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  1. I am indeed excited by our young lads @ CH efter the high pressure game. I have been lamenting about nae CB’s no making their way in to the Celtic First team since John Kennedy.



    Ange has said he will do his utmost to Protect his fitba Team.



    The guy is made for Celtic.




  2. TT @ 6.56



    You don’t do irony do you?



    The cross I have to bear due to the words of my old egg chasing club captain.


    He got fed up with me shouting the progressive political odds in the run up to the 83 election.


    My views did not stack up with the ones he thought I should have.



    The Fourths were some team back then — the team captain seemed to have an anarcho syndicalist bent and the TH prop was a card carrying Communist from the shipyards who saw a CIA influence in the industrialisation of SK while the two centres knew and liked DC through the teacher mafia and would not hear a bad word said against him. I was not his biggest fan so it could get a bit heated.



    Just a case that the club captain — tenement Tory back story — did not like me try and explain unilateral disarmament / Neo Keynesian economics / the need for social progress and job creation in the dressing room after training.



    But you knew that already and you are just trying to wind me up — ya big tease.

  3. Back to 83 — big fan of MF.



    I finally got over his opposition to BC / “In place of strife” and saw more of his life’s work.


    It was a surprise to find out about his part in the 1940 turnaround.



    Allegedly he was at one time the oldest person ever to grace a team sheet in England.


    PA put him in the matchday squad when he was in his 80’s for a season.

  4. Toaty Trumper @ Friday night’ish



    Any news on your Monetarism homework?


    Interested to find out what they thought about it in the Tech back in the 80’s.

  5. I thought we played well.at Tynecastle.


    Sure we had a mix up at the first goal,but thereafter continued to play well.


    Of course there are areas for improvement,but bottom.line had we someone at CF not watching his legs,and an Official continuing to brandish his prejudice,we would have won the game.


    I thought JF had a good game,only black mark was he failed to close out another game when given the opportunity.



    Ange not without criticism,subs were wrong,Rogic and new Japanese player,wrong time wrong place.


    My biggest concern is not that we come good,we will,however once again the Board appears to be afraid or compromised or both,all the deficiencies associated with the 5W agreement and Title stripping need addressed but I do not think Mr.Bankier or Mr.Riley can enter into a war as their heart not in it.


    So why DD is there cukoos in the nest.



    PS Well.done Tony Ralston.

  6. Sevco considering having flag day celebration on the day they play us. I guess they really want to rub it in.

  7. Fairhill Bhoy.



    The die has been cast from day 1. The Reprehensible Cheats are @ it frae Day 1. Sky/Rangers TV are manipulating to make sure the PLUCKY newco get the Guaranteed Money frae the ……



    Let us just Njoi our Celts play this Season.



    I f’n hate cheaters.

  8. IniquitousIV on 1st August 2021 8:33 pm



    Sevco considering having flag day celebration on the day they play us. I guess they really want to rub it in.







    Wow – If this is allowed, then the games a bogey.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Would take Cahill in a heartbeat. Mentioned him a while back when I saw he was going to be free.


    Top defender, leader, organiser. Would help to develop our young defenders. Also a model pro for all the young players to get an example from. What do we do? Give Griffiths a new contract!

  10. Seen headline today about Ange saying attackers needed to help out the defence. I assumed he was talking about our attacking players tracking back.



    Nope, he instead was saying our attacking players needed to help out the defence by scoring more goals.



    This ties in with everything I’ve read about him as a manager – all out attack, they score three then we’ll score four etc



    Being as how neither Kennedy or Strachan know how to sort out our defending and Ange doesn’t seem interested in addressing our defending, I’m afraid more calamities await. Most likely starting on Thursday.

  11. We have problems, big problems and only time will tell if Ang is the man to put us back together again but if you want to know what we are really up against and can stomach it go watch the highlights of the Sevco game yesterday…don’t watch the game though, watch the stands. 23,000 my arse!

  12. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    To Scaniel



    A long overdue visit was made to Farmersfield Rest-home for Elderly Donkeys and so many other animals by the Celticrollercoaster extended family. Thank you to Iraina, Solomon, the family of animals and especially yourself for the hospitality including the Clansman. Niamh eventually met Niamh :-)



    In addition, the work you guys are doing in the community to help others is amazing.



    Lets just say, the visit was loved by all and thank you for the tales and stories, my friend



    All our love from



    Marc. Karen, Caitlyn, Declan, NIamh, Lynette, Neil, Katie, Amelia and Arywn







  13. maccargo,



    a lot more than was allowed – it was obvious.



    Apparently me and Aidan have to enter @ a specified time for our First Time back in the Holy Ground when we play Dundee.



    A new Brave World or a New World Order coming into effect.



    The Tech Valley Fascism is disturbing.




  14. Timboy2,


    Doig is a good LB,who very soon will be an excellent one.


    Have you seen much of him?

  15. Is Doig better than Adan Montgomery ???


    Doig maybe getting first team exposure


    So should Adam Montgomery in front of the current incumbent




    Just in from a lovely day with my wife and daughter.



    I hope your wee girl recovers completely and soon!



    Kids are so precious.



    Wee prayer said for her recovery.



    Keep us posted please.

  17. will do philbhoy – weird thing – used to them being off colour and then bouncing back. Keeping up the water and paracetamol – forgot to check breathing- gonna add that to the list.




    I’m sure she will be fine but if in doubt get help.



    Take care and God bless.

  19. And another thing ref.



    Eddie was fouled on the edge of the box. The ball made it through to Greg Taylor whose shot was blocked by the keeper.



    If – OK it’s. Big IF – Taylor has scored, would the referee have awarded the goal or pulled it back for the fall.



    And along with that, if Taylor had scored it would have meant both full backs scored in the same game. When did that last happens for us?




    There is so much in my life that is more important than fitba’.



    As much as I love the ‘Tic.



    Every day I spend a minute or two on my own and I count my blessings.



    Then I smile.



    Sets me up for the day.



    My wife and wee girl are tops.






    Love them so much.



    Take care and God bless all on here who are in need.



    Good night.

  21. CRC and family at 9:18


    The pleasure was all ours. So great to see you all. You made our day.

  22. One night in the louden you are a prime candidate. MM I don’t believe you are and if I’m wrong your the best yet. It’s just that effin name that hits a nerve tae us of a certain vintage.



    BTW colin mitchell was with the argyle and sufferin highlanders the regiment of Dumbartonshire

  23. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Our best player so far this season has been Ralston. If only Edouard, N’tcham, Ajeri et al had half his heart.



    What little money we spend should be in Scotland. Benefits the wider league and at least the boys will know what it means to play for us, even if they’re limited. Like Ralston in fact.






    Bankier was born without balls.

  24. Not our best week if I’ve got time next week I’ll start a spreadsheet Highlighting Unfair Nasty Scottish refs (Huns ) for short categorise rank poor decisions and the like … more to follow …

  25. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    With the absentee landlord’s common interest and the complete collapse in quality at Parkhead under the (cough) stewardship of Lawwell and Lennon, it’s becoming increasingly hard to discern whether Shamrock Rovers are being set up as a feeder club for Celtic or the reverse.