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  1. saltires en sevilla on




    Good post – 54% wins is not good enough



    The fitness issue is a massive cause for concern. One of the areas we should be ahead on is sports science given the facilities we have available. We could always run for 95 minutes, minimum. As much part of the fabled Celtic Way, as the attack, attack, attack mantra.



    We hear about the dangers of over-training as much as over-coaching. Perhaps the answers are fairly straight-forward. Cut back on both?



    An Auld or Hay in there would sharpen them up.

  2. saltires en sevilla on




    Good to see you back posting – common sense points there. Even if I disagree about the perceived benefits of changing the manager now, mainly because we might get Johnny Collins as the replacement, or similar.



    Hope you are still getting the miles in?




  3. And of course we play fifteen games a season more than any other club in our league, it does take its toll, that’s a lot of games, that’s almost 40% more games, but no one thinks of that of course, just saying.

  4. saltires en sevilla on

    Twists n Turns



    You are spot on about the last 20 years. Stadium reconstructed in ’94



    To be fair, the period being discussed was going back to when the stadium had a much bigger capacity.



    Suggestion being that the last 20 years was or has been a blip or a ‘bubble’. Now reverting to historical norms.



    I might have got that wrong tho’. Often do ;-)








    Compliments of the season to you,your post at 0921 mentioned a great fear of mine too.



    I doubt we’re the only ones.

  6. Whilst there were more pleasing aspects to yesterday’s match, the performance did little to convince me that we are back on track.



    We have two major problems, both of which speak of the mentality of the team and relate directly to the manager:



    We cannot hold a lead. And we lose late goals.



    On top of that, we are completely toothless up front without Griffiths, and without Brown we lack steel in midfield. Ronnie must address these areas in January – if he doesn’t – if he really thinks a draw at Swinecastle is a good result – then he is even more out of his depth than I thought…

  7. Good morning friends from a dry, breezy but gery looking East Kilbride.



    Yesterday we were without Brown, Griffiths and Commons through injury and half an hour into the game had lost Boyata and Armstrong. In that context I wasn’t disappointed that we came away with a draw although snatching a draw from the jaws of victory made it seem worse at the time.



    I thought that Gordon and Johansen both had far better performances than we’ve tended to see so far in 2015-16. Tierney and Rogic both performed very well.



    Off for a wee scroll back to see if I’m way off the mark ;-)

  8. Saltires


    Yes I understand what you are getting at bud, fair comment.



    I do think there are worrying signs about where we are heading. I’ve said a few times now I believe we are going into a slow but steady decline that needs arrested.

  9. Hearts first goal was Lustigs fault, RD had not came on then, the second goal was heading for the pie stall it took a deflection, not RD fault again, these things happen in games, as it did yesterday, it’s all part of the game, not RD fault, trust me, and I doubt very much if the players are doing it on purpose, it’s just bad luck, sh.t happens man.





    Glad to hear it,mate. Good to know that community spirit is alive and well,none of the ‘I’m alright,Jack’ we seem to accept as the norm nowadays.



    Problem is that most big towns are built beside water. And there’s a hell of a lot of it at the moment.

  11. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Why has Michael not acknowledged, or refused the £5m, and why have the SMSM gone all quiet on the subject.?? …rhetorical question

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good morning Bhoys O.K. so you want Ronny to be fired so just who would you replace him with ? it would be very likely another low grade manager I have noticed some say Stubbs just what has he done in management ?where is his managerial experience ? One thing for sure it would not be a big name manager the SPL is just not going to attract a top man.So would it not be better to get right behind our current manager and give him a little more time and judge him at the end of the season not half-way through ? I have no idea who we will sign in the January window but we could do in my opinion with a couple of more mature players to help our younger players during a game. H.H.

  13. Two , yes two deflected goals for them and James Forrest committing a totally needless foul on a man with his back to goal posing no threat whatsoever. Luck can’t be challenged but stupid schoolboy errors have to stop.

  14. saltires en sevilla on

    Twists n Turns



    Yep I see that decline. It needs arrested.



    My view is best to make small adjustments where necessary, small incremental gains Can make a massive difference in overall performance. Can Ronny be the guy? I am still to be convinced but believe he might be, given the right resources.



    I remember he went on hols during the tranfer window. Was it at that point he realised he was not getting the striker he wanted or other key positions filled? Or was that just MSM bollox. Someone here will know if that was the case.



    Removing the manager now is unlikely to achieve much more than change for the sake of change. Yes a benefit of bounce, but for how long?



    If there was a long term plan, it needs adjusted, not ripped up and binned.



    Meantime, I Prefer to back the guys in position and encourage them to make the necessary adjustments.




  15. So in this seasons SPFL, we have still to beat a Hearts team ( home and away) newly promoted or a Kilmarnock team ( home or away) sitting 2nd or 3rd bottom, plus a defeat to the other strugglers Motherwell at home. We have won 3 games in last 9 since the start of November, suppose we should ignore that this includes Molde, an Ajax team with an average age under 22, and Fenerbahce.


    Sorry guys, a form dip, or getting worse under our Managemant team ?


    For me I see no sign of any improvement under Ronny’s leadership, the team were better when hyper with the gassy juice and chips :-))

  16. Cowiebhoy



    In the last few years we have beaten Hearts in Scottish Cup 7-0 and 4-0 at Tynecastle .Are they getting better and we’re getting worse or a bit of both ?

