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  1. Away from home over the festive period, in context, a draw at Tynecastle is an acceptable result.


    Equally, in context, given our recent poor form, it is concerning.


    My bigger concern today, is losing two players early doors to ( and I stand to be corrected) from non contact injuries.


    I am not a fan of RD or his tactics, but, my bigger concern is we now Broony, Griff, Charlie, Boyo and Stu Armstrong all out because of non contact injuries, all at same time RD brings more of his fitness coaches into the club – coincidence, I don’t think so.

  2. Sometimes a post just stops you in your tracks and leaves you somewhere between aghast, bemused and all stops in between.




  3. Fantastic game today


    Losing goals is ourvforte


    We will win the league


    Champions league is oot the Window


    Unless we sign big


    We must sign big


    Will we ever have the likes of Larsson


    At Celtic park


    I hope so


    Finger oot peter/Desmond

  4. St Stives Baird Road in Livingston is that we’re u worked. I worked for Murray to down in Hutton Square Brucefield industrial estate early 80s to late 90s

  5. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Think you need to go to bed







  6. The No.13 Shorts on

    P8ddy. Completely agree re. minute’s silences. A load of tacky modern bollocks. Why at the football? Why not for instance in the workplace or at the supermarket? Utterly pointles shite. Quicker the trend dies out the better.

  7. Aiden Bhoy….



    P8ddy With all due respect I think that’s bullshit wether you agree with something or not you should be able to keep your trap shut for 60 seconds.



    So, you’re telling me I should unquestioningly comply because I’m told to? Sorry, I don’t take kindly to being told to know my place. It’s interesting that you can’t supply any rationale as to why compliance should be forced on me – at least beyond telling me I should.



    I’ll decide who I respect and who I don’t, thanks. You may be happy to acquiesce to the demands of your ‘betters’ – I recognise no such authority. I respect your right to mourn and pay respect to whomsover you like, in return I demand the same courtesy. If it’s not given? I’ll take it.




  8. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way…



    If you have nothing substantive to add to the debate, kindly keep your patronising comments to yourself. I treat posters on here with respect and courtesy. I have no wish to trade childish remarks.



    If your comments can’t rise above playground sarcasm, then give some other poster the benefit of you wit – it’s wasted on me.




  9. Delighted for Efe Ambrose yesterday. Horrible to be getting cheered by opposition fans, he showed his real Strength of character though. The guy oozes class and plays anywhere he is asked. C’mon Ronny gie him a start in the middle ffs. ;))



    I think the midfield needs stiffened up, surely Efe will get a shot in a defensive midfield role now.

  10. Efe was hesitant attacking the ball initially, I think everyone can Understand that.



    By the End he was Attacking that ball like a Lion of Judah.






    Efe Ambrose is my kind of player.

  11. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Will ronny be consistent and name the big hearts front man as our main signing target in January



    Anyone thiml ronny can make a silk purse out of a sows ear :)


    Heavy going on here in the last twelve hours or so. Touch of Johnny Nash about it all,More Questions Than Answers.



    Reading back,it seems we are undecided whether to stick or twist.



    Those who want to twist are unimpressed with the hand we have,those who want to stick are petrified of the consequences!



    I said at the start that the selection exposed the lack of depth in our squad,and two early injuries knackered the gameplan. Not much you can do there but cross your fingers,tbh.



    What is of most concern to me,though,is how rapidly so many of our players have gone downhill since the end of last season. I genuinely cannot think of one,other than Griff,who has not been off the boil by comparison. If I was Ronny,I’d be working on the reasons for that.



    And on why we don’t seem to last ninety minutes.


    Hope FAVOURITE UNCLE and his fellow Yorkie Tims are safe and well. Pretty horrendous stuff down that neck of the woods.

  14. TBJ…



    Why are you up so early is Poland a few hours ahead?



    I’m not sure of what to make of the game as I had a few mates round and couldn’t keep up with it, we’ve had worse results and won leagues.



    I would prefare us playing better and look more forward to going to see Celtic, there is an apathy creeping in with the fan base, sadly.



    Hope you’re having a grand time B. HH

  15. P8DDY


    Fantastic posts. Agree with every word, but couldn’t have put it as eloquently.




    On our inability to defend a lead, it strikes me that when we get in front, our opponents inevitably abandon their cautious nature in search of an equaliser and their offensive pressure simply exposes what we already know, our defence is deplorable, and I don’t just mean the back 4, I mean middle to back defensively we are poor.


    Hearts merely confirmed what Motherwell demonstrated last week, and poor European sides put on display earlier. This side can’t defend, have a go and the pickings are rich.

  16. When Ronny was appointed Celtic manager, I never had strong opinion about him either way. Why should I? I knew nothing about him and had never heard of him. I suspect that not many of our fans had heard of him either. If I had any concerns at all, it was because I had never heard of him and was he experienced enough and competent enough to manage Celtic.


    However I was surprised to see and read a myth spreading about fitter, faster, younger and pressing teams. I was a bit puzzled about why so many fellow Celts would buy into the myth of this unknown manager and my first thoughts were that it was an insult to the previous Celtic players to suggest that the existing Celtic pool was unfit, old and lazy. This was a pool of players who had qualified for the CL and brought some worthwhile cash into the club coffers. If the new manager was to improve on these European standards he had some hard work to do.


