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  1. GEEBEE 1978


    On a related point, if we lose in the next EL round, do we drop into the Conference or are we out for good?




    Yes, if we lose in the Europa then we’ll drop into the Conference. I’ll just be happy to get any European group stage this year (given our current state).

  2. MADMITCH on 1ST AUGUST 2021 11:00 AM



    Yeah we can do it legally if you wish. You spent an entire day on here spreading lies about the vaccine. Couple of hundred at least read it. Maybe thousands.

  3. CELTIC MAC on 1ST AUGUST 2021 3:32 AM









    “We all wanted rid of Craig Gordon…..”







    Er no we didn’t.






    I wanted rid of him since he came up for that corner.



    But I’d have him back in a heartbeat now.



    The contract he was offered to stay. How much were his wages dropped?

  4. as clear a card as you can get


    i want to see our players hassling the ref on the park for blatant cheating like that and i want to see the club taking fines from the authorities for speaking out after the game


    wont happen obviously


    pussies on and off the park



    The reason I posted my comment because I was surprised at just how good they were


    I think most Celtic fans who watched it would agree with me.



    agree 100% with the above comments

  5. THE_HUDDLE on 1ST AUGUST 2021 11:02 AM



    I have a feeling those compelled to discredit or comment to even a hint of positivety only confirm they are the miserables i was referring to 🤣😂

  6. ZIGGYDOC1 on 1ST AUGUST 2021 11:03 AM



    Thanks. Just to clarify, is that if we lose to Jablonec or if we lose in the next stage against either Antwerp/Graz?



    So in other words, losing either tie would be the same?

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    A CSA and Affiliation who care more about tickets, comfy seats and cosy relationships than the good of Celtic.






  8. Totally scunnered with watching the same movie over and over again. Ange definitely needs and deserves our support but let’s be honest, the optics are not good at this moment in time.



    How the eff has it come to this?



    The arrogance, complacency and hubris of PL and the DD crony board and the incompetence and unprofessionalism of Lenny. JK and GS need punted ASAP and the club needs a new ownership model or at least a radical change of personnel and approach from those in charge.



    The Rangers are back, the Old Firm is back, whoopee! Blatant cheating unchallenged on the pitch, complicit in corruption off the pitch to our own detriment, silent on disgraceful treatment of fans by the Police, penny pinching on players who could improve us that means we lose out on them and instead waste tens of £ms on projects who simply aren’t good enough, using the same dodgy agents to sign these projects,, lying to fans and shareholders, the non-existent January review, barricades outside the ground, and disco lights instead of a centre back – but sure they’ll impress our rivals in the Europa Conference League!



    What a shower of absolute C***s!

  9. Sly Sports on message, Aribo retaliated to a late tackle, no replay. The offside goal last night no more replays after the initial one showed he wasn’t offside, BT would have had the replay with lines drawn VAR style, how many times, and different angles did we get GMS goal….?

  10. MT80 @ 11.04



    Lies about the vaccine … / ??? !!! ??? / WTF.



    The judgement of the court of public opinion is in …


    Ambulances have been called.


    People are at risk.


    Dying laughing.

  11. My friends in Celtic,



    For two games in a row my motm was Anthony Ralston.



    A much maligned player who many think is not good enough for us.


    There must be a place for a player who is bursting a gut, continually improving and leading by example.



    Many players should be ” ditched” before Anthony Ralston




  12. GREENPINATA on 1ST AUGUST 2021 11:38 AM



    Thought he was excellent, constantly looking for the ball, and a sublime goal!

  13. JACKIEMAC on 1ST AUGUST 2021 11:14 AM



    They finished third in the Czech league last season behind Sparta and Slavia so I doubt they’re too bad although they did lose 3-0 at the weekend.



    I won’t be taking it for granted, put it that way.

  14. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    Very disappointing to not get off to a good start but it was always going to a tricky opener based on the circumstances.



    What did we learn?


    Forrest is not a left winger (did John Kennedy not know this?)


    Starfelt needs more than 1 day with the team


    Biton is still not Defender


    Soro is not a suitable replacement for Brown and Callum can’t fill the space of 2 players (although he tried) – we need another Wanyama in there!


    Hearts fans are still rabid


    Ange will need a month to get this team going



    Keep the faith

  15. Geebee….is that the game where the huns actually scored FOUR pens ?!!…..kind of masks it a bit……they had unbelievable luck in Europe last year …..

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I am acutely aware of the shamble we ar in, but 2 things came to me last night:



    1. it’s going to take much longer than I thought to fix this mess (I’d say 3 years);


    2. the unseen, intangible damage to our reputation could linger even longer. No one will fear playing us. NO ONE.



    Years and years of good work and progress undone by 2 years of gross mismanagement.



    There’s a lesson in there for us all – hubris and complacency are dangerous, but failure to rectify blatant mistakes is disastrous.

  17. VINNIETHEDOG on 1ST AUGUST 2021 11:45 AM



    Maybe but I rarely buy the “luck” argument in sport if it happens regularly.



