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  1. Morning all. Was out for a walk there and constantly thinking about Celtic. That’s not right. The result changed the mood of the house last night. From quite happy pre match to a bit down and nobody really talking much after it. That’s not right either. The Internet might help some of you process that bit it seems to be more harmful than good in that respect.



    So, I’m taking the month of August off CQN and twitter.



    On the football, before I take my leave, we really need a result on Thursday. Ange really needs a result. His biggest mistake yesterday was not taking Nir off as soon as he took cramp. I didn’t think Starfelt should have played but can understand why he played him. Carl will improve. He looked like a player who hadn’t played in a while and maybe even one who was trying too hard.



    We maybe have to accept that the team is going to take time to settle, new signings are going to take time to arrive. We cannot change the past. Mistakes were made. Including the flurry of signings last summer. I hope Ange is still the single minded tough guy the documentaries say he is because this period will be massively testing for him. He needs our support.



    Longer term what are the realistic prospects of moving toward a different form of ownership for Celtic? Dips in form of field are temporary, the club, unlike some others, is not. That’s the longer term battle for the support. I’ve no answers yet but in the meantime took the decision last year to support the Trust in trying to increase supporter owned shares. Until someone offers a better idea, that’s where I am at with things.



    Peace comrades in Celtic. See you in September.

  2. We have the players in current squad, to have won against


    Mitjalland & Hearts


    Why. Have we not ??



    And I fully accept some of these players are nowhere near good enough


    How many Mitjalland or Hearts players would you have in our team ?



    Just not good enough, and the Management team are getting an easy ride, in my view


    Accepting Ange is new and needs time to settle


    What has changed from last season, other than the Head Coach (Manager)

  3. Good news is that the free beer and quality buffet in the tynecastle boardroom were enjoyed by all.


    Looking forward to the visit to the Czech Republic, heard their freebies are excellent.



    Just a pity the cannon fodder will be back in the stadium soon they mess up the place, make a hell of a noise and the car park is mobbed.

  4. The game at the bigot dome in 3 weeks has taken on a new importance I for one would take a draw here, providing we beat Dundee and St Mirren, to give Ange some breathing space. Anything more than a share of the points would be a major bonus/achievement.

  5. We are the worst team in Scotland in the air. Not something that will be coached to be better at and it’ll continue to cost us. Would either of our fullbacks be first choice at most other Scottish clubs? No. It’s ok having effort but wee Taylor is murder. Ralston is actually better as he has physicality, but not much else. We simply don’t have enough good players. Lightweight in midfield and more woeful up front with every game. It’s going to be a long haul and I doubt we’ll make the Europa.

  6. The game at the bigot dome in 3 weeks has taken on a new importance I for one would take a draw here, providing we beat Dundee and St Mirren, to give Ange some breathing space. Anything more than a share of the points would be a major bonus/achievement.





    I’ll be dancing in the street if we get a draw at Ibrox. There’s very little chance of it.



    You can only judge in what we’ve done so far this season and what players we currently have available to us.



    Ibrox will be painful and I expect us to be at least 6 points behind them come the end of August.



    This Thursday has all the hallmarks of another euro fright night.



    I think we’ve got further to fall this month.

  7. In a normal football club there would be an emergency board meeting this morning to discuss how to stop the bleeding in the short term. Our lot however will be waking from a lovely feed at tynecastle and selecting the hotel for the trip to the Czech Republic and ensuring they get an aisle seat on the plane.



    As NorrieM posted nothing has changed, season ticket money is in, cannon fodder attendance is getting managed by the “ballot” so everything is good.

  8. Celtic football club is being run as a gentleman’s club for the tory board.


    Yet there are still some who believe in them, incredible.

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    AN DÚN on 31ST JULY 2021 10:41 PM



    If I read that properly Happy Hoopy Birthday🍺🍸👍👏



    Only good thing about last night is that I’m not in Prestonpans listening to Hertz fans😈






    Stick with it …. The good stuff will seem much better if you go through the pain …. The mix and blend of the team needs to be fixed which can’t happen overnight…. Basic issues like taller players …. CF … thought Eddy was more up for it last night but there has been a problem for years of our CF being isolated … after COVID I’d be amazed if Eddy is sold this window on current form

  11. Our issues are mainly emotional.


    We have little leadership on the park.


    No drive / little aggression / no fight — to the opposition or MIB.


    We just keep taking what the MIB allow the opposition to dish out.



    We also have players who are struggling with the wages we are giving them.


    We are paying out more than many are worth and so we are their limit.


    No ambition to go further and just sitting back and taking the money.



    We also are having issues with expectations.


    We want the team to be world beaters.


    They are struggling to deliver.



    We have no squad dynamic now that delivers a win.


    Wee boys in a man’s world is how we look all too often.


    The collapse in the squad’s level of fight over the last 3 years has been horrific.



