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  1. saltires en sevilla on




    Yes the same. Glad you remembered.



    Your views on pain and sacrafice seem to me to be a wee bit on heavy side.



    I’m aware of fans being attacked and even killed because they supported Celtic and those crimes are recognised as henious by any reasonable observer. They were committed by low life criminals. Is that whate you were referring to?



    However, I don’t understand folk that get themelves upset, in what appears to me to be an unhealthy way, about sport.



    I apologise if my poor attempts at humour are unwelcome.



    Take it easy and hope you have a great day.




  2. Dan on 28th December 2015 12:35 pm



    Problem is with certain players – they get confused with complex systems and constant change of their ‘so-called’ natural positions.



    i.e. Routine preparation; put on socks, put on boots, tie laces and don’t forget to tuck-in your shin-guards!




  3. With one stupid foul by JF an one swing of the boot by Sow, all the good work was undone…



    Normally, I find CQN live comments on match days unremittingly negative



    I have listed all the negative comments on our play in the second half live comments on CQN yesterday in pages 8 to 13.


    I have omitted all comments referring to our first half play as I acknowledge that Hearts edged the 2nd part of that half.



    We kicked off at 3.04



    PFAYR- 3.09- Unfortunately or attack isn’t much better


    Cubist Funk-3.11- Efe…maybe lucky not to get red


    Vale Bhoy- 3.12- How many times are we going to fanny about at the back?


    NOTTHEBUS-3.15- Dont think JF has broken sweat yet


    CRC- 3.21- JF eventually breaks sweat and beats 3-4 players but final shot weak and off target :-)


    PFAyr- 3.24- Mcgregors dead ball delivery is moderate at best


    Cowiebhoy- 3.31- Not being negative, buts what’s the point of James Forrest ?


    Vale Bhoy @ 3.36- Jozo tries to walk out of defence, loses it hearts attack and get corner. Mental.


    Burgas Hoops- 3.37- Ciftci is worse than a man short !!!


    MARTYBHOY-3.39- Cifti very stupid there


    Cubist Funk- 3.40- Nadir needs to calm down


    PFAyr- 3.41-Ciftci is going to get himself sent off …


    Cultsbhoy- 3.41- Ciftci awful


    Cubist Funk- 3.46- James with a lazy way out tackle


    Cubist Funk- 3.48-Almost undone by Billy King


    ValeBhoy- 3.49- Far too many of us too casual. Stupid FK by Forrest.


    Starry Plough- 3.49-James FFS


    BSR- 3.49- Forrest………..grrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh


    67 Heaven- 3.49- Forrest has fallen right out of this game




    3.49 – Hearts equalize and it is unrelenting negativity.



    That is only 19 comments across6 pages of comments. Most of them are just criitical comments on an individual player, mostly Ciftci and JF, and were often accompanied by an equally praising comment on another Celt- often Efe.



    My point is that , during the play, CQN was untypically positive about Celtic. We recognised that we were dominating the half and outplaying Hearts. Yes, there was nervousness but nothing near the criticism of tactics, stamina or poor play that appeared after 3.50 yesterday and continues today.



    The narrative and the monday morning quarterbacking went into revision mode with one swing of Sow’s boot. No-one had the confidence to predict a poor result DURING the second half ( there was an early post that did so but it was specifically referring to – based on our first half play).



    And yet all we hear about last night and today was how predictable this was. Those who are so good at prediciting were obviously not on here yesterday.



    I believe I heard one of the Sky commnetators say that Hearts scored with their only shot on target in the 2nd half yesterday- no idea if that is accurate or not.



    P.S.- I do not list any of the posters above with any malice or criticism. Indeed some might find it strange that I counted their comment as negative, especially those that balanced the comment quoted with equal praise. I just did not want to be accused of leaving anything out (spin or agenda?)



    P.P.S.- Aff oot shopping now- catch replies later

  4. BCW, totally agree about Rogic and him being subbed, to me it was a game changer. Someone mentioned yesterday that it was a tight hammy although he looked extremely disappointed at being subbed. I thought him and Nir provided a good combo in the middle










    I certainly hope you get the all-clear on that.



    I think COWIEBHOY has dealt with it for a good while now. But it may be worthwhile googling the benefits of cinnamon to cope with it.



    Good luck.

  6. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Looks like we have typed broadly the same sentiments in our respective posts ( I hadn’t read yours before typing).



    I’m not holding Lawwell to account for Ronnie’s appointment- at the time given the circumstances I agreed he was a risk worth taking. My view was that not too many fancied the job and that we were in the perfect ( Hun free) context to take a risk. Perhaps a unique opportunity – will we ever gets the chancery experiment like this again?



