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  1. TET, Awe Naws post shows why we are struggling right now.


    However, even with all of those players fit, I think results like yesterday can happen, even the Motherwell result, could, will, still happen over the course of a season.



    Just had a thought, how long can a transitional period be allowed to continue, or are we always in a transitional period?


    When was the last time we had a settle period?


    Is constant change a good thing, even a necessary thing?

  2. CowieBhoy, it is, but when the lack of direction come from the top of the food chain the malaise can affect every department. Including the core business.





    Scared to try,it’s the future.



    I could cry over our lack of ambition.

  4. Canalamar



    No that would be to say manager could have put same team out but didn’t.



    I’m saying same team has not played together for any number of games mainly because of long term injuries to players who would have played.



    What RD has tried to do once Siminovic and Lustig got over injuries has been to play same back four, Tierney having given him a selection option which he has taken.



    Last year after Jan Celtic were consistent in the run in with VVD and Denayer mainstays.



    This coming year either Effe plays like he did 2nd half yesterday or we are in for more poor results.



    If RD needs anything it’s a bit of luck.

  5. Doc


    I think our problem is we sell a player as soon as any offer comes in for them, so we are always in a state of change.


    I would buy a spine for the team and don’t sell them, pay them decent wages, let them teach the weans.


    But we are never going to get that, Broonie is the highest earner on the playing side, so to get class we would have to break that and I can’t see it happening.


    The direction is wrong imo, change that and I reckon we may see a settled unit.



  6. Miserable ?



    Watching 467 men / wiomen / adolescents and children ( from Chad / Mali / Togo and Nigeria ) marching through a Sicilian fishing port en route to a orocessing centre ( some of last weeks @ 5k )..Chittering ; frightened and covered in shit and puke after the nightmare of their journey to the European lands of their dreams.

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Aye, ye’ll want some misery on yir haggis neeps and kale.



    We hiv misery in all shapes and colours, fae a’ the airts, thither an’ yon.



    We hiv the song misery, we hiv the poppy misery, we hiv the top o’ the League but papped oot o’ Europe misery.



    We hiv the Willo Flood transfer windae misery, we hiv the we should hiv signed a left back misery.



    We hiv the ‘whit happened tae the Seville bawbees? misery.



    We hiv the false number 9 misery.



    We hiv the fower three yin twa misery.



    We hiv the endurin’ and maist vexin’ misery o’ the Sieve.



    The only thing that isnae’ bein’ doonsized is misery.



    But we hiv nae soup.



    That’s a’ been ta’en.

  8. saltires en sevilla on

    Ok now off to join some old schoolfriends for lunch


    We have been meeting since we left skool in 1980, 35 years ago.



    We all remember the original 9 in a row and seemingly endless European Semis and Finals



    We still met when we were being cheated by the fraudulant 9 in a row



    Play nice and try to remember



    Celtic are top of the league and the currants are nowhere…







    Thank the good God Almighty, we have a lack of ambition… well that is better than no ambition at all, let the heavens boogie!!!



    We’re gonna party – all night long – after we beat Airdrie Zombies 1 – 0 in the LCF.



    Look out Molde… we owe you.

  10. Doc,


    I am really struggling to understand the waste of our precious resources we have by the following this season


    Carlton Cole – looks so unfit it is frightening, who made that decision ? Oh he was free.


    Why did we sign Scott Allan ? He is no youth at 24, and cannot get into our team, is that what you get in signing players from the championship ?


    Who decided Nadir Ciftci was worth a £1.5m No1 striker target,from what we have seen to date, and I do hope he gets better with games, another poor striker signing


    How much is that area going to cost us


    Tyler Blacket – no words on that one


    So collectively, 4 of these players not looking first team players, why are we signing them ? And to what cost of Celtics player pool funds ?


    Far too many failures at the minute, who is accountable for this ?

  11. Why oh why do so many define our status by highlighting the non-status of the huns. There is something SAD in such a comparison.



    Something indescribable really hurts me every time I see somebody do it.




  12. TET, I tend to agree with you.


    An experienced spine in a team can make all the difference, cool heads in difficult situations etc.


    But one good season, two at most and we sell. Brown, Commons seem to be exceptions to that, but perhaps they won’t go, or the club see them as that older spine? So when both are injured we suffer. Loosing both Central Defenders at the same time was negligent.


    There may well be a good business, financial reason for that, but when your core business is a successful football team then you fail.

  13. AULDHEID on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 11:05 AM



    In my view I think when you assess how Ronny is doing you need to look at two things. What is the quality level of opposition in the SPL and also what advantage in terms of superior spending power and resources do we have over our rivals in the SPL.



