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  1. The only way to change the current regime,is light a fire under Lawwell & Co,as Bankier demonstrated at the AGM,they don’t like pressure on them. Top of the league or not,this whole set up is a shambles. From a guy who was going to be a No 2,to getting the top job,and having a No2 he had never heard of being foisted upon him. All part of Lawwell’s Football Manager 2015










    Stick, I’d rather we got rid of all the heated driveways, wherever they are.




    The Ronny bashing is tedious and stupid the closer you get to midnight the worse it gets, last night I read on here he was a P.E. teacher ( don’t know what harm P.E. teachers have ever done.)






    what about that nutcase in Kes.

  3. Bad bing




    Reading it back…. Sounds like I went all Harrison Ford.. More like Michael Crawford (some mothers do have them) …..it was over in a few minutes, a really scary few minutes, thank God the road wasn’t busy.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    For those who missed it, when GMS came on for Rogic, McGregor switched to Rogic’s position behind the striker, and GMS played on the right where McGregor had been.



    The shape remained the same, but our full backs were more inclined to be back, giving Hearts more of the ball in the midfield. Hearts had one shot on target in the 2nd half, Sow’s deflected 91st minute free kick (it was heading wide before the deflection), indicating that the containing tactics from 1-2 ahead (including Rogic’s substitution) worked well enough.



    Relatedly.. Haven’t figured out what to make of McGregor. He doesn’t seem to have the prerequisites to play wide, and his performance as one of two sitting mids last week was underwhelming. Scores a lot from the central position but isn’t as effective a player as others who want that slot in the team. His pass for Bitton’s goal was terrific, top football, but later on when we had a 3v2 break, Callum driving forward from the centre, he seemed blind to the offer from GMS on his right, passed inside and the chance was gone.



    Ronny’s been getting in the neck since the final whistle by those who look at the result rather than the circumstances of it. Better managers have had worse performances and won. Better managers have had better performances and lost. The manager did his job yesterday in the circumstances.

  5. Hope you all had a good Christmas



    Wasn’t too upset about yesterday. I think we were lacking in central midfield. If Brown or Mulgrew get fit, they will need to be picked.



    I see we are being linked with Mocinic yesterday. He looks like the type of player we need.

  6. Also, time is running out for Ciftci.



    I know he missed the start of the season due to suspension so I wasn’t going to write him off, but it’s now after Christmas and he got a full 90 minutes.



    His movement seems so poor. There is a reason why the ball cannons of his back or erse.

  7. The Battered Bunnet



    Calum is a centre mid, a no 10 in fact, one of the many we have at the club..



    Was it Neil who first played him out on the wing??

  8. My friends in Celtic,



    Packed out grounds create atmosphere. We can all debate the finer aspects of our game but yesterday was entertaining.



    Our main problem is Playing domestic football at home. How do we manage a better ratio of seats filled to seats available.? Ok we may have in Scotland. A decent ratio of attending supporters compared to population, but many clubs are struggling to fill seats.



    I note Winning Captains was talking about adding an additional tier to our main stand increasing our capacity to approximately 80.000. IMO that would be madness as long as we are playing in Scotland.



    loads of empty seats creates a morgue like atmosphere, and possibly rather than increase our capacity we should think about reducing it




  9. My view of success for Celtic is simple – if we win the league and are in Europe post Xmas, it is a decent season, and any other trophies are a bonus.


    Last year , under RD we did that , this year we havent


    Our European record has gotten worse, and we have gone from a team who latterly struggled in CL , to one struggling in EL.


    Ask yourself, would we have beaten Malmö, Maribor etc under NL , and my answer would be yes.


    The chances of us ever qualifying for CL group under RD are zilch – if you think a guy who can’t hold onto a lead against Motherwell or Hearts is going to transform us in 6/7 months into a CL qualifier, I would love to know where your optimism stems from.


    He has now had 18 months, has signed numerous players, the majority of whom have been failures .


    He has also brought in his own physio / fitness guys – which seems to coincide with an increased prevalence of non contact injuries.


