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  1. Tech question………..



    Finally had enough of SlySky. We are dumping it. Horrible outfit. We binned the sports a long time ago….but missus likes all the house fixer upper programmes………..etc etc


    Question – how do these dodgy box type things work?


    And do you get ALL the channels? Or do you need to specify a particular type of dodgy box?



    Any thoughts appreciated.




  2. Taken from twitter



    Haliday is due a retrospective red card that will take bobby madden to 5 retrospective red cards



    Failed to send off naismith in a Celtic gemme mckenna in a Celtic gemme Kent in a Celtic gemme and McGregor of the huns in an Aberdeen gemme.



    He decided 0/5 merited a red card

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Retrospective red cards do not constitute justice being done in the same way that playing against ten men would do . Cheats like Madden know that of course . They also know that no amount of ‘honest mistakes’ will ever see them being demoted , so it’s a case of ‘carry on chaps , as you were!’

  4. No problem with Craig Gordon deciding he wanted to play rather than sit where he would have been sat on the bench and second choice to Fraser Forster. You need to consider Celtic’s side at the time he snubbed our reduced terms, we don’t pay £20K a week to players who aren’t gong to play week in week out. Gordon is on record at the time as saying there wasn’t much difference financially to Hearts offer, so it was a no brainer for him.



    The situation changed when Forster reneged on the contract when he went home to Southampton.



    Celtic only messed up when Nicky Hammond found us Vasilis Barkas whom clearly wasn’t properly scouted IMO, perhaps Covid caused that and our urgent need. At no point in the chain of events was Craig Gordon going to be re-established on big wages as Celtic’s number one, we wanted another keeper for that role, from when BR first dropped him and even earlier signed De Vries to compete with him.



    C’est la vie CSC

  5. News just in!


    Craig Gordon has left the building



    From the land where time stood still!

  6. BANKIEBHOY1, the set up I have you get every channel. Not perfect but you get ppv events and live games. There are also box sets and films that can be streamed.

  7. Need two full backs urgently, a midfielder with a bit of grit a GK and CF for now.



    Don’t know if Ange will get a lot of time(not his fault) Bhoys at the club on him for team selection and subs.



    I have said before that we needed a complete clear out top to bottom………not going to get it.



    Too many season tickets sold and no idea how to structure our club.



    Something wrong when King thought this would happen and thought Ange might be our Pedro……i hope not.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BB- get a Firestick, plenty of apps available, I got one for £55 for a year,all your sport channels, news,all Sky channels, movies, box sets,for £55 for a year

  9. Some posters actually thought that imposter Bitton had a good game last night.


    Have a look at the 2 goals again.



    I would like to know who is telling Ange to play this clown at centre half.


    Wait a minute the great defensive coach.


    Get Gary Cahill in .

  10. SAINT STIVS @11:58am



    I like how he comes over……….i hope he can coach………time will tell.

  11. Best wishes to ON – EL goal was my favourite memory. Hope he gets game time and can get the quality player out there.

  12. TOM



    WE need some steel, we are powder puff.The only one to stand up for our team is gone…….Ajer




    If yer computer savvy(not expert).


    Buy android box 40 quid.


    Go on youtube and do it yersel..



    If not do what guys said earlier.


    60 tae 100 quid a year gets ye good package..



    Of course all depends on yer broadband speed..



    F**k Sky….




  14. JHB @ 2:32 pm



    “I am researching a piece on the last ten years in the history of Celtic which has seen unprecedented domestic success now seemingly being followed by a current situation where we may be on the cusp of the polar opposite.



    Is the club guilty of:



    * Failure to learn from history.



    * Failure of imagination.



    * Tendency to fight only one enemy.



    * Threat underestimation.



    * Procrastination.





    People conducting genuine research, do not announce their biases in advance nor do they speculate about the future (the bolded part) as, with guesswork you can draw any conclusions and fly any predictions with no evidence to contradict you, because the future has not happened again.



    Genuine research involves asking neutral questions and then seeing if the evidence supports the positive or negative end of your neutrality.



    The only places where these precepts don’t count, are:-



    Politics– when you set up a commision to find in your favour



    or Football– where you publicise your opinions and call it research.

  15. BB



    As Bada says firestick is the way to go,friend of mine here in Toronto has the same from back home,he has to get it reloaded once a year for 55pound.Now he was going home to Glasgow once a year so not a problem until COVID hit but he loves it.

  16. St Tams ….you blame Bitton for the first goal and not Starfelt???……you having a laugh ……

  17. sftb



    Or you commission an “Independent” report from Fairhurst Consultants to examine an incident where lives were put at risk, which could conclude that contributing factors;


    “acted collectively to present a unique set of circumstances on 2nd September 2018 which had not occurred previously at Celtic Park”




  18. CELTIC MAC on 1ST AUGUST 2021 4:24 PM



    An Independent commission which the club had no intention of commissioning prior to a meeting of fan organisations in the aftermath of serious crush under the North Stand, it is to the credit of the representatives from the various fan Orgs who demanded an independent investigation as they rejected the Celtic FC proposal to just have a wee chat with Police Scotland and report back later.