    In these terms, I think our advantage is far superior than in years gone by, at the moment in domestic terms we are not up against opposition from the South side of the city, backed by their cheating which gave them a sporting advantage. In my opinion the quality of the current opposition, Aberdeen etc is poor.



    In my humble opinion I think with the advantage we have, and given the right management team, at a domestic level this should be a glorious period within our history. We should be winning most matches, and we should also be doing this in an entertaining fashion. As I said, with the poor level of opposition we have at home, I think an experienced manager, who can organise our team with a robust, balanced unit, capable of defending, having a balanced midfield, which can protect the defence and also support the attack. In my opinion, with the resources at his disposal, Ronny is under achieving domestically. I also think with better tactics deployed in Europe, he could have produced better results. Now I am not taking the MSM line here, not read any of the rags for years and I am certainly not influenced in my thinking by them or the idiots who pollute the radio or television. My views on Ronny are from watching the team. I also agree with many on these pages regarding how the club is being run. There is certainly a disconnect from the club in some aspects from the fans. And I have to question the club on getting the balance right from getting the correct team on the park and balancing the books. It is a very important balancing act. If we do not have a team worth watching on the park, the fans will vote with their feet and the impact will be felt by the club on the balance sheet eventually. That’s why in my opinion the most important man at the club is the football manager. Get that right, and most of the rest will fall in place, even despite our obvious disadvantage in relation to the financial gap between us and the English top leagues. Ronny in my opinion has had his chance, but not learned from his mistakes. The system he mainly deploys, leaves the defence open to attack, our midfield for me is mostly dysfunctional, unbalanced, it does not protect the defence, and at the same time does not consistently support the attack. Young players are being played out of position and going backward. One example is Stuart Armstrong. Johansen for me should only play on the left side of midfield in an advance position. He has regressed this season. Can’t understand where the macho, giving stupid fouls and stupid bookings has come from from him this season. Players being played on the wrong side of their natural playing foot, slows down the attacking moves as mostly they are not skilled enough to play that way, thus the team losing momentum when breaking. In my humble opinion, I think Ronny has taken the team as far as he can. Time for PL to change his strategy and go for an experienced manager, someone in the mould of David Moyes, who can organise a team. Or someone like Flores of Watford. No coincidence that they are a well organised team who are doing well.



    Get the right manager in first, and I think you will see a transformation, keep going with Ronny and I think it will be more of the same. We will continue on our downward spiral.



    HH Dan

  14. saltires en sevilla on




    Cheer up, it’s only a game and I try take my enjoyment from other aspects of my life when my team is not doing so well



    Meeting friends and family and Laughing out loud at the current predicament.



    Eating chocolate and having a few beers



    Anyway, You can have one of my selection boxes. I’ve got loads to spare :-)




  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I haven’t read back, so I will probably repeat what everyone has already said.


    I really enjoyed the game yesterday, although the three points would have made it better.



    As for the game, it was in the fine tradition of Tynecastle clashes of yesteryear.



    Both teams had spells of ascendency, with neither willing to concede. Passages of skill, costly errors and raw combat, made for a rip roaring ninety plus minutes, with a draw a fair result.



    More games like this and the grounds would full every week!

  16. Think blaming a single incident as “THE” factor for yesterday is way wrong. Forrest’s daft foul (s); GMS turning his back on the resultant free were minutiae.



    What did change the game for the final period was the withdrawal of Rogic. I get he may have been tired (although that poses another question) but his replacement was a winger. Someone in our management team suggested that seeing the game out should be accomplished with 3 wingers ! Thereafter we did not have a single attack of note. Hearts cam forward as expected being just a goal down. But we had an option to add a midfielder not another winger.



    I find that amazing.



    There are many similar amazing decisions (ie crass errors) being made by our manager. I’ll list them if you want ?

  17. saltires en sevilla on




    That is a bummer mate –



    I’m awaiting results of blood tests on Tuesday and hoping not going the same route



    Was just jesting about the chocolate…trying to be cheery




  18. saltires en sevilla:



    Ah! mate, was it you that sat on the bench on the Inn on the Green in Hollyport, Berks, I’ve sat there many a night and watched the Ferraris’ and Lamborghinis’ race home.



    I don’t like it when my 2015 club are pissing o the real hardships and sacrifices of the 1915 ish Celtic Supporters who built the pedestals high for the vainly stupid to take their timed and privileged pews and for the grafters to recognise pretenders when they see them.



    How many Celtic Supporters have died in pain and sacrifice to prop up this present day PLC Celtic?

  19. saltires en sevilla:



    my pleasure in life is not Celtic, no more any more any way, my plwasure is putting a smile on a face where a smile is a stranger. It is so feckin EASY!!!