    RD is clearly a bright, highly motivated individual, but he is doing a poor job of managing the resources at his disposal, and IMHO if we want to see CL group football at CP, a parting of ways is best for all concerned.

  10. McGregor for me is a decent squad player. Shouldn’t be a first pick, in saying that I would have played Forrest before him yesterday and he ended up having a shocker. So in short I know nothing.

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I dont think even NL thought he could beat Malmö Maribor with the resources at his disposal and that´s why he quit.




  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    It was in the Scotsman today that Mc Gregor could be off to Partick on loan.







    I also think that we are CURRENTLY more interested in developing players and selling them on than CL football




  13. dr ramesh and the love potion on



    I think McGregor is an attacking midfielder best played centrally. He’s not the strongest nor the quickest but he has a great eye for a goal and can pull off a killer pass. I think he’s a ‘cog’ in the machine. He likes to move constantly and circulate the ball quickly and forward if possible. If we had more players willing to play that way we’d be in a better place than we are now. I think this is the plan for the future, a team full of Celtic youth players who get the system and are technically efficient. These ‘cogs’ will ideally be complemented by a few quality signings for positions the youths don’t cover. One of our problems right now is that different players are playing at different tempos and the team suffers.


    And we need a new Wanyama/Lambert/Lennon.

  14. Awe Naw


    I would have thought NL would have fancied his chances against both.


    IMHO , His challenge would have been getting the 3rd spot, rather than the 2nd spot in the CL group, and I suspect that is why he ‘quit’

  15. Blantyretim



    Thanks pal, see what happens when I give in and have a drink, prefer not drinking so I get home safe in my car



    Laters :)

  16. Tom Boyd is better than SuperSutton on

    I know Craig Gordon had a couple of cracking saves yesterday. But didn’t the Hearts keeper make more saves? The commentator said the free kick equaliser was Hearts only shot on target in the second half.



    That suggests that our defence isn’t as bad as some believe.



    Also, not a major revelation, but we don’t put the ball in the pokey as often as we should given the number of good chances we create. Hurry back Griff.

  17. Until Easter shines through your windows, once again a fond adieu; and I’ll leave you with a few positive comments to take you through the dark times in the dark nights…



    Celtic are shite, but they are not as shite as they could be.



    The living wage is a dream for some and a nightmare for those who want an extension of the heated driveway.



    Celtic are out of Europe, yah beauty!!! no more embarrassing humpings’ this year.



    McManus does not want to resign; neither does Skippy nor Hooper either, not good enough for a shrunken jersey between them.



    We have six months to work out how we are going to be booted out of the Champions League with a wee bit of style and grace. Hopefully the team that boots us out does not do us the dishonour of playing an ineligible player consequently subjecting us to a convoluted face skelping… again.



    No need for prejudicial statistics because we are shite and we know we are. Eyes have it over numbers every day.



    You happy clappers hang tights bhoys things can only get worser.

  18. Please someone tell us all if there is any pattern and/or shape to Ronny’s squad – and let’s be clear, after EIGHTEEN months, it is Ronny’s squad.



    We’ve had “judge me on next year’s CL qualifying” from him after ‘bombing’ in qualifiers in 2014 & 2015 and now it’s ” we’ll be ready for next year” – we’ve had the now ditched Ronny Roar and the premature shouting about ‘the treble’ last year – we now move on into regular inconsistency and the latest propaganda from him is that “we are a very young side” – this sounds to me that he is getting his excuses in early.



    I have no qualms with the appointment of Ronny, it was imaginative and could have been inspirationation – it is not working and the squad is underperforming.



    I believe that a team could be put together, with the current squad, by a new manager, that would be much better than the sum of its parts – leadership, experience and coherent tactics are required immediately whilst we have all to play for – to wait any longer is ‘head in the sand’ thinking.



    Ronny, to get the job and initially have us all ‘on side’ talked of highly-trained players and a new high-octane style – this has not been the case – we are stuttering through games and through the season.

