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  1. Ps starfeld was atrocious on his left. It caused the crucial first goal AP played starfeld on the left – a truly awful mistake, which was very very obvious and never fixed!

  2. Surely John Kennedy and his team can find a solution to our problems? He’s been there for ages and it looks like he has a job for life. Also, why do we seem to run out of steam after 70 minutes?

  3. Coccyx is so sore.



    Slip on the pavement and and corner of kerb hit my place where my bottom cheeks almost met.



    Allied wae the result I think that while I could believe that Dermot, Peter and Dom amongst others are conspiratorial quanon reprobates , I now believe that my erse is effin sore and it wisnae down to them.




    IWD …pished

  4. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Very disappointing, as someone posted earlier ” we’ve still to hit


    the bottom yet ”


    Lets see how much patience Ange gets from the best fans in the world.


    Hope my young Bhoys cheer me up at our game today.


    H.H. Mick

  5. ahh! get it nooo ! scully !! you’re replying to JHB and Ernie, say it all fella !! good night god bless !!!

  6. right I’ve tried paracetemol, ibrufonel gel, square slice wae mustard on a roll…..still feels like line of duty are marching in and shouting ‘armed polis…armed polis…”….



    always thought that Kate Fleming was ‘H’.




  7. Why is there no Ibuprofen in the Jungle?



    Because the ‘Parrots eatem all’




  8. Well, well, well who would have thought we would have got beat…



    Who would have thought the usual suspects were involved mr goalkeeper and mr Bitton….blah blah blah.



    Honestly the worst squad in at least 10 years.






    Ps Jablonec will be no pushovers.



    There is worse to come



    D :)

  9. Andy hallidays tackle was a red



    The goal was onside not off.



    reverse gear on £100m business is now roosting.




  10. It is horrendous that on day 1 of the Season the Mibs are @ it – blatantly too. That Guaranteed Money means we have this all Season



    That challenge by Halliday was cowardly and could have put Callum (our MVP) out for most of the Season.



    Callum got straight up and I know he could have stayed down and acted like he was seriously injured. Thats my kinda Captain. We are gonnae need him.



    As others have said…. Welcome to Scotland Ange.



    As for Walker – what a reprehensible commentator. McFadden is heading there too. RangersTV/SkyTV are Big Spenders but you wouldnae want to work there if you have to bend over and take Jim Whites bellend.



    Watch the 2 goals again.


    The guy is an absolute dud and always has been.

  12. Late home. Just watched the full game. Turned the sound off after 30 minutes. Surely commentary is more than just saying how much better a player should have done when the don’t score.



    Ref plus linesman. Definitely at it. No booking for the foul on McGregor. A red would have been appropriate.



    Offside. Never. Perfectly good goal disallowed.



    Foul that led to second goal. No way.



    That said, why can our keepers not just make the right decisions for the whole game. Come off your line, make sure you win the ball. Stay on your line, make an easy save. But halfway is never the right decision

  13. Let’s not get carried away. The comments dismissing our manager and latest acquisitions are ridiculous. Henke didn’t have a great first season never mind great first game! It takes time to get where we want to be from where we where last season. It made a lot of sense in the circumstances (as Ange explained) to partner Starfelt and Bitton but probably too early for Starfelt and I think the experiment with Bitton as a CB needs to be placed in a drawer and forgotten about but only after we have choices. The manager’s hands are tied behind his back when it comes to substitutions but his game plan is fine. It’s just at the moment the players are not ready for it including from a fitness perspective. We all wanted rid of Craig Gordon and now we forget what he was like and we want him back. The problem is we never find good replacements for the players we let go whether they were good (Tierney) or not so good (Hayes), mainly because we don’t want to spend. But 4M is not nothing for a GK like Barkas but it just didn’t work out. That happens.On paper it should have but it hasn’t worked out well at all. Ralston and Taylor are not as bad as some fans claim – with good coaching they would be excellent cover at least and could compete for a starting place too. Our major weaknesses at the moment are: fitness, dealing with set pieces and lack of striking power. I think it is in everyone’s interest that Ajeti, Eddie and Griff go to pastures new sooner rather than later. A new fitness coach appears to be on the way but we need to pay big again for a striker perhaps another 7-9 M to give us a couple of seasons. I don’t know if JK is responsible for set piece coaching. If he is then he needs to be removed. THE MAIN THING THOUGH IS GETTING RID OF THE BOARD TO MAKE SURE THIS NONSENSE ENDS.

  14. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We’re in a very bad way. Worst in almost 30 years. I don’t see how that team qualifies for the Europa League. If Jablonec a rat all competent they’ll be too strong. Even if we upset the odds and get past them, we will need to beat better opposition in the play-off round. We’re a bad team. I just don’t see it.



    We have collapsed as a club over 16 months. That doesn’t happen at a club with a healthy corporate culture. It is the product of a failing culture. Culture comes from the top. There is no appetite from those at the top to change that culture, so our on-field failures will mount up.



    If the huns qualify for the ECL season they will invest in their team, win the league easily and auto qualify next season. The compound effect of this on us will be catastrophic.