    SB was kept on too long with no work done to re-focus the squad on his departure.


    Everybody who had a future left for pastures new.


    We are now left with a remnant rack of projects / hopefuls / never wizzers and the odd man child.



    We need to get rid of JK and GS.


    Clean break with new attitudes and standards.


    They are the failing dregs of a bean counter’s experiment that went badly wrong.


    As long as they are on the training pitch old habits will be hard to shift.



    I hope AP is a fast learner because he has a lot of things to fix.


    Hopefully he now gets how big the job in front of him is.

  12. MM 9.56..



    Spot on about lack of aggression.



    When was the last time someone in midfield laid down a marker and planted somebody?.




  13. AD @ 6.31



    The whole team were wash outs after playing 120 minutes in Jutland.


    SW and DM were possibly the two that were the most drained.


    They put in the effort and they understand football and they are young.


    Other might have put in some effort but they don’t understand the game and so recover their natural equilibrium so much quicker — AR / GT for examples.



    AP went for a mix of tough and tall.


    NB in for DM / CS in for SW.



    Unfortunately NB shrinks at vital moments and CS was straight off the plane and in shock after seeing the local MIB in action.



    DM looked washed out after 90 minutes on Wed.


    SW was unlucky but he needs a lot more coaching to go with his natural spirit.


    By all accounts he is the on-field voice of the team.


    CMcG puts his hand up before he speaks — to JF / GT / SB.

  14. MIB agenda will be more extreme than last year.



    Us — free fire zone regarding tackles on us.


    No yellows will be given out unless the local plod direct it.


    Attacking free kicks against us will be awarded at will especially if the game is still live.


    Penalties against will be another area that will be worked to the max.



    TFOD2.1 — Last year it was red cards now it is yellow cards.


    None will be given out as a warning to the opposition that robust play is incoming.


    Yellows for the opposition will be used early and often to put them on the back foot.



    Same as it ever was — as the man said / sang.

  15. Any idea what happened to Buta? Apparently, a couple of Turkish clubs are now interested while we dithered over £800,000.

  16. ST @ 10.02



    We sorted out AH last night.


    Twice he was left in a heap and struggled to get back up.



    If you are going to hand it out then the opposition need to know.


    We were as quiet as a mouse and the rest of the Hertz team thought that he had been unlucky twice.



    We have a very robust — just a case he needs support.


    SW sitting in the stand did not help.




    If we beat Jablonec, we’ll have to play Antwerp or Sturm Graz in the next round, I believe.



    When Sevco were putting nine past Antwerp, we were told it was because Antwerp were “pish” and one on here even called them “Dunfermline level”…..if….IF we get past Jablonec, we’ll be close to finding out.



    On a related point, if we lose in the next EL round, do we drop into the Conference or are we out for good?

  18. Just seen a clip of the Halliday tackle again…



    Only Callum questioned the cheating scumbag Madden..



    There lies the problem..



    We accept it…☘

  19. NORRIEM on 1ST AUGUST 2021 10:25 AM



    Is that the 5’7″ Aurelio Buta




    I assume so.

  20. AR — the ugly duckling now with 2 white feathers — not of the WW1 kind.



    He has a problem with thinking on a football park.


    If he has time on the ball his decision making collapses.



    However if he just does it automatically — things are starting to click.


    Time to pick out a cross — the opposition get a shy on the opposite side of the park.


    No time / just get to it and get it in — things are looking better.



    He needs support and direction on the park.


    If the back 4 have a shape then he fits in.


    If they don’t have shape he can’t make up his mind where to move to.



    He is learning — just a case he needs double lessons / coaching to get some confidence.


    He would not appear to get much from full team coaching.


    Special help with the basics and he will catch up.


    The lack of a smile could be a giveaway.



    GT on the other hand …


    He has the permanent half “smile” of the terrified.



    SB — a career with Findus awaits.


    Just not got it for our level of football.

  21. N.L&.Mc Good man ….


    The Morn after the night befores result always needs a right good tune…


    Robert …Went round the golfy wae my Lurcher and ran that game over and over….Jeez


    It dosen’t get any easier..Enjoy yer break…..


    Our whole household was biggin up the TIK TOK 10…..Jeezo still recovering….


    Here comes 21/22…..Still a Tim….




  22. Maybe it just me , but i didn’t see any evidence last night of any changes or improvement to our style if play.


    We are still too slow in getting the ball forward. Centre backs having too many passes, playing to one of the full backs , who then passes back to them.


    One of our best bits of play was when Ralston played a ball over the top for Abada . Who took a great touch then fluffed his lines.



    Still don’t think we’ve hit rock bottom yet.

  23. Look forward to seeing Celtic and signs are things will certainly be more entertaining.



    Very early in the season, players bedding-in and with some proper (fair) refereeing, we probably have the win.