  17. Saltire a change of management would probably change our style of play


    Hopefully identify the huge gaps in our team which have now been there and being exposed for past 18 months, I can accept Lustig was unfortunate yesterday with the 1st goal, but how often do we see a ball pumpe out wide over the top of our defence and we are seeing this resultant goal ?


    Can we not be better at stopping both the cross and defending it by having players in better positions ? A coach, what’s his job ?


    Not seeing it in Ronny


    Right off ooot, the dugs are wanting their stroll



    Hail Hail

  18. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Let’s do nothing and hope it all works


    itself out.



    Sooner our later this decline will end up


    at big Pedro’s door,now is the time for


    decisive action.



    Were heading in the wrong direction and


    the speed of our decline is gathering pace.

  19. What is the Stars on

    Joe filipi


    It doesn’t matter who the replacement is. It would be hard to find a worse manager.


    However he is here to the end of the season. I just hope we get a new man in before any euro qualifiers. Otherwise…..


    well more of the same

  20. lennon's passion on




    Yes it would be another low level manager. You mention Stubbs. Has his team improved under his tenure. Has Celtic improved under Ronny. Doesn’t matter who we got as a manager it will be a gamble. Ronny is a gamble that’s not working IMO. Hope he does turn it around.

  21. Sack the manager, I’v never heard anything more ridiculous in all my life, we are out of Europe yes, ehhhhhhh where we supposed to win the CL or the EL? Ffs get a reality check and stop listening to the SMSM be a long time before we reach a European final, or get to the last sixteen, we don’t have the money, Ffs you get a banana republic country popping up every two years in Russia with billions of dollars places we’ve never heard of, a six hour flight there and back, yer havin a Laff, top four teams in Spain, Italy, Germany, and so on and so on,


    Aye right yar sack the manager!

  22. Aiden Bhoy, I’ve got the barking dugs to take ooot


    I’d let the players drink their Irm Bru or Cola, eat chips, then see what difference it makes :-)


    Oh , and to answer your question, a bit of both, but I honestly think we are deteriorating much quicker than they are improving



    Hail Hail, it’s my dugs H & H time

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I reckon we should have a rule that you’re not allowed to shout for the manager to be sacked if you can’t spell his name correctly…..

  24. TonyD


    Was it you who posted a picture of yourselves and your mum in one of those MSM outlets ?


    I have never bought one in years, so do not read them, do you ?


    I will comment on what I am seeing with our club, and it is not pretty


    Let’s bury our head in the sand and ignore it though ? Like some others


    Or let’s kid ourselves on its the MSM which you reads fault

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Giving away a direct freekick might be shit happening to some, I thought it was bad play.


    The foul before that, was given away by the same player after loosing possession.


    The more you practice the luckier you get, what exactly are we practicing, if it wasn’t for bad luck…..blah blah blah…


    I enjoyed loads of bits yesterday, sometimes I think we can be good but it’s the sometimes bit that’s getting to me.


    I’d hoped for a bit more consistent sometimes after the 18 month mark, then I read his last team did not click till 24 months into it, Celtic you’d think are a bigger prospect and proportionally, that 24 months might work on a pro data basis, so how many months over the 24 month mark should oh wait, Ronny was a manager in his last job he had a budget he spent and selected his own staff.


    Oh dear this is a fine pickle

  26. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Lustig wasn’t unlucky, he was careless


    Nearly got caught out earlier in the match and he has previous as we have lost goals before due to his inability to guard his back post


    Players need to learn from their mistakes. It’s not all the managers fault if players don’t listen and learn from previous errors.

  27. saltires en sevilla on




    Lashings and lashings of cream scones and ginger beer, that’s the small incremental gains that make a difference. :)



    Seriously, the stats don’t look good. I’m less bothered by the domestic numbers than Euro.



    If we look at the away draws at Ajax and Fenerbahce and how we were ahead at important times in Euro games, then consider the changes we had to cope with in defence and uninspiring attempts to bring in a Euro quality striker.



    I still have belief in these guys.

  28. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Just started blog since yesterday pre game. Cannae believe we are on page 26! Away to read back!





    I agree that Ronny is as good as we are likely to get,so best stick with him.



    How we have arrived at such a state of affairs is a different question.



    But a remarkably similar one to why the players we have are as good as we are likely to get.



    Management of expectations has been achieved,management of ambition at an advanced stage.



    Living in Swindon,I don’t hear Swindon fans expecting to beat Arsenal,for instance. Though it’s not that long since they knocked an EPL side out the FA Cup-Wigan,who won it the following season.



    And my point?



    Swindon fans,and fans of similar clubs,live on the glory of the one-off upset and a couple of local derbies a season.



    If our downward spiral isn’t arrested soon,so too will Celtic.



    In engineering-think The Forth Road Bridge-there is such a thing as Critical Crack Length. When nothing can be done to prevent failure. I fear we are fast approaching it.



    Aye,it’s a crap analogy. But it’s a crap strategy we have embarked on.

  30. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Two free kicks in quick succession given away by the same player is not shit happens its shite happening but then when there’s enough to fill a head anything is excusable.

  31. Basing a managers performance in Europe is pash as well, did Lenny not get us into the last sixteen in Europe? Did it make him a great manager (much as I loved him and stood by him) it’s all about luck, you get good or bad, it happens in most ways of life, unfortunately.