    Almost 2 years later I still haven’t seen evidence of the younger, fitter, faster, pressing Celtic and an abysmal European record and European coefficient tells the same tale. The European results were frankly atrocious. We could be forgiven if we were taken to task by the Manchesters and the Madrids of the world, but unfortunately it was the Maribors and the Malmos. We were out thought, out fought and out bought by teams operating on lesser resources.


    Those Celtic fans who bought in the myth wont hear a word against Ronny despite having no evidence to suggest that Ronny was capable of continuing to take a club the size of Celtic into Europe and qualifying for the CL group stages. Accusing critics of Ronny are accused of being influenced by the SMSM.


    The vast majority on CQN and the timternet in general have one thing in common, we want success for Celtic. We may all differ significantly on how to get that success, so I say to those who still feel he is the man for the job,


    Where is the evidence? Is he making something to build upon?


    What do you see that we don’t see?


    Where is the improvement?


    Will you still be satisfied if we have a third European campaign like the last two?


    How much time should he be given?


    Ronnys status is unabated in the eyes of a great many Celtic men though on the back of domestic cup and title success. I believe that we would be foolish to deny that winning the title nowadays is an easier task than when the huns were around. One half of Glasgow has serious denial issues and it cost them dearly. Let’s not join them. Twenty or thirty thousand empty seats every second week suggests that all is not well in Paradise.

  17. Tam


    In the past 4 seasons we have spent £15 million in the transfer market. Over that same period we have sold off £63 million worth of talent.


    That pattern will however slow to a stop over the next couple of seasons, but not through a change of strategy, simply because there will soon be no one left who will command a hefty transfer fee.


    BOBBY. thanks for the good wishes.we are indeed safe and well and up early to watch the grandchildren so that their parents can go and help with the flooding defences and the victims. HAIL HAIL.

  19. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Good Morning Timland.



    Tamrabam……great post,you’ve pretty much


    nailed it,we ain’t progressing under RD,not


    sure all the blame should be laid at his door





    Away for a long walk wae the dug.




    Ps….will anyone admit tae watching the hun game?

  20. I have said this before RD is like the new manager/promoted person who arrives at your work.



    You know nothing about him/her but the word from further up is that he/she really knows their stuff.



    Immediately, you get loads of positive talk and spin and pretty soon you start seeing some changes but…nothing of any substance, just changes.



    They talk a good game but there is no evidence to see where the improvement id coming from.



    At every stupid decision the cracks are more and more apparent but the positive spin continues and the big bosses back them and remind you about your own failings, that you’re not buying into the change. That change is good so it must have been a good appointment.



    Meanwhile, the place is going to pieces but bosses don’t admit mistakes so things get worse.



    Eventually some crisis occurs and action is taken (usually promoted on) and a repair job is started before the whole process starts again. Bosses don’t make mistakes.



    Ronnie Deila is like that new boss you don’t know anything about. Like them it doesn’t take long to see through them.



    I attend every home game and watch every away on TV and I am sick of the utter dross we are subjected to.



    He is a complete chancer!



    The new boss who talks a good game but actually delivers nothing.



    We have no perceivable style or system. He is inflexible and clueless. Players are either not picked or played out of position. His signings have been rank rotten (look at our defence is so easily taken apart) and FFS Cifti.



    Id any of the comments attributed to him, after yesterday’s game, are true he should have been sacked last night.



    He might actually blow this league.



    And, I wouldn’t trust him with a sou in the transfer window. He’ll only blow it on more dross.



    Our results are like Dundee Utd because we downsized to them.



    Get him out the door.



    Rant over!

  21. Morning all. Yet another day begins on CQN with betting adds obscuring everything. Shame.



    Still dark down here but mild and dry. The lull before the storm, it seems.



    While I was initially disappointed with the result yesterday (which I always am when we don’t win), I thought the performance was a vast improvement on the Motherwell match.

  22. Top of the league, a game in hand, semi final of a cup, fed up with the dross,? Honestly you couldent make it up…….but some in here try they’r very very best, …….absolute madness.

  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Parkheadcumsalford- I hope ole Santa was good to you.



    I can still remember my dad’s astonishment when the news came through that Scot Symon had been sacked.’ But they’re top of the League!’



    He took it as yet another example of their perfidy

  24. TD, I don’t usually agree with you, especially around your take on the GB and Celtic Trust, but you are spot on about the level of panic being generated around a club at the top of their league. If this is a crisis then long may it continue.

  25. Tony


    i would like to say that you did your very very best and convinced us that Ronny was indeed the man. But you didnt even try and that my learned friend in celtic is one of the reasons that opinion is so varied.



    Let me ask you this then. If we were currently second in the league would you call for Ronny to go?


    I dont think you would. Im not even sure you would if we finished second.



    but please know something, it doesnt make you a better tim. If that was the case then we would all have supported lou macari, liam brady and tony mowbray to this day.