    I am however of the opinion that Lawwell Should be held to account for continuing with a failed experiment if he persists with Deila for much longer in the face of poor performance.



    I agree 100% with your comments re Ronnies post match comments. This for me is a vital part of the Celtic manager’s job – it gives confidence to support and players and is instrumental in setting profile. Talking absolute drivel robs everyone of confidence. It is also one of the very few communications the club makes with the support. I guess it’s better than getting Collins out which would be a deeper embarrassment imo.

  7. Some cracking comments here today to justify some Ronnie bashing :-



    “In my opinion the quality of the current opposition, Aberdeen etc is poor.”



    I have a number of Aberdeen supporting friends who believe this is the best Aberdeen team for over 15 years. The crowds at Tynecastle tells you they are also very happy with the quality of their play too so by all means have a go at Ronnie but don’t use “poor” quality of the opposition to justify your position.

  8. saltires en sevilla on




    Just a general medical test mate – they specify what they looking for and that was one of many.



    I know a few who are afflicted, not pleasant at all.



    Enjoy your day, really must dash now




  9. AULDHEID on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 12:36 PM


    HH Dan




    Some good points but is Armstrong not struggling with a bad back? If so then his drop in form is not down to RD. Did a bad back not apply to Johansen too?




    I don’t understand why RD doesn’t plug the midfield gap because it is the biggest cause of disaffection as it undoes much of the effort expended by the team. In that sense I’d rather sign a strong defensive midfielder than change manager unless we already have one. If we don’t that might explain the riddle.




    As regards better communication I agree it might help and have argued for it but equally it might be used to make rods for Celtic’s back.




    If there is to be a change of attitude it has to be on both sides and if that happens there won’t be both sides. Just a house united. The house divided is almost a badge of Celtic honour.




    Now how would you convince Celtic why it was necesary and how to change their and supporters attitudes for doing so would be significant.






    Thank you for your reply buddy.



    Agree that Armstrong has suffered from Injury, however at Dundee Utd his strengths to me were playing in the central midfield, making good telling passed forward, with equally good timed runs forward to assist the forward players or chip in with goals. Since his first start against Thistle, he has gradually made less and less of an impact. His most telling passages of play where he has been most effective has mostly when he has come in from the left flank. I think Ronny is missing a trick playing him out wide left. He could be much more effective centrally in the midfield, doing the stuff I have highlighted above. Yes as you say he has had injuries, but even when he returned, he looked to me a poor shadow of himself, lacking confidence. Also Johansen was also injured, but when he has been playing on the left midfield berth going forward he is good, although again the balance of the formation has to be correct.



    My reason for a change of manager, I don’t think Ronny will change his tactics, or sign a strong defensive midfielder. If tomorrow he changes to a more rigid formation, played players in their correct positions I actually think he could transform the team. He actually in my opinion, has the nucleus of a good young team.



    Regarding bringing the fans and board closer together. First of all get the management team and the team on the pitch correct. The club should utilise people like yourself, BRTH and like minded folks. We lost an excellent spokesman for the club with the death of Paul McBride, but the fans are calling out for someone to defend the club from the MSM lies. Okay it may put a rod on the back of Celtic, but look at the alternative now, lots of folks I talk to are scunnered by the club not defending itself in the face of blatant anti-Celtic propaganda. Look at the great work of the Celtic foundation and the charity work that goes on from supporters of this site, hardly or never a mention in the MSM. We need to get our PR side of things sorted out. The embarrassment of the AGM should be ringing big alarm bells.



    Unfortunately, if things continue on the current downward spiral, i think fans will vote with their feet, and under the current board, that is the only way we will get change.



    HH Dan

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    What circumstances






    It is the best Aberdeen team for 15 years and Swinecastle was packed but they are both sh**e … historically so




  11. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    You missed my comment immediately after we scored where I outlined my view on a tactical change to reinforce the defence and play a longer ball. I did this because almost immediately following our second goal we found our central defenders out numbered 3 v 2.



    Both wing backs posted missing.



    I believe had we done this there would have been no JF foul ( although he is an idiot for doing so in my mind) as we would have had 3 central defenders – Biton would have been the obvious candidate to play in front of Ambrose and Simunovic.



    In fact I would have made Forrest the spear point of attack. If he has any potential I feel he is a poor man’s Theo Walcott and should be converted from winger to out and out whippet up front. His goal scoring to chance ratio would be low but he’d get plenty of chances.



    My point being I did propose some in match tactical change to avert a draw.






  12. Big shout out for COWIEBHOY and MARSPAPA –



    Still to receive your week 3 picks for LMS6 ;-)

  13. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Auld heid



    Circumstances – Lenny left kind of quickly and nobody was breaking the door down to replace him. We also at that point appeared to be in a 1 horse race.