  20. Dan on 28th December 2015 12:06 pm



    The system he mainly deploys, leaves the defence open to attack, our midfield for me is mostly dysfunctional, unbalanced, it does not protect the defence, and at the same time does not consistently support the attack. Young players are being played out of position and going backward.



    Absolutely correct!



    18 months on and we are no further forward with RD’s supposed ‘high-pressing’ 4-2-3-1 system. Take the wide LEFT and RIGHT berths for example – these are list of 15 players who have been deployed/shoe-horned into his system;


































    ………………. and add-in 6 others who have been ‘tactically repositioned’ at one time or another during a game;















    It is patently obvious that RD’s tactics (deployment/interpretation) are clearly not working. Question is?



    Is it RD or are 15-21 players not good enough or can’t grasp the concept?



    Case for the Prosecution CSC!

  21. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We have better players than Aberdeen and should still win the league, but it’s uncomfortably close. Ronny hasn’t been helped by a football structure at Parkhead that weakens the position of manager in relation to player recruitment and retention. However, even factoring in the elements of the job beyond his control he’s made a poor fist of it. He says he’s got a plan and will see it through, but after nearly 2 years it’s still not clear to me what his plan is. It just looks to me like a constant muddle and guddle.



    Assuming we do win the league again (and not only his head should roll if we don’t) or even the treble, I don’t think Ronny can be given another shot at ECL. qualification. We know from what we’ve seen over nearly 30 games in Europe that he’s completely, tactically out of his depth at that level. Malmo at home was a classic illustration from Ronny’s book of tactical self destruction.



    My view is keep Ronny till the end of the season and cross everything that he doesn’t contrive to throw away the league against the footballing pygmies of the SPFL; but, bring in someone of substance next year to give us a real plan for Europe and ensuring Sevco are never allowed to develop a challenge at home.



    One final thing. I’ve stopped listening to Ronny’s media interviews, particularly post-match. He’s one of these guys that just strikes the wrong note and his credibility us shot for me. Reminders of the John Barnes era. Like his, in the future I think we’ll look back on Ronny’s time as something of an oddity in our history.

  22. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    For any hapless husbands being forced into town for shopping the Cqn splinter grey brigade group will be in BV from just after 2



    All welcome as usual

  23. Not read back so not influence by anyone.


    I thought we played quite well yesterday especially in the first quarter,if we had a striker we would had scored a couple,then the injuries upset our balance.


    Now my main gripe,James Forrest once again he played like a school boy,I blame him for both goals,watch him again at their first,static looked at the pass made to the Hearts player made one little skip then stopped,,the second stupid attempt at tackle.He has not improved one iota since his first appearance,a liability ,only IMO.

  24. PRAECEPTA on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 12:25 PM



    I like Ronny, and I liked his ideas when he came to the club. However sadly those ideas have not transferred to the park. His post match interview yesterday was also telling for me. He mentioned the fighting spirit yesterday, and I have to agree that it was much better than the Motherwell game. He said that attitude has to be there every game and I agree with him, but why was it missing in the Motherwell game? Has it come to the point he is only able to motivate the players for some of the games? I still think that all is not well behind the scenes, and I suspect all is not happy between some of the players and Ronny. Nothing concrete I can put my hand on, but sense that the players may also be confused and perhaps not believing in his system as well. Maybe way off the mark on this one, but I thought him mentioning the fighting spirit yesterday was important in the context of the lack of, in the Motherwell game.



    HH Dan

  25. HH Dan



    Some good points but is Armstrong not struggling with a bad back? If so then his drop in form is not down to RD. Did a bad back not apply to Johansen too?



    I don’t understand why RD doesn’t plug the midfield gap because it is the biggest cause of disaffection as it undoes much of the effort expended by the team. In that sense I’d rather sign a strong defensive midfielder than change manager unless we already have one. If we don’t that might explain the riddle.



    As regards better communication I agree it might help and have argued for it but equally it might be used to make rods for Celtic’s back.



    If there is to be a change of attitude it has to be on both sides and if that happens there won’t be both sides. Just a house united. The house divided is almost a badge of Celtic honour.



    Now how would you convince Celtic why it was necesary and how to change their and supporters attitudes for doing so would be significant.

  26. TET






    How could I? That makes 22 – please God he doesn’t add to the list!!