  26. Stairheedrammy


    I annoyed the game yesterday, but not the result of course, I was entertained and thought we played very well considering the circumstances with two bad injuries in 30 mins.


    The team had to readjust after that, but people don’t get that, hearts first goal, Lustig caught napping, there second was a freekie goal, it was heading for the pie stall and the deflection put it in, it’s all about luck IMO,


    And RD isn’t getting any at the moment, if RD stood on a shyt right now? There would be a nail in it.

  27. saltires en sevilla on

    Good morning fellow Celts



    Enjoyed the 90 minutes at Tynecastle yesterday and feel the draw was a fair result.



    Things are not perfect but, reasonably happy to be going into our last game of 2015 top of the league with a game in hand and a mighty goal difference in our favour.



    The chat about ‘missing’ +20,000 fans. Even a cursory look at attendances over our history reveals we never enjoyed +50k average crowds. The post ’94 period when we had regular 60,000 gates was a bubble – even the great teams of McNair, Loney & Hay or the mighty Lions never played regularly in front of such huge crowds, unless it was a huge occasion.



    Indicates that Celtic fans have always had a core around 25-30k going to games regardless, then bolstered by another 30-100k depending on the era or the particular match or stadium capacity.



    It’s easy to enough to check.



    When you are at it. Might be worthwhile checking how many times we were top of the league.



    On to 5 and loving how much it pains them!

  28. tonydonnelly67



    If you’re going to quote me , get it right,



    The standard of play is rank rotten and has been since he took over.



    He had a good spell after the winter break, last year, and that secured the league and league cup.



    That spell apart we have been rotten.



    If you are happy with what you’re watching then enjoy your delusional state.



    And, incidentally, you don’t get to decide who is a Celtic supporter, even if you recognise yourself from my promoted post/management allegory.

  29. Saltires En Sevilla,



    Absolutely right about attendances. We have a lot of folk who only turn up on occasion. The core has always between between 20,000-30,000. I remember regularly joking about it years ago, when the Kellys and the Whites used to make up the number.






    Trust Santa was good to you and and your loved ones too. Yes, we have always considered that we have handled such things better than the deid team. Seems like it isn’t the case anymore. We even had someone on here yesterday criticising 2 of our players for being huns. Now, that is what I expect from the deid team’s support, not ours. Just imagine if we had employed that policy. What players we would not have had the pleasure of seeing.

  30. vale bhoy



    Let’s just say I saw a different game than you yesterday, I was entertained, you on the other hand where not, ….fine by me, but delusional tsk tsk tsk,


    I don’t decide who is better than anyone, I may have my opinion on some, that opinion being different from mine, but not any better, I didn’t post that, unless you can point me to it?

  31. saltires en sevilla on




    Aye the ‘today’s official attendance is 22,362’ announcements followed by gales of laughter from a packed jungle 3/4 full Celtic end and Main Stand and Rankers End with a further 10,000 :-)





    I don’t actually want RD sacked. Mainly because I doubt that our DoF will sanction a manager with a better CV or higher profile.



    And since the players available aren’t down to him.



    If we are lacking stamina over 90 minutes,I want him to act on that. Identify the reasons,sort it. If we lack strength in our midfield,find a Bertie Auld or Davie Hay. If players are being played out of position or in a formation they cannot comprehend,do the simple things and play to their talents.



    Is there too much focus on training and not enough on coaching? That would answer a few questions,like non-contact training injuries,lack of stamina and clueless performances. When was the last time we saw a ‘training-ground’ set-piece?



    I’m the first to admit I don’t know the answers but I know the questions-and many more besides-are on display on a regular basis.



    Celtic have a 54% win record in competitive games this season. I don’t think it’s ‘entitlement’ to say that better is required.

  33. I have not been a regular on here for a long, long time. I confess that I am no longer a regular at CP. In fact, I am very much disenchanted about the game. I have other pursuits of a Saturday (or Sunday). I may in fact be similar to many who once attended/held season tickets. That is the confession out of the way and those who wish can no doubt deride me or dismiss my view.


    On the occasion I have watched Celtic in the past 2 seasons they have either flattered to deceive or been simply poor. The standard of player at CP is well below what might be hoped of a Celtic team. There are certainly those who are established and are capable of high standards – eg Brown and there are those who aspire to great things, ie Griffiths. There are too many however who are either out of their depth, eg Ciftci or have no desire to aspire, eg Armstrong. These players are examples only. There are players in hoops who, if given a hertz jersey or a Dundee jersey, you would say, “he’ no bad, we better watch him, he’ll give us problems.” That does not translate into “he’s a Celtic player.” Ronnie Deila does not appreciate that with our resources and the attraction the club holds for many, we should be way out in front. This team should be a unit continually preparing for the European challenge ahead and prompting others to question why there is no Euro league or entry into the Premiership for us.


    There is no unit, injuries or otherwise. Europe is a competition that is to be worried about in July. Why look elsewhere when we have a competition here? This is the mindset of RD.


    We may win the league this season. However, if you are questioning what our prospects are in Europe, we should really be looking at a replacement with the know how to tackle the European stage. Someone in to shape the team, kick out the sub standard players, and prepare to challenge in Europe. The sooner the better.