  14. 2BHOYS1GHIRL on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 12:56 PM


    Some cracking comments here today to justify some Ronnie bashing :-




    “In my opinion the quality of the current opposition, Aberdeen etc is poor.”




    I have a number of Aberdeen supporting friends who believe this is the best Aberdeen team for over 15 years. The crowds at Tynecastle tells you they are also very happy with the quality of their play too so by all means have a go at Ronnie but don’t use “poor” quality of the opposition to justify your position.








    Thank you for your reply.



    Just as the Aberdeen supporters are entitled to their opinion, am I not entitled to mine? And just to be clear, I don’t think of my opinions of Ronny bashing, just a summary of how I see the current situation. Again all about opinions, and only in my humble opinion. :o)



    HH Dan

  15. SFTB


    My comment at 3.31 yesterday as quoted


    James Forrest had just run into the Heart box, past the defender, then in attempting to cross the ball, passed it straight to the defender he had just passed


    What comment should be made ?


    Great play James, ? brilliant final ball ?


    Or be honest, other than pace, what is his end product ?


    There would be no new contract for me, cant contact his agent my bahookie


    Tells me James is making no effort to get any new deal either



    Hail Hail

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    The circumstances were entirely of our own making.



    Peter Lawwell was unimpressed by Neil Lennons coaching teams ability to improve the players at their disposal and the product on offer. Ronny Deila was seen as THEE one to carry us through into playing a more attractive game , while developing players to the required quality. The Million bucks saved on the Management wage bill was also a factor as was removing a well loved Celtic manager. The Celtic hierarchy don´t want that. AT ANY COST



    So to summarize ;


    cheaper wages


    getting in someone more in touch with the modern game.


    A disciple of faster fitter etc.


    A more manageable manager


    A more knowledgeable manager.




    Personally I think it is all about two things



    Spin and cost cutting




  17. I repeat – tight game we had to see out.



    We finished with three wingers on the park.



    Three wingers; Mowbray-esque.



    Tactical sorcery or tactical suicide?

  18. Coming home from the family party last night, still laughing in the taxi about things the kids done, we took the slip road off the Ek expressway to Blantyre ( technology) park



    Coming round the bend downhill suddenly the engine revved out of control, the driver had put it out of gear and passed out!!


    I was in the back undid my belt grabbed the steering wheel then grabbed the handbrake it slowed us down enough that we crossed through the junction, mounted the curb and stopped when we rested on the metal fence.



    Got the wife and daughters out of the car, still revving like mad switched the engine off and tried to bring round the driver..after a few minutes of shaking and gentle slapping he came round.



    We didn’t want to move him incase we caused him any more harm / discomfort



    When I was making sure my wife and daughters were ok, in total disbelief he started his engine up and tried to reverse from the fence I just managed to get inside the door and got the keys out the egnition



    “he said he just wanted to straighten up the car ”



    As per for the police….they arrived as i lost it and was about to brain the bastard!!!



    Anyhoo we’re all ok



    You just never know…..




    Enjoyed the game yesterday, cracking pieces of play and cool finishes mixed in with the usual unforced errors



    It looks like it could go all the way….. Interesting transfer window coming up.



    Need to go Catchyeez :)

  19. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Awe Naw



    I’m not known for defending Lawwell but I have no beef with Ronnies appointment… It’s continuing with a failed punt that bothers me.



    I agree though the damage we have done to ourselves as a club is cost cutting because we could instead of considering a speculate to accumulate strategy.



    We’ve saved a few million but we’ve lost many times that with our abject performances in Europe.

  20. Sftb @12.48 now giving cqn in-Match posts the Opta stats treatment!


    Love it mhate! (You are bonkers but I love you!!!)



    Dan. Good post. Difficult questions.



    BT. Blackett returning to Man U. That in itself would mean we’d come out of the transfer window stronger than we’d gone into it!!






    HH jamesgang

  21. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    Re management – are you a stick or twist?

  22. CultsBhoy



    Stick, I’d rather we got rid of all the heated driveways, wherever they are.



    The Ronny bashing is tedious and stupid the closer you get to midnight the worse it gets, last night I read on here he was a P.E. teacher ( don’t know what harm P.E. teachers have ever done.)

  23. Happy Festivus, CQN.



    Has my ‘Commons for player manager’ idea been building much traction? Or are you still on the Deila bus, complete with bleak passing landscapes and the nutter at the front who wants to talk about 4231 counter pressing?



    My bus has extra legroom, Larsson DVDs, and meanders through sunlit uplands.