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    Is that team good enough to beat a very confident Hearts? It should be. But I have to be honest,our manager has very little strength in depth in his squad.



    Looking at that team,is there one player who jumps out as a first-pick in any of our teams in the last twenty years?



    No not one. I’m still confident of victory,but I’m really starting to despair over our lack of quality nowadays.





    Yer losing yer touch,pal-beaten by a fella 12000 miles away!






    Nice one,buddy. Enjoy your midnight match.

  3. Ronny on Radio Scotland –



    “Griff still injured


    Commons injured in training yesterday and we need to take a picture of it


    I think it’s going to be an intensive game


    The team who’s going to get the ball down will win the game”





    West Coast USA?



    My heart bleeds!



    I’m sure you can find a link.



    HH and send me a postcard!

  5. BMCUW,


    Like you I have worries about the team for today,


    Hearts will be well up for it and too many of our side


    have struggled for form,


    have you not got a sore head today ya auld alky :-)))

  6. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 27th December 2015 1:19 pm


    Couldn’t have said that better myself mate

  7. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just back from the Melbourne Victory game, the wee mhan scored


    a couple of goals at half time but his face is tripping him because


    they told them they could only wear their allocated strips and only


    Victory apparel underneath so flashing the hoops was not an option.


    I blame the big ex hun in charge of Victory, Muscat remember him?


    anyway i was happy and the wee mhan said a couple of the players from


    both teams gave him high fives and thumbs up when they saw him


    and his wee mate cutting about the tunnel with the hoops on just


    before the game.


    Should really be going to baw baws now but i’m hyper and the game is


    starting shortly, not the team i would have picked but i’ll give the bhoys


    my full support and i’m sure the travelling fans singing and dancing will


    make it a wonderful weekend for this auld rebel.


    H.H Mick





    No chance of that,mate. Fall out of bed,fall into the pub. Hangover didnae get a look-in!






    Cheers,mate. Say hi to yer Dad. And get my phone number from him re a certain date next year.

  9. Gordy



    Watching in my daughter’s in Knightswood on her new huge telly. My grandson looks great in the Celtic kit and tracksuit I bought him. :)


    He thinks 5-0 for Celtic today. The wisdom of a 5 year old. :)

  10. Usual sh1t being spouted by sky sh1theads. Tanner is a horrible wee specimen. “Aberdeen joint leaders” ………………….aye right! GD disnae count wi Spanner.

  11. C’mon Celts, you really need to be up for this fight today. Those who disappeared against Motherwell have the perfect opportunity to show the support what they are really made of.



    Big day, big game…




  12. TET,


    I don’t think Scott Allan would enjoy the physical nature of todays game,


    seen him against Dumbarton when he was with Hibs,


    he didn’t cope well with a couple of meaty challenges he received

  13. Griffiths, Brown, Mulgrew , Commons ..all would have started today.



    Lets remember that , this is by far our strongest line up.




    Still should be more than enough to beat the diets though.

  14. my main concern is the discipline of the midfield, players in there one or two have a tendency to wander and get caught out of position, they will need to dig deep today.

  15. Scott Allan must indeed be poor in training. Seems there is no room for a player that at least plays with his head up.

  16. Marty



    We need big brave performances from Stefan and Nir today.


    Hope you and family are well amigo.

  17. Delaneys,


    hopefully the wee fella wont be far off the mark,


    I am sitting here in my new Celtic onesie,


    its that bright you can probably see it from space,


    although that wont stop me wearing it out for a night when on holiday

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