    They got to the knock-out stage in two consecutive years and beat teams that while not CL quality, would knock spots off FCM or Ferencvaros.



    Some on here spent a year waiting for their “luck to change”. The sooner we realise we have a more than competent rival, the quicker we’ll rise to that challenge.



    Simply calling them “lucky” and every opponent they face “pish” won’t bring us any closer to them.

  18. Geebee… yes….but even you must admit 4 pens out of 9 goals is a bit extreme and kind of masks it a bit….I never mentioned us…..we are dreadful…….and yes I did think they had all the luck going last year… it happens….I’m actually a great believer in luck as I was involved in the betting industry for 20 years …..

  19. Good afternoon all from a sunny Garngad



    How long has Ange been in office now, 6/7 weeks, plenty of time for Mr Kennedy and Mr Strachan to have informed him of who is of no use and plenty of time for him to have made his own mind up.



    It’s all about getting his own players in now and bhoy we need a plenty.



    Goalkeeping errors are costing us every game, get a right good keeper and build from there.



    Stump up the cash Celtic and back Ange.



    D :)

  20. GM @ 11.48



    We do not have three years.



    If we have a poor season they will have to curtain up the whole top tier not just the LL part of it.


    That will heavily impact the finances and the money for the squad rebuilding.



    If we fail this season a BR figure would be unlikely to save us.


    A poor season means we cannot sell our way out of problems.


    Poor results means that we are unlikely to showcase future stars.



    We got here because too many in the support believed the waste water coming from the boardroom — the CL is not for the likes of us / the EuL is more our level.



    If you don’t aim high then you end up drowning in your own mediocrity.



    DD should now have the name of bubbles — because that is all that is left of us as we sink below the waves.



    If the boardroom have given up on this season so that TFOD2.1 can get a free pass to the CL in 22/23 so that they can live to fight another day then we are the authors of our own downfall.



    We missed out on the 5 SPL stooges to bulk up the squad — busy May would have sorted it out.


    Not a great solution but needs must and the money was not big.



    Now we seem to be stuck regarding a further wave of recruits.


    The GK situation is beyond a joke and yet we hear nothing.



    SB needs punted — he is scared of the ball / moves away from danger.


    VB needs time out of the spotlight.


    The youths need some focus.



    Three year fix — no.


    We do not have the time or the money.

  21. auldheid


    Maestro Fan



    You reap what you sow and Celtic are now reaping a bitter harvest.



    I had reason to believe PL was untrustworthy when I saw Celtic’s response to Res12 in 2013.



    On the basis he was seeking leverage for SFA reform he was provided with enough information to show Rangers had not complied with UEFA rules regarding overdue payables and yet the official response to Res12 was that Celtic had asked questions of SFA and the resolution asking UEFA to investigate was considered unecessary.



    It was the presentation of same information in the week before the AGM that was the reason to adjourn rather than vote against the resolution.



    What followed was a cover up of fraud and it is difficult not to conclude that Celtic were aware of it and so party to it.



    We know PL and Martin Bain were acting together in Feb 2011 making a case for their clubs to join the EPL, so it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that PL was aware of serious financcial problems at Ibrox and that might be why they were looking to the EPL to keep both clubs alive.



    When you look at what Celtic were prepared to accept under the 5WA to keep a version of Rangers in Scottish football, the turning a blind eye in 2011 to the best hope of Ranger’s survival, CL money, cannot be ruled out.



    The appearance of unhappiness with SFA after the LNS Decision has been one long sham.



    1. The Judicial Review that Paul Brennan took a lead on , paid for by another supporter with close Board connections, and which PB resisted including the licence issue in its remit, just evaporated into thin air. A sham.



    2 The appearance of supporting Res12 until evidence the UEFA licence in 2011 was granted under false pretence emerged in May 2018 after which Celtic refused to use and CQN went silent. A sham.



    3. The appearance of challenging the SFA when testimony at CW trial in 2017 suggested Rangers had lied to obtain a UEFA licence, was created by making public a series of letters between PL and Regan, one of which carried a suggestion from Regan that the SPL provide LNS with Sir David Murray’s testimony at CW trial re the sporting advantage ebts gave Rangers. Testimony that confounded LNS finding, yet was not followed up. A sham.



    4. On same subject not acting on an e mail in Jan 2018 suggesting PL not only go to LNS with SDM’s testimony but provide him with HMRC correspondence accusing Rangers of fraud or negligence. Correspondence that again confounds LNS finding that there was no question of dishonesty.. The LNS sham.



    5 The same HMRC correspondence that was provided to Celtic Director Eric Riley in 2014 who had a seat on the SPL Board and went missing when that Board took a decision in 2013 not to appeal LNS Decision in spite of misgivings about its findings. The LNS sham.