  27. End of year report ( took ages to type so if a new article goes up it’ll get reposted )



    Craig Gordon Has suffered second season syndrome with his first being a hard act o follow, the shot stopper supreme’s form has seriously dipped at crucial times



    Mikel Lustig Surprisingly stayed ‘Lustig fit ‘ which has allowed more game time than could have been predicted, the big Swede has had a pretty torrid time, whilst trying to get up and down the Celtic right



    Saidy Janko Looked promising until he was injured and remains sidelined



    Efe Ambrose Took the usual flak and bounced back with some solid performances, but likely to remain a back up player since losing his place in the Celtic sieve system



    Dedryck Boyata Slipped effortlessly into Efe’s boots, but has confounded the boo boys with more stability as the season has gone on. Good buy, considering his paltry price tag



    Jozo Simunovic Started badly from being injured, and then quickly being injured again. Shows promise, clearly a work in progress, and the jury is still very much out. on the young Croatian



    Emilio Izzaguire ‘The best left sided full back for many a year’ has seen his crown slip after some poor performances. Never a great defender, but Izzy will be around CP for a long while yet



    Charlie Mulgrew Has never gotten going this season through long term injury, and will be well into the new year before the Scottish international, has another chance to stake a claim. Pressed into action, in a bizarre on off appearance against Molde.



    Kieran Tierney No nonsense straightforward left footer, who has relieved senior players of a jersey, and some man of the match performances. High hopes if he continues to develop.



    Scott Brown Another Celt to have succumbed to injury, the skipper had a great spell earlier in the season with his inimitable midfield dynamism. A team player that’s easy to miss and very hard to replace.



    Stefan Johansen Where were you when Stefan missed against Malmo? – Last season’s engine of the year, has been backfiring since August, and failed to play to his strengths, needs to get his head down



    Nir Bitton Suffering from new contractitis, the silky Israeli is an undoubted Celtic star so far this year. Would do well from a rest, and a back to basics from the good midfielders guide book.


    Tyler Blackett Whatever wasn’t happening at Man Utd isn’t happening at Celtic, looks uncomfortable and unlikely to feature in the New Year.



    Scott Allan The former Hibs prospect has taken his time to settle, but shown in flashes that he can play a rare forward pass. Tons of games ahead where he can fill in the hole in the Celtic attack.



    Tom Rogic Pushed his way into the Celtic side and found a scoring touch, the big guy can compete. Tends to tire , but has done well to come back from an miserable start.



    Kris Commons The old man still has that left peg and has regularly proved Celtic’s best creative midfielder. Doesn’t like to lose, and will produce when the chips are down, i.e. Istanbul



    Stuart Armstrong Disappointment with a capital d for Armstrong , who suffers from isolation and chalk on his boots. Sparkling start quickly faded when Scottish defences saw his only option



    Callum McGregor Surprise re – inclusion paid off, and still a manager’s favourite. Hard working young player, who tends to be anonymous unless he’s shooting.



    Gary MacKay Steven A year on, and out of the picture, the tricky wide player has drifted so wide he’s off the teamsheet. The bosman player has a tough job ahead on the big stage.



    James Forrest All the player he’ll ever be now, and an ace from committing Celtic to another long term contract. Plays at a higher pace than everyone else, but may always lack that ‘something ‘.



    Leigh Griffiths Top scorer at Celtic (law of averages helps) the former Hibee has seen off the doubters, and is likely to be the main man, unless we find him a proper challenger.



    Nadir Ciftci Surprise number one target for the Celtic striking role, has failed to produce this year. Another with a tough road ahead but with major deficiencies in his game



    Carlton Cole Shock out of contract punt that could be fit for Christmas (next year ) great song but so had Paddy McCourt.



    Anthony Stokes Hasn’t featured and seeing strugglers ahead of him in the queue wasn’t what he wanted, and seems certain to move down a club, before he’ll get a game



    Aidan Nesbitt Given half a chance in the cup at CP, didn’t get into the game..

  28. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    There’s a train of comments from older supporters that those who are bemoaning the team’s relatively poor performances ( same goes for the Club) that those moaning are spoiled and don’t realise how bad things were in decades gone past.



    I find these comments slightly irksome as for me they miss the obvious point – we’ve had 3 years without ant team capable of matching our resources. Have we exploited that? Have we put clear green water between Celtic and the rest?



    I think that’s what’s frustrating those who moan about a draw at Tynecastle or a defeat to Motherwell. The results in themselves are minor irritations but the fact that they are symptomatic of the bigger missed opportunities



    Ronnie is just another symptom – until his post interview delusional comments last night I retained a slight hope for his future at Celtic, although I feel a change is the right course of action. Having listened to his take I Nino longer harbour any hope for him. That combined with lack of tactical nous in game yesterday after we went 2-1 up confirms what many believe – he is out of his depth and if Lawwell continues with him he too will be out of his depth before long.



    Under the current set up it is also disheartening to see so many players going backwards in their development, so many poor acquisitions and so few new faces breaking through.