eyes, tonight has pretty much tipped me over the edge. Abadas goal, which changes the flow of the game and the legbreaker on Calmac, not being given…well…am not sure I should be devoting my time and emotions on something so obviously corrupt.







  24. 1003 on 31ST JULY 2021 10:18 PM




    Craig Gordon’s a Hearts player….get over it






    Celtic Football Club need to get over it,



    Certainly not me.


    No idea where you dredged that comment up from.

  25. The protest next week should be about how much we kowtow to the SFA, and as an institution it should be broken up….

  26. Feel sorry forBig Ange – I like him, he should honestly call out the decisions.



    Our rebuild is no bigger but the huns are just as blatant.



    We’ll improve but there’s no gettin’ away from hunned-up officials.




  27. Rolling_Stone on

    @ THE_HUDDLE on 31ST JULY 2021 10:19 PM



    Very true. And it is probably our best change of winning the league.

  28. glendalystonsils on




    With automatic entry to the CL and it’s riches for this season’s league winners did you really think the reffing was going to be any different?


    Last season was to stop the ten and potentially stop the establishment team going under .



    We are not good enough to overcome the 12 on the park .

  29. The squad is very lightweight and set pieces are likely to be a continued problem, none of the new signings add any physicality from what we have seen and this is really surprising.

  30. boondock saint on

    So just ran the gamut of emotions like most of us did, anger, frustration, bewilderment and then just sheer pushing myself as to how are we in this predicament. What other team had two players in their squad that have been in their team for less than 24 hrs, and we have to start one of them. Fair play to Tony Ralston for the goal but we have a right back who was loaned out to to st Johnstone two years ago. Bitton , how does he get a game. His lack of effort for the last goal was awful. I’ve tried to defend Taylor but goodness me. He reminds me of “I’m not jogging about” Martin Hayes and he was shoite!!! And before I get called a hun, I paid my dues on the auld Wishy Emerald bus, jumping up and down on the auld Wilson’s double decker.


    How have we fallen so quickly? I watched the Huns today as they are now on CBS here in America. Hate to say it but we are so slow of thought and movement compared to them. That little Kent is the type of player we need.


    Sorry for the long post, but we are a shambles.



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