    I believe we’ll come good, the common denominator in all Celtic supporters (I know personally, friends family colleagues) is a sense of hope around our club and community if you like. People from various backgrounds and wide ranging demographics. Most realistic but positive and certainly not people who would rely on blind faith as is often accused.



    So for anyone reading this morning looking for some comfort, online Celtic ‘fans’ are a small group but appear the loudest.



    Some sound bitter, constantly looking for validation, appearing to need someone to agree with them or join them in their doomsday misery to make up for an obvious failure and insecurity in their life somewhere. Doesn’t mean you can’t constructively be critical, but the generic repetitive 1 line trolling? Obvious attempt at illusory truth effect, it’s lazy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illusory_truth_effect



    There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a positive outlook. There’s a lot to be said about keeping your negative complaints to yourself rather than transfer your stresses onto your peers. Often referred to as emotional intelligence.



    So, still early in the season, but I look forward to seeing Celtic ,and, hopefully to celebrate some success with a degree of style. Whilst always celebrating with joy there is a degree of sticking it to sevco, their refs and linesman, the sfa generally but weirdly more and more to stick it to the loud, repetitive deliberately depressant Celtic ‘fans’ many of whom admit they don’t support the club financially at all and who use the the blog to promote their wilder and wilder fantasy scenario agendas.



    Long season ahead. Plenty to look forward to, 😊🍀

  24. lets all do the huddle on

    livingston had 5 yellow cards yesterday, 2 in the first 25 minutes



    the hun had none



    the cheat madden couldnt even produce a yellow (let alone the red it should have been) when CM got brought down as he was running away from their player



    as clear a card as you can get



    i want to see our players hassling the ref on the park for blatant cheating like that and i want to see the club taking fines from the authorities for speaking out after the game



    wont happen obviously



    pussies on and off the park

  25. MT80 @ 10.46



    Plenty to look forward to — you are having a laugh.


    You said that last year and look what happened.



    Sorry — Happy clappy tripe.


    Sorry — Pseudo intellectual happy clappy tripe.



    The Boardroom Strikes Back — Chapter 6 I believe.

  26. MADMITCH on 1ST AUGUST 2021 10:51 AM



    If that’s your response to my post…then it says much more about you than me.



    Also, everyone knows you are a liar surprised you have brass neck to post.

  27. IMWANDAN..RE..The ole Coccyx….


    Playin for St Marys early 60’s, Hun team get a corner…Ball comes in..I jump


    Big fernzy jumps wae me…And by god he was big ………


    His large Neandrethal knee crunches the bottom of my spine ……


    56 years on and it still gives me gyp……Specially on hard seats like the ole pineapple…Never Heals.


    Hope this helps…





  28. SCULLYBHOY on 31ST JULY 2021 11:56 PM



    The Hearts TV commentators were more balanced, more complimentary towards Celtic (when appropriate), and more insightful than what I saw from the BBC on their highlights, and, by the sounds of it from the comments on here, than Sky’s offering.



    The reason I posted my comment because I was surprised at just how good they were.



    I think most Celtic fans who watched it would agree with me.

  29. LADTH @ 10.48



    There would appear to be an awful lot of the football basics that we don’t do.


    You have to wonder why?



    Everything now points to the TFOD2.1 needing the promise of the 22/23 CL money to keep them alive / get them through this season.



    The MIB know it.


    The CFC Boardroom know it.


    The interweb board lackeys are hinting at it.

  30. MT80 @ 10.54



    I am a liar — now that is a new one.


    Starting to get into dangerous territory.


    I really do hope your “evidence” has been lawyered.



    Just confirms that you are posting happy clappy tripe.


    The only question is whether you came up with it or it was done to order.


    The Happy Clappy Concert Part — although you seem 20 years too young for that.

  31. Paul Larkin



    Legacy of Lawwell&Desmond is staggering. Every department of the club isn’t fit for purpose. Not a single thing done about the cheating. Tens of millions wasted on players to appease agents. A European embarrassment now a Scottish embarrassment. Huge salaries taken out of club



    by people who just go to games in comfortable fashion and put nothing into the club. An absentee landlord never taken to task. An Academy producing players for other clubs. A Brother Walfrid ethos turned into ‘look after those with money first’ Year after year of no preparation



    for games of huge significance to the club. A CSA and Affiliation who care more about tickets, comfy seats and cosy relationships than the good of Celtic. A social media team who are analogue in a digital era. Most of all, a club run on the feelings of two men, one who is a



    complete egomaniac and the other who only cares when it interrupts his golf game. This is Celtic, a magnificent football club, now a cabal for the few. This is the worst ever. It just needs all of us to realise that.

  32. MARTIM1980 on 1ST AUGUST 2021 10:46 AM




    I have a feeling your post is going to age badly as the season progresses