    6. Riley who at a meeting in October 2013 , just before the Res12 AGM , had the consequences of the 5WA rehearsed to him., including the possibility of CAS involvement if Rangers were pursued to pay the £250k fine imposed by LNS because of a clause in the 5WA. Yet PL insisted any follow up after Res12 was adjourned be with the SFA whom, as we now know, abandoned their investigation, forced by testimony at CW trial, because of the same clause in the 5WA.. A monumental collision of shams.



    When you read the foregoing it’s not that Cetic created a Franknstein monster but that they are part of the same monster and I hate to bring this up but when folk pay to watch Celtic now, knowing the foregoing, they are feeding the monster.



    I see there is to be a protest before the next home game..I understand the anger that is fueling it, but would it not be more effective to just boycott the Celtic’ games until the Board is replaced?



    That will not harm Celtic financially that much, just match day revenue and whilst it might have an effect on results, might that not be worth it long term to have a clean game?



    An ongoing boycott including away games, would tell Celtic and the clubs who accepted the 5WA , that the moral hazard that they created in 2012 is no longer acceptable.



    A protest followed by everyone with a ticket attending the game tells Celtic they have nothing to worry about, no need to make fundamental changes to rescue them and our game with it.

  22. VINNIETHEDOG on 1ST AUGUST 2021 12:02 PM



    Four out of nine is a lot…however, I don’t remember any of them being particularly controversial.



    Look, I hope you’re right and that we can also put them out – got to get past Jablonec first though.



    I was also involved in the betting industry which is exactly why I don’t believe in luck….not in the long-term anyway. Freak occurrences and one-offs, yes. Long-term….you make your own luck.

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    SAINT STIVS on 1ST AUGUST 2021 11:58 AM



    As expected the MSM hun media will be all over Ange, Boyd has been talking about him walking before a ball was kicked in domestic football.



    He is more than able to handle it as illustrated by your link, he just needs backed by the suits and therein is the worry..

  24. Don’t know what the fuss is.



    We’re a very well run club.



    The envy of Europe, don’t you know.

  25. onenightinlisbon on

    VALE BHOY on 1ST AUGUST 2021 12:13 PM



    What part of Europe would that be? Andorra?

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    VALE BHOY on 1ST AUGUST 2021 12:19 PM



    True, they know how to hoard the dosh as well…..

  27. Gary Cahill freed by Crystal Palace, I would rather spend big wages on him ,than Hart,the DU GK could be had for about 500k,in last year of his contract.

  28. 1st of all hats off to Ralston. He was more a threat down wing than James Forrest was



    2nd Ange is a car crash waiting to happen


    Said that when he was appointed and have not changed my opinion , he has no record at creating a defence and it’s just fantasy football


    51% win rate over his whole coaching career


    Even when he won titles , Kevin muscat has taken over as boss at his previous club in Japan


    , that’s the standard , he is a loner who doesn’t listen to anybody , hence he has never taken


    Any assistant manger with him



    We have an entire team to rebuild and now have a manger who’s ideology does not match





    Be gone by Xmas if our board have the balls to do it

  29. GEEBEE 1978


    if we lose out in the Europa, then we drop into the Conference. Lose in this round, then I assume we’ll have a qualifier to get into a conference group. Lose in next europa round, then I think we’d go right into a conference group. I’m not certain about all that but think it’s correct. Let’s make it straightforward and qualify for a europa group 🙏

  30. Well,no histrionics from me,after last night.I thought,no doubt we deserved the win,and lots of good things.


    Hearts 2 goals for me,the first was a collection of flukes,lucky break of the ball to get past Starfelt,second break when Starfelt got a tackle in,another flukes break,and 3rd,great block by Biton,that could have gone anywhere,but fell to Steven.2nd goal,a fantastic cross,one that some of our lunkheads would do well to replay.Fantastic leap,great header.


    The stats on the 80 min mark,don’t think I have ever seen before,Inc Barca games.Celtic,217 completed passes,


    Hearts,17 completed passes.80% possession.So we were doing a lot right.Failure to convert into goals the problem.A big part of that has got to be down to Edouarde.Not an attempt on target,dont even remember an attempt.Nowhere near good enough.


    Great goal by Tony,but his crossing is woeful,from great positions.Jamsie,normally a good finisher,has missed 2 great chances 2 games running.Lastly,when are we going to have someone who can cross a ball from set pieces.We knew it would not happen overnight,but just maybe this will speed up the incoming,and hopefully outgoings.Continuous booing from Hearts fans,because their team could not get near the ball.Strange old game.

  31. Tom McLaughlin on

    Less than two weeks after we threw away an important lead in a CL qualifier as a result of Nir Biton’s senseless red card, we have Celtic supporters demanding that Celtic players get in the referee’s faces and let them know what they think of their blatant cheating.



    Aye that will work.

  32. BADA BING!! on 1ST AUGUST 2021 12:27 PM


    Gary Cahill freed by Crystal Palace, I would rather spend big wages on him ,than Hart,the DU GK could be had for about 500k,in last year




    Yep.Totally agree on both fronts.