    The fans will become increasingly disaffected and pressure the club leadership to stand down. As a PLC it wont need to bow to fan pressure and I don’t expect it will. Instead we will see the fissure between club and fan base become a long-term schism, further eroding the foundations of success.



    We will come back, but only after years in the wilderness as this intra-club conflict plays out to resolution. Dark days ahead – and many of them. The last week is just the start.

  15. iljasb



    “We all wanted rid of Craig Gordon…..”



    Er no we didn’t.



    Start hypothesis beginning with “I”



    Then continue from there….



    Apart from that keep up the good work….

  16. couldn’t see the game live today – had to rely on bbc texts. From that it sounded like celtic played badly and hearts deserved to win.






    Celtic totally dominated had had plenty of chances throughout – poor finishing and a couple of Craig gordon saves and we could have easy been 2-3 ahead.



    Then the usual – awful decision to award a free kick from a great tackle from soro – the lineman disallowing a perfectly good goal when we were flying.



    Now, I actually though the ref and linesmen were having a decent game to that point (apart from the Halliday tackle – could easily have been a red and didnt get a yellow)



    but time and time again these decisions are going against rather than for celtic – its blatant – I know, you know , but the only way it will EVER change is if celtic do something about it.



    Ralston was fantastic, Abada looks a player and need more from Eduard to spin off 1-2s , Starfelt looked good. The shape and passing was very enjoyable.



    Taylor for me is absolutely out of his depth in this football team – lacks any pace and physicality defending and his distribution is poor – we broke down so many times on his boots today.



    Overall , I’m Haley with what I watched.



    The need for a center half shouldn’t shock anyone today – we’ve known for months.



    I like Ange style – give him a few more players and we will be ok.



    No panic

  17. lets all do the huddle on

    out of yesterday’s statting XI



    i was only happy enough to see Starfelt Soro and Turnbull playing, for differing reasons



    all the rest i would have no problem being shifted to the bench or the exit door



    wont happen obviously cos AP wont be given enough cash to build a first team of his own, at least not in the short term

  18. Not sure where or what Bain is doing for the free kick. A header into the centre of the goal has him scrambling and its the return of the T-Rex in goal. We need a keeper. We could have signed one and played him yesterday but instead we dropped three points.



    Ralston and Taylor are awful. They offer next to nothing going forward and are weak at the back. Both cough up possession regularly or slow down attacks with their checking back and square passes.



    Still no idea why Welsh has not played last night ahead of Bitton. Ange says he wanted to refresh the team after ET midweek. Welsh is just out of his teens, didn’t play at the euros and we’re three games in so I’m not buying that – Bitton was and will always be a mistake at CB. Please learn that lesson very quickly, Ange.



    All in all, I see a continuation of last season. The lads that say we’re playing better football are perfectly entitled to say that but I don’t see it.



    We’re playing the same formation with the same slow possession based football with no cutting edge and a glass jaw defence.



    In short, we’re very bad.

  19. WESTCRAIGS on 1ST AUGUST 2021 7:51 AM


    I fear we are looking at another Dr. Jo season.




    If Ange can get his team to put 5 past this current incarnation of the huns and uncovers another Lubo then I will look at that as being progress on last season.


    This whole shit show is down to the DD, Lawwell and the present Board who were ‘shielding’ last season due to Covid. This season there will be no hiding place!!


    Last week I came off the waiting list and bought 2 Season Tickets, I’m still waiting for any sort of confirmation from Celtic that I have done so, apart from the fact that my status has now changed in my e-ticketing profile to Season ticket holder. The Club is a complete shambles from top to bottom and needs an enema starting with Eddie, whose selection means we are currently playing with 10 men.


    Has Ange been told he needs to play Eddie in order to sell him?

  20. Defeat is painful and sore especially when it is difficult to share the love for the Club with genuine supporters while the varied sleekits get their digs in.



    The genuine debate around progress or lack thereof is enmired in sly hun keech and bear-faced lies.



    I feel for Big Ange, his job is tough buy he’s taking it on. How must he feel, when with each set-back there are those determined to make everything a catastrophe………..



    …………..he expertly put that wee shortie nyaff back in his box and I hope he continues to do so.




  21. A goalkeeper



    A striker



    A midfielder……?



    Nothing wild, just a few names we might recognise as “good”….god and solid would be better……



    Just shore things up, while the building work is being done.



    Don’t think long term – think short term, this season. Next game etc. Slowly, turn the ship in the right direction.


    Reward the watching public and frustrate those who love to see us struggle.



    ( oh, and do9n’t daub this on an oul sheet and hing up outside the park – that just gives sleekit huns a guid laff)

  22. More Taylor hate…



    Won the ball 3 times in tackles (joint 2nd)



    Won 2 aeriduels (only bettered by Starfelt)



    85% pass completion (actually 3rd lowest ahead of Eduoard and McGregor but still relatively especially when you consider…)



    He has the ball 2nd highest in the team (again behind Starfelt)



    Would have, should have has an assist.

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