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  1. CultsBhoy @ 1:07 pm






    “You missed my comment immediately after we scored where I outlined my view on a tactical change to reinforce the defence and play a longer ball. I did this because almost immediately following our second goal”



    Thanks for the reply.- No- I did not miss your comment- I spotted it fine. I just could not categorise it as a negative comment, which is what I chose to highlight.



    Your comment above was a piece of constructive advice as to what RD should do at at that point in the game- it was not a criticism that he should have been doing that before i.e. at 1:1. If you had re-posted later on in the half that you felt RD was at fault for not implementing your advice or Celtic were likely to lose a goal because they were not following your advice, I would have included such comment. But, in common with every other poster, you failed to state during the 2nd half that Celtic were likely to lose a goal (and in most match day comments, such predictions are very regular).




    P.S. RD would have got it in the neck for going into a shell and punting it long. We did that after our first 15 minutes of slick football in the first half and gave away two good chances to Hearts, before we scored

  2. Tony D…



    A drink waiting for you behind the bar in the zoo.



    A fiver on hibs to win and a fiver on 3-2 hibs…c’mon the hibees.



    I could have been at hospitaliy at the hun game, no chance would I enter asbestos dome.

  3. Cowiebhoy @ 1:16 pm





    My comment at 3.31 yesterday as quoted


    James Forrest had just run into the Heart box, past the defender, then in attempting to cross the ball, passed it straight to the defender he had just passed


    What comment should be made ? Great play James, ? brilliant final ball ?”




    Whatever comments you like.



    I was at pains to point out, if you read to the end, that I was not criticisng the posters for making negative comments about individuals or the team. The point was that, unusually for CQN match day comments pages, there were many many fewer negative comments about Celtic play in that 2nd half. The point was that all that we were preparing to say about a victory at a traditionally difficult (though not recently) venue went out the window with that swing of Sow’s boot. Very few posters were criticising the tactics or the general level of play (Ciftci and JF were singled out as poor contributors) during that second half on CQN. Yet, as soon as the injury time goal went in, they were retrospectively criticised as poor, and that a loss of points was predictable- though nobody predicted it during that 2nd half.



    So, go ahead and continue to criticise what you feel needs criticising. I have no wish to get in your way or criticise you for that.




    James Gang @ 1.31



    “now giving cqn in-Match posts the Opta stats treatment! Love it mhate! (You are bonkers but I love you!!!)”



    The stats, such as they were, were much much less important than the point. Few people were criticisng the general play and tactics during that second half. Immediately Sow scored, there were a lot of people who claimed they saw it coming. They did not do so in real time though