    BTW I was there

  19. From BBC Scotland as Dons 2-0 up



    Aberdeen have been very pleasing on the eye. And Scott Brown has simply masterminded proceedings with ease in the middle of the park.

  20. A lot of Celtic Supporters over the years myself included have binned Sky Sports for there anti Celtic agenda,but they are not alone,ie Sportscene TV and Radio,Clyde Superscore Board ,and even some of the new ones that have popped up lately, Celtic have been allowing this to happen for years ,that rag The Sunday Mail even sent a hearse up to the front door at Celtic Park and many other things have happened down in Newcastle the players couldn’t enjoy a night out without the media saying they were all drunk and fighting with other customers,McGregor slapping his wife coming out a club in Glasgow,The police arrived at the scene seen who was involved,then they hear Celtic Supporters in the distance ,ask his wife to say it was them to assaulted her ,and even up to the present day they media come out with anti Celtic opinions,why has our club over the years allowed this to go on,one thing I’ll say about the Huns when some in the media start to criticise them they are shown the door,and they make sure some ex players get the important gigs on the Sports Channels and on the Radio etc ,Boyd,Rae ,McCann,and them Hun supporting journalists on Sky and there are plenty of them,talk about a even playing field ,nope we Celtic Sup will have to put with them until our club say and do something to people who can say and print anything thing they like that damages our Club .

  21. Bankiebhoy


    I bought a firestick on Amazon £22.


    Then download downloaded app


    I pay £25 ‘a year.


    Get everything on it.


    I’ve been watching the games on Celtic tv

  22. PETEC on 1ST AUGUST 2021 2:17 AM


    It will be interesting to see who comes to Celtic in the next few weeks, both players and backroom staff.



    *Pete, Angie has already stated there will be playing additions as well as backroom staff coming in but NOT coaches as he seems happy enough with them right now, so it looks like sports science etc.



    BTW did you clock the celebrations after our goal, a group hug including members who were socially distanced last season, all smiles, wtf did that wee man do tae our club.



    As for the comment that broonie left tae earn his coaching badges in case he was tainted by the club, mibbees just mibbees he saw the scheidt that big John has tae endure and thought eff this for a game of sojers.



    He’ll be back.

  23. To slightly change the mood slightly (?), tomorrow’s draw for Europa League Play Offs will see us as a Pot 4 team (eliminated in CL rd 2) drawn against one of the following Pot 1 teams (enter by right) .


    (coefficients don’t count here – thanks again to Bert Kassies)…



    AZ Alkmaar (NED)


    Fenerbahçe SK (TUR)


    FC Zorya Luhansk (UKR)


    Royal Antwerp FC (BEL)


    SK Sturm Graz (AUT)


    Randers FC (DEN)



    If we don’t progress past Jablonec, we drop into the new Conference competition ( not sure but they might just pay our travelling expenses in that one ! ). How the once mighty might have fallen

  24. !!BADA BING!! on 1ST AUGUST 2021 4:54 PM



    Broonys playing time was not up at Celtic



    Clearly last seasons debacle in pursuing managerial change and no radical structural change led to pastures new

  25. Dermot Desmond net worth is


    2100,000,000USD he takes money out of celtic via a dividend, the average season ticket holder spends 1000s to watch the team.


    Where is his commitment? Financial or otherwise

  26. Getting the Edouard deal done almost as important as bringing in players. We are effectively playing without a striker and his lack of work rate is limiting our options.



    For all concerned, time to move on, especially now NtCham had been fired.

  27. NtCham gone, Oko-flex, gone, Eddy hopefully next, who signed them, couldnae have been our last CEO or it would be all over the sites.

  28. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Going – Boli, Christie, Hjelde, Eddy


    Going – Ajeti? Barkas? Griff? Rogic?


    Gone – Duffy, Laxalt, Moi, Kenny, Hendry, Bayo, Shved, Brown, Ajer, Elhamed, Klimala, Gutman, Harper, Perez, Frimpong, N’tcham



    In – two projects from Sheffield Wednesday and 3 first team starters, including a teenager from Israel.



    Most of our highest earners are going or gone. The wage savings will be colossal.



    Will we reinvest to chase the league or will we cut our cloth on the assumption this season of ‘transition’ is a write off?



    Prediction – this Board will wait to see whether we are 6 points or more behind after Ibrox before making a decision. If we are they will write the season off, try to present the promotion of young boys to the first team as a long-term virtue and bank the wage savings and net transfer income as a buffer against footballing failure.



    You might call it accelerated downsizing.

  29. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Forgot Ono-Flex.



    Another prediction – we won’t return to the French market soon.