  19. Tom Boyd is better than SuperSutton on

    Also, on the subject of strikers. When Bitton scored yesterday did anyone notice Ciftci’s positioning.



    Instead of breaking his neck to get in the box and get on the end of a cross or a save by the keeper he was barely in the box and headed way wide to the right. Not what I would consider to be the attributes of an instinctive striker.

  20. Awe Naw


    I also think that we are CURRENTLY more interested in developing players and selling them on than CL football



    Agreed, altho IMHO RD has had enough budget to produce better results than we currently are seeing.

  21. GREENPINATA on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 2:15 PM


    My friends in Celtic,







    Packed out grounds create atmosphere. We can all debate the finer aspects of our game but yesterday was entertaining.







    Our main problem is Playing domestic football at home. How do we manage a better ratio of seats filled to seats available.?



    We could try a better quality product on the park.


    Even PL has admitted to declining product quality.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/hearts-v-celtic-live-updates-2/comment-page-29/#comments

  22. I have seen a few comments on here about needing a defensive midfielder in our ranks.


    With a bit of coaching, Adam Matthews could have filled that role, but given Adam’s departure, I wouldn’t be against trying to develop Darnell Fisher for that role.


    He has a bit of pace, reasonably composed on the ball, but most importantly he likes a tackle.


    The best defensive midfielders for me , tend to be niggly wee b******s, and Darnell potentially has all of those.

  23. The East German team that refused to die



    By Tim Mansel


    BBC World Service




    28 December 2015



    From the section Magazine





    The last international match of the DDR in Brussels, Belgium, September 1990Image copyright Getty Images



    Twenty-five years ago, in 1990, Germany was reunified, and the state of East Germany ceased to exist. But in the dying days of the so-called Democratic Republic one international football match in Belgium remained to be played. Many of the best players saw no point in turning up – but those who did gave all they had.



    It was on 12 September 1990 that East Germany’s fate was sealed. At a ceremony in Moscow the foreign ministers of East and West Germany and the four occupying powers – Britain, France, the US and the Soviet Union – signed a treaty that brought about German unification three weeks later.



    As the signatures were drying on the historic document a group of East German footballers were preparing for their own farewell, hundreds of miles to the west, in Brussels.



    “I knew that that game would go into the history books. I was proud to be called up and we wanted to go out on a high note,” remembers Uwe Rosler, then a 21-year-old striker playing for FC Magdeburg.



    Communist East Germany had won more renown on the running track and in the pool than on the football pitch. In the last summer Olympics before the fall of the Berlin Wall – in Seoul in 1988 – it had come second only to the Soviet Union in the medals table.




    In 1976 the East German football team won Olympic gold, but the victory that mattered most was the one in Hamburg, in the 1974 World Cup, against the class enemy, West Germany.



    In an exquisite piece of Cold War theatre, Juergen Sparwasser burst into the penalty area, thumped the ball into the roof of the net and turned a somersault in celebration. It was the only goal and the only time the two Germanys ever played each other.



    But ironically, on the brink of its demise, East Germany had perhaps its strongest team ever. It needed only a draw from its final game against Austria to qualify for the 1990 World Cup. As the squad was about to gather at its training camp, however, in late 1989, the government opened the Berlin Wall.



    Overnight East German footballers became hot property. Clubs from the West German Bundesliga sensed an opportunity to snap up talent, and the players realised that for the first time in their lives there was the chance of earning serious money.



    “I was in the training camp and it was surrounded by agents,” says Rosler. “Players were continually on their phones trying to sort out their futures. The whole focus disappeared.”



    One West German club official actually managed to get on to the substitutes’ bench on the night of the game in Vienna, disguised in a photographer’s bib.



    The upshot was that Austria won easily – and that the pick of the crop very soon signed lucrative deals to play in the Bundesliga.



    In February 1990, East Germany’s name went into the hat for the draw for the 1992 European Championship. But as it became clear that East Germany would no longer exist in 1992, the game that had been scheduled against Belgium was redesignated as a friendly.



    That created a problem for the East Germany coach, who gradually realised his best players – several by now in the Bundesliga – had no interest in risking injury in what they saw as a meaningless game.



    Rosler saw it differently. He was still playing in the East German Oberliga, and for him this game was a big opportunity.



    “We knew there would be a lot of people watching that game, a lot of managers, a lot of scouts from the Bundesliga. For me there was no question of not playing,” he says.




    “I think there were probably only 10 players there at the beginning – and I remember that the coach and other people from the administration were on the phone all day long,” says Rosler. “Every hour we would hear that this player’s not coming or that player’s not coming.”



    In total, 22 players turned down the opportunity to represent East Germany, offering an array of excuses. Several said they were injured. Four said quite simply that they lacked the requisite motivation. One claimed not to have a passport, and another said he no longer regarded himself as an East German citizen.



    There was one notable exception – Matthias Sammer, 23, already an experienced international who was by then under contract to VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga. But even he took a bit of persuasion.



    Sammer has described arriving at the training camp and realising that none of the other big stars were coming. He says he checked to see if there were any flights back to Stuttgart that evening but found that there weren’t. The coach indulged in a bit of arm twisting, told him that he needed him to lead the team and Sammer stayed.



    “In hindsight, I’m happy there were no more flights,” he says in a German television documentary shown last year, smiling broadly.



    “Sometimes your good fortune has to be forced upon you.”



    A highlights video shows the group lined up for the national anthems before the game, grim determination on their faces. The squad comprised just 14 players, two of them goalkeepers. Three were making their debuts.



    “Looking at these pictures, you can see the commitment we showed,” says Rosler. “We ran ourselves into the ground. I don’t think you’d believe that this was a friendly game from the way that we chased and blocked and tackled. The game meant a lot.”



    Rosler was involved in the build-up to the first goal, which was eventually bundled over the line by none other than the reluctant captain, Sammer. Shortly before the end, Sammer added an elegant second.



    “I think everyone had massive respect for Matthias,” says Rosler. “That he turned up and the way he played was phenomenal. He was a true captain on the day.”



    With victory assured the coach played his final card, a generous one. He sent on his substitute goalkeeper, Jens Adler, for the final seconds. Adler had never before played international football. He never would again. There’s a shot of him spitting nervously on his gloves as a corner comes in. But Adler, the very last man to win an East German cap, didn’t once touch the ball.



    “My one regret,” says Rosler, “is that I didn’t keep my shirt. I swapped it, I think, with their number five. I should have kept my shirt.”



    Three of the team that played against Belgium went on to represent the unified Germany, most notably Sammer, who made more than 50 appearances. Rosler’s international career came to an end that night in Brussels. Competition became simply too stiff with East and West Germans vying for a place in the same squad. But he went on to play in the Bundesliga and in the English Premier League for Manchester City.



    There’s a postscript.



    The East Germans should have played one further game, against West Germany, class enemy no longer, in November 1990 – a celebration of unification a few weeks previously.



    But during crowd trouble at an Oberliga match in Leipzig in early November a fan was shot dead by police, which led to further clashes between police and fans at subsequent matches. The unification game was cancelled for security reasons – and the 2-0 victory over Belgium, with a makeshift squad of 14 men, a reluctant captain and a grateful goalkeeper, became East Germany’s international footballing swansong

  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Ronny had a win ratio of 45% with Stromgodset.


    It took him 5 years to win the Norwegian title, while always with a points improvement that did not always reflect league position and one cup win.


    in his 6 European matches he drew one and lost six


    I cant help but think that PL must have been blown away by the rise and fitness of Joe Hanson. Looks like a burst balloon now.


    regards budget. I agree,

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Can anyone name a player that Ronny has developed ? no googling



    Over Christmas I came into contact with many people (young, old , male, female)


    Germany, English, French, Polish, Turkish, Swiss



    I asked them to name me one person who is currently employed in Scottish football. A player, a coach, an employee.



    Everyone drew a blank.




  26. It does not matter a tuppeny damn whether ronny stays or goes.


    Anyone coming in would simply be